Police warning over acts of harassment of William and Kate at …

Police warning over acts of harassment of William and Kate at Anmer Hall in Norfolk

11:45 07 May 2015

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the newborn Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the newborn Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Letters warning against acts of harassment of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at their Norfolk home have been distributed by police.

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Royal family deserve to enjoy Norfolk in peace

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen well when deciding where they will bring up their young children. For anyone who has raised a family here will agree that the beautiful county of Norfolk offers all the ingredients of an idyllic Swallows and Amazons childhood. Norfolk is rich in delights for the young, from its wide sandy beaches to the glitzy Thursford Christmas show, from crabbing on the quayside at Wells to its incredible wildlife spectacles.

Anmer Hall offers Kate and William something just as important as our glorious coast and countryside when it comes to their young family. More than anything, the royal couple want Prince George and Princess Charlotte to enjoy as normal an upbringing as possible, away from prying lenses and gossip gatherers. While their home has been transformed into a secluded bolthole, with planting to screen it from the road and other security measures, they should not expect to be made recluses.

It has been an open secret for years that they enjoy life in this rural corner, from browsing in the quirky shops of coastal market towns, to dining out in gastropubs. This newspaper has left them to do so, because they are as entitled to a private life as anyone else. Now that they have confirmed that they have chosen to make our county their home, they should be free to go on enjoying the Norfolk life.

We should all respect their right to do so in privacy.

Kate and William left London for Anmer Hall1, on the Queen s private Sandringham estate, with their new baby Princess Charlotte and her elder brother Prince George yesterday. The BBC said letters had been given to media by Norfolk Police stating that while the Cambridges are in residence they have a more than reasonable expectation of privacy . The letter, undersigned by the couple s communications secretary, called for acts of harassment and breaches of privacy to cease .

It said: There have in the past been a number of intrusions into the privacy of the Royal Family which in the main have been as a result of professional photographers using long-distance lenses, not only to observe the Royal Family, but also to photograph them going about their activities on the estate. Previous warnings to photographers meant the position has greatly improved . But it continued: However, we would remind you again of the position.

The Sandringham Estate trusts that there will not be a need to take any further action other than bringing these points to your attention. A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police confirmed officers had been handing out the letters on behalf of Kensington Palace. In the past the letters have been routinely given to individuals who unintentionally or otherwise find themselves on or near private land at Anmer.

A Kensington Palace spokeswoman said: The warm-hearted and understandable interest in the Royal Family and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge needs to be balanced with their right to private family life – this is especially important for a family with very young children. This is a letter given by police to individuals found operating on or around the Sandringham estate, including Anmer, on behalf of the royal household. It reminds them of their responsibilities and the rights of the estate.

Media are encouraged to speak to royal communications for further guidance about where they can operate on this private estate.

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