Abington: Officials Ban Dogs from Areas of Island Park

Abington Selectmen voted unanimously Monday night to place restrictions on dog leashing and where dogs are allowed to go at the town s Island Grove Park.

Selectmen laid down the law when it comes to leashing dogs at the park. This, after a parent complained of an unleashed dog attacking their daughter there. From now on all dogs must be on a leash.

We do have an Island Grove dirt road, starting at Memorial Bridge and running through to Park Avenue that connects the two.

It s generally felt that anything to the north of that road, the police station side if you will, should be open to leashed dogs at all times and I use that word very carefully because that s been a major bone of contention.

The actually by-law is written in such a way that leashing is optional, if you have control over the animal. That s not working. So they really do want to up the ante at Island Grove and say that no matter where you are with a dog, it s on a leash, said Doug Ulwick, who helped to craft the new regulations.

But that s not all that s changing for dogs at Island Grove Park.

Ulwick said that dogs are now completely banned from both the swing and the pool areas.

At the south side of the road, they will allow access seasonally to parts of the south side, and that s the more difficult part to delineate.

But generally anything in the area of the pool or the swings is forbidden all the time.

But the rest of the south side they re going to leave accessible to dogs on a leash.

Listen to the story here:

http://959watd.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Abington-Dog-Regs.mp31 Abington: Officials Ban Dogs From Areas Of Island Park

Entrance to Island Grove Park in Abington (John Phelan)


  1. ^ http://959watd.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Abington-Dog-Regs.mp3 (959watd.com)

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