Another Mass Shooting Some Other Opportunity To Convenience …


This beyond July, The Washington Post released the next headline: There had been 204 mass shootings and 204 days in 2015 so far.Who wouldn t be stunned and terrified by capability of this statistic? Someone reading that could come to the alarming conclusion that our country isn t an excessively secure place.Check your television or smartphone, and you ll straight away to locate the harrowing policy of the WDBJ7 shooting in Moneta, Virginia. The local CBS affiliate s reporter and cameraman were shot and killed all via a live, regimen broadcast early this morning.

Yes unfortunately, we may be able to upload yet any other number to that list. What s stunning here isn t just the demanding act of violence, yet that it used to be captured in genuine time..


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Please give us a quick like It s probably one of the most awkward conversations a parent and child will ever have; the birds and the bees talk. A Seattle based video production company sat down five families and filmed the parents trying to find the right words to explain how babies are made to their children. The results are hilarious.Some people have disagreed with this video claiming that the children are too young to have such conversations.


These houses bear the devastation of Germany s first major air raid on British shores 100 years ago.

Four people were killed in raids on King s Lynn and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, when two Zeppelin airship pilots got lost trying to find targets in Humberside during the First World War.

PADevastation: Bombs killed four people in King s Lynn

Military historian Steve Smith said: The first realised he was over Norfolk and used landmarks such as Happisburgh lighthouse to navigate down the coast to Great Yarmouth, which was a valid strategic target. .


Children have been forced out of their school because of damp after a plant making the Queen s favourite bottled water was shut down, locals claim.

Malvern Water drunk by the royals since the 1600s was produced at the factory for years but closed in 2010.

Now 190 pupils nearby have had to move to temporary classrooms.

Locals say the closure by Coca-Cola caused the damp as the 12 million litres the plant took from the hills each year has nowhere to go.

The parish council s Nicky Carless said: Water was coming through the school s carpets, you put your hand down and it squelched. .


Ed Miliband will pledge to end the scandalous neglect of children s mental he alth services.

The Labour leader will set out plans for all state schools to provide counselling or therapy and to train teachers in identifying problems.

He will say: It cannot be right that when three quarters of adult mental illness begins in childhood, children s mental he alth services get just 6% of the budget.

These vital services have been stripped back while 3billion has been wasted on an NHS reorganisation. .


These days it s impossible to step into a PTA or school board meeting without discussing Common Core.

The three-year-old program which emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills has parents across the country in an uproar. Even famous fathers like Louis C.K. and Stephen Colbert have spoken out against the new standards.While the majority of parents concerns stem from the testing methods used to measure students success, the other issue is the homework their kids must complete.


*** WARNING the following contains language that some may find offensive***

Alex Reid has hit back at ex wife Katie Price, after she discussed their past sex life with her Celebrity Big Brother housemates last night.

The martial arts expert was no doubt squirming more than us when Katie decided to bring up the more intimate side of their relationship in front of millions of viewers.

Timing is everything.

Alex was less than impressed, and told Mail Online: I m disappointed Katie would bring up private information. .


These incredible photos show Pope Francis holding an enormous open-air mass in the Philippine capital of Manila, attending by 4 MILLION people.

The huge crowd bigger than the entire population of Wales braved pouring rain to see the Pontif as he led a service in the city s Rizal Park.

The 78-year-old Pope, who has been on a week-long tour of Asia, wore a yellow poncho over his white cassock in an attempt to stay dry as he was driven through hundreds of thousands of worshipers on a popemobile adapted from a jeepney the most popular mode of transport in the Phillippines..


Kids have a knack for saying the most embarrassing things at the most inopportune times, don t they?

There s nothing more mortifying than having your tot comment on your or your partner s private parts at the top of their lungs in a public restroom, or in front of an elderly relative, or even in front of your own mom. While most of us want to blend into the wall when this happens, there s little we can do but laugh it off or share the story with other parents! Here, a random sampling of real-life humiliating stories, as told by you, our very own readers.

Because of the embarrassing nature of the topic, the quotes are presented anonymously!.


A 61-year-old gran who brought up seven kids on benefits hopes to have another baby with her 34-year-old fianc .

Sandra Gallagher, who has been out of work for 40 years, says she swore she d never have another, but has changed her mind because of the love and attention lavished on her by toyboy Richard Broom.

She said: Some people might think it s strange but our love is real and we want to start a family together.

It might be difficult for us to conceive but we ll try. .


T-Mobile unveiled their new editions to the prepaid space by creating plans that are simpler, and would be more attractive to more users. The company is calling the new plans Simply Prepaid and they will offer three tiers of service within the umbrella of coverage. The Simply Prepaid plans start at $40/mo and that package allows 1GB of data usage.

For those who want to boost their data coverage there are also 3GB and 5GB options, which cost $50 and $60 respectively. All plans include unlimited talk and text, and provide 4G LTE data, as well. Interestingly though, any amount of data that a user goes over within the plan, is served up by T-Mobile at a significantly slower speed.

Specifically, the 128K speed that is otherwise known as 3G speed, or slightly lower..


Take That crooner Howard Donald said it is inevitable he will have more children after marrying again.

The 46-year-old pop star only tied the knot with Katie Halil on January 2.

But, asked about the prospect of trying for a baby, he said: I think that s inevitable. I ve already got two children, but it ll happen.

On The Jonathan Ross Show, airing tomorrow on ITV, he admitted he and his bandmates Mark Owen and Gary Barlow feared for Take That s future when Jason Orange quit in September..


Even though we ve known that the Grim Reaper was going to come knocking for Stan Carter sooner rather than later, who hasn t hoped that he would get some kind of 11th hour reprieve?

I was envisaging Johnny making some kind of Save Stan Carter website, like W alt Jr. did in Breaking Bad.

But the selfish little toad just ran off with Gianluca instead. Pfft. Probably won t even make it back for Stan s funeral.

And so it looks like the beginning of the end for our favourite grumpy old git.

Which is typical EastEnders timing as he s just about managing to put right all the wrongs he did his family over the years. And delivering some killer one-liners while he s at..


As a whole generation will soon find out, the main problem with fashionable tattoos is their permanency.

Likewise, the worst thing about social media selfie culture is that it all seems so temporary.

So what if you could combine the best parts of these two modern afflictions?

Well, you don t have to think about that question for too long because one Dutch company has already done it.

A startup called Picattoo is now offering selfie lovers the chance to print up temporary tattoos, which can then be stuck on the body part of your choice..


A furious father let his temper get the better of him at a children s ice hockey match when he smashed a pane of glass after a kid got tackled.

Footage filmed by onlookers at the game in Pennsylvania shows the man stand up from the seats and move towards the barriers surrounding the rink after a small scuffle around one goal mouth.

As one child falls flat on the ice, and shouts go up from the crowd, the man throws his arm at the glass which immediately shatters.

According to the Independent, managers at the ice skating rink claimed the damage was done by the man s wedding ring..


Video loading

This heartwarming video shows the brotherhood and sportsmanship between two hockey players with the pint-sized players showing older competitors a thing or two about fair play.

The little boys are seen playing ice hockey in a hotly contested match.

One team member falls down, but can t quite seem to get a grip on the ice to right himself, and is left struggling as the game carries on around him.

But not for long, as a boy from the opposing side soon slides over, and pauses to give his rival a helping hand up. How sweet is that?.


Farrah Abraham

is expanding her line of toys and we don t mean the kind of toys that her five-year-old daughter, Sophia, can play with!

The former Teen Mom star attended the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo yesterday in Las Vegas to debut her new blow-up doll.

Photo: Splash News

Farrah s blow-up doll (used merely for sexual purposes, in case you are confused) has a photo of her face on it with her mouth in a very suggestive position. And even though the doll has no hands or feet, it does have have big breasts!.


Leon Brittan s former Cabinet colleague yesterday attacked the wicked innuendo following his lifelong friend s death.

Tory peer John Gummer said critics should shut up if they have no evidence of wrongdoing.

MP Simon Danczuk said he was not convinced Lord Brittan had acted properly over the Thatcher Government s failure to collar a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster.

Lord Deben fumed: Politicians making innuendos and insinuations in order to make themselves look as if they know something when they don t should shut up. .


Tory grandee Leon Brittan died before he could be quizzed over claims he was at parties where children were sexually abused and killed.

The former Home Secretary was named by an alleged victim as being among a group of powerful men who he saw at the luxury Dolphin Square apartments close to Westminster.

The claims, including allegations the VIP paedophile ring murdered three children, are being treated as credible and true by Scotland Yard.

Lord Brittan made no public comment on the abuse network allegations before his death from cancer at the age of 75 on Wednesday night, but it is understood he was horrified by them..


Arsene Wenger has confessed that he once had the chance to sign Angel Di Maria for NOTHING.

The Manchester United midfielder was identified by Wenger as a 17-year-old, but ended up going to Portugal and playing for Benfica instead. Now he s worth 59.7m and playing for The Gunners biggest rivals of the Premier League era.


In fairness to Wenger, it was work permit issues which scuppered their move for the teenage Di Maria.

But the Gunners do have a track record of letting top players slip through their fingers..

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