DEAD OR ALIVE Festival Results

This Saturday, Koei Tecmo Games and Team NINJA are putting on an event to celebrate fans of the Dead or Alive series all over the world. DEAD OR ALIVE FESTIVAL will be hosted at the Osaki Bright Core Hall in Tokyo, Japan and will feature top level players representing Japan, United States, Europe, Oceania and Asia in a world exhibition match. The winner of the exhibition will receive an invitation to the Grand Finals of the DOA official tournament BATTLE ROYAL 2015 at NEC XVI.

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round World Exhibition Match


Japan mittii (D-1 Ultimate Climax Blade champion)
America MC Kwiggle (United States)
America XCaliburBladeZ (United States)
Europe Gehaktbal (Netherlands)
Oceania Touko (Australia)
Asia TEST (South Korea)
Asia Uprising (Taiwan)
+9 final qualifier players


16 Players 1 Japan invite, 6 International invites, 9 final qualifier players
Best-of-3 games (Grand Final best-of-5 games)
Losing player may switch characters

In addition to the exhibition main event, DOAFes includes a cosplay contest and photo contest for fans to show off their stuff.

A number of special guests have been invited for the occasion, including Ai Nonaka, the voice of Honoka, and Mai Aizawa, the voice of Marie Rose.

Cosplay Contest


1st Place PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model, Black
2nd Place DO5UA Extra-large Multi-fleece cloth & Shopping bag (Full set of 7)
3rd Place DO5UA Trading button badge (Full set of 22)

Photo Contest

Photo Categories



1st Place DO5UA Extra-large Multi-fleece cloth & Shopping bag (Full set of 7)
2nd Place DO5UA B2 Tapestry (Full set of 6)
3rd Place DO5UA Trading button badge (Full set of 22)


Special Guest Ai Nonaka (Honoka voice actress)
Special Guest Mai Aizawa (Marie Rose voice actress)
Guest Cosplayer Neneko (Taiwan)
Guest Cosplayer YURIKO TIGER (Italy, currently living in Japan)
Host Naruhide Fukami
Commentator Yosuke Hayashi (Team NINJA producer)
Commentator Yamima
International Commentator ABEGEN
International Commentator Bull410

DOAFes will be broadcast live to the world on Niconico Live1 and YouTube2. You can watch the YouTube live stream below.


DEAD OR ALIVE Festival Results

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round

As MC Kwiggle has already qualified, TeruRock qualifies for the BATTLE ROYAL 2015 Grand Finals at NEC XVI in December.

1. MC Kwiggle (Christie)

TeruRock (Leifang)
3. Gehaktbal (Rachel, Zack)
3. Uprising Chu (Kasumi)

AKA (La Mariposa)
5. XcaliburBladeZ (Helena)
5. TEST (Zack)

Furechin (Kokoro)
9. mittii (Hayate)
9. Satoyasu (Pai)

Matt Ponton (Bass)
9. Siologica (Gen Fu)
9. Touko (Hitomi)

Souma (Marie Rose)
9. Yukkii (Kokoro)
9. Veronica (Nyotengu)

Match Log

Grand Final

TeruRock (Leifang) vs. MC Kwiggle (Christie) 0-3


Gehaktbal (Rachel) vs. MC Kwiggle (Christie) 0-2
UprisingJC (Kasumi) vs. TeruRock (Leifang) 1-2


Gehaktbal (Zack) vs.

AKA (La Mariposa) 2-1
XcaliburBladeZ (Helena) vs. MC Kwiggle (Christie) 1-2
TEST (Zack) vs. TeruRock (Leifang) 0-2
UprisingJC (Kasumi) vs. Furechin (Kokoro) 2-0

First Round

mittii (Hayate) vs. AKA (La Mariposa) 1-2
Satoyasu (Pai) vs. Gehaktbal (Rachel) 0-2
XcaliburBladeZ (Helena) vs. Matt Ponton (Bass) 2-0
Siologica (Gen Fu) vs. MC Kwiggle (Christie) 0-2
TeruRock (Leifang) vs.

Touko (Hitomi) 2-0
TEST (Zack) vs.

Souma (Marie Rose) 2-0
UprisingJC (Kasumi) vs.

Yukkii (Kokoro) 2-1
Veronica (Nyotengu) vs. Furechin (Kokoro) 1-2

Source: DOAFes, Team NINJA34


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