Lil Wayne Shows His Loyalty To Drake Amid Rap Battle With Meek …

Lil Wayne Shows His Loyalty To Drake Amid Rap Battle With Meek ...

To no surprise, Lil Wayne remains loyal to his artist Drake amid his rap beef with Meek Mill. Find out what he did in Miami over the weekend and get the deets on Travis Scott s recent arrest at Lollapalooza inside .

Well Lil Wayne has picked a side in the Drake vs. Meek Mill rap beef.

And it s no surprise he s riding with his Young Money homie Drizzy.

Saturday night, Weezy hit up Dream nightclub in Miami to party it up. While he was absent from the 6 God s OVO Festival this weekend, he made it known he s riding with the Canadian rapper.

The DJ started playing Drake s diss record Back To Back 1 (which most people agree on it being better than Meek s diss record Wanna Know 2) where Wayne is seen ad-libbing on the mic and getting the crowd hype. No surprise there.

This is all about loyalty…right?

Check it:

In other rap news…

Lil Wayne Shows His Loyalty To Drake Amid Rap Battle With Meek ...

Rapper Travis Scott was arrested after his performance at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Saturday.

Not sure why he thought this was a good idea, but dude encouraged3 fans to climb over security barricades and storm the stage during his performance. And they did!

He then tried to get things under control by asking fans to get down from the stage, but they paid him no mind. Soon after, festival security was able to get things under control and luckily no one was hurt.

And, of course, his set got cut short.

Once he left the stage, he was taken into police custody where he will be facing a disorderly conduct charge.

Peep the madness as it went down below:

Travis will release4 his debut album Rodeo5 on September 4th.

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