New business launch: BusinessHub to help businesses reap …

New Business Launch: BusinessHub To Help Businesses Reap ...

Chairman John Potter and CEO Mike Scott launch BusinessHub

BusinessHub1 offers digital tools and advice that will help organisations of all sizes successfully manage and grow their sales. The new marketing automation solution will allow users to target each of their customers personally, while gaining an understanding of their buying behaviours, so they can tailor future email messages according to customer interests.

Based on the logic and success of guiding a 100-year-old tourism business into the digital age, key members of the senior management team at Potters Resort have set-up and funded the new business after successfully implementing the marketing automation solution at the five-star resort in Hopton-on-Sea.

BusinessHub s short-term aim is to double the sales of 500 companies across Norfolk, with a longer-term mission of helping 5,000 UK businesses double their profits over the next three years through affordable tools, mentoring and advice.

The business is headed-up by Managing Director of Potters Resort, John Potter, and Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Scott.

John Potter, co-founding investor of BusinessHub, said: BusinessHub is key to digital marketing success, allowing businesses to get closer to their customers than ever before and to always be a step ahead of the competition. The service aims to help businesses enhance their online activity in order to generate leads and sales by successfully engaging, converting and boosting traffic to their website.

We ve spent two years developing the business and with an estimated 5.2 million SMEs in the UK in 2014*, there s a real gap in the market for what we re doing.

Some companies use expensive agencies for their digital activity, while others try to do it themselves but don t have the knowledge to make it work. Our emphasis is on giving businesses the tools, support and advice to create highly successful campaigns and manage their own activity.

The revolutionary customer relationship management (CRM) platform is designed for email marketing campaigns, with an email sending facility, pre-built templates and the ability to track interactions and tag contacts. The unique automation system also allows users to build up a complex profile of their contacts, allowing one-to-one communication and the ability to learn more about the online activities of its customers.

Mike Scott, CEO of BusinessHub, said: Potters sense of community, plus our engagement and interaction with guests, is what we want to recreate for other businesses.

We have more than 80,000 Facebook fans across Potters brands, 1.5 million people see us on social media channels every week and we send out 5 million emails a week to our 600,000 email address database.

The software allows us to be clever about marketing, as well as benefit the customer by sending information that is relevant to them.

The affordable and easy-to-use solution starts from just 60 a month and subscribers will access support from a strong team of 10 marketers, technical gurus and social media experts who work in digital marketing.

Companies or individuals that sign up will become part of an exclusive private group where they can interact with the best social marketers in the UK.

For more information and to find out about the affordable monthly subscription service, visit www.businesshub.com2


New Business Launch: BusinessHub To Help Businesses Reap ...We can promote your business3 every week on the Iceni Post!



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New business launch: BusinessHub to help businesses reap …

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