Viva La Ghash!: Dream 466 (FALSE AWAKENING)

Dream date: 29 June 2015 (Afternoon Nap) My academic supervisor, IE, was walking around and I was following him. He was being impatient with me because I could not walk quick enough. I do not know why I had to follow him or what our actual task/goal was.

I am unaware of the specific environment we were in, but it was outside and sunny.

I came back to my house, which looked different from how it normally does. I was still living in the house next to the path, on the end of a row of terraces, but it felt like these houses were in a different location – perhaps Sheringham – by appearance. However, it transpired (in dream thoughts and conclusions drawn from conversation in this scene) that I was still living on my university campus, despite appearances.

As I approached my front door – which had bushes or trees surrounding it (not there in real-life), I noticed that all my colleagues were outside their front doors. They were not my actual real-life colleagues, but ‘dream characters’ instead, although I did not realise this at the time. There was a young, white male police officer (in uniform), with a pocket notebook, questioning people.

He started to question me, and I was refusing to answer his questions. Our conversation went as follows (approximately, not precise words used):

Policeman: ‘I need to question you about why you walked across the field’ the field behind my house. Me: ‘I don’t need to answer your question until you tell me why you are asking’ defensive, worried. Policeman: ‘We have information that you have been walking across the field’ looking in notebook, trying to shield it from my view – I’m trying to read it to see what is written about me. Me: ‘I am not going to confirm that until you tell me why you want to know’ defiant and smug. Policeman: ‘You are suspected of committing a criminal offence’. Me: ‘What criminal offence? Unless you tell me what suspicion or evidence you have, I’m not going to answer your questions’ angry, self-righteous. Policeman: ‘You have to answer my questions about the field’. Me: ‘No I don’t, I’m a lawyer and I know my legal rights.

Are you going to arrest me?’ Policeman: ‘I know you walk across the field. If you confess to it, we can get this sorted out quickly’. Me: ‘I’m not going to confess to anything and if you take me to court I’ll plead not guilty to any criminal offence because you haven’t got evidence and this is entrapment’ not really ‘entrapment’ but potentially misconduct; completely aware the police have no evidence of any criminal offence I may have committed.
This conversation continued for some time – fruitlessly for the police officer, as I did not crack and answer any of his questions directly. In my mind, I was aware of – and clear on – my legal rights and did not feel intimidated.

I was aware that the police officer was trying to implicate me in drug use (‘walking across the field’) but was not explicitly saying this, hoping I would confess. I did not. I then realised the police officer was my boss, DT – still dressed as a policeman, however. The situation now seemed less tense.

There was some conversation outside my house, including my ‘colleagues’.

I heard the (real-life) text message alert noise on my mobile phone sound, which disturbed me in the dream state. I woke up to look at the text, feeling like I was really awake (I wasn’t). This was a false awakening1, although I wasn’t aware at first.

There was no sleep paralysis2 to alert me. It was daylight and my laptop (next to my bed, on a chair) was turned on – both situations I would expect in real-life as this was a daytime sleep and I had been watching my laptop before I fell asleep.

I read the text message – which (in the false awakening) was from JD. It said: ‘I’m on Le Shuttle3, but I’m near your stop, so you need to tell me if I should get off to come and visit you’.

I thought this was odd (as ‘Le Shuttle’ – or the ‘Eurotunnel Shuttle’ is between Folkestone and Calais, and nowhere near Norwich). I then realised that I was in a false awakening and this was a ‘dream text’ not a real one, since it was bizarre and meaningless. I was lucid, but also felt tired and heavy-headed and did not wish to try to get out of bed and make this into a full lucid dream.

My main motivation was to go back to sleep.

I thought to myself: ‘this dream has 4 parts‘ and I tried to recall all of them, while in the false awakening. I listed them all in my head, but then I fell straight back into a normal sleep and can remember no more. I could only remember 3 elements (or 3 distinct parts of the dream, including the false awakening) when I woke up, which means I may have forgotten an entire dream scene which I could recall in the false awakening. TIME: 13:30 – 17:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream started, but I received the text – which I heard in my sleep, prompting the false awakening – at 16:14 hours, which is when I would approximate the false awakening to have started (lasting less than 1 minute in total) LUCIDITY: YES – low level lucidity for a number of seconds during false awakening.

Low clarity and no control SPECIAL NOTES:

Dream Information:

  • I did get a text message on my phone at the time I ‘heard’ it happen in my dream, prompting the false awakening. In real-life, the text message was from DL, although in the dream it was from JD
  • My house looked different and seemed to be in a different location, although it was later confirmed to be my university (F – Form)
  • My colleagues were just dream characters (C – Context/F – Form)
  • The police officer became my boss, DT (A – Action/F – Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • Academia; being enrolled in a class or learning institution
  • Police

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • I was in the process of arranging a supervisory meeting with IE at the time this dream took place
  • I often walk across the field and round the lake (to the nature reserve) to smoke as it is discreet, calm and picturesque
  • On the day of this dream, my boss had paid a scheduled visit to my house to check for damage/repairs – I have a sizeable hole in my wall which occurred when I kicked out in my sleep and my foot went through the plasterboard! I knew in advance that he would be wanting to look at this (because when I ‘confessed’ to it at a work meeting, it sounded suspicious!) It actually transpired that I just needed to get it fixed and was in no risk of being fined or charged for damage to property
  • There has been a lot of publicity about the Eurotunnel Shuttle in recent times due to the panic over immigrants using it to enter the UK from France – and the drastic attempts made to stop them

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

This dream was moderately interesting, when considered as a whole – but only really because of the false awakening.

It was strange because during the very brief false awakening (as soon as I became aware of the fact), I was able to remember 4 separate dream scenes, which I listed to myself in an attempt to remember them when I ‘properly’ woke up. I think I must have been aware that I was unable to write them down in a false awakening state, but knew that as a result of being lucid, my memory may work.

My memory did work in that I can recall the thought process and fact I was trying to commit something to memory – and I remember ‘remembering’ 4 scenes from the dream (including the false awakening), although when I ‘really’ woke up, I could only recall 2 scenes and the false awakening (therefore, 3 parts to the entire dream). I have thought long and hard about the forgotten aspect of this dream, but have had no joy in remembering anything other than what is recorded in this dream report.

I am also interested in the fact that the actual real-life sound of my text alert on my mobile (which is always beside my pillow when I sleep) was heard in the dream state and triggered the false awakening rather than waking me up.

* Obviously, I have forgotten 1/4 of this dream – according to my own observations within the (false awakening) dream state.

I know I ran through the missing 4th scene/part of this dream while in the false awakening, in an attempt to commit it to memory, but forgot it again between falling back asleep and waking up properly.

I do not think I will recall this dream scene, but if I do, I will recall it below.


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