Woman Steals 1,000 Bags and Makes Over $350,000 off of Them …

A handbag thief went on an incredible four-year run of stealing handbags and making a killing selling them online before being caught by police, The Mirror reports1.

The woman, Anna Hindmarsh, stole over 1,000 bags and sold them for a total of approximately $376,773 in a span of just four years.

Things spiraled out of control for Hindmarsh when she was arrested in early 2013, though. Authorities found the two large de-tagging magnets Hindmarsh used to disrupt the bag’s security sensors which prompted them to search her car, where they found two more designer bags. Police contacted the local authorities near Hindmarsh’s house and requested them to search her home.

There, they found the information for Hindmarsh’s eBay account, which had records of all the handbags she had stolen and sold.

Hindmarsh has been ordered to repay roughly $220k within three months or she will go to prison for 15 months.


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