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Cook & Care | Sandringham East Primary SchoolThe Cook and Care program at Sandy East provides support for families within our school community who at times require assistance.

The success and effectiveness of Cook and Care lies within the very enthusiastic nature of our school community, to support other families in very practical ways therefore relieving some of the pressure they may be experiencing. The organization of Cook and Care relies on discreteness and acknowledgement of particular family needs. Whilst it is our purpose to provide help, this is done with the utmost respect for people s privacy.

Cook and Care provides a valuable service for people within our school in times of emergency, eg: sickness. It works best when we have a good long list of volunteers to call upon.

If you feel you would like to continue building our community of caring people, please complete and return the attached form to the school office. Please fill out the form even if you have done so in previous years so that we are sure of whom we can ask for help.

All meals when requested should have a written list of ingredients and the date when cooked attached to each meal please after we have contacted you for help.

Thank you for your continued support.

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