Fewer apply to be police officers across NC

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) A potential police officer shortage might be looming and it could affect your safety if the statewide trend continues.

CBS North Carolina just got records from the North Carolina Department Of Justice showing 17 police academies eight in 2015 and nine already this year had to be canceled all over the state because of low enrollment.

It would be a concern. It would be a concern, said Sue Fisher of Chatham County.

Dr. Robert Brown is chair of Criminal Justice at NCCU.

He said several factors are making policing a less attractive career.

I think that we ve had the perfect storm, Brown said. Concerns about unethical behavior of police officers, racial bias, bias against the poor, excessive use of force.

Natalie Williams, a criminal justice student said, People of our color fear police and we want to change that.

Recruiting Blacks and Hispanics to be cops is even more difficult something criminal justice students hope to change.

I love the job. I love helping my community out.

I love helping others, said Brandon Pittman, criminal justice student.

We re going to have to come in and recreate the image of what a noble police really does for his or her community, said Kandice Reaves, criminal justice student.

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