FROGLAND FURY: Is France going to ban Islam in 2017?

FROGLAND FURY: Is France Going To Ban Islam In 2017?

The French site Crist News1, seems to have some information only shared in secret Front National groups on Facebook:

The National Front (far-right), which became the largest party in France, is preparing to ban the Islamic religion throughout the French territory.

It is in any case what is currently circulating in many National Front activist groups on Facebook. For members security reasons, we will not release the links of these.

Most of them are also secrets, like the FN 2017 group, accessible only by invitation and that can t be found otherwise, which has over 23,000 members.

The solution mentioned to counter the great replacement and Islamization of the country has repeatedly been mentioned in meetings.

It is claimed that a state of emergency act may be used to do it, if Front National wins the election and Marine Le Pen becomes President in 2017, which is likely.:

For the establishment of the State of Emergency in 2017, the president of the National Front may well prohibit Islam temporarily for safety reasons, before emptying the France of its Muslims.

This will require that Marine Le Pen reaches the presidency of the republic, but this should be a formality given the current polls.

The last time that Act No.

55-385 of 3 April 1955 governing the state of emergency was used goes back to 2005, when Jacques Chirac, former president, has spoken because of the suburban riots.

This is somehow the same problem as France but is now in a large scale.

Is this credible, and if so, will it trigger a civil war in France? After all there are many Muslims in France, and banning Islam, would anger most of them.

What would be the implications of such a move?
The site writes:

The credibility of such a measure seems wobbly, despite possible theoretical application.

Many National Front activists are nevertheless for


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