Getting crafty with hessian

Hessian was invented to be the most practical of fabrics, so when you picture sacks1, upholstery webbing or sandbags2, it s hardly a glamorous textile. However, recently decorators, set-dressers and crafters have all been telling us the same thing: hessian3 is the ultimate vintage material.

Forties style for events and sets

If you ve ever been to an event like the North Norfolk Railway s fantastic 1940s weekend4 then you ll have undoubtedly seen some hessian5 helping set the scene, from sandbags in doorways to sacks for good old-fashioned farm fresh produce. As a natural and durable fabric, it was also used by the armed forces for camouflage for anything from tanks to tin helmets.

Set-dressers and vintage enthusiasts alike now use it to recreate this period, before plastics and polythenes took over.

A versatile crafting fabric

With the idea of make do and mend and digging for victory being so wholeheartedly embraced in the 21st century, it s no wonder that hessian has become part of the popular vintage style. Sites like Pinterest6 offer thousands of ideas for craft projects using hessian, from shabby chic home accessories to beautiful wedding decorations. It s tough enough to be used for upholstery, perfect for crafts like rag-rugging and embroidery, and also fits perfectly with neutral and natural decor schemes.

Here in the Jones & Cane office, we ve decided to give this hessian wreath project7 a go whether you see photos of the finished product here on the blog will depend on our creative skills!

Getting Crafty With Hessian

Hessian can be made surprisingly pretty.

Country-style wedding decor

Another area that seems to have embraced using jute or hessian cloth is wedding planning8 there s no end to the ideas online, from table runners to bags for favours to bunting to floral displays. If your wedding s outdoors, in a barn, or just has a vintage theme, there s so much that can be done with a bit of hessian and some imagination. Try this lovely site9 for ideas.

So not only is hessian practical and fashionable, it s also available off the shelf here at Jones & Cane.

We sell it by the metre, as sacks, or as sandbags.

Why not visit us10 to see our range, which also includes natural strings and decorative papers that could help you create something really pretty.

You can also order online11 or over the phone on 01603 722264.


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Getting crafty with hessian

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