John Legend Presents Lyrical Version of 'Downton Abbey' Theme …

“” recently bid farewell to its American fans and has the best way to sum up what the show’s about. A ten-time Grammy Award-winning artist, he sang a lyrical version of the show’s theme song, which includes some harsh yet honest descriptions of the characters, on “” Monday night, March 7. “Everyone we know is very white.

We don’t have one black friend,” he began singing while playing the grand piano. “Mary and Edith love to fight,” he continued as a picture of the two sisters were shown. Legend didn’t forget to mention ‘s character, Dowager Countess of Grantham, calling her “a witch” who “needs to get laid.” He also pointed out Mr. Bates’ murderous yet sweet nature, singing, “Mr.

Bates is a murderer but he’s a real nice guy.” “Downton Abbey” closed the curtains after six seasons on Sunday night in the U.S. Almost in the last episode.

Even Edith whom John Legend dubbed a “loser” finally got married to Bertie.

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John Legend Presents Lyrical Version of 'Downton Abbey' Theme …

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