Massachusetts Ranked #11 in Healthy Living in Recent Resident …

Massachusetts Ranked #11 in Healthy Living in Recent Resident Survey | Mass Health and Human Services Blog

Massachusetts Ranked #11 In Healthy Living In Recent Resident ...Recently, a survey that spread throughout major cities in the United States ranked Massachusetts as the 21st best state in which to own a home. In what areas did we excel? The consensus across the country is that Massachusetts offers high levels of educational opportunity, coming in at number 9.

Educational opportunity is evaluated based on the accessibility of higher education institutions in each state. The large number of colleges and universities located within Boston lends itself to the definition of a college town, and Harvard University offers the prestige of the oldest university in the United States. It seems educational institutions are located around every corner.

The survey also identified Boston as having a high standard of healthy living, coming in at number 11. Healthy living is defined as the degree to which communities throughout the state promote healthy lifestyles in their residents. A part of this may have to do with Boston s additionally high ranking in security and safety (also listed at number 11).

Security and safety takes multiple factors into account, including how safe individuals feel in their homes, the degree of crime in neighborhoods, and the level of police response to calls for help. A high level of security and safety not only contributes to the physical health of communities, but also the mental health of communities. Moreover, Massachusetts ranked above the national average in commute, which takes into account the quality of the public transportation systems in the area.

With the reopening of Government Center in the spring of 2016, as well as the discussions surrounding MBTA fares, the quality of commute in Massachusetts will only improve in the future.

Although there are always improvements to be made in systems across the state, it is reassuring to know that Massachusetts is ranked above the national average of the best state in which to own a home.

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