Mitt Romney bashes Trump

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Mitt puts on the gloves
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Mitt Romney bashes Donald Trump.

In a widely announced hit piece speech, Mitt Romney put on the gloves on his mitts to lay into the Donald.

Mitt Romney unleashed a scathing critique of Donald Trump5 this morning at a Hinckley Institute of Politic6s Forum at the University of Utah mere hours before tonight s next Reality Show installment of the GOP candidates debate on Fox News.

By most accounts, Romney did not say anything that has not been deservedly said before about The Donald as well as often; at the same time, Mitt did say it all at the same time during a single and steady pounding.

Per one media account, Romney went on an epic takedown of the Republican front-runner7, point-by-point, issue-by-issue, critiquing his business acumen, the amount he s worth, his ability to understand foreign policy and his temperament and his honesty.

I m made as hell
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Among the points noted in other media coverage ranged from how a safe future is greatly diminished with Trump8 to warning that Trump is not fit to run the country9.

As near as Quincy Quarry can tell, about the only warranted insult apparently not hurled Trump s way was to label him as a huckster; however, this is possibly missed verity left unhurled is uncertain as Quincy Quarry s Sports Desk is still reviewing the blow-by-blow video replay of Mitt s unrelenting pummeling of The Donald.

Don t even consider messing with Megyn
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Whether or not Romney s denouncement might actually derail the Donald or at least further unhinge the unhinged Trump remains to be seen; even so, however wooden Mitt often is, bullies do tend to not deal well with their bluffs being called.

Needless to say, it will surely prove to be epic TV to watch Trump face Fox debate moderators Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and most especially Trump s BFF10 Megyn Kelly11 tonight in Detroit12.

In the meanwhile, the review of Romney s speech by the arguably hardest-hitting politician of at least the modern era was not positive:

Regardless, be sure to follow Quincy Quarry for breaking new news developments.

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