More homes being built in Great Yarmouth – Brandon Lewis MP

The latest figures, from the Office of National Statistics, show the country is building again with housing starts and completions at a seven-year high.

We want the next generation in Great Yarmouth to have the homes they need which is why we are going further than ever before, reforming the planning system, fast-tracking house building and investing in schemes like Help to Buy. The latest figures show our plan is working, in 2015 in Great Yarmouth there were 130 new homes built. Building more houses means that people who work hard in Great Yarmouth to save and buy their own home can achieve their dream and we need to do more locally to deliver new homes for people and support local young people who want to own their own home.

We are determined to do even more to achieve our ambition of a million new homeowners by 2021.

So we will continue to support small builders, build new affordable Starter Homes for young first-time buyers and build homes faster with planning permission in principle for brownfield sites.

With 86 per cent of people aspiring to own a home of their own, we are helping to make this dream a reality by building the homes our country needs.

These figures show that the reforms to the planning system are working and builders are confident in investing and building homes.

It s welcome that the country is building again with housing starts nearly double the low point of 2009.

We are determined to go even further and have doubled the housing budget to over 2 billion a year so more people can have the security that comes with a home of their own.

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