MP wants action taken against illegal tree-fellers

Basingstoke MP Maria Miller has called for swift action to be taken to send the owners of land in Sherfield-on-Loddon to court after they failed to replant trees that they illegally felled.

More than 500 trees were unlawfully chopped down and burnt two years ago at a site in Dixon Road, next to Sherfield Park, sparking concerns for the local environment and wildlife.

John and Sammy Smith, of Almond Close in Farnborough, James Tombs, of Forest Farm in Tadley, and Boysie Biddle, of Justin Park in Leicester, were ordered to replant the trees in June 2014 by the Forestry Commission.

The landowners haven t complied with the order however, and after not being fined beforehand, Mrs Miller has called for action to be taken.

She said: It is clear that the landowners have not complied with this order and failure to do so is a criminal offence.

The owners of the land have blatantly flouted the requirement to replant and I believe that the public interest would now be best served by ensuring that they are taken back to court and that a significant fine is imposed.

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MP wants action taken against illegal tree-fellers

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