The Anti-India Ecosystem of One “Royal” Family

With 3 generations having ruled Independent India over 49 years (73% of the time), one family has gotten into its very DNA the dangerous self-delusion that they are the only ones who possess the divine right to rule our nation forever. Just like a king giving power, privileges & perks to his zamindars so that he has their lifetime loyalty, this family has been nurturing a loyal zamindari ecosystem in all sections of public life. Not unlike the Italian Mafia (that rules by loyalty, corruption & fear), this Family exercises great power through their loyal henchmen even when they are not in government.

What is this Zamindari Ecosystem of this Family?

It all started after 1979..

  1. Takeover of Judiciary: Loyalists were appointed in judicial positions all across the country so that no adverse verdict against the Family or its Zamindars is issued. The first pillar of democracy was captured, and Judicial Zamindars were born !
  2. Takeover of Bureaucrats: Loyalists were appointed in all senior government offices (IAS), police force (IPS), revenue services (IRS) that made the power of this Family reach till the district level. These loyal government servants will do nothing against the Family even when the king is not in power.

    As long as these servants protected the king, they can eat as much as they want (i.e., widespread corruption) & the king will protect them back. The second pillar of democracy was captured, and Babu Zamindars were born !

  3. Takeover of Politicians: Using the CBI, Intelligence agencies & police detectives, this Family got the dark & dirty secrets of most politicians in all major parties and blackmailed them into supporting the Family, even when not in power. The third pillar of democracy was captured, and Neta Zamindars were born !
  4. Takeover of Media: Starting with giving government advertisements for publishing, then moving on to awarding spectrum & licence to friends for starting TV channels, and finally buying shares in over 150 large media houses, this Family took control of information that reaches the people of India.

    The fourth & final pillar of democracy was captured, and Presstitutes were born !

  5. Takeover of Industry: For feeding their khazana to fuel their power machine, the Royal Family needed much funds. So, they groomed select industrialists through tax concessions, subsidies, bank loans that need not be paid back, etc. As long as they supported the Family, these loyal industrialists were free to weaken India s banking system, rig prices, treat employees like slaves, get away with genocide (Union Carbide), etc.

    The Business Oligarchy / Industrial Cartel was born !

  6. Takeover of Intelligensia: Even after all this, societal opinion leaders could still do harm to this Family. Ergo, senior academicians, historians, scholars, writers, artists, religious leaders, and all other influential intellectuals were systematically bought out over several years through governmental awards, project grants, scholarships, etc. The Sickulars were born !

Thus, the re-capture of this rich land once again was completed.

The Anti-India Ecosystem Of One

India has lost her Independence and We the People have lost our power.

That s why you feel so powerless. Only one Family has funnelled all the benefits of Independence unto themselves & their loyalist zamindars.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This powerful ecosystem of zamindars who are answerable to no one except the Family will not tolerate any threat to their power.

They will scream, blame, tarnish, threaten, and even kill those who try to clean their corruption. They will scream saffronization if textbooks are cleaned up or outsiders are brought into key positions. They will scream Hindutva if religious / caste appeasement & vote-bank politics are withdrawn.

They will scream nationalism if Indians assert their right as citizens.

India desperately needs another Independence movement against corruption, against vested interests, against the System that exploits the common man as a battery to power the engine of one Family.

Prakash Bebington is a PhD scholar, independent blogger and passionate humanist who espouses the cause of life, liberty and duty.

Having worked closely with students as a Professor of Management & Engineering, he has a sense of obligation to these future citizens.

He owes his allegiance to no political party, but only to the great nation of India and her future leaders.


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