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Norfolk Security covers Acle and offers a complete range of security services delivered by our team of professional, fully licensed and vetted guards. The security services available include static security officers, manned security guards, mobile security patrols and key holding alarm response all specially tailored to local areas like Acle.

Plus our services are available across a range of industries including the corporate sector, retail outlets, construction sites and one-off events. Breckland Security emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to providing bespoke security services differentiates us from other organisations operating in the sector.

If you are interested in acquiring our services or have any questions relating to the different aspects of security offered by Breckland Security, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • 1 - Chloe Smith Chloe Smith MP and Councillor Shelagh Gurney, Chairman of Hellesdon Parish Council, met with Norwich International Airport on Thursday 12th November to raise again the noise complaints of Hellesdon residents. Norwich International Airport have promised to look at further options to redu... Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North, has today completed committee work in Parliament on the new Immigration Bill, which will introduce new sanctions on illegal immigration, protect our public services and tackle exploitation of low-skilled workers.

    This follows her work in 2014 on the Modern Sl... News reports of the cyber attack on the website of the telecom firm TalkTalk, with millions of British customers, and the subsequent arrest of some teenagers including one from Norwich prompt in us several reactions. This comes hot on the heels of a seemingly similar attack on Carphone Ware...

    I m blogging here to try to explain a complicated thing that happened in Parliament recently. There s been a lot of misinformation about a thing people are calling tampon tax . The Commons was examining the Finance Bill, which enacts the Budget and puts various ...

    Chloe Smith has welcomed new figures today showing the number of people in Norwich claiming Jobseeker s Allowance has fallen by over 600 since last year and by nearly 3,000 since 2010, which is a percentage drop of 59%. The official statistics show that Britain s economic pl... In the Commons this month we ve been legislating for the Trade Union Bill.

    This Bill makes some fundamental reforms to modernise trade union law, which will: ensure that strike action only ever takes place on the basis of clear and representative mandates, through new thresholds... Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North has supported Norwich Puppet Theatre s 35th Anniversary Celebrity Puppet Auction by designing her own puppet to be auctioned. Chloe has created Little Ben , a puppet that is designed to represent both...

    Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North has lent her support to the CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), the Anti-Suicide Campaign. The campaign seeks to bring awareness to the issue that suicide is the biggest single killer of young men aged 20-45. A new anti-suicide c...

    Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North is extending an open invitation to all Norwich North schools to visit the Houses of Parliament. This year, Chloe has hosted school groups from Hillside Primary School, Firside Junior School and St. Williams Way Primary School.  ...

    Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North, today urged local firms to check up on their cyber security after reports that Norwich Airport's website has been hacked.

    The Airport is in Chloe's constituency and she reacts as local MP and a former Minister for Cyber Security in the Cabinet Offi...

  • 101: Police non-emergency number Norfolk Constabulary is supporting a Home Office campaign reminding the public that they should call 101 if they need to contact their local police for non-emergency issues. More than three quarters of 999 calls received by the police are for non-emergencies, such as people reporting crimes that are no longer in progress (for example discovering that their home has been burgled or their vehicle has been stolen), or wanting to discuss anti-social behaviour in their local area.

    101 is an easy-to-remember number for the public to call the police, and is designed to reduce the number of non-emergency 999 calls. This allows the police to respond more quickly to genuine emergencies, such as when someone is in immediate danger, a crime is happening right now, or a suspect for a serious crime is nearby.

    Launched in 2012, 101 covers all police forces across the UK and has replaced individual forces local numbers.

    A call to 101 costs just 15 pence no matter how long your call is.

    Not only is this cheaper than some forces local numbers, the single rate for every call means you know exactly how much your call will cost.

  • 110th Anniversary of Coronation of King Peter I Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine hosted this evening at the Royal Palace the opening of the exhibition 110 th Anniversary of Coronation of King Peter I . Before the exhibition His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia officiated a service in the memory of His Majesty King Peter I the Liberator at the Royal Chapel of St. Andrew the First Called.

    Guests were addressed by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II, who officially opened the exhibition, His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia, and Mr Dragomir Acovic, Chairman of the Crown Council. HRH Crown Prince Alexander welcomed guests and said: My family and I are very happy to wish you a warm welcome tonight. Today, we mark the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the coronation of my great-grandfather King Peter I, the event which had a great historical significance and importance for Serbia.

    From the beginning of his reign, my great-grandfather faced serious obstacles. Serbia was torn by the inner political struggle. His biggest task was the affirmation of the principles of political liberalism, parliamentarism, democracy and its institutions, in the politics and in life in Serbia.

    He felt that it was necessary for further progress, as well as for the access to the developed European countries. His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia has emphasized: We want, our Church and our people, what we have had for centuries. To have a King at the helm of our country.

    Old Serbian proverb says there is no good without a King, and we are waiting for historic circumstances to lign up and to have a Serbian King, and thank God we have the original Serbian Dynasty of Karadjordjevic and our Crown Prince Alexander and we pray that God gives him good health and strength to continue fighting for the benefit of Serbia, as he has done so far, as a worthy descendant of King Peter I and King Alexander I the Unifier. This extraordinary exhibition, whose author Mr Dusan Babac, member of the Privy Council, shows in detail this very important event regarding the positioning of the new Sovereign of Kingdom of Serbia, both domestically and internationally. After that, all European Royal Houses accepted the new King as a brother , while the people s will wasshown by the decision of the National Parliament from 1903 was acknowledged.

    That event has marked a new era in history of Serbia and history of the Balkans. King Peter faced very important and very difficult task to implement principles of the constitution in Serbian political life, the very principles he considered of outmost importance for the country s future development. King Peter I Karadjordjevic was the fifth child of Prince Alexander and Princess Persida (the daughter of Duke Jevrem Nenadovic).

    He was born on St. Peter s Day 11 July 1844. He finished elementary and high school in Belgrade, and continued his education at the Venel Olivier Institute in Geneva.

    After his graduation, Prince Peter went to College Saint Barb in 1861, and then in 1862 he enrolled in the famous French Military Academy of Saint-Cyr and graduated in 1864. King Peter I died 16 August 1921 in Belgrade and was buried in the Mausoleum of St. George in Oplenac.

    Owing to his accomplishments in the Balkan wars and World War I, he was known by the people as King Peter I, The Liberator.

    The 110 th Anniversary of Coronation of King Peter I exhibition will be open for visitors until Friday, October 3, every working day at 11 am and 2 pm, and visitors should announce their visit one day in advance by calling 011 306 4007.

  • 1st Class Roller Doors, Sectional Doors, Up and Over ... 1 All 1st Class Roller Doors are manufactured in the UK and come with a full 2 year warranty. Build Quality is of great importance to 1st Class with only the most reliable fully tested components being used in production of our product range. We strive to give our product range continuity giving you the confidence that the product we install today can be serviced and maintained in the years to come with constantly accessible spare components.

    Working mainly in Norwich, Norfolk & North Suffolk we aim to continue the ethos of other 1st Class services by offering not only a 1st Class product but a 1st Class service to go with them We can offer sectional garage doors with a range of modern designs, variety of colours and a number of features. Whether to merge with the general architecture, or to create a landmark in the neighbourhood, the choice is yours. To view more information on our range of sectional garage doors please download or view our brochure today, click here to view 2 .

    We can offer up and over garage doors from many of the UK s leading brands such as Garadoor & Cardale as well as budget solutions where appropriate. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours we can supply and install doors made of steel, timber, GRP and now in PVC too. The majority of our up and over garage doors are designed to offer maximum security and protection.

    A high security, multi-point latching system, solid steel locking bars, shielded latches and a Euro-cylinder lock combine to offer unrivalled protection against forced entry. We are committed to providing the highest levels of Safety for our customers. Our garage doors, mechanisms and operators are all meticulously designed, manufactured and independently tested to conform to the very latest British and European product safety standard EN 13241-1.

    If you want the ultimate in convenience, our electric operators provide the answer. Arrive home and have your garage door open automatically, accompanied by a welcoming light all at the touch of a button. Please contact us 3 for more information on the full range of up and over garage doors we can supply and install.

    Shutters All 1st Class Security Shutters are manufactured in the UK. With build Quality being of great importance to 1st Class only the most reliable fully tested components are used in production of our shutters range. Read more 4 t.

    01603 488894 m.

    07846 056751 387 Drayton High Road, Hellesdon, Norwich, NR6 5BG References ^ ( ^ Download Now ( ^ Contact Us ( ^ Read more (

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  • 2.30pm update: Armed police called after man enters Acle bank with aReleased 2013-10-10 05:35:28 GMT: 1 week ago.

    1 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 1 A car fire inside Voss Collision Centre filled the business with smoke and required a response from the Washington Twp. Fire Department this mornin... Released 2013-09-23 01:06:03 GMT: 4 weeks ago.

    1 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 2 The burned body of a 53-year-old man from Lakeside was found after crews extinguished a car fire next to an auto scrap business in Chula Vista, aut... Released 2013-09-22 23:56:35 GMT: 4 weeks ago.

    1 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 3 CHULA VISTA, Calif. The burned body of a 53-year-old man from Lakeside was found after crews extinguished a car fire next to an auto scrap busi...


  • 2015 Girls State Basketball Championships in Lincoln LINCOLN, Neb. The Nebraska Girls State Championship tournament began Thursday in Lincoln. The tournament runs through Saturday.

    Games are being played at Pinnacle Bank Arena, The Devaney Center, Lincoln North Star and Lincoln Southwest. The two high schools do not have classes March 5th, due to the tournament. Free parking is available at Lincoln North Star and Lincoln Southwest.

    For games at Pinnacle Bank Arena, visitors can park at the Red 1 Parking garage located across from the arena. You can reserve a spot at Parking is also available at the festival spaces and premium garage for five dollars.

    You cannot reserve those spaces. At the Devaney Sports Center, parking is five dollars and you are charged each time you enter the parking lot. There are links to parking maps on this page.

    The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau will have welcome desks set up at each tournament site Thursday and Friday to help those who are in Lincoln from out of town. Nebraska School's Activities Association website is the headquarters for those attending the tournament at Tickets are available on the NSAA website.

    A single admission ticket for adults costs seven dollars and five dollars for kids.

    Championship finals will take place Saturday March 7th at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

    Third place teams will play at Lincoln Southwest.

  • 21 Pieces Of Advice For Aspiring Writers 1. Write from the heart as well as the head. Write about what makes you angry, what moves you to tears, the things about which you feel passionately.

    If you feel it when you write, others will feel it when they read. Malorie Blackman 2. Open your mind to new experiences, particularly to the study of other people.

    Nothing that happens to a writer however happy, however tragic is ever wasted. PD James 3. Think only about the work, about writing a book as good as you can make it.

    It helps to have the sensation that you are writing a book that doesn t exist and that you, as a reader, would like to exist. Adam Foulds Via / 1 2 ID: 7250155 4. If you get stuck, get away from your desk.

    Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, draw, listen to music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don t just stick there scowling at the problem. But don t make telephone calls or go to a party; if you do, other people s words will pour in where your lost words should be. Open a gap for them, create a space.

    Be patient. Hilary Mantel 5. While you re writing, read like mad but read analytically.

    You will never be able to put a book together without an understanding of how other books work. I suspect that this is more a matter of instinct than anything else but you can nurture that instinct by looking at other texts and thinking, What s successful here? What s failing?

    And why? Sarah Waters 6. Do what I did: Pretend you want to do something else and write on the sly until you re free to do whatever you want!

    J.K. Rowling Via / Twitter: @jk_rowling 3 4 ID: 7250061 7. Finish your book.

    Whatever is your writing process, ensure that you have got to the very end of it and are satisfied before you begin to think about the whole other process of publication. Publication does not turn you, as if by magic, into a writer. You are already a writer.

    It s important not to forget that. Ross Raisin 8. Don t romanticise your vocation .

    You can either write good sentences or you can t. There is no writer s lifestyle . All that matters is what you leave on the page.

    Zadie Smith 9. Have regrets. They are fuel.

    On the page they flare into desire. Geoff Dyer Via 5 ID: 7249922 10. Don t go reading the latest prizewinners and bestsellers in the hope of discovering what publishers are looking for.

    By the time your book is written, they ll be looking for something else. Andrew Cowan 11. Remember you love writing.

    It wouldn t be worth it if you didn t. If the love fades, do what you need to and get it back. Remember writing doesn t love you.

    It doesn t care. Nevertheless, it can behave with remarkable generosity. Speak well of it, encourage others, pass it on.

    A.L. Kennedy 12. Keep writing.

    Even if you think it s terrible, keep writing; you will only get better with practice. And learn to finish the things you begin, because the ending is the hardest part. Lucy Saxon Via / 6 7 ID: 7249958 13.

    Listen to what you have written. A dud rhythm in a passage of dialogue may show that you don t yet understand the characters well enough to write in their voices. Helen Dunmore 14.

    Don t write for the market. Clue yourself up about what s out there and what sells and then forget it. The best novels are written with passion, not calculation.

    Your writing has to come from your heart, not from your desire to be the Next Big Thing. Sarah Waters 15. Write short stories.

    They afford lots of failure. Pastiche is a great way to start. Ian McEwan Via / 8 9 ID: 7249986 16.

    Be unkind to your characters when you are exploring who they are. Challenge them, put them in difficult situations and see how they respond, present them with strong choices and show us their development. Interrogate them.

    Do they have any transgressions? Once you see the world from your characters point of view, their emotional logic will be authentic. Jenny Downham 17.

    Write loads, read voraciously, go out and live. Things will emerge in the spaces in between and you might be surprised by what does. Irenosen Okojie 18.

    Write about what you know is the most stupid thing I ve heard. It encourages people to write a dull autobiography. It s the reverse of firing the imagination and potential of writers.

    Kazuo Ishiguro Via / / 10 11 12 ID: 7250214 19. You have to write the book that you want to write. You have to be prepared to do your own thing and not bow to the critics, not listen to the policeman in your head saying you shouldn t do this or that.

    Bernardine Evaristo 20. Don t look back until you ve written an entire draft, just begin each day from the last sentence you wrote the preceding day. This prevents those cringing feelings, and means that you have a substantial body of work before you get down to the real work.

    Will Self 21. Finish everything you start. Colm T ib n Via / 13 14 ID: 7250166 All quotes via the Sunday Times /Peters Fraser & Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award 15 unless otherwise stated.

    The shortlist will be unveiled on 8 November.

    ID: 7253233 References ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ Twitter: @jk_rowling ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ Sunday Times/Peters Fraser & Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award (

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  • 3 killed, 8 wounded in shootings across norwich 3 KILLED, 8 WOUNDED IN SHOOTINGS ACROSS Three people were killed and at least 8 others have been wounded in shootings across . About 12:20 a.m. Isa Jackson, was sitting in parked Dodge with his girlfriend and somenoe sudennly opend a fire.

    Police said the victims didn t know each other and that has fuelled speculation that the shooter or shooters randomly targeted people.

    Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen said he s disturbed by the fact the two victims did not know each other Read more here

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  • 4 Sacadas para Você Dominar ACL em Certificações Cisco | Blog ... Tempo de leitura: 15 minutos Voc j pensou porque ACL assusta tanto quando estamos come ando a aprender as configura es do Cisco IOS para uma certifica o? Eu mesmo tenho que confessar que cheguei a passar vergonha na minha primeira aula de ACL a muito tempo atr s Foi em 2002 na minha primeira turma de CCNA aqui em Curitiba quando trabalhava no SENAI. Mas de l para c passaram-se muitos anos, muitas turmas, v deos, perguntas de alunos e por isso resolvi revelar quatro dicas que aprendi e ajudam muito a voc perder o medo para virar o jogo e dominar o assunto ACL.

    Nesse artigo voc vai aprender os seguintes pontos para ajudar a destruir em um exerc cio de ACL: Ah, no final do artigo deixei um PDF com o resumo dos comandos para cria o de ACLs IP Padr o e as principais portas TCP/UDP para os exames Cisco. L gica de Encaminhamento dos Pacotes IP Antes de tentar entender os comandos e criar Access Control Lists voc deve (deve com D mai sculo) entender como os pacotes IP s o encaminhados na rede. Por exemplo, voc sabe como um acesso de um cliente da sua rede LAN a um servidor HTTP para buscar uma p gina da Web localizado na Internet?

    Se voc n o sabe responder essa pergunta em termos de fluxo dos pacotes IP e segmentos TCP ent o importante que voc primeiro resolva esse passo nos seus estudos. Voc deve estar se perguntando: Mas porque? . A resposta simples uma ACL ou Lista de Controle de Acesso utilizada para filtrar pacotes conforme caracter sticas do tr fego utilizando campos do pacote IP ou do segmento TCP ou datagrama UDP, portanto se voc n o sabe como se d o fluxo de pacotes na rede como vai criar ou interpretar uma ACL?

    Lembre-se que maioria das aplica es no TCP/IP s o do tipo cliente/servidor , ou seja, um cliente requisita um servi o e tem uma reposta do servidor. Que servi os s o esses? S o os protocolos da camada de aplica o tais como DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, IMAP, Telnet, SSH, SNMP e muitos outros, por m esses que citei s o os mais quentes para as certifica es iniciais como CCENT, ICND-2 e CCNAX (CCNA Routing and Switching).

    Voc n o precisa saber como funciona cada um deles, suas mensagens e coisas desse tipo, apenas precisa saber se eles utilizam TCP ou UDP na camada de transporte e que porta utilizada para criar e interpretar um exerc cio ou simulador de ACL. Por exemplo, o HTTP utiliza o TCP como protocolo de transporte atrav s da porta 80, j o TFTP utiliza UDP na porta 69. Deixei a lista desses protocolos relacionados a porta TCP/UDP no PDF para download no final do artigo, n o se preocupe em sair procurando nada agora, continue lendo e estudando comigo o artigo, ok?

    Tem 4 coisas que voc deve lembrar na comunica o dos protocolos TCP e UDP: O TCP orientado a conex o, por isso antes de dois dispositivos trocarem dados da camada de aplica o eles precisam sincronizar com o processo de Handshake de tr s vias (SYN > SYN/ACK > ACK). Quando o TCP abre uma conex o sempre o primeiro segmento tem o flag ACK igual a zero e o SYN setado em 1, permitindo que voc identifique quando algu m deseja abrir conex o com seu computador. O UDP n o orientado a conex o, por isso quando preciso enviar algo via protocolo UDP o computador de origem manda os dados, desculpe a brincadeira mas, sem frescuras Manda e acabou, simples assim.

    Tanto o TCP como o UDP utilizam n meros de portas para identificar os servi os e conex es dentro do pr prio computador e no servidor remoto. Portanto com esse n mero de porta que identificamos um servi o dentro de uma regra, por exemplo, se quero bloquear acesso Web basta bloquear a porta 80 do protocolo TCP. Ent o vamos fazer o caminho de um fluxo de dados com o que aprendemos at agora, ok?

    Por exemplo, voc abriu um navegador e quer acessar uma p gina de Internet. Primeiro seu computador deve resolver o nome da URL que voc digitou para um endere o IP, ele faz via DNS. Essa requisi o DNS utiliza o protocolo UDP na porta 53, por m e agora?

    O que o UDP faz para que isso seja encaminhado na rede? Simples, passa para o protocolo IP, ou seja, tanto para TCP como para UDP n o existe op o de envio, ambos enviar o suas informa es para o protocolo IP encaminhar na rede. No protocolo IP montado um pacote com o endere o de origem do computador, que est na pr pria placa de rede configurado normalmente via DHCP, e tamb m o endere o do DNS do seu provedor de Internet.

    Pronto, agora o protocolo IP finaliza o pacote com o IP de origem e destino, empacota junto o que ele recebeu do UDP ou TCP e manda pela camada de acesso aos meios, ou seja, normalmente atrav s da sua placa de rede com fio ou sem fio, dependendo do seu computador. Essa informa o navega pela rede, roteada ao servidor de destino que deve processar a informa o (seu pedido ou requisi o) e devolver uma resposta. Aqui vem outro ponto muito importante, o retorno da resposta !

    Agora no servidor o que era origem no TCP/UDP e IP vira destino, por exemplo, ele recebeu um pacote com seu IP de origem e uma porta UDP sua tamb m de origem pedindo o IP da URL digitada no navegador, certo? Na hora do servidor devolver a resposta o IP de origem do pacote dele ser o endere o do servidor e a porta de origem a porta 53, j o IP e porta UDP de destino ser o seus endere os, os do seu computador. Por que isso importante para cria o de regras de ACL?

    Pense um pouco Se seu gerente pede para voc bloquear acesso ao e-mail convencional via POP3, que utiliza TCP na porta 110, o que voc vai fazer? Por exemplo, pode bloquear na sa da da sua rede quaisquer pacotes que tentem deixar a rede via protocolo TCP na porta 110. Se voc colocar a mesma regra na entrada da rede n o vai surtir efeito, pois os pacotes ser o de retorno e nesse caso a porta TCP ser uma porta alta do seu computador, ou seja, n o funciona!

    Dedique um tempo para entender o fluxo de informa es TCP e UDP na sua rede, vale a penas n o s para o exame de certifica o, mas tamb m para que voc consiga resolver problemas de rede mais facilmente. #Ficaadica como falam nas redes sociais! O pr ximo passo, depois de saber como os pacotes s o enviados na rede, criar regras, entender o que s o regras e os tipos que podemos criar utilizando ACL, por isso relaxe e vamos em frente porque isso que vamos estudar a seguir. Criar e Interpretar as Regras de Filtragem As listas de controle de acesso ou ACL mais cobrada nos exames iniciais da Cisco pode ser de dois tipos: ACL IP Padr o e ACL IP Estendida.

    A ACL IP padr o a mais simples das duas, sendo que ela s filtra pela endere o IP de origem do pacote, mais nada. Ent o uma aplica o para esse tipo de lista de controle de acesso seria negar ou permitir acesso a sub-redes espec ficas a uma regi o da rede. A regra seria simples, por exemplo, permitir (permit) ou negar (deny) acesso a pacotes cuja rede IP de origem seja, por exemplo.

    J com uma ACL estendida voc pode criar regras mais complexas, podendo fazer sua filtragem utilizando v rios par metros, sendo que os mais importantes s o: Endere os, redes ou sub-redes IP de origem Endere os, redes ou sub-redes IP de destino Portas TCP de origem Portas TCP de destino Estado da conex o TCP (verificar flag ACK) Portas UDP de origem Portas UDP de destino O importante sobre as regras criadas com ACL, seja ela padr o ou estendida, s o interpretadas na sequ ncia, da primeira regra criada para a ltima, por isso a ordem das batatas aqui afeta a maionese . Se voc quer bloquear o acesso a Internet via HTTP e antes coloca uma regra que libera toda e qualquer conex o o HTTP nunca ser bloqueado, concorda? Al m disso, no final da ACL o Cisco IOS coloca uma nega o impl cita (deny impl cito), ou seja, n o importa quantas regras voc crie no final vai ter um bloqueia tudo .

    Isso muito importante, pois se voc s criar regras de nega o e aplicar a uma interface simplesmente NADA vai passar, como colocar um cadeado na interface. Normalmente fazemos regras que bloqueiam tudo e liberam somente o que permitido ou permite tudo e bloqueia o que n o permitido. No primeiro caso voc precisar colocar uma permiss o pelo menos no final para n o travar a interface, j no segundo caso n o preciso, pois voc vai criar regras de libera o e o bloqueio j est impl cito no final da ACL.

    Voc pode utilizar uma tabela que utilizamos em nossos cursos para o CCENT 1 e CCNA Security 2 , veja exemplo a seguir e a tabelinha de regras na sequ ncia. Por exemplo, um exerc cio pede para criar uma ACL que permita que apenas o host acesse o servidor SMTP com endere o, al m disso nesse mesmo servidor temos o servi o de HTTP que pode ser acessado por quaisquer redes. Outro requisito que a rede acesse quaisquer servidores HTTP sem restri o.

    Os demais tr fegos devem ser negados. Veja abaixo a tabela com as regras na sequ ncia solicitada, mas nem sempre vai ser assim, fiz desse jeito s para ficar mais did tico. Essa tabela representa cada linha que vamos ter que criar no Cisco IOS para configura o da ACL.

    Ent o quando um pacote for testado frente a essa lista de controle de acesso ele verifica cada linha e se bater o teste ele faz a a o configurada de permitir ou negar a entrada ou sa da do pacote, simples assim, s duas op es ap s o teste. Por exemplo, se o pacote com origem quiser acessar o servidor pela porta TCP 110 que POP3 ele vai ser testado na primeira regra e n o bate, pois ela testa a origem Na segunda regra a origem bate (qualquer origem), o destino tamb m (, o protocolo tamb m (TCP), mas a porta n o, ent o vai para a pr xima linha.

    A origem n o bate tamb m, pois na regra tem que ser ( a 10.254) e vai para a pr xima linha. Agora d o match ou bate a regra, pois ela diz que quando chegar ali qualquer origem ou destino ou protocolo ou porta vai ser negado, por isso o pacote n o entra ou n o sai da rede, depende de como foi aplicada a lista na interface. Note que se conseguir montar uma tabela dessas a partir das especifica es do exerc cio ou de um cliente que voc est atendendo fica muito f cil traduzir essas regras em comandos de ACL no Cisco IOS.

    Na sequ ncia vamos estudar sobre a m scara curinga, pois na hora de selecionar redes as ACLs n o utilizam a m scara de rede normal. M scara Curinga Antes de come ar a traduzir suas regras em ACL saiba que ela n o usa a m scara normal de rede ou sub-rede, ao inv s disso a ACL usa uma m scara curinga ou Wildcard Mask para selecionar redes, sub-redes e endere os espec ficos. Tem gente que chama a m scara curinga de m scara invertida , mas eu particularmente n o gosto de chamar assim, pois ela invertida em alguns casos apenas.

    Na m scara de sub-rede o bit 1 indica rede e zero indica a por o de host, j na m scara curinga o 1 indica que nada precisa ser testado, j deu match ou bateu, e o bit zero indica que o bit do pacote IP deve ser igual ao do que voc indicou na ACL. Por exemplo, uma ACL IP padr o configurada com e m scara curinga exige que o IP de origem do pacote IP seja id ntico a, pois todos os seus bits s o zero e indicam que TUDO precisa bater ou dar match. Se fizermos ao contr rio, colocando com a m scara curinga (tudo 1) qualquer coisa que vier no pacote IP passa, pois o 1 na m scara curinga indica que vale tudo para a ACL.

    Maioria dos exerc cios utilizam redes ou sub-redes, nesse caso s inverter a m scara de rede que voc tem a m scara curinga, at por isso que muita gente a chama de m scara invertida . Por exemplo, para selecionar a rede ( utilizamos a m scara curinga, o inverso do /24, ficando . Isso serve para quaisquer redes ou sub-redes IP.

    Al m disso, para facilitar a vida do pessoal de infra de redes quando queremos selecionar todas as redes podemos utilizar o mnem nico any e para selecionar um endere o espec fico podemos utilizar o host . Por exemplo, quero permitir todas as redes: permit any . Agora quero apenas o endere o do computador permit host .

    Dire o do Tr fego nas Interfaces A ACL pode ser aplicada a uma interface ou ent o dentro de outras configura es como sele o de redes, por exemplo, para identificar que redes podem fazer parte do processo do OSPFv2 no comando network . Quando aplicamos uma ACL em uma interface para fazer filtragem de pacotes podemos fazer isso em duas dire es: in bound ou out bound. No Cisco IOS essas dire es s o indicadas como in e out .

    Para facilitar memorize que o IN o que est entrando na interface, j o OUT o tr fego que sai da interface do roteador ou switch. Veja a figura abaixo para facilitar o entendimento. Portanto o processo completo criar a ACL e depois aplicar em uma interface.

    Por exemplo, o exerc cio pede para voc bloquear acesso a um servidor que est conectado rede F0/0 do roteador R1 da figura, onde voc aplicaria essa interface? Veja que ele tem tr s interfaces. Pense um pouco antes de ver a resposta Tem duas op es de resolu o.

    Ou aplicamos em ambas as seriais na entrada (IN) ou apenas na sa da da LAN (F0/0 OUT). Na realidade a segunda op o a mais correta, pois um comando apenas e fica mais leve para o roteador analisar a lista em apenas uma interface. No final do artigo vou indicar tr s artigos com exemplos de ACLs IP padr o, estendida e temporizada, assim voc vai poder analisar casos mais reais e ver em pr tica o que estudou nesse artigo.

    N o esque a baixar o PDF comandos para criar ACLs IP Padr o e principais portas TCP e UDP para o CCNAX 200-120, CCENT e ICND-2. Exemplos de Cria o de ACL Agora veja esses conceitos aplicados a exemplos de ACLs na pr tica lendo tr s artigos que vou indicar a seguir. muito importante que ao ler esses artigos voc visualize o que aprendeu aqui sobre tr fego, regras, m scara curinga e dire o da ACL nas interfaces, pois assim tenho certeza que o assunto vai clarear as d vidas que voc eventualmente tenha ficado.

    Seguem abaixo os artigos indicados com exemplos de cria o de ACL: Exemplo de ACL IP Padr o 3 Exemplo de ACL IP Estendida 4 Exemplo de ACL Temporizada (Time Based) 5 Se voc quer mais ajuda pode escolher tornar-se um Membro Premium DlteC 6 e ter acesso ao curso CCNA CCENT e CCNA Security para aprender ACL definitivamente, al m disso sendo Membro Premium 7 voc poder tirar suas d vidas diretamente comigo ou com um dos nossos tutores, o que voc acha da ideia? Clique aqui e saiba mais sobre o plano Premium 8 . Espero que o artigo tenha sido til e aguardo seus coment rios, d vidas e sugest es no final dessa p gina na rea de coment rios!

    s descer a p gina que est l embaixo Claro que voc tamb m pode usar os bot es de compartilhamento se achar que o artigo vai ajudar seus amigos. Compartilhando voc pode ajudar seus amigos e nos ajudar a transmitir conhecimento para o m ximo de profissionais ou futuros profissionais da rea! Que a for a esteja com voc e at um pr ximo artigo!

    References ^ CCENT ( ^ CCNA Security ( ^ Exemplo de ACL IP Padr o ( ^ Exemplo de ACL IP Estendida ( ^ Exemplo de ACL Temporizada (Time Based) ( ^ Membro Premium DlteC ( ^ Membro Premium ( ^ Clique aqui e saiba mais sobre o plano Premium (

  • 4.50pm update: Armed police called after man enters Acle bank with ... 4.50pm update: Photo Gallery - Armed police called after man enters Acle bank with a homemade flamethrower - 1 month ago @ 1 Armed police were called to a bank in Acle after a man allegedly walked in with a homemade flamethrower and made threats. Man arrested at Norfolk bank with homemade FLAMETHROWER - 1 month ago @ 2 The man allegedly burst into the Barclays in Acle, Norfolk, and threatened to burn the bank down because he was refused an overdraft. Air Canada Flight 854 Diverted After Man Allegedly Throws Water At Crew - 3 months ago @ 3 Hardly.

    An Air Canada flight bound for London from Vancouver had to be diverted Monday after a passenger allegedly refused to stop throwing water at the flight crew and other passengers. ... He said the man was also acting "strangely" and making threats. Hocking County Man Allegedly Made Death Threats To Sheriff's Deputies - 3 months ago @ 4 A Hocking County man was arrested after allegedly threatening multiple people at the Hocking County Sheriff's Office.

    The sheriff's office said Reuben Gillian, 30, of Amanda, called 911 on Monday around 3:30 p.m.

    and was allegedly making threats ...

    References ^ - 1 month ago @ ( ^ - 1 month ago @ ( ^ - 3 months ago @ ( ^ - 3 months ago @ (

  • 4.50pm update: Photo Gallery - Armed police called after man enters ...Released 2013-10-01 05:09:14 GMT: 3 days ago.

    8 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 1 CHARLES TOWN -A disgruntled American Public University student from California has been charged with making threats of terroristic acts after he allegedly threatened the online university's staff, telling them he empathized with 34-year-old Navy... Released 2013-10-01 03:09:42 GMT: 3 days ago.

    2 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 2 Lahore: Awais Sheikh, the Pakistani lawyer who defended slain Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, and his family have taken asylum in Sweden after receiving threats, his colleagues and friends said on Released 2013-09-30 18:26:00 GMT: 4 days ago.

    2 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 3 RACINE A Racine man who allegedly fired a silver cowboy handgun straight up into the air Saturday afternoon and referenced the Trayvon Martin case sat behind bars Monday, charged in the incident. Released 2013-09-30 09:03:30 GMT: 4 days ago.

    2 click(s) FULL ARTICLE 4 Thu, 26 Sep 2013 14:09:57 GMT By ANDY MATARRESE Ellensburg Daily Record Police officers arrested a transient woman Sunday night who allegedly left a package inside the Cle Elum McDonald s restroom that referenced explosives and was addressed to the President of the United States.

    Cle Elum-Roslyn-South Cle Elum police officers...


  • 49ers/Vikings Fans Brawl — Security Guard to the Rescue …Hero to ... Security Guard to the Rescue Hero to Be Honored 9/15/2015 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF Exclusive Details A pack of vicious and cowardly 49ers fans bashed in a Vikings fan s face during a chaotic melee outside the Monday night game, and if not for one brave security guard the Vikes fan might be dead. The video of the brawl is heinous the Vikings fan is already down on the ground outside Levi Stadium when the Niners backers continue unloading on him kicking and punching him in the head and body. It s brutal.

    But you also see the guard run into the middle of the fray even though he s way undersized and scramble around the victim. He eventually succeeded in breaking up the fight. Honchos at the security company tell TMZ Sports their staffer, who was Johnny-on-the-spot, is one of their star employees so they re not shocked he stepped up.

    They also say they re planning to honor his heroism.

    As for the parking lot attackers Santa Clara PD says they re still trying to ID the suspects, based on the video and witnesses.

  • 4th Impact set for ANOTHER huge gig!

    This is their future ... Since they were eliminated from The X Factor a couple of weeks ago, 4th Impact sisters Celina, Irene, Almira and Irene have been busier than one-armed wallpaper hangers They ve already topped the billing at Round House, G.A.Y. 1 and The Clothes Show 2 , and now they ve announced that they re set to perform live at The Coconut Club in Hertfordshire. That will take place on December 20th which Forum Hertfordshire announced via Twitter, writing, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! X Factor finalist @4thImpactMusic HERE 20th Dec!

    The account later added, We are happy to announce @xfactor finalist @4thimpactmusic will be performing LIVE at our under 18s night #cococlubherts And with that message, the account added the image below to their Instagram page, prompting the 4th Impact girls to reply, Excited to see you guys @theforumherts Coconut club Grab your tickets now. If you re lucky enough to be in the area on December 20th, then you can grab your tickets by clicking here 3 . But for those of us who can t attend, we can take consolation in knowing that in future, 4th Impact WILL be touring the world, and we have no doubt they will sell-out every venue they play live at Because while their gigs in the last couple of weeks have given the girls yet more exposure and raised their public profile even further, there can be no question that in time, they will be filling arenas and stadiums around the globe, just like One Direction do.

    We ve said it before but it s worth saying again; we haven t seen a response to X Factor finalists like this since One Direction, and in short, the reaction of fans around the world to 4th Impact has been simply phenomenal. This slideshow requires JavaScript. It s extraordinary how the girls have captured the attention and hearts of music lovers around the globe, and X Factor boss Simon Cowell will be fully aware of that, so we would guess that he s going to fast-track these girls just like he did with 1D.

    Their debut single, What Makes You Beautiful, set them on the path to where they are now, which is becoming global superstars and household names, selling-out every venue they perform at, producing one hit album after another, and going to No1 with (nearly) every single they ever release.

    Stand by Dreamers, this all coming very soon!

    References ^ G.A.Y. ( ^ The Clothes Show ( ^ clicking here (

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  • 5 Family Tickets East Anglian Game & Country Fair The 2015 East Anglian Game & Country Fair will take place on Saturday the 25 th & Sunday the 26 th April, at The Norfolk Showground, Norwich. Iceni Post has teamed up with the East Anglian Game & Country Fair to provide you with the chance to win one of five family tickets. The Five entries drawn out of the hat were from: Beccles x 2, Kings Lynn, Stowmarket, & Great Yarmouth Entry closing date was 31st March 2015 But you still have time to Save Money by Booking in Advance!

    Advance Discounted Ticket Prices Adult 13.00 Children 5-16 Years 5.00 Family (2 Adults & 3 Children 5-16yrs) 36.00 Under 5 s Free A 2 booking fee applies per transaction. (Closing date for advance discounted tickets 20/04/15) If you would like to speak to one of our team about tickets, camping or membership please feel free to call us on 01263 735 828 or email 1 The East Anglian Game & Country Fair is an annual two day, family event set in glorious parkland at the Norfolk Showground, Norwich. We welcome world class events and attractions to the Norfolk Showground each year. Whether it s watching the main arena or countryside arena displays, seeing the forestry village with cutting and pole climbing competitions, joining in with your dog at the K9 Aqua Dog pool, shopping at the 300 tradestands or relaxing with a glass of bubbly at the members enclosure.

    We hope you will find something for the whole family to enjoy at the show, including your dog. Visit our show events and attractions pages online to view a selection of the fantastic displays on offer at the Game Fair. 2 See more details about the fair here 3 advert We can promote your business 4 every week on the Iceni Post!

    Related References ^ ( ^ ( ^ East Anglian Game & Country Fair, April 25th & 26th 2015 ( ^ business (

  • 5 Key Issues Holding Irish Women Entrepreneurs Back And How To ... On the 17 th January, I spoke at the Fianna F il Ard Fheis about how the government was penalising entrepreneurs with the punitive Capital Gains Tax, and thus limiting our competitiveness against the UK. I was struck by the enthusiasm and warmth that seemed to accompany the fact that I as a female in the mostly male dominated arena that is politics was able to speak passionately and with conviction on the matter, having had my own experience of starting a business with Lir Chocolates. However, a vague sense of unease accompanied me as I left the Ard Fheis, and it has only been after some thought that I understand the reason for this.

    It really hit home to me that many women entering politics (and a lot of men for that matter) do not have a whole lot of previous experience of having managed big budgets and overheads, as well as having the responsibility of hundreds of employees whose livelihoods depend on every decision they make. The long hours, the pressure, the rows, the highs, the lows all of these can be experienced daily by an entrepreneur, and the experience gained from starting or being involved in a business from an early stage can be of real value for someone entering into the cauldron that is national politics. I am certainly not saying that owning or managing a company should be a pre-requisite for a political career in government.

    But I do think that when making policies that directly shape the future of entrepreneurship in this country and thus have a hugely positive impact on our society in terms of job creation and better standard of living having a level of corporate management experience is something that can only be of benefit to the Irish public. And this is what lead me to my sense of unease; the fact that entrepreneurship plays such an important role in giving us hope for the future, and yet this government is not enabling fair opportunities for women entrepreneurs. To me, it is simple if half of your workforce is not being given equal opportunity, you are not being efficient in maximising your opportunity for growth; both in terms of business development and also in giving potential future political players the experience that is needed in high pressure environments.

    And this is why it baffles me that the government is not prioritising the issues that women entrepreneurs face it screams of naivety and lack of simple business nous. I recently was a rapporteur for a report on the key issues that women face for Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Which you can find below: Key-Issues-for-Female-Entrepreneurs.pdf 1 Going forward, this sort of lop-sidedness cannot be simply accepted, and we need real action and urgency in addressing this imbalance to ensure that we are giving ourselves the best chance of a sustainable recovery. Here are 5 of the key obstacles that women entrepreneurs currently face when it comes to entrepreneurship in Ireland.

    1. Culture, Human Capital and Education: The GEM report14 ( ) shows us that when it comes to positively viewing entrepreneurship capabilities only a third of women believe that they are capable, as opposed to half of men. 2 This is why it is hugely important that women have role models for inspiration and that is why more needs to be done in terms of promoting our women entrepreneurs especially those who graduate from the Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Up programme. Women like (Theresa Keady of EVEO Solutions & Emma Murphy of The Turning Institute) are success stories from the programme, and the more that these success stories can be given a platform, the quicker this can be addressed.

    2. Maternity Leave: There is no doubt that currently there is a debilitating discrepancy between the qualifying conditions for Maternity Benefit for employees as opposed to women who want to set up their own businesses. Two key points are emerging here: The female entrepreneur must have 52 weeks contributions in a relevant tax year compared with 39 weeks for an employee (33% more) The female entrepreneur must give 12 weeks notice of their intention to commence maternity leave compared with 6 weeks for an employee (100% more notice).

    It is this type of unjoined up thinking in government that is just plain wrong, effectively punishing and holding women back from taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

    3. Access to Finance: Access to finance remains a difficult and daunting prospect for women entrepreneurs. An interesting finding from the report was that women understand the economic potential and business value of other woman s ideas, and that women respond strongly to financial incentives and programmes specifically organised for, and directed to them.

    This is why I think there are 3 main areas that the government really needs to act upon: The funding for the Competitive Start Fund for Females with funding of ' 500,000 should be doubled each year in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and a second call for applicants should be made to ensure that none of our female talent slip through the net due to lack of funds. A specific Female Seed and Early-Stage Seed Capital Fund should be initiated by Enterprise Ireland, managed by women and investing between ' 100,000 and ' 600,000 in emerging companies so that a total fund of ' 25 million would support around 50 female-led companies over a 5 year period. These types of funds are essential for growth and more importantly, job creation.

    Business Angel networks have been established in most regions with the encouragement of IBAN (Irish Business Angel Network) and it is critical that a number of specific Female Business Angel networks be actively promoted in the regions by IBAN, to ensure that there is no discrimination based on where you live for women entrepreneurs.

    4. Entrepreneurial Networks and Mentoring: There is no doubt that the significance of female networks such as Network Ireland, Women in Technology and Science (WITS) and Women in Science and Engineering (WISER) has had a hugely positive impact in terms of supporting women in business and enterprise in Ireland. However, we must continue to push and strive for the extension of female business networks at a regional and county level.

    Enterprise Ireland has had great success over the years in terms of offering mentoring programmes and we need to ensure that women will not be held back by lacking the guidance or expertise to assist them in such areas as finance and viral growth capabilities.

    5. STEM Subjects The STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) at secondary school level have become a crucial skillset to give our students the best chance of having an exciting career in multinational and growth Irish companies. Students are at a real disadvantage in pursuing courses and careers that they want to pursue at third level without having the solid grounding that a secondary level education in these subjects would bring about.

    And while this is a challenge that faces both boys and girls, and despite the advances made in the curriculum, it is one that still particularly affects girls. There are key negative stereo types that need to be overcome none more so than were highlighted in the survey carried out by Accenture that showed the barriers facing young girls and parents when it comes to making choices about STEM related subject in schools. The survey found that barriers existed such as: STEM subjects are more suitable for boys and that the subjects are overly difficult, Parents lack information on STEM career options, yet parents are the main influencers when it comes to advising their daughters on how to define educational and career paths.

    A follow up Accenture report also found that while 80% of girls saw that studying STEM subjects led to a lot of exciting career options, 48% thought that these subjects match male jobs. It is this type of inbuilt and more importantly WRONG assumption that should be a serious cause for concern for the government. A national campaign needs to be initiated that informs not just the girls, but the parents and teachers too of the value and indeed interest and enjoyment that girls can get from these subjects.

    Breaking down these barriers are a must if we are to fulfil our female s potential in bringing about further growth and job creation, at the earliest possible stage. The good news when I look at these barriers is that a lot of these current issues are very solvable. The bad news is that this current government seems to be ignoring the fact that there are barriers there in the first place, which is a huge cause for concern.

    In a time when we most need up and coming women entrepreneurs to shine, we need to do everything in our power to ensure that we do not stifle them. I firmly believe that some of these women who along with bringing value and growth to the economy through job creation will enter politics at some point. The experience that they will have garnered in setting up a business, managing budgets, looking after employees is something that can only be of a huge benefit when making decisions that potentially affect their constituents and indeed all Irish citizens if they manage to get into office.

    This basic business experience is something, which unfortunately not many in this current government can say they have. The least they can do is to ensure that this path to experience is not hindered by bureaucracy or lack of forward thinking, and it is something that I have been seeking and campaigning to bring about, and will continue to do so. As I said earlier, it is simple if half of your workforce is not being given equal opportunity, you are not being efficient in maximising your opportunity for growth, both in terms of business development and also in giving potential future political players the experience that is needed in high pressure envir onments.

    Let s right this wrong before it is too late.

    References ^ Key-Issues-for-Female-Entrepreneurs.pdf ( ^ (

  • 50 Christmas Trees in a Church, Dickleburgh – The Winners 2015 ... Annie Chapman with the Ladies Tractor Road Run tree The 12th annual 50 Christmas Trees in a Church at All Saints Dickleburgh, drew to a close on Sunday, December 6, with the prize-giving for the 23 most popular trees voted by visitors to the festival. Ladies Tractor Road Run (for Cancer Research UK s breast cancer appeal) was the winner in the adult category for their tree decorated with tiny pink bras. Susan Whymark Funeral Service came second with an amazing dress tree and Culrose Residential Care Home were third with their gingerbread themed tree.

    1st Dickleburgh Rainbows, with Harleston District Girl Guiding s plastic bottle tree.

    1st Dickleburgh Rainbows, who combined with Harleston District Girl Guiding, won the children s category with their fabulous plastic bottle tree, displaying Christmas messages of hope. Harleston CE VA Primary School came second with their Hands of Hope tree and Burston Community Primary School was third with their gingerbread house tree. The Nick Arnull Plate, for the most innovative tree, was shared by Susan Whymark Funeral Service and 1st Dickleburgh Rainbows with Harleston District Girl Guiding.

    The Christmas Tree festival has raised 2,000 for EACH (East Anglia s Children s Hospices) and a donation will also be made to Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Oncology Department, with residual funds being retained by the Benefice of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams. Rowena Roskelly, one of the festival s organisers, said: We have had an excellent week. I would particularly like to thank all the volunteers who helped set up the church and look after visitors throughout the Christmas Tree festival.

    Thanks also go the local organisations and businesses who contributed such a superb collection of decorated trees; many congratulations to all the winners. This has been the last 50 Christmas Trees in a Church at Dickleburgh, although some of the volunteers are thinking about running something different in the church during Advent 2016. For more information about 50 Christmas Trees in a Church , including the full list of winners, see 1 .

    Related References ^ Ctrl+Click or tap to follow the link (

  • 5th dead sperm whale found on beach in UK: 17th for the North Sea ... Dan Kitwood/Getty Images A member of the public poses alongside one of three sperm whales found on a beach near Skegness. A fifth dead whale has been found washed up on the east coast of England, several miles from where four whales were found over the weekend. The whale, thought to be from the same pod as those found at the weekend, was discovered stranded on the beach in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, five miles south of Skegness.

    A member of the public spotted the beached whale on Monday afternoon further down the coast from where three dead sperm whales washed up in the early hours of Sunday. The three whales were from the same pod as one that died on Hunstanton beach in Norfolk. Experts are investigating whether they are linked to 12 sperm whales that have washed up on the Dutch island of Texel and the German islands of Wangerooge and Helgoland since 11 January.

    Where the whales were found A spokeswoman for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency said: "We can confirm there is a fifth whale and it is in Wainfleet. We have informed our receiver of wreck who deals with cases of voluntary salvage wreck material across the UK and the Zoological Society of London." Before the fifth whale was confirmed, Adam Holmes, the RNLI station press officer for Skegness, said he had heard witness reports of a fifth stranded whale but was not in a position to confirm it. He added: "It is under investigation by the coastguard at the moment.

    They've had reports, they've dispatched the crews that work along the coast to check it out and they've just arrived. Thirty seconds before you phoned they've arrived in Wainfleet to see what's going on." James Gilbert, from East Lindsey district council, said he had seen reports on social media of a possible fifth whale late on Sunday night. Meanwhile, anti-nuclear activists have been condemned for spraying graffiti on the three whales washed ashore in Skegness.

    The message "Fukushima RIP - man killed me" was daubed in white paint along the back of one whale, while "CND" was sprayed on the tail of another. James Gilbert, of East Lindsey district council, said it was "very unfortunate" that activists had targeted the dead whales. "It's incredibly sad to graffiti such a beautiful animal," he said. The council has applied for a licence from the Marine Management Organisation to remove the carcasses as soon as postmortem examinations are complete.

    That is not expected to happen before Tuesday. "They have been cordoned off. The very clear message we're giving to people is while we understand people do want to come and have a look because it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please don't touch. We put all the cordons in place first thing Saturday morning but some people do have the enthusiasm to want to touch," Gilbert said.

    He estimated that crowds "in the low thousands" had been drawn to Skegness over the weekend to see the whales. As he spoke, a crowd of around 100 spectators had gathered around the two whales found side by side on the beach as a scientist from the Zoological Society carried out his work. Gilbert added: "It's an educational experience for some people.

    It's just incredibly sad to see such beautiful animals in that space at the same time. "There's no doubt about it - there's an awful lot of people in the resort and quite a few people have come here because of the whales. Skegness, for the past few days - although it's a very sad reason why - has been all over the broadcast media, print media and people have certainly come as a result of hearing and reading about it." The innards of one of the whales spilled out on to the beach when scientists cut into its carcass on Monday morning. Witnesses reported a "huge blast of air" from the body as marine biologists used a probe during initial examinations.

    The release of the gases caused the whale's intestines to spill out from its body on to the beach. Scientists from the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP), who took samples of skin, blubber, teeth and blood from the Hunstanton whale, will examine the Skegness bodies. Scientists from the Zoological Society were on Monday carrying out postmortem examinations on the Skegness whales to find out how they died.

    Sperm whales are deep sea creatures and can easily become disoriented if they get into shallow water.

  • 7

  • 7-year-old girl seriously injured after being attacked by dogs in ... Please enable Javascript to watch this video Chesapeake, Va. - A 7-year-old girl was flown to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Sunday morning after being attacked by two dogs. According to Chesapeake Police, the girl was attacked shortly before 10 a.m. outside a home in the 500 block of Margaret Dr., which is near Blackwater Rd.

    The girl was at the home of family friends with her mother. She was playing outside with the homeowner's two Belgian Malinois dogs when she was attacked, according to police. The girl was was taken to the hospital by Nightingale with serious injuries.

    She has since been transported to Children's Hopsital of the King's Daughters for surgery. The girl's family released the following statement: Through this exceptionally tragic event we see the Lord's miracles and grace! Our daughter is recovering well at Children's Hospital of The King s Daughters.

    The care she received from the emergency medical responders, the crew of the Nightingale, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, and CHKD has been phenomenal! Your continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated! Animal Control officers along with Chesapeake Police are investigating.

    The dogs are currently in the custody of Animal Control officers.

  • 74 Technical Field Officer posts( JMGS-I & MMGS-II ) in Canara ... Recruitment Project-3-/2015-Recruitment of Specialist Officers(JMGS I & MMGS-II) RECRUITMENT PROJECT-3/2015-Recruitment of Specialist Officers Canara Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank requires Specialist officers RECRUITMENT OF SPECIALIST OFFICERS IN JMGS-I & MMGS-II Canara Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank with Head Office in Bangalore and pan India presence with over 5700 branches, invites ON-LINE APPLICATIONS, from the eligible candidates for; Recruitment of Specialist Officers in Junior Management Grade Scale-I No. of Posts-36 & Middle Management Grade Scale-II No. of Posts-38 Eligible candidates are requested to apply ON-LINE through link given in our Bank s website

    No other means / mode of Application will be accepted. Please read this advertisement carefully and ensure your eligibility before paying fees / submitting on-line application. a) A candidate can apply for only one post under this project; b) The process of Registration of application is complete only when fee is deposited with the Bank through On-line mode on or before the last date of fee payment; c) Before applying, candidates are requested to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria for the post as on date of eligibility.

    d) Candidates are advised to check Bank s website for details and updates.

    1. DETAILS OF POSTS & RESERVATIONS: * For relaxation in upper age limit, refer Point No.

    6 The Scale-wise reservations are as under; a) The reservations will be Scale-wise. The number of posts and the reservations provided are provisional and may vary according to actual requirement of the Bank, subject to availability of suitable candidates.

    b) 3% of the total posts are reserved for the Persons with Disabilities candidates. c) As the reservation for PWD candidates are on horizontal basis, the selected candidates will be placed in the appropriate category to which the candidate belongs. d) The above reservation is inclusive of shortfall / backlog reservation.

    e) The selected candidates will be posted anywhere in India, depending on the requirement of the Bank. TWS Score Total Weighted Standard Score; GD Group Discussion; JMGS-I Junior Management Grade Scale I; MMGS-II Middle Management Grade Scale-II;SC-Scheduled Caste; ST-Scheduled Tribe; OBC - Other Backward Class; UR Un Reserved; PWD Persons With Disabilities; HI-Hearing Impaired; OC-Orthopedically Challenged; VC-Visually Challenged; TFO Technical Field Officer; BFSI- Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 2. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA & OTHER DETAILS: All the eligibility (Qualification, age etc.,) shall be computed as on 01.11.2015.

    P OST QUA L I F IC AT I ON W ORK E X P E RI E NCE Mi n imum 60% o r E q u iva l e n t Gr a de i n 4 yea r s B .E . / B . T e c h Degr e e in E l e c t r ical E n gi n ee r i n g or E l e c tric a l & E l e ctronics E n gi n ee r i n g T h e s e r vic e s of t h e T FOs re c ru it e d in t h e Ba n k is b ei n g u ti l i z ed as p e r t h e r eq u i r em e n t in I AD/ P AD / P r emi s es / G e n er al Admi n istration Wi n g / P r i m e C o r porate B r a n c h es et c . H e n c e , d e p ending u pon t h e i r p l a c e of po s ti n g, t h e b r oad j ob p r ofi l e w o u l d be as u n d e r : Co n str u ctio n , I n sp e c tion a n d p e r iodic a l m a i n t e n a n ce of Ba n k o wn e d p r ope r ties, a c q u isition of imm o vab l e p r ope r ties, ac q u isition of l ea s ed p r ope r ties an d a l l i n f r astr u c t u r e w o r ks & p r oc u r em e n ts in t h e r e l ated f i e l d , sc ru ti n i z i n g l ay o u t p l a n s, t e c h n ical s p e c ificatio n s, estimatio n , t e n d er eva l u a t io n , s u p e r vision a n d c e r tification of wo r k s .

    M a i n te n a n ce a n d M o n it o r i n g of B u i l ding E l e c t r ical E q u ipm e n ts, U P S , G ene r a t o r s, asses s i n g / r eviewi n g t h e P ower R e q u i r em e n ts for t h e b u i l d i n gs; Liaiso n i n g with ve n dor s , Gov e rn m e n t Bodies et c. , T e c hn o- e c o n omic fea s ibi l i t y s tu d ies o f I n d u s t r ial P r o j e c ts i n cl u ding I n f r ast r u c t ur al P r o j e c ts, d r aw i n g u p r evival / r e h a bi l it a tion packages o f i n d u stri a l u n its u n d er t h e p ur view of CDR, po s t S an ction m o n i t o r i n g of i n d u stri a l p r o j e c t s d u r i n g im p l e m e n t a tion a n d r eg u l ar o p e r atio n s, l o an Syn d ication a n d As s et S e cu r iti z atio n , D a ta mi n i n g a n d w a r e h o u si n g wi t h r eferen c e to i n d u stri a l p r o j e c ts, h a n d l i n g of c r e d it mat t e r s in B r a n ch es a n d A dministrative U n i t s etc., a n d A n y o t h er wo r k e n t ru s t ed by t h e Bank f r om time to t ime. Ca n didates with exp e r i e n c e in the r e l eva n t fi e l d w i l l be given p r eference Mi n imum 60% o r E q u iva l e n t Gr a de i n 4 yea r s B .E . / B. T e c h Degr e e in Civil or Co n str u ction T e c hn o l ogy & M a n agem e n t Mi n imum 60% o r E q u iva l e n t Gr a de i n 4 yea r s B .E . / B .

    T e c h Degr e e in M e c h a n ical E n gi n ee r i n g P OST QUALIFICA T ION W O R K E X P E R IENCE Mi n imum 60% o r E q u iva l e n t Gr a de i n 4 yea r s B .E . / B. T e c h Degr e e in T e l e c om m un icatio n s / E l e c tr o n ics & Commu n ication E n gi n ee r i n g A va l id CCNP / CCNA c er tification in N etw o r k sw i tc h i n g & R o u t i n g Ce r tification ( Ca n d i dates w i th C C NP wi l l b e given p r e f e r e n c e) M a i n t a i n i n g Netw o r k a n d N etw o r k E q u i pm e n ts; Netw o r k Mo n it o r i n g a n d tr o u bl e - s h ooti n g; Ad d i n g N etw o r k E q u ip m e n t s to Netw o r k; Liaiso n i n g with t e l e c om se r vice p r ovid e r ; E n s u r i n g m a ximum u ptime of the n etw o r k ; Wo r ki n g Know l e d ge in H P O P E N VI E W et c . , a n d A n y o t h er wo r k e n t ru s t ed by t h e Bank f r om time to t ime. Ca n didates with exp e r i e n c e in the r e l eva n t fi e l d w i l l be given p r eference E q u iva l e n t g r a d e in 4 yea r s BE / B .

    T e c h De g r e e in Comp u t er Sc i e n c e / I n fo r mation T e c h n o l ogy / E l e c tr o n ics & Commu n ication E n gi n ee r i n g o r MCA s h o u l d p ossess a va l id OS Ce r tification l ike R e d H at Ce r tified E n gi n eer ( R H C E ) / Mic r osoft Ce r tified S ol u tio n s Associate ( MCSA) or e q u iva l e n t M a i n te n a n c e , M o n it o r i n g a n d M a n agem e n t o f S o ftwa r e and H a r dwa r e; Ap p l yi n g pat ch ; Dri v e a p r o j e c t a ssig n e d; Be a P r o j e c t Ma n ag e r for C BS / Netw o r k e t c., a n d A n y o t h er wo r k e n t ru s t ed by t h e Ba n k f r om time to t ime. M i n imum 2 y ears exp e r ience in B F SI / Govt / R e p u t ed Pr ivate O r g a n isatio n s in t h e r eleva n t fi e l d P OST QUALIFICA T ION W O R K E X P E R IENCE Mi n imum 60% o r E q u iva l e n t g r a d e in 4 yea r s BE / B . T e c h Degr e e in C o m p u t e r Scie n c e / I n fo r mation T e c hn o l ogy / E l e c tr o n ics & Commu n ication E n gi n ee r i n g or MCA Should p ossess a va l id DB Ce r tification l i k e Orac l e Ce r tifi e d Associate ( OCA) or e q u iva l e n t D a t a ba s e A d mi n istration p r efe r a b l y O r acle; M a i n t a i n i n g D a t a ba s e; R ep o r t G e n e r atio n ; R e c tification of p r o b l e ms in databa se ; T r o u b l e Sho o ti n g, P ur gi n g , A r c h ivi n g , Bac k u p , R e - o r ga n i z ation of databa s e; Defi n i n g Or a cle P a r a m et er s etc., a n d A n y o t h er wo r k e n t ru s t ed by t h e Bank f r om time to t ime.

    M i n imum 2 y ears exp e r ience in B F SI / Govt / R e p u t ed Pr ivate O r g a n isatio n s in t h e r eleva n t fi e l d Fi r st C l ass / 60% o r E q u iva l e n t Gr a de i n P ost Gra d u ate D egr e e in E c o n omics with E co n o m et r ics / St a tistics as e l e c tives f r om a r e c og n i z e d Uni v e r sity / I n stitu te . Ca n didates with h ig h er q u a l ification l i k e M . P h i l , P h .D et c .

    wi l l be given p r eferenc e . To t r ack e co n omic d ata at n atio n al a n d r egio n al l ev el s, To t r ack m a r k et, bank i n g se c t o r a n d d ev e l opm e n ts, To t r ack i n t e r est r ate mo v em e n t an d ou t l ook, d eve l o pm e n ts To t r ack p o l icy c h a n ges b y the r eg u l at o r y a n d ot h er s t atuto r y bodies a n d its impact, To c o n d u ct e c o n omic a n d banki n g r e l a t ed s t u die s , To a ssist in fo r mu l ati n g l o n g r a n ge p l a n , b u d g eting a n d b u si n ess strategy et c . A n y o t h er wo r k e n t ru s t ed by t h e Bank f r om time to t ime.

    Mi n imum 2 y ears ex p e r i e n c e in B F SI / Govt / R e p u t ed Pr ivate O r g a n isatio n s in t h e r eleva n t fi l e d . All the educational qualifications mentioned should be from a recognized University / Institution and the result should have been declared on or before 01.11.2015 for computing eligibility, stipulated for each post. Candidate should indicate the percentage obtained in Graduation calculated to the nearest two decimals in the online application.

    Where CGPA / OGPA is awarded, the same should be converted in to percentage and indicate the same in online application, besides indicating the CGPA / OGPA in the on-line application. A copy of the Conversion Formula notified by the University for converting Grades to Percentage, along with equivalent class, has to be submitted at the time of interview. COMPUTER LITERACY: Operating & working knowledge in computer systems shall be an essential qualification, which a candidate must either possess or acquire within 6 months from the date of joining the Bank.

    HINDI KNOWLEDGE: The candidates shall acquire working knowledge of Hindi, if not possessed already, before completion of probationary period. R s .

    2 3 7 0 0 9 80 / 7 3 0 5 6 0 1 1 4 5 / 2 3 2 8 5 0 13 1 0 / 7 4 20 2 0 R s .

    3 1 7 0 5 - 1 14 5 / 1 3 2 85 0 1 3 1 0 /1 0 - 4 5 9 5 0 Dearness Allowance, HRA, CCA, Medical Aid, Reimbursement of Hospitalization expenses, Leave Fare Concession etc. and Perquisites like Conveyance, Quarters, Furniture etc., depending on the place of posting shall be available as per rules.

    Reservations for Persons with Disabilities: Reservation is available for Persons with Disabilities under Section-33 of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights & Full Participation) Act 1995. Orthopaedically Challenged OC All the cases of OC persons are covered under the category of Locomotor Disability or Cerebral Palsy. Locomotor Disability means disability of the bones, joints or muscles leading to substantial restriction of the movement of the limbs or any forms of cerebral palsy.

    Cerebral Palsy means a group of non-progressive conditions of a person characterized by abnormal motor control posture resulting from brain insult or injuries occurring in the pre-natal, peri-natal or infant period of development. Only such persons would be eligible for reservation in services / posts who suffer from not less than 40% of relevant disability. Only those candidates shall be treated as Ex-Servicemen who fulfill the revised definition as laid down in Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms Notification No.36034/5/85/Estt.(SCT) dated 27.10.1986 as amended from time to time.

    Note: The Territorial Army Personnel will be treated as ex-servicemen w.e.f.


    5. NATIONALITY / CITIZENSHIP: A candidate must be either i] a citizen of India or ii] a subject of Nepal or iii] a subject of Bhutan or iv] a Tibetan refugee who came over to India before 01.01.1962 with the intention of permanently settling in India or v] a person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia & Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India provided that a candidate belonging to categories (ii), (iii), (iv) or (v) above shall be a person in whose favour a certificate of eligibility has been issued by the Government of India. A Candidate in whose case a certificate of eligibility is necessary may be admitted to the Group Discussion/interview conducted by the Bank, but on final selection the offer of appointment may be given only after the necessary eligibility certificate issued by the Government of India, is produced.

    6. RELAXATION IN UPPER AGE LIMIT: (i) Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe candidates - by 5 years; (ii) Other Backward Classes candidates - by 3 years; (iii) Persons with Disabilities - by 10 years; (iv) All persons who are ordinarily domiciled in J&K State during 01.01.80 to 31.12.89 - by 5 years; (v) Persons (Children / Family members of those) affected by 1984 riots by 5 years. (vi) Ex-servicemen: Commissioned Officers including those ECOs / SSCOs who have rendered at least 5 years Military service and have been released on completion of assignment on or before the last date of application otherwise than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency or physical disability attributable to Military service or on invalidment by 5 years. a] The relaxation in upper age limit to SC/ST/OBC candidates is allowed on cumulative basis with only one of the remaining categories for which age relaxation is permitted as mentioned above in Point No.

    6 (iii) to 6 (vi). b] Persons eligible for age relaxation under 6 (iv) above must produce the domicile certificate at the time of interview from the District Jurisdiction where he / she had ordinarily resided or any other authority designated in this regard by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir to the effect that the candidate had ordinarily domiciled in the State of J&K during the period from 01.01.80 to 31.12.89. c] Persons eligible for age relaxation under 6 (v) above must produce a certificate from the District Magistrate to the effect that they are eligible for relief in terms of the Rehabilitation Package for 1984 Riot Affected Persons sanctioned by the Government and communicated vide Ministry of Finance, Dept.

    of Financial Services communication No.F.No.9/21/2006-IR dated 27.07.2007. d] An Ex-servicemen who has once joined in a Govt. job on the civil side after availing the benefits given to him as an Ex-servicemen for his re-employment, his Ex-servicemen status for the purpose of re-employment in Government ceases.

    e] There is no reservation for Ex-servicemen in Officer Cadre Posts.

    7. APPLICATION FEE & INTIMATION CHARGES (NON REFUNDABLE): Category Amount of Fees / Intimation Charges SC/ST/PWD Rs.

    100/- Intimation Charges only All Others Rs.

    600/- Including intimation charges PROCEDURE FOR MAKING PAYMENT OF APPLICATION FEE / INTIMATION CHARGES: Kindly ensure the eligibility for the post, before paying the application fees / intimation charges as the same is not refundable. Application fees / intimation charges shall be paid though online mode only.

    Payment of fees/ intimation charges via the ONLINE MODE (i) Candidates should carefully fill in the details in the On-Line Application at the appropriate places very carefully and click on the FINAL SUBMIT button at the end of the On-Line Application format. Before pressing the FINAL SUBMIT button, candidates are advised to verify every field filled in the application. (ii) In case the candidate is unable to fill in the application form in one go, he/ she can save the data already entered. When the data is saved, a provisional registration number and password will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen.

    Candidate should note down the Provisional registration number and password. An Email & SMS indicating the Provisional Registration number and Password will also be sent. They can reopen the saved data using Provisional registration number and password and edit the particulars, if needed.

    This facility will be available for three times only. (iii) Once the application is filled in completely, candidate should submit the data. (iv) The application form is integrated with the payment gateway and the payment process can be completed by following the instructions. (v) The payment can be made by using Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Internet Banking by providing information as asked on the screen. (vi) After Final Submit, an additional page of the application form is displayed wherein candidates may follow the instructions and fill in the requisite details. (vii) If the online transaction has not been successfully completed then candidates are advised to login again with their provisional registration number and password and pay the Application Fees/ Intimation Charges online. (viii) On successful completion of the transaction, an e-receipt will be generated. (ix) Candidates are required to take a printout of the e-receipt and online application form. Please note that if the same cannot be generated online transaction may not have been successful. ' After submitting your payment information in the online application form, please wait for the intimation from the server, DO NOT press Back or Refresh button in order to avoid double charge. ' For Credit Card users: All charges are listed in Indian Rupee. If you use a non-Indian credit card, your bank will convert to your local currency based on prevailing exchange rates. ' To ensure the security of your data, please close the browser window once your transaction is completed.

    After completing the procedure of applying on-line including payment of fees / intimation charges, the candidate should take a printout of the system generated on-line application form, ensure the particulars filled in are accurate and retain it along with Registration Number and Password for future reference. Payment of fee by Demand Draft / Cheque / Money Orders / Postal Orders etc will not be accepted and such applications will be summarily rejected. Candidates are requested to read the contents of the advertisement and ensure their eligibility before applying.

    The eligible candidates are required to apply ON-LINE through bank s website The link for registration of application will be open in our website on the dates indicated at the top of this advertisement. The guidelines for filling on-line application are as follows; All applicants should have a valid personal e-mail ID.

    The registered e-mail id should be kept functional till completion of this recruitment project. All the communications will be sent to the candidates to this e-mail ID only. Candidates are required to visit the Bank s website Careers Recruitment Know More and click on the link Recruitment Project 3/ 2015-Specialist Officers and apply for the concerned post.

    Candidates are required to upload their photograph and signature as per the specifications given in the Guidelines for Scanning and Upload of Photograph and Signature (Annexure I). Candidates while filling their on-line application, the name of the candidate and his / her father / husband etc. should be spelt correctly in the application as it appears in the certificates / mark sheets.

    Any change / alteration found may disqualify the candidature. Candidates should fill all the fields in the on-line application. Candidates are advised to carefully fill in the online application themselves as no change in any of the data filled in the online application will be possible/ entertained.

    Prior to submission of the online application candidates are advised to use the SAVE AND NEXT facility to verify the details in the online application form and modify the same if required. No change is permitted after clicking on FINAL SUBMIT Button. Submission of incorrect / false information in the online application will render the candidature invalid.

    After completion of on-line registration, take system generated print-out of Registered On-line Application. An online application which is incomplete in any respect such as without proper passport size photograph and signature uploaded in the online application form/ unsuccessful fee payment will not be considered as valid. Retain a copy of the final on-line application print out along with Registration Number & Password safely for your records.

    Applicable for all the posts: Candidates need not send Application Print / Documents at this stage. However, if shortlisted for Group Discussion and Interview, at the time of Group Discussion / Interview, candidates will have to submit the print out of application along with other documents / certificates as mentioned below; Print-out of on-line application Print-out of GD and Interview Call Letter Proof of Date of Birth along with proof of certificate for applicable age relaxation, if any Certificates and Mark lists of SSC / SSLC / X Std., 10+2 / PUC / Intermediate, Graduation, Post Graduation etc. Caste Certificate, in case of SC/ST/OBC category candidates & Disability Certificate, in case of PWD candidates Experience Certificate, if any / wherever applicable Any other relevant documents in support of candidature.

    When called for GD and Interview, candidates have to bring the originals of the above documents along with self attested copies of the documents, for verification. Candidates will not be allowed to take up GD and Interview without production of original & copies of the documents as above. The selection shall be by way of Short-listing/Test + Group Discussion + Interview basing on the applications received for individual posts.

    In case the number of candidates are less, the selection will be done through Short-listing, Group Discussion & Interview. Depending upon the number of vacancies, Bank reserves the right to shortlist requisite number of candidates and only those shortlisted candidates will be called for Group Discussion and/or Interview. In case the selection is through on-line test, pattern for examination is mentioned here below: P rof e s s i o n a l Kn ow l e d g e in t he a rea o f sp e ci a l i z a t i o n L a t e s t D ev e l o p m e nt s in B a n k i n g I n d u st ry T o t al ( T o t al We i ghted S co r e) T h e re w i l l be n e g at i v e m a rks f o r w ro n g a n s w ers in Obj e c t i v e T e s t .

    B a nk w i l l d e ci d e t he m i n i m um cut- o ff ma rks f o r e a ch s u bj e ct a s w e l l a s To t a l W e i g h t ed Score TW S . D e p e n d i ng o n t he n u m b er o f v a c a n ci e s, s u ch o f t h o se c a n d i d a t es w ho ra n k s u ff i ci e n t ly h i gh in t he o rder o f m e r it in t he t e s t a s p e r t he cu t - o ff m a rks d e ci d ed by t he B a n k , w i l l o n l y be c a l l ed f o r GD & i n t ervi e w T he t e nt a t i v e t e s t ce nt res a re B a n g a l o re, Ch e n n a i, D e l h i , K o l k a t a a nd M u m b a i. H ow ev e r, B a nk res e rves t he rig h t t o a dd / c a n cel t he ce ntr es a t i t s d i scre t i o n.

    The total marks allotted for Group Discussion and for Interview are 100 each. Candidates have to secure minimum marks as decided by the Bank at each level of selection process and only those candidates will be considered for preparation of final rank lists. The candidates will have to secure the marks as mentioned below in GD, interview & also final marks, to be considered for preparation of final rank lists.

    However, the selection for the post will be based on their position in respective category rank list for that post; The final rank lists shall be prepared on the basis Short-listing/Test + Group Discussion + Interview, with the following weightage; The final selection is on the basis of rank lists drawn based on the total marks calculated as above. The On-line Test, GD and Interview will be held at identified centers. The centre & address of the venue, time & date for Test / Group Discussion and Interview will be informed to the shortlisted candidates through e-mail and candidates have to attend for the same at their own cost.

    Candidates are advised to check Bank s website for details and updates of this project. General (applicable for all the posts): The short-listing or call for Test / GD / interview will be on the basis of the details provided by the candidates in the on-line application. If at any stage of the selection process, the details provided in the on-line applications are found to be false or, if the candidate fails to submit the required documents to prove his/her eligibility at the time of interview, his/her candidature will be summarily rejected and the candidate will not be allowed for GD and interview.

    Request for change of Test/Interview centre will not be entertained. However, the Bank reserves its right to change/add/cancel the date, time, centre, venue of the Group Discussion & Interview and to call the candidates for the Group Discussion & Interview at any other Centre or hold supplementary selection process for particular date / session / venue / centre / set of candidates at its discretion, under unforeseen circumstances, if any. Change of interview schedule, if any, will be announced in our website / by email.

    Mere eligibility / admission to the Test /GD / Interview or, pass in Test /GD / Interview does not imply that the Bank is satisfied beyond doubt about the candidates eligibility and shall not vest any right on a candidate for selection. The Bank would be free to reject the candidature of any candidate at any stage of the recruitment process, if he / she is found to be ineligible and / or furnished incorrect or false information / certificates / documents or has suppressed any material facts; and the fees paid by the ineligible candidates shall be forfeited. If appointed, such a candidate may be summarily removed from the services of the Bank.

    The Bank reserves the right to change the selection procedure / hold supplementary selection process, including conduct of On-line/Written Test, if necessary. The change, if any, shall be intimated to the candidates through our website / email, in advance.

    10. IDENTITY VERIFICATION: While appearing for the Test / GD / Interview, the candidate should produce original and a copy of the photo identity such as PAN Card / Passport / Driving License / Voters Card / Bank Pass Book with Photograph / Photo embossed Credit Card / Aadhaar Card for verification.

    If the identity of the candidate is in doubt, the candidate will not be allowed for Test /GD / Interview. P r ob a ti o n Peri o d (Active s e r v ic e ) The candidates who have been shortlisted as mentioned in Point No.

    9 will only be called for the Group Discussion and Interview and their details and schedule for Group Discussion and Interview will be made available in Bank s website. All the communications viz, download of call letters for Group Discussion / interview etc., will be sent only to the registered e-mail given by the candidate.

    Request for sending to different e-mail ID subsequently will not be entertained. The call letter for Group Discussion and Interview can be downloaded from the Bank s website. Bank will not take responsibility for late receipt / non-receipt of call letter / any communication e-mailed due to technical reasons or whatsoever to the candidate.

    Hence, candidates are requested to keep track of their application status by visiting Bank s website as well as checking of their registered e-mail account from time to time till the subject recruitment process is completed.

    13. ACTION AGAINST CANDIDATES FOUND GUILTY OF MISCONDUCT: Candidates should not furnish any particulars that are false, tampered, fabricated or suppress any material information while registering the application and submitting the certified copies / testimonials. If a candidate is or has been found guilty of using unfair means or impersonating or procuring impersonation by any person at any stage of selection process; or misbehaving in the GD / interview hall or taking away any documents from the venue; or resorting to any other irregular or improper means in connection with his/her candidature for the selection; or obtaining support of his/her candidature by any means, such a candidate may in addition to rendering himself/herself liable to criminal prosecution, shall be liable; (a) To be disqualified from the GD / interview / selection process for which he / she is a candidate (b) To be debarred, either permanently or for a specified period from any examination or selection held by the Bank.

    14. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: a) Candidates have to register on-line through Bank s website only. No other means of applications shall be entertained.

    b) Calling / admission to the Test / Group Discussion / interview is purely provisional without verification of age / qualification / category etc. of the candidates. Mere receipt of call letter for Test / Group Discussion / interview does not imply that the Bank is satisfied about the candidate s eligibility.

    Bank reserves right to reject ineligible candidate s applications at any stage and the fee paid by ineligible candidates shall be forfeited. c) The Application once made will not be allowed to be withdrawn and the fee once paid will not be refunded on any account nor would this fee be held in reserve for future examination / selection. d) Applications which are incomplete in any respect will be rejected and the fee will be forfeited.

    e) Candidates will have to appear for the online Examination and/or Group Discussion and interview at their own expenses. However, Outstation SC/ST/Persons with Disabilities category candidates, called for Group Discussion and interview for JMGS-I posts will be paid Second class to & fro train fare or actual expenses incurred, whichever is less, by shortest route on production of proof of travel. Outstation SC/ST/Persons with Disabilities category candidates, called for Group Discussion and/or interview for MMGS-II posts will be paid First class to & fro train fare or actual expenses incurred, whichever is less, by shortest route on production of proof of travel.

    The above concession will not be admissible to SC/ST/Persons with Disabilities category candidates who are already in service in Central / State Government, Corporations, Public Undertakings/ Local Government, Institutions and Panchayats etc. f) Candidates serving in Government / Public Sector Undertakings (including Banks) should submit No Objection Certificate from their employer at the time of interview, in the absence of which their candidature will not be considered. g) Candidates willing to serve anywhere in India only should apply for the posts advertised.

    h) Decision of the Bank in all matters regarding eligibility of the candidate, the stages at which such scrutiny of eligibility is to be undertaken, the documents to be produced for the purpose of the conduct of GD and interview, selection and any other matter relating to recruitment will be final and binding on the candidate. Further, the Bank reserves right to stall / cancel the recruitment partially / fully at any stage during the recruitment process at its discretion, which will be final and binding on the candidate. i) No correspondence or personal enquires shall be entertained by the Bank.

    j) Bank may, at its discretion, hold re-examination / re-group discussion / re-interview wherever necessary in respect of a centre / venue / specified post or candidate/s. k) The shortlisted candidates are required to submit self attested copies of all the documents pertaining to Age, Qualification, Experience, Caste etc at the time of GD / interview. The originals of all the documents are to be made available for cross verification along with the copies.

    If any candidate is found ineligible while verifying the documents, he / she shall not be allowed to take up GD / interview. l) Candidates belonging to SC / ST / OBC / Persons with Disabilities categories should keep ready an attested copy of Caste / Disability certificate issued by competent authority in the prescribed format as stipulated by Government of India. In case of candidates belonging to OBC category, certificate should specifically contain a clause that the candidate does not belong to creamy layer section excluded from the benefits of reservation for Other Backward Classes in Civil post & services under Government of India.

    OBC caste certificate should not be more than one year old.SC/ST/OBC/PWD certificates should be in prescribed format only. Originals are to be produced for verification. THE COMPETENT AUTHORITY FOR THE ISSUE OF THE CERTIFICATE TO SC / ST / OBC / PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES IS AS UNDER: I) For Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes / Other Backward Classes: (i)District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Commissioner / Additional Deputy Commissioner / Deputy Collector / First Class stipendary Magistrate / City Magistrate / Sub-Divisional Magistrate (not below the rank of First Class stipendary Magistrate) / Taluk Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Commissioner (ii)Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Presidency Magistrate (iii)Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahsildar (iv)Sub-divisional officer of the Area where the candidate and or his family normally resides.

    II) For Persons with Disabilities: Authorised certifying authority will be the Medical Board at the District level consisting of Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Divisional Medical Officer in the District and an Orthopedic / Ophthalmic / ENT Surgeon. III)Prescribed Formats of SC, ST, OBC, PWD certificates can be downloaded from Bank s website. Candidates belonging to these categories are required to produce the certificates strictly in these formats only.

    m) An Ex-serviceman candidate has to produce a copy of the discharge Book/Certificate and documentary proof of rank last / presently held (substantive as well as acting) at the time of interview. n) Appointment of selected candidates is subject to his/her being declared medically fit as per the requirement of the Bank & receiving satisfactory report from referees / police authorities. o) Appointment of selected candidates for the posts are subject to the Service and Conduct Rules of the Bank p) Any resultant dispute arising out of this advertisement shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts situated in Bangalore.

    q) Canvassing in any form will be treated as disqualification. r) The Bank shall not be responsible for an application being rejected which is based on wrong information provided in any advertisement issued by an unauthorized person / institution. s) In case any dispute arises on account of interpretation in versions other than English, English version will prevail.

    t) No candidate is permitted to use Calculator, Mobile Phone or any other instruments in the Test / GD / Interview hall during selection process. Candidates in their own interest are advised to register on-line and submit their applications well in time before the last date for submission, to avoid the possibility of disconnection / inability / failure to log on the Bank s website on account of heavy load on internet / website jam. The Bank does not assume any responsibility for the candidates not being able to submit their applications within the last date on account of the aforesaid reasons or for any other reasons beyond the control of the Bank.

    Place: Bangalore GENERAL MANAGER Guidelines for scanning and Upload of Photograph (4.5cm 3.5cm) & Signature: Before applying online a candidate will be required to have a scanned (digital) image of his/her photograph and signature as per the specifications given below. Photograph must be a recent passport style colour picture. Make sure that the picture is in colour, taken against a light-coloured, preferably white, background.

    Look straight at the camera with a relaxed face If the picture is taken on a sunny day, have the sun behind you, or place yourself in the shade, so that you are not squinting and there are no harsh shadows If you have to use flash, ensure there's no "red-eye" If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be clearly seen. Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable. Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.

    Dimensions 200 x 230 pixels (preferred) Size of file should be between 20kb 50 kb Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 50kb. If the size of the file is more than 50 kb, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no. of colours etc., during the process of scanning.

    The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink pen. The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person. The signature will be used to put on the Call Letter and wherever necessary.

    If the Applicant s signature on the answer script, at the time of the examination, does not match the signature on the Call Letter, the applicant will be disqualified. Dimensions 140 x 60 pixels (preferred) Size of file should be between 10kb 20kb Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 20kb Signature in CAPITAL LETTERS shall NOT be accepted. Scanning the photograph & signature: Set the scanner resolution to a minimum of 200 dpi (dots per inch) Set Color to True Color File Size as specified above Crop the image in the scanner to the edge of the photograph/signature, then use the upload editor to crop the image to the final size (as specified above).

    The image file should be JPG or JPEG format. An example file name is: image01.jpg or image01.jpeg Image dimensions can be checked by listing the folder files or moving the mouse over the file image icon. Candidates using MS Windows/MSOffice can easily obtain photo and signature in .jpeg format not exceeding50kb & 20kb respectively by using MS Paint or MSOffice Picture Manager.

    Scanned photograph and signature in any format can be saved in .jpg format by using Save As option in the File menu and size can be reduced below 50 kb(photograph) & 20 kb(signature) by using crop and then resize option (Please see point (i) & (ii) above for the pixel size) in the Image menu. Similar options are available in other photo editor also. If the file size and format are not as prescribed, an error message will be displayed.

    While filling in the Online Application Form the candidate will be provided with a link to upload his/her photograph and signature. Procedure for Uploading the Photograph and Signature: There will be two separate links for uploading Photograph and Signature Click on the respective link Upload Photograph / Signature Browse and Select the location where the Scanned Photograph / Signature file has been saved. Select the file by clicking on it Click the Open/Upload button Your Online Application will not be registered unless you upload your photograph and signature as specified. (1) In case the face in the photograph or signature is unclear the candidate s application may be rejected.

    After uploading the photograph/ signature in the online application form candidates should check that the images are clear and have been uploaded correctly.

    In case the photograph or signature is not prominently visible, the candidate may edit his/ her application and re-upload his/ her photograph or signature, prior to submitting the form. (2) After registering online candidates are advised to take a printout of their system generated online application forms.

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  • 8 ways of adventure for big kids from VisitEngland ... Published on : Tuesday, October 6, 2015 The hotly-anticipated Pan hits big screens on 12th October, re-telling the charming tale of Peter Pan, the mischievous little boy that wouldn t grow up. And who could blame him the adventures of Peter and his friends include flying all over town, playing follow the leader and meeting mermaids and fairies. Which begs the question: why should kids have all the fun?

    Here VisitEngland looks at the top experiences and attractions for big kids that Never-Never want to grow up. Leap, boing, spring, jump and bounce at world s biggest trampoline park, Airhop Bristol. NEW It might not be flying, but it s pretty close.

    Just this weekend, Airhop opened in Bristol one of the first indoor trampoline parks in the UK. Perfectly kitted out for those who like to bounce visitors can leap like a superhuman in the Basketball Slam Dunk Lanes or jump to their heart s content over 50 interconnected trampolines in the free jump zone, fling yourself into a foam pit as you perfect your aerial stunts or test your skills with a game of trampoline Dodgeball in the 3D dodgeball courts. An hour of jump time costs from 10 per person.

    Get Totally Wiped Out at New Forest Water Park. NEW This summer, the country s first outdoor, floating inflatable aqua park opened in Hampshire, just outside the New Forest. Measuring 40 metres, the park has two trampolines, flippers, slides, hurdles, an overhanging climbing wall, a swing and much more.

    Explore the course, beat the obstacles, race your friends and family and watch them totally wipe out! Sessions are 1 hour long and cost 15 per person. Suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over.

    While at the waterpark, why not also try out wakeboarding, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding? Take on The Drop at the Eden Project, Cornwall Ever fancied yourself a bit of a stunt man? If so, you ll be all over the latest experience to land at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

    Built onto the cliff edge facing the famous Biomes, The Drop is a purpose-built tower featuring a 10-metre Airbag Drop , where you can leap, plunge and stunt jump away to your heart s content. On the other side, prove you have nerves of steel on our heart racing 20-metre Quick Jump . This free-fall simulator is guaranteed to give you that plummeting, adrenalin-pumping feeling!

    Don a tail and swim like a Mermaid in Cornwall Diving company Freedive UK has launched England s first-ever mermaid swimming course. A popular pastime in many tropical resorts already, the course teaches students the art of gliding underwater with a mermaid tail attached. Students can choose between a one-day or three-day course, costing 100 and 400 respectively.

    Zip Wire from pier to shore, Bournemouth The Pier zip line is the first pier to-shore zip wire experience in the world, with a launch post that towers above the sea giving an exhilarating zip surf over the waves to the beach. It is a dual line so you can fly with friends or family. The attraction is part of the new Rock Reef attraction on the pier.

    The zip wire is 245m long, with a tower of 20m high.

    15 per person. Climb the mine, Honister, Lake District Try an underground climbing experience deep inside the 2,126 feet high Fleetwith Pike near Keswick. Following the route of the original mine workings, each guided adventure lasts around 2 hours and will see groups of up to 12 people led deep underground to explore a secret world of hidden passages and magnificent caverns, before emerging to a spectacular view of one of England s highest mountain passes.

    Along the way, you ll cross an underground lake and scale rock-face rungs and Burma bridges before climbing up into the roof of the mine itself. Swashbuckling guaranteed at Wells Pirate Festival Take on Captain Hook at Wells Pirate Festival, an award-winning festival held in Wells-next-the-Sea. This small fishing town on the North Norfolk Coast is transformed each year into a pirate party filled with buccaneers, scallywags and salty sea dogs with pirate activities and events for all.

    For three days the town is filled with activity, from the Pirates Camp on the Buttlands to the Smugglers Cove on the Quay, which hosts boat trips and weapon demonstrations. Find a bargain in the Pirate Market or track down the living characters from history as part of the treasure trail; visit the photography exhibition in the Sackhouse or settle down for some live music around the town with a rum cocktail in one hand and a roasted parrot in the other! Next year s pirate festival will be held 9-11 September 2016.

    For Kids in a Hurry to Grow up For many, the appeal of being a child only kicks in well into our 20s. There are a number of experiences for kids to play grown up too. Recently opened in West London, Kidzania is one of the fastest growing education-entertainment (or edu-tainment) brands.

    Through role playing, children can become pilots, firefighters, police officers in this make-believe world.

    They can turn their hands to almost anything, and will learn essential skills along the way, such as team work, independence, and even financial management!

    Tags: Peter Pan , visitengland 1 2 References ^ Peter Pan ( ^ visitengland (

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  • 9 Of Thailand's Creepiest Attractions (Not For The Faint Hearted ... You re in Thailand. You ve done the temples. Beaches have been ticked off.

    Gorged yourself on all manner of street food. What s next? Friends; it s time to get creeped out .

    Thanks to a crazy combination of rampant local superstition, spirit houses and merit-making everywhere you look, and urban legends and ghost stories by the bucketload, Thailand is an absolute treasure trove of the creepy and freaky. This brilliant Travelog article 1 from a few weeks ago went behind the scenes of the ridiculously macabre Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower in Bangkok if your interest is piqued by what secrets lurk in that abandoned, 49-storey building, why not try the following attractions on for size too. Here are 9 of the creepiest places in Thailand for your delectation and disgust: let us know where else deserves a creepy shout-out!

    White Lion House Chiang Mai The White Lion House or, to give it it s proper name, Jangmuarinnakorn House, holds both a creepy aesthetic and a terrible past. The mansion is imposingly huge and its baroque architecture out of place, flanked by snarling lions and now in serious state of dilapidation. The inside isn t much better; abandoned save a bunch of squatters, chickens and graffiti.

    If the stories are true, they re living alongside ghosts It was built around 20 years ago by a very rich, yet mentally troubled, man and his family, who ignored the inauspicious signs that there was bad Feng Shui on the site. The story goes that the man finally lost his mind one day and hacked his family to bits in a horrendous act of murder. Predictably, the house is considered one of Chiang Mai s most haunted sites and no one has bought it for fear of catching the bad luck lining its walls.

    Luang Pho Daeng Koh Samui By Per Meistrup Luang Pho Daeng was a Thai monk who underwent rare and intense ritual of self-mummification 2 and died while meditating in 1973. His incredibly well-preserved body is held in a glass case at Wat Khunaram temple on Koh Samui. He wears sunglasses so visitors will not be repulsed by his gaping open eye sockets.

    His internal organs are preserved complete, if a little shrunken, thanks to the effects of dehydration. Adding to the creepy effect are the many geckos that lay eggs and hatch inside of his body. Eggs were found in his eye sockets, mouth and beneath his skin during radiography scans.

    He also still has his dentures in. Siriraj Medical Museum, or: Museum of Death Bangkok With a nickname like Museum of Death , you can be assured of resolute creepiness at this fascinating medical museum. It s made up of five smaller museums that explore and exhibit the complexities of different medical specialities, namely pathology, anatomy, anthropology, parasitology and forensics.

    What makes the Museum of Death so creepily intriguing is its incredibly revealing displays of medical oddities: foetuses, siamese twins, children s skeletons, skulls afflicted by hydrocephalus, rickets-riddled skeletons and even the mummified remains of a serial killer. Needless to say, it s not for the faint of heart Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden Chonburi Supposedly depicting the punishments meted out in the Buddhist concept of Hell, Wang Saen Suk is occupied by a number of towering, grotesque figures undergoing torture for the crimes of their bad karma committed during their lives. The Bohemian Blog 3 gives an interesting and informative run-down on how to get to the Hell Garden and the things you can expect to spot in its 136 pits of hell.

    The punishments depicted include humans being transformed into animals, tongue stretching, intestines being eaten by birds, eyes pecked by ravens, severe beatings and incomprehensible violence seemingly at odds with the Buddhist approach to peace and gentility. The hell garden finishes on a positive message, however, showing the rewards for good deeds with its happier depictions of figures enjoying their good karma at the end of the garden. Nightingale-Olympic Department Store Bangkok By Chris Menist for CNNGO 4 Deep in the heart of Chinatown is the Nightingale-Olympic, opened in the 1960s as Bangkok s first department store.

    Despite its doors still being open, it s clear that very little has been altered in the years to now, with the store resembling more of a living museum experience, rather than a mall to rival Siam Paragon. Unsold stock including wooden tennis rackets and rusty musical instruments spill out over the shelves while creepy old mannequins are dressed in the style of yesteryear. Customers are pretty few and far between so there are no modern amenities like air-conditioning, adding to the feeling of being trapped in the past.

    Kamchanod Forest Udon Thani Kamchanod Forest is found on a small island near the village of Wang Tong in Udon Thani province and is the site of a number of myths and legends. The underwater caves beneath the forest are believed to be the home of the giant, mythical Phaya N ga serpent who, according to Buddhist folklore, breathed fire into the sky to assist the Buddha in his heavenly descent. Within the forest is a temple where Thais can make merit to the N ga.

    As well as ancient spirits, modern-day ghosts are also reported to haunt the forest: in 1987 a small film crew were requested by an unknown caller to come the forest to set-up a temporary open air cinema for the night. Late into the early hours, a large crowd appeared peculiar, silent, with the men all in black and the women white. At the close of the entertainment, the crowd left, again without saying a word.

    When the film crew, a little perplexed, left the forest and travelled back to Wang Tong, they questioned the villagers about the strange happenings of the night before: the disbelief of the villagers lead to the development of the urban legend that the film crew had entertained a large group of ghosts. The night s events were recreated for The Screen of Kamchanod movie in 2007. Baan Dam Chiang Rai In total opposition to the nearby heavenly White Temple Wat Rong Khun, is Baan Dam or, Black House.

    The 15 houses of the Baan Dam complex are dark in both physical colour and general aura, decorated as they are with the carcasses of dead animals. An entire elephant skeleton is presented alongside skins, teeth and bones of a variety of creatures, including big cats, buffalo, snakes and crocodiles. Designed by local artist Thawan Duchanee, this artful presentation of death and spectacle is both jarring and voyeuristic a must-see for fans of creep.

    Koh Hingham Satun province Koh Hingham is a tiny, uninhabited island off the coast of Koh Lipe near the Malaysian border that was supposedly cursed by the God of Tarutao. The island is covered in peculiar looking black pebbles and the myth goes that if you take one such stone from Hingham, you will bear the brunt of the curse wreaked by the God of Tarutao. While many people presumably do nab a takeaway from the island, the National Park office receives dozens of the stones posted back to them every year from guilt-ridden thieves.

    Perhaps they wanted to live free of the curse? Corrections Museum Bangkok On the site of a former maximum security jail is the Orwellian-sounding Corrections Museum, which documents the grisly reality of incarceration in the Bangkok past. Photographs and models of the site help conjure the atmosphere of the prison while life-size figures recreate the horrific tortures and executions carried out there particularly in the notorious, windowless Cell Block 9.

    This chamber was the site of prisoners last supper before being executed and exhibits the weapons and instruments of torture used.

    What s your favourite creepy spot in Thailand?

    Comments comments References ^ brilliant Travelog article ( ^ self-mummification ( ^ The Bohemian Blog ( ^ CNNGO (

  • 9/11 Conspirator Admits Saudi Royal Family Funded Al-Qaeda Attacks "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," appears to be the 'do-nothing-stupid' strategy that Washington continues to play in The Middle East. How else to explain the continuing 'close-ally' relationship with Saudi Arabia given that, as Reuters reports, 1 Zacarias Moussaoui - a former al Qaeda operative imprisoned for life for his role in the Sept.

    11, 2001 attacks - has told lawyers for victims of the attacks that members of the Saudi royal family supported the Islamic militant group. Saudi officials were quick to denounce these statements as those of "a deranged criminal whose own lawyers presented evidence that he was mentally incompetent," as he includedsome "extremely famous" Saudi officials as 'donors' during Osama bin Laden's tenure.

    A former al Qaeda operative imprisoned for life for his role in the Sept.

    11, 2001, attacks has told lawyers for victims of the attacks that members of the Saudi royal family supported the Islamic militant group. Zacarias Moussaoui made the statements in testimony filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday by lawyers for attack victims who accuse Saudi Arabia in a suit of providing material support to al Qaeda. He said a list of donors from the late 1990s that he drafted during al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's tenure included some "extremely famous" Saudi officials, including Prince Turki al-Faisal Al Saud, a former Saudi intelligence chief. "Shaykh Osama wanted to keep a record who give money because ...

    who is to be listened to or who contribute to - to the jihad," said Moussaoui, a 46-year-old French native who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in 2005. ... In Washington, the Saudi embassy said on Wednesday that Moussaoui's claims appeared aimed at undermining Saudi-U.S. relations and contradicted findings of the 9/11 Commission in 2004 that there was no evidence of Saudi funding of al Qaeda. "Moussaoui is a deranged criminal whose own lawyers presented evidence that he was mentally incompetent," the Saudi embassy said. "His words have no credibility." The testimony was filed in opposition to Saudi Arabia's latest bid to dismiss lawsuits that began more than a decade ago.

    Moussaoui made his statements in October at the super-maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado, where Moussaoui has been held since being sentenced to life in 2006. He wrote a letter offering to testify. Families of Sept.

    11 victims allege that Saudi Arabia and a government-affiliated charity knowingly provided funding and other material support to al Qaeda that helped it carry out the attacks. ... Most of the 19 attackers were Saudi nationals who hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon near Washington, D.C., and into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers revolted. When Barry Met Sally...

    References ^ Reuters reports, (

  • 9/11 Conspirator Admits Saudi Royal Family Funded Al-Qaeda Attacks "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," appears to be the 'do-nothing-stupid' strategy that Washington continues to play in The Middle East. How else to explain the continuing 'close-ally' relationship with Saudi Arabia given that, as Reuters reports, 1 Zacarias Moussaoui - a former al Qaeda operative imprisoned for life for his role in the Sept.

    11, 2001 attacks - has told lawyers for victims of the attacks that members of the Saudi royal family supported the Islamic militant group. Saudi officials were quick to denounce these statements as those of "a deranged criminal whose own lawyers presented evidence that he was mentally incompetent," as he includedsome "extremely famous" Saudi officials as 'donors' during Osama bin Laden's tenure.

    A former al Qaeda operative imprisoned for life for his role in the Sept.

    11, 2001, attacks has told lawyers for victims of the attacks that members of the Saudi royal family supported the Islamic militant group. Zacarias Moussaoui made the statements in testimony filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday by lawyers for attack victims who accuse Saudi Arabia in a suit of providing material support to al Qaeda. He said a list of donors from the late 1990s that he drafted during al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's tenure included some "extremely famous" Saudi officials, including Prince Turki al-Faisal Al Saud, a former Saudi intelligence chief. "Shaykh Osama wanted to keep a record who give money because ...

    who is to be listened to or who contribute to - to the jihad," said Moussaoui, a 46-year-old French native who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in 2005. ... In Washington, the Saudi embassy said on Wednesday that Moussaoui's claims appeared aimed at undermining Saudi-U.S. relations and contradicted findings of the 9/11 Commission in 2004 that there was no evidence of Saudi funding of al Qaeda. "Moussaoui is a deranged criminal whose own lawyers presented evidence that he was mentally incompetent," the Saudi embassy said. "His words have no credibility." The testimony was filed in opposition to Saudi Arabia's latest bid to dismiss lawsuits that began more than a decade ago.

    Moussaoui made his statements in October at the super-maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado, where Moussaoui has been held since being sentenced to life in 2006. He wrote a letter offering to testify. Families of Sept.

    11 victims allege that Saudi Arabia and a government-affiliated charity knowingly provided funding and other material support to al Qaeda that helped it carry out the attacks. ... Most of the 19 attackers were Saudi nationals who hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon near Washington, D.C., and into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers revolted. When Barry Met Sally...

    References ^ Reuters reports, (

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  • A county divided: is Lancashire ready for its fracking revolution ... R obert Sanderson, a strapping dairy farmer, is standing in his muddy yard. He is in tears. Sanderson s family and his Lancashire farm have, thanks to geological chance, ended up on the frontline of fracking in the UK.

    I ve never wanted to do anything but farm, says Sanderson, part of the third generation of his family to farm near Kirkham. All my young lad dreams about is farming. Last night he said to me, When I grow up I want to have the biggest tractor in the world .

    How can they just take away generations of work? It s not bloody fair. Sanderson is intensely proud of his prize-winning cattle, but fears pollution from planned shale gas exploration nearby will harm his children and poison his 400 acres.

    The issue has also split his family. His mother s sister and her husband own the land near Roseacre on which the fracking company Cuadrilla wants to drill and have agreed to allow the work to take place. When my uncle Harry and aunty Christine bought the farm, I was the first to congratulate them, Sanderson says.

    But I didn t know then what they were going to do with it. I can understand farmers need more money, but this is only short-lived. It s going to ruin the whole farming industry in Lancashire.

    The Fylde, the flat, rich pasture land and villages stretching from Preston and the M6 to the Blackpool 1 coast, is set to host the UK s first full-scale fracking exploration, if Lancashire county council gives planning permission at the end of January. Robert Sanderson is worried about the impact of fracking on his 400 acre dairy farm. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Observer Nationally David Cameron and the government h ave declared they are going all out for fracking 2 , hoping to emulate the shale gas revolution in the US.

    But on the frontline the mood is more equivocal. Fears of the effects on health and plummeting house prices compete with the promise of jobs and money for communities, accompanied by accusations of misinformation and hysteria from both sides. The site owned by Sanderson s uncle and aunt is near Roseacre, and as you wind down the pot-holed lanes towards it, past the huge communication masts of the Royal Navy s Inskip site, placards of opposition appear: Don t frack with Fylde , Health not wealth and What price fracking?

    Clean air? Clean water? At the site, an unspectacular stretch of grassland whose only current features are a black water butt and a dull rumble from the M55, Cuadrilla s head of well development, Eric Vaughan, explains the company s plans for up to four wells, each of which would see dozens of fracking blasts to release gas.

    I am excited we may finally get going again, he says. You have to be optimistic. We have tried to answer every question.

    Hopefully the planning permission will go through, so we can show people what it really looks like. A single frack at Cuadrilla s Preese Hall site on the Fylde in 2011 produced good flow results, says Vaughan, but it also produced two small earthquakes 3 , a government investigation and a false start for the company. Because we had the earthquake, we decided to abandon that well, says Vaughan, who is originally from Kentucky and for the past 30 years has been fracking all over the world, from the US to Thailand to Turkmenistan.

    Fracking at Roseacre, and at a second proposed site at nearby Preston New Road, will be under way by Christmas, if all goes Cuadrilla s way. On Friday, the Environment Agency granted the environmental permits Cuadrilla needs for Preston New Road, and has already said it is minded to grant the permits for Roseacre as well. We are monitoring everything air, water, soil, seismicity, birds, all those good things to show there is not some great bogeyman out there, Vaughan says.

    He thinks talk of severe health problems are crazy: If you really thought that, you should be chained to the door of something. If you look at the actual studies, there really are no health effects. Engineer Mike Hill has met with government officials over his fears for the people living near the proposed fracking sites on the Fylde coastline Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Observer In nearby Lytham St Annes, Mike Hill, one of the most vocal opponents of fracking in Lancashire, vehemently disagrees.

    The health impacts can be severe. It s an extremely messy business and we are going to have the most intensive fracking in the world, says Hill, an electrical engineer who has addressed dozens of public meetings and met government officials. The reason I entered the whole debate was because of my twin boys.

    Now it s taken over my life. I am worried about the safety of my family, the safety of my environment and the safety of our lifestyle here on the Fylde coast. Concern for her five-year-old daughter also spurred Ebony Ava Johnson, a print designer in Lytham, into protest, as part of the Residents Action on Fylde Fracking group.

    We are going by the emerging, peer-reviewed evidence on health, she says. Other countries are pulling back on this, so why are we the guinea pigs in the UK? Fracking bans or moratoriums have been put in place in France, Germany and, most recently, New York state 4 , but shale gas is being exploited in Denmark and the Netherlands, as well as across the US, Canada and Australia.

    Francis Egan, Cuadrilla s chief executive, reacts strongly to the suggestion of health risks. I have had women come up to me with children in community centres in tears, saying to me, How do you live with yourself giving my children cancer? That makes me angry, because it is deliberate scaremongering.

    The conversation rarely focuses on what we are actually applying for in Lancashire, as opposed to what is alleged to have happened in America or Canada or Australia. We recognise that trust is important, but what builds trust? You have to demonstrate some results on the ground.

    While the fracking has yet to produce gas, fracking money has started to trickle into the Fylde 5 , portrayed as bribes by opponents and good corporate practice by Cuadrilla. At the century-old Lowther Pavilion in Lytham, where busloads of children are cheering and booing their way through the pantomime Aladdin , a new bar was opened last February helped by 10,000 from Cuadrilla. Barbara Naylor, on the Friends of Lowther committee that raised the 40,000 total, said she voted against the move but was outnumbered.

    The rest said we don t want fracking but we really want the money. We couldn t have done it without it. We did get a lot of backlash and some people stopped coming, but it has died down now.

    Just down the road, Andy Hiles, chairman of Fylde rugby club, also defends accepting 19,000 from Cuadrilla and its partner Centrica for a year s shirt sponsorship. We are selling them advertising and we charge them exactly the same as we would charge anyone else, he says. Hiles would happily renew the deal, but if in three years time they are digging up half the area and flames are firing from the taps, we d obviously think again, he jokes.

    Cuadrilla have also given 36,000 in prizes for a young engineers competition for schools, hosted by Blackpool and Fylde College. Stay Blackpool president Claire Smith believes that fracking could boost the local economy. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Observer I think Cuadrilla and Centrica are doing a bit of a schmooze job, says Blackpool landlady Claire Smith.

    But if they do it they are bribing people and if they don t they are ignoring us. They can t win. Smith is president of Stay Blackpool, which represents 200 B&Bs and hotels and is also part of North West Energy 6 Task Force, whose administration costs are paid by Cuadrilla and Centrica.

    With every bone in my body I believe shale gas could be a huge opportunity here, says Smith. The recession has been horrendous, including the loss of 2,000 quality public-sector jobs due to government cutbacks. We desperately need something else and by some miracle they discovered shale gas beneath us.

    I am a resident and I am a mother, and of course I am concerned about health risks, but the anti-frackers are absolutely blinkered. There is risk in everything you do. Going out in your car is a risk, but you have to weigh up the risks against the benefits.

    Another task force member, Mike Damms, who is chief executive of the East Lancashire Chambers of Commerce, backs fracking but says: There has been hysteria on both sides of the argument. For example, the number of jobs people say this industry will create has fluctuated wildly. He also says the idea of millions in shale gas revenues flowing to communities remains nebulous and that people living near fracking sites, who might choose to move away if compensated, were not being treated fairly .

    There are people who think it may boost the local economy, but it seems far more likely to damage the reputation of the area, says Paul Harrison, sitting in the smart spa hotel at the centre of the Ribby Hall holiday village he owns in the heart of the shale gas exploration zone. Tourism and leisure do not fit well with fracking, flares and the transportation of waste. Like Harrison, Paul Hayhurst has lived in Elswick all his life, where he is a long-standing independent councillor on the parish council, as well as also holding positions on Lancashire county council and Fylde borough council.

    I don t subscribe to the idea that the Fylde will become a rich place if this goes ahead, he says. Any money will be taken out of the area. Hayhurst is one of the 13 county councillors on the planning committee who will approve or reject Cuadrilla s application and says he remains undecided.

    He admits leading the opposition to a small gas well drilled nearby in 1989: At the time we didn t know what it would do to the area. But it has had no effect at all. But he says what is being proposed now is different and has caused concern among his constituents.

    They don t know how many drilling sites there will be in the Fylde, whether it will industrialise the area. It is clear to Hayhurst that his corner of Lancashire is now in the national spotlight. The county council has been inundated with 25,000 objections to the fracking plans, from the north of Scotland to the Isle of Wight, he says.

    He also feels that the enthusiastic support from the government has loaded the dice in the planning process. There is a concern among local people that the government has decided that it might damage health, might even kill people due to pollution, but has decided to take that risk. Pam Foster, Ebony Ava Johnson and Ian Roberts of the Residents Action on Fylde Fracking group.

    Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Observer Mike Hill points to the deliberately lax regulatory regime for future fracking, which will amount to a collection of existing rules spread across a number of bodies. The government is doing all it can to deregulate for the fracking industry but won t lift a finger to protect the public, he says. You need a financially and technically independent regulator, paid for by a levy on the industry, and you need frequent, random inspections.

    I don t blame Cuadrilla, I blame the government. Ministers are currently pushing through changes to allow fracking under private property without the owners permission 7 . The Fylde MP, Mark Menzies, is, like many of his Conservative colleagues, grappling with the clash between his government s fracking fervour and constituents concerns.

    I am not happy with the status quo, far from it, he says. We need an independent panel of experts, paid by the taxpayer and not in the pay of the companies, and it needs to be done quickly, before the exploitation phase starts. I want a regulatory presence in Fylde on the ground, not just stuck behind a desk in Aberdeen as in the case of the HSE.

    If we can t address these concerns, this is not something I can support. Hill accuses Menzies of coming to the issue late, as a general election looms. He is bloody worried about it all of a sudden.

    He has stolen my clothes, stolen my undies after the election he is going to throw them back at me unwashed. But though the arguments over fracking in the Fylde will continue to rage, large numbers of people remain either uninterested or uninformed. A trawl of five local estate agents in Lytham finds only one who says the prospect of shale gas development has had an impact on the property market.

    We have lost a couple of sales because of fracking, she says, asking not to be named. I wish they would just get on with the fracking and then we d know what we are dealing with. Ian Roberts, a retired civil servant and member of the residents action group, says opposition from local communities is set to explode.

    If the wagons do start rolling in, I think there will be a massive upsurge, he says. But we are not anarchic, professional protesters. I am the chairman of the St Annes on Sea in Bloom committee.

    Cuadrilla chief executive Francis Egan believes that people will be won over to fracking once they see the results. Photograph: PR Egan thinks most people are waiting to see what happens and can be won over. It s up to us, he says.

    If we screw up or do something wrong, it will be under the most enormous scrutiny. Whether or not Lancashire county council grants or rejects Cuadrilla s application, and whether or not any subsequent appeals or legal challenges succeed, fracking has already left its mark on the Fylde. Pat Davies, whose home is close to the proposed site at Preston New Road, says: Lancashire is being used as a test ground and we are the collateral damage.

    Whatever happens, this is now a divided community. There is so much information, lies and misinformation, says Claire Smith. But it s simple.

    Let them get on with it and see if Cuadrilla make good on their promises. If they mess up, that s the end of that. But surely to goodness, with the potential benefits this could bring, we have to find the truth.

    Back on his farm, Sanderson is checking on his calves. To the government and councillors, this is just something that comes across their desk. Theirs is just a job and they can move on, he says.

    We can t roll up all this and move it elsewhere. This is a lifetime s work. I want a ban for ever.

    I want it all to just go away. This article was amended on 21 January 2015 to make clear that 36,000 given by Cuadrilla to Blackpool and The Fylde College was prize money for a young engineers competition for schools. All prize money is given directly to the winning schools.

    The college hosts the competition but receives no cash. An anti-fracking sign at Roseacre, Lancashire. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Observer Cuadrilla s plan for fracking exploration is to build concrete drilling pads measuring 150 metres by 100m at two sites in Lancashire Roseacre and Preston New Road.

    If it wins planning permission in late January, it will drill up to four wells at each pad. The vertical wells will be 10,000ft (3,048m) deep, but between 6,000ft and 7,000ft horizontal drilling will extend a kilometre under the surrounding land to tap into the fat underground shale beds. Every 30m or so along the horizontal wells, water, sand and a lubricant called polyacrylamide will be blasted in at high pressure to fracture the shale and release the gas it contains.

    For the first 60 to 90 days after fracking, the gas flow will be burned off in flares that will light up the night sky while its composition is checked. After that the wells will be plugged into the National Grid. The wells will then be monitored for up to three years to see how quickly the gas flow from the fractured rocks drops off.

    If the flow rate is high enough, Cuadrilla will make further planning applications to go into production. There would be between 40 and 60 wells on each fracking pad during production, the company says. After Lancashire, the next likely British sites for drilling are in Yorkshire, Sussex and Cheshire.

    References ^ Blackpool ( ^ ave declared they are going all out for fracking ( ^ it also produced two small earthquakes ( ^ New York state ( ^ fracking money has started to trickle into the Fylde ( ^ Energy ( ^ to allow fracking under private property without the owners permission (

  • A Glug of Oil: Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond Knife Block and ...Edge of Belgravia is one of the worlds most innovative chef knife brands. Established in Belgravia, London in 2010 and officially launched onto the UK market in 2012, Edge of Belgravia has quickly won acclaim. The company has combined daring avant-gard design with clever marketing to gain global recognition.

    Created by London designer Christian Bird the futuristic concept of this unique floating knife block is reminiscent of the angles of a rough-cut diamond, yet has the style and beauty of contemporary art. The knife block (RRP 99.90) holds up to 11 knives but looks just as good with fewer and is suitable for most knives with a blade thickness of up to 4 mm. Clever use of weighting holds knives securely in place and they are easy to remove too.

    The Precision Knife set (RRP 69.90) includes a Bread knife, Chef's knife, Deba knife (Japanese salmon) knife and Paring knife. All the knives are coated in stainless steel with a non stick blade coating which cuts with ease. Having used these knifes for the past week I can say they are truly the best knives I've ever had.

    I love that they are handy and time saving as I can see exactly which knife I want at a glance and of course the knife block keeps them safe rather than them being kept in a drawer. The knives are razor sharp and comfortable to hold. They are not dishwasher safe.

    More information can be found over at Edge of Belgravia 1 website. Twitter @edgeofbelgravia Giveaway Edge of Belgravia are kindly giving away a Black Diamond Knife Block (RRP 99.90) and the Precision Chef knife Complete Set ( 69.90) to one lucky reader of A Glug of Oil. There is only one way to enter which is via the Rafflecopter widget.

    To see a short video on how easy it is to use Rafflecopter click here. 2 Inappropriate comments will be deleted and entry/entries to the competition removed as will anyone that says they have left a blog post comment but really hasn't! For information on how to find the URL of your tweet click here 3 - Entries that do not show the URL of the Tweet will be removed. Terms and Conditions: Open to UK mainland only and you must be over the age of 18.

    There is 1 prize consisting of a Knife Block and set of precision knives with a total RRP of 169.00 Edge of Belgravia reserve the right to substitute the prize to one of equal or greater value should the need arise. There s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.

    Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. Please note I do check all winning entries!

    The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter and then contacted by email. If you win and then don t respond to this email within 5 days another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner by Edge of Belgravia as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.

    Many thanks to Edge of Belgravia for this prize and my sample knife block and knives.

    References ^ Edge of Belgravia ( ^ here. ( ^ here (

  • A History of How adidas' Influenced Sneaker Culture We re gonna tell you about a few felony cases/It started with the brothers with the fat shoelaces. It s 1985, and Gerald Deas A.K.A. Dr.

    Deas, a medical doctor, poet, playwright, and musician wrote a poem entitled Felon Sneakers warning against the perilous dangers of young men getting too enamored with sneaker culture. If an unlucky brother winds up in jail, warns Deas, his felon sneakers can't get him bail. Rather than serving as the cautionary tale that cajoled young men across America into loafers, the poem sparked a passionate response from one of the most explosive rap groups of the late 80s.

    The following year Run-D.M.C s stone-cold classic, My Adidas would go on to turn the German sportswear brand into an intrinsic part of hip-hop culture. And so, an adidas flag was planted in the rap world. It was all a long way from adidas origins the running shoe that first bore the name in 1949 (always lowercase) and the dreistreifen , a simple aesthetic touch of three parallel lines that would prove to be a masterstroke.

    Way before people were rocking gold rope and shell-toes with no laces, the product of German visionary Adolf Adi Dassler he who hacked off and smashed together his name to create the brand we all know and love today had a reputation for class, craft, and sporting excellence. Athletes everywhere knew where they stood once they got their hands on a pair of adidas kicks. The Superstar itself started off as a low-profile basketball shoe in 1969 and was soon brought to national attention by legendary NBA center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Bringing comfort and stability to basketball players who d been use to the unforgiving structures and no-give soles of previous shoes was a huge step in the right direction. Within a few months three quarters of the NBA were in the shoes, and over the coming years the sneaker would leave the hardwood and hit the sidewalk, eventually gaining the attention of Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason William Mizell. Today we know the members of Hollis, Queens favorite rap group as Rev Run, D.M.C.

    and the late Jam Master Jay. Deciding to dress for the stage the same way they dressed for the streets, Run-D.M.C. s adoption of the shoe and subsequent counter-punch against Deas anti-sneaker ode earned them a sponsorship deal from adidas to the tune of a cool $1 million.

    This was all the impetus needed to push adidas heritage, stripes, and that beautiful threefold logo straight into the face of the mainstream after it had been bubbling under the surface for years.

    1984 s Beverly Hills Cop had brought it close. Eddie Murphy the biggest movie star in the world, the coolest man on the planet did a lot to endear the brand to millions. He repped off-white adidas Country sneakers as Axel Foley in the film.

    The Country is a beauty: a rounded toe, wide instep, premium-leather and suede inserts that gain character and life with every scratch and scrape. It was a European staple, born from a love for games of pick-up soccer and knock-around metropolitan living brought to American eyes, and it stuck. After Murphy and the Run boys made their mark, adidas kept moving like a shark with three-striped gills.

    In the late 80s, the Beastie Boys blew up speakers the world over with their snarky skater shtick and era-defining rap-rock. Wherever they went, Mike D came outfitted in a pair of adidas Campus. In 1991 a not-so-young Ice-T chased a very young Chris Rock across the streets of New York in the now-classic thriller New Jack City .

    Both wore adidas Phantom high-tops, proving the brand could kick it with the modern basketball crowd like the best of em. The difference was that Nikes and Jordans were for show, but adidas was for tell. It wasn t just a trainer, but a lifestyle.

    And nothing defined adidas lifestyle quite like Britain in the 90s. Widely popular rock band Oasis simply was adidas. Whatever you think of them now, it s hard to deny the impact they had.

    Straight up, you know you sing your heart out to Wonderwall, when that joint comes on the radio and you re in the car dolo. In their heyday, before the questionable haircuts and infighting that led to their demise, the brothers had the adidas game on lock. And they were the shining lights of England s North West the band s stronghold.

    If adidas head was at their headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, its heart was in Liverpool and Manchester, England and will probably stay that way forever. And if there s a better marker of Oasis than Noel Gallagher on stage with his cherry-red Les Paul in adidas Gazelle OGs or Liam Gallagher in a baby-blue bucket hat and pair of black Copa Mundials, we have yet to see it. The band and the brand will forever be intertwined.

    Boasting lightweight comfort and easy maneuverability, legendary athletes like Franz Beckenbauer made adidas hard-ground soccer shoes into instant icons of class and control. Favored to this day by soccer players and fans, silhouettes like the Gazelle, the Special, the Copa Mundial, and yes the Beckenbauer Allround all pay homage to the Samba and the original designs that made adidas the go-to soccer brand for the past 60 years. In the 15 years since, adidas retained a stranglehold on music with notable collaborations from Snoop Dogg, Ciara, and a whole bunch more but as soon as 2013 hit, they jammed their foot on the gas.

    A$AP Rocky s piggyback on the winged Jeremy Scott x adidas collab proved that the brand had its finger on the luxe pulse, while Pharrell Williams took one of their most faithful silhouettes into the stratosphere. The Stan Smith 1 is far and away adidas best selling shoe. Originally named the adidas Robert Haillet after the French tennis player, you guessed it, Robert Haillet.

    When he retired from tennis adidas looked for the next superstar to represent the shoe. Donald Dell, an American tennis manager at the time suggested Stan Smith and the rest is history. Interestingly enough the green foam padding came about in order to protect athletes Achilles tendons.

    After slipping out of view for a few years, the classic white-and-green colorway came back with a vengeance in the last few years before Pharrell introduced more unique Pantone colorways than any one man could ever wear. His 2015 collab went bananas, bringing an underrated and under-appreciated tennis shoe that s barely changed since the 60s to every sidewalk and street in America. That s major.

    And then there s Kanye West. Where even to begin with the only rockstar left on this planet? After a heavy breakup with Nike, Kanye teamed up with Germany s finest.

    If people doubted his design credibility, his adidas collection did away with any questions. The pinnacle of the partnership happened with the killer outing of the beige Yeezy Boosts at August s VMA Awards a shoe so beautiful it has hypebeasts from Merseyside, England to Hong Kong putting their cars on sale. The white-on-white YBs he wore at Houston Rockets guard James Harden s birthday party officially made his work standout, while also staying perfectly Kanye.

    What more could you want?

    The 350s for the fashion-dads and the YBs for the kids Kanye West has cemented his place in the pantheon of adidas history, already.

    References ^ Stan Smith (

  • A most colonial strategy: Saving Muslim women, demonizing Muslim ... Like this article? rabble is reader-supported journalism. Chip in 1 to keep stories like these coming.

    For those familiar with colonial history, the current Canadian government's niqab-stripping mania bears disturbing resemblance to the officially imperial past. French colonial administrators were obsessed with freeing Algerian women from their supposedly oppressive clothing, staging de-veiling ceremonies to initiate Muslim women into liberation. "One of the women later recalled how she had cried when she was forced to put on a red and blue robe for the mass spectacle," writes Susanne Kaiser 2 . Lord Cromer, who administered British colonialism in Egypt, cited the imperative of saving Egyptian women from their head scarves 3 to rationalize British rule.

    This commitment to Egyptian women's liberation was uneven and superficial, little more than hijab-deep, for he simultaneously opposed women's education projects in the territory. And his emancipatory impulses certainly did not extend to the women of his home country: Lord Cromer was a founder and President of the Men's League for Opposing Women's Suffrage in England. Colonialism sustained itself with the salvific mythology of " white men saving brown women from brown men. 4 " Brown men were the villains in this drama, tyrannical rulers of a cruel and barbaric patriarchy. (Unlike the more enlightened, benevolent modes of patriarchy prevalent in the colonial metropoles themselves.) The misogynistic Brown man and oppressed Brown woman were central figures in colonialism's morality play, necessitating the mission to civilize both characters.

    Lord Cromer's contemporary counterparts at 24 Sussex similarly instrumentalize Muslim women's rights in the service of projects of domination. What Professor Sherene Razack has dubbed 5 "the eternal triangle of the imperilled Muslim woman, the 'dangerous' Muslim man, and the civilized European" stabilizes the post-9/11 "clash of civilizations" narrative. The stereotype of Muslim men as abusers of women and children at home, and terrorists in the world at large, justifies domestic securitization and international militarization.

    The characterization of the niqab as a " medieval tribal custom 6 " demonizes the Muslim men thought to impose such a custom on women -- as does the legislative representation of Muslim men as practitioners of "barbaric cultural practices" such as "honour killing," forced marriage, and polygamy (soon to be reportable by tip-line by the non-barbaric segments of Canadian society). The furor over niqabs and barbarisms is not simply a "distraction" from "real problems," but a "real problem" in its own right: crude fuel for the Islamophobic fires powering the counterterrorism-industrial complex. Images of "honour killings" in Canada and sex slaves in ISIS-held territory fuse into a phantasmagoria of violent Muslim masculinity.

    Tail them, surveil them, harass them, entrap them, stigmatize them, denationalize them -- and bomb ISIS! After all, as our current prime minister recently informed us 7 , "The threat we face today is not CSIS, it is ISIS." (But why do we have to choose?) The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act , Bill C-24, the Anti-Terrorism Act, Bill C-51, the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and the recurrent federal and provincial efforts to ban niqabs -- all work together to buttress "the eternal triangle of the imperilled Muslim woman, the 'dangerous' Muslim man, and the civilized European." But the national security state is not an agent for women's liberation. Amar Wala's documentary The Secret Trial 5 8 , for instance, powerfully depicts the corrosive effects of security certificates on the families of men held under them.

    Sophie Harkat, the wife of security certificate detainee Mohamed Harkat, was denied her husband's companionship for four years while he was imprisoned, held without trial on the strength of secret evidence. She was subsequently required to act as her husband's virtual jailer when he was placed under extremely restrictive house arrest -- even forced to accompany him when he used public bathrooms. Mohamed Harkat now faces deportation 9 to Algeria, to the possibility of torture.

    In the words of Sophie Harkat 10 : "Imagine the constant sound of a walkie talkie following you. Imagine having no more personal space or private life. Imagine your home being raided by 16 CBSA officers and three sniffing dogs a few days before your hearing only to be left without explanation." Women suffer when men they love are vilified, dehumanized, hounded by security agents, indefinitely detained, tortured: hardly a strategy for ameliorating gendered oppression.

    Neither, for that matter, is denying women their citizenship. The resistance of women like Zunera Ishaq, Sophie Harkat, Monia Mazigh, and so many others reminds us that liberation does not lie in the neo-colonial gender politics of the "war on terror." History should teach us to be wary of Lord Cromers, whether clothed in the pith helmet 11 of a British colonialist or the helmet hair 12 of a purportedly democratic Canadian prime minister. Azeezah Kanji is a graduate of University of Toronto's Faculty of Law, and an LLM candidate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

    References ^ Chip in ( ^ writes Susanne Kaiser ( ^ cited the imperative of saving Egyptian women from their head scarves ( ^ white men saving brown women from brown men. ( ^ Professor Sherene Razack has dubbed ( ^ medieval tribal custom ( ^ recently informed us ( ^ The Secret Trial 5 ( ^ Mohamed Harkat now faces deportation ( ^ In the words of Sophie Harkat ( ^ pith helmet ( ^ helmet hair (

  • A Music of Grief, Classical Music and The First World War ... - IceniPost This year s Wymondham Music Festival music lecture by Dr Kate Kennedy is A Music of Grief, Classical Music and The First World War .

    The lecture is free to attend and starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 June, at Fairland Church Centre.

    The event is supported by Rotary Club of Wymondham and Fairland United Reformed Church.

  • A Sandringham - Charles et Camilla surpris par un aigle Charles et Camilla surpris par un aigle Le prince Charles 1 et sa compagne Camilla, duchesse de Cornouailles, taient les invit s d honneur de la 134e exposition de fleurs de Sandringham, pr s de King s Lynn, dans le comt de Norfolk. Lors de cette visite, ils ont pu parler aux habitants, aux visiteurs, mais surtout rencontrer Zephyr, un aigle royal, mascotte de la RAF, l arm e de l air britannique. D s que l h ritier du tr ne et Camilla ont essay de s approcher, disant un simple bonjour l animal, Zephyr a tent de s envoler.

    L envergure de l aigle tait immense. Le prince et la duchesse n ont pas eu d autre choix que de reculer A lire : Le premier palais du prince George 2 Il y a quatre ans, le m me Zephyr n avait d j pas appr ci la compagnie du prince. L oiseau de pr s de 5 kilos avait refus que le futur roi l approche 3 .

    Apr s l incident de mercredi, Charles s en est souvenu. Humour britannique oblige, il a pr f r en rire ! Le couple a termin sa visite en achetant des souvenirs pour leurs petits-enfants.

    Brady Jonathan/PA Photos/ABACA Le mercredi 29 juillet 2015 l Mise jour le mercredi 29 juillet 2015 References ^ prince Charles ( ^ Le premier palais du prince George ( ^ avait refus que le futur roi l approche (

  • A Spa Treat: Relax and be pampered in Barnham Broom's luxury ... Relax and be pampered in Barnham Broom s luxury Spa Leave the world outside and enjoy some wonderful treatments in Barnham Broom s luxury spa. The spa is open to everyone, so whether you live nearby, staying in the hotel or visiting the area, indulge yourself for a few hours of relaxation. The wonderful range of holistic massage and beauty treatments will leave you feeling radiant and refreshed.

    Barnham Broom offer an extensive range of facials, massages, body wraps, hand and nail treatments, tanning and make up applications, as well as some wonderful holistic treatments to soothe body and mind such as Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candles. The team of spa therapists are highly qualified and have years of experience, so you know you re in good hands. Before commencing any treatment they ll talk to you about what you re looking for and they ll tailor their approach to ensure the perfect treatment for you.

    The Spa at Barnham Broom is a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. With five spacious treatment suites, each with their own private shower facilities that are finished to an impeccably high standard. Making sure they provide the best spa treatments also means using the highest quality spa products.

    They ve selected ranges from ESPA, St Tropez, Mii and Jessica to use for all treatments for their unsurpassed luxury and fantastic results. With a range of spa packages available for day and overnight spa breaks, The Spa at Barnham Broom is perfect for a relaxing break, a special occasion or a gift for a loved one. Call The Spa direct on 01603 757545 to book your appointment.

    We are situated at the Barnham Broom Hotel, Honingham Road, Norwich NR9 4DD Treat yourself to a Spa Break: 1 Treat yourself to a Day Spa: 2 Treat yourself to some me-time: 3 Check out our monthly special offers: 4 Barnham Broom Luxury Spa Related References ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ (

  • A talk by textile artist Polly Binns 2nd Feb 2016 The Norfolk Contemporary Craft Society is pleased to announce another lecture celebrating the Francis Cheetham Legacy A talk by textile artist Polly Binns Personal Perspectives 7pm on Tuesday 2 nd February 2016 At Norwich and Norfolk Community Arts Martineau Memorial Hall, 21 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BN 1 Tickets on the door 5 3 to NCCS Members and Friends A glass of wine or soft drink included 2 Textile artist, Polly Binns, considers why and how we become the artists we are.

    Polly talks about her work inspired by the tidal landscape of North Norfolk in relation to her artist family background and career in HE education and arts advisory work.

    advert Bars4U licensed bar services Related References ^ ( ^ (

  • “A taser is not a toy” say police as 14-year-old arrested over injury to ... To embed this post, copy the code below on your site 600px wide 400px wide 300px wide
  • A WEEKEND OF VARIED EMOTIONS A WEEKEND OF VARIED EMOTIONS Last weekend was a mixture of frustration (to put it mildly in one case), disappointment, encouragement and excitement for our teams as summarised below. Ladies 1sts . The team laboured to a deserved 4-1 win at a cold Weybread over bottom-placed Ipswich.

    Emma Lee-Smith put them ahead in the first half only for a lively Ipswich to equalise after the break. The game was then transformed when seemingly out of the blue Abby Gooderham fired home one of the goals of the season with a superb reverse stick shot from the edge of the circle. Susan Wessels then converted a penalty corner before Abby set up Susan for a simple tap-in after another piece of individual skill.

    With time running out Abby seemed destined for a deserved second goal only for the umpire to blow for the end of the game with the ball about to roll into the unguarded goal! The team remains in fourth place and this coming Saturday is away to Maidenhead (1.30). Ladies 2nds.

    There was further frustration for the team when they conceded two early goals away to St Albans 2nds following decisions which on another day might have gone in their favour. But they went on to battle hard combined with some excellent hockey and they got a deserved late goal when Kara Kilbourn deflected home at a penalty corner. With this 2-1 defeat the team need to win at least two of their last three games (starting at home this Saturday against Maidstone (2.00) to have any chance of avoiding relegation.

    Ladies 3rds . After their 6-0 away win over Pelicans 2nds (with goals by Sarah Legg 2, Millie Preece 2, Katie Ogden and Mia King) and the draw for the 4ths the team now lead their league by three points from the 4ths who have a game in hand. Katie Woollatt was MOTM.

    This Saturday Lucy Field and her team are at home after four successive away games when they host third-placed UEA 2nds (3.30). Ladies 4ths . After five wins on the trot the team had to be content with a 1-1 home draw against a gritty Norwich City 2nds.

    Laura Tibbenham put them ahead in the first half after considerable City pressure and City hit back with a scrappy goal after the break for a deserved equaliser. Despite these two dropped points Treacle Griffin and her team can still win the league but they have a tricky away game with fourth placed Norwich Dragons 3rds (11.30) this Saturday who drew last weekend after coming up against the resolute defence of lowly Evergreens. END OF SEASON SENIOR AWARDS EVENING including Buffet & Disco SATURDAY 19 MARCH, APOLLO CLUB, HARLESTON Arrive 7.30pm Awards 8.00pm Taxis 12.00am.

    Dress: Smart Tickets (which must be purchased in advance) are 20.00 and are available from clubhouse bar or from Jackie and Kevin Ridley 01379 854697 or 07815 199803. Please come to help make this evening both enjoyable and successful. Ladies 5ths .

    Two weeks ago in a re-arranged away game the team went down 6-3 to Watton 2nds but they were determined there would be no repeat at home and they ran out comfortable 4-0 winners. Imi Meynell-Anderson and Alice Evans-Hendrick put them 2-0 up at half time and skipper Jose Tibbenham made the game save with a couple later in the game. Fourth place is still attainable by the team but they will need to keep winning including at home to UEA 3rds on Saturday (10.15).

    Ladies 6ths . It was good to see the team earn a deserved point at home in a 2-2 draw with Evergreens 2nds. Ellie Fawkner gave them a first half lead and after Evergreens fought back to take the lead Ellie popped up with the equaliser with five minutes to go in an end to end match.

    This Saturday they are away to Norwich Dragons 6ths (3.15). Ladies 7ths . With a scheduled 5.30 start away to Norwich City 7ths the team knew they were in for a late finish.

    In the event with a delayed start they eventually came off the pitch at 7.20! After starting with ten players they lost Jane Collins through injury. Nevertheless they put up in a strong performance eventually losing 3-0.

    This week they are at home to Pelicans 3rds (12.15). Girls Development . Manager Sandra Elliner was obliged to select a very young side to play Pelicans with several players unavailable as they were playing the next day and with four playing for the 6ths.

    After a good game Pelicans came out on top winning 2-0. This Saturday the team is away to Yarmouth (10.00) whom they beat 5-0 in the middle of December. Men s 1sts.

    They just had to win their home match on Sunday with Teddington to keep alive their very slim national league survival hopes but it wasn t to be sadly as they went down 5-3. Myles King (with his first national league goal) and Ben Wright (with a penalty stroke conversion) had given the team the boost of a two-goal lead. Teddington hit back just before the interval and the game was transformed early in the second half with Teddington scoring three times in four minutes.

    Myles then scored again to give Magpies some hope but seeking an equaliser Magpies were caught on the break and the visitors, for whom it was good see out-on-loan Carl Sitch playing against his brother Leigh, scored again to win 5-3. This Sunday the team play their last home game of the season when they host Cambridge City at the changed time of 12 noon. Men s 2nds .

    Skipper Lawrence Baynes and his team were looking to build on their fine away win over Spalding when they took on fellow-strugglers Cambridge Univ 2nds at Weybread. It was soon clear they were in for a tough game and it was good to see Sam Moore and Richard Ling playing for Magpies for whom Thomas Ridley was in sparkling form. After a keen struggle the game seemed to be heading for a goalless draw but the students struck with five minutes to go.

    This spurred Magpies on even further and Thomas gave them a deserved equaliser. While now off the bottom of the league Magpies will need to win at least two of their last four games to avoid relegation starting hopefully away to Felixstowe on Saturday (2.00). Men s 3rds .

    The team knew they were in for a tough game against league leaders IES 2nds despite beating them at home 5-1 earlier in the season. They conceded two sloppy goals early in the game and after getting to half time without further damage they let in another soon after.

    3-0 down soon came 4-0 but third-placed Magpies hit back with late goals by Jake Sewell and skipper Matt Brand to lose 4-2. With three games left promotion is still a possibility for Magpies but they will need to beat Norwich City 4ths at home on Saturday (1.45) to have a realistic chance.

    END OF SEASON SENIOR AWARDS EVENING including Buffet & Disco please see above Men s 4ths . After their fine win over IES 3rds the previous week the team took a big step to avoiding relegation when they beat IES 4ths 1-0 away to move up to 5th place in their league. Their goal came in the last minute through Ali Williamson with his first for the club in thirteen years after he beat three players in the circle.

    What a goal! But they are still not completely safe although a win on Saturday at home to North Norfolk 2nds (12.00) would do the trick. Men s 5ths .

    They were up against league leaders Bury St Edmunds 4ths in the last game at Weybread by which time I have to confess I had sought the warmth of the clubhouse and with it an excellent meal thanks to the Ladies 1sts. Andy Caston twice brought his team level before Bury pulled away to lead 5-2. Lewis Belsey then scored to make the final score a respectable 5-3.

    On Saturday they are away to Thetford Town (2.30) who like them are in mid-table comfort. Men s 6ths . Eric Davy s team continues to amaze!

    Their 2-1 home win over Norwich Dragons 5ths was their seventh in their last eight games with the other ending in a draw. They were a goal down at half time before Eric got the equaliser (although this was incorrectly challenged in the clubhouse by jealous team-mates!) after Jon Wells had created the penalty corner. With seven minutes to go and with an appreciative roar from the spectators Richard Chopper Allcock fired home the winner after a shot from Roger Kent had come back off a post.

    The prospect of promotion for the team remains a concern (!) but they have three demanding games remaining including away to Norfolk Nomads on Saturday (2.30). Boys Development . While father Andy was scoring a brace for the 5ths sons Tom and Jake Caston were scoring the four goals by which the Dev team won 4-0 away to Pelicans.

    Tom went one better than his father scoring three times while Jake had to be content with one. The team, which does not have a game this week, is now back on the top of their league two points ahead of Norwich Dragons (having played a game more) who they play away on Saturday week. Mixed.

    The team is at home to Norwich City on Sunday (2.00) in the 3rd round of the EH Trophy. U18 Girls. The team had the frustration of their mini-bus breaking down on their long trip to play Neston South Wirral on Sunday in the quarter-finals of the EH Plate.

    They then had the further frustration of losing 1-0 through a late goal. But to their credit they honoured the fixture. U16 Girls.

    Frustration mixed with bewilderment (and something stronger) must have be the emotions of the team and their supporters when after beating Cambridge City 2-1 and drawing 1-1 with hosts Leicester in the regional finals their game against Worcester was called off with ten minutes to go when they were leading 8-0 (with Abby Gooderham scoring a remarkable seven goals). The reason being that it says in the rules no team may lose by more than eight goals. This meant our team lost out to Leicester on goal difference of two after Leicester had surprisingly beaten a strong looking Cambridge City 8-0.

    U16 Boys. They had drama of their own at the regional finals in Canterbury drawing 3-3 with Teddington after being three up with six minutes to play. They then came from two down to draw 2-2 with Old Loughtonians before losing 3-1 to Canterbury.

    U14 Girls. They missed out on reaching their regional final when they lost 3-2 away to Norwich City. They recovered from 3-0 down with goals by Grace Collison and Georgie Cantrell and were pressing for the equaliser at the final whistle.

    U14 Boys. The team is through to the Midlands regional final on goal difference after Norwich Dragons beat Bury St Edmunds 3-1 on Sunday. U10/U12 Boys and Girls.

    Congratulations to our four A teams who have qualified for the East Finals to be held at Weybread over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 16/17 April after their exciting successes in the Norfolk Championships at Pelicans HC on Sunday. The U10 Girls finished as champions while the other teams came second. This coming Sunday they will be joined by our B teams, who had their own event at Weybread, when they all compete in the Norwich Dragons Minis.

    Finally, a remarkable record at Weybread last Saturday when on the sand-based pitch there was a member of the Davy family playing in all four games for Magpies, namely Louise (10.45 for the 5ths), Katie (12.15 for the Development), father Eric (1.45 for the 6ths) and Louise and Julie and mother Marie (3.15 for the 6ths). Best of luck to all our teams this weekend. Please see the website for the full list of fixtures.

    With kind regards Mike Denham 1/3/16 web site hosted and managed by 1 2 advert Barnham Broom Winter Golf Offers Related References ^ ( ^ (

  • A47 Acle Straight closed in both directions after two-vehicle crash ... Police were called shortly after 8pm to the Acle Straight. Tom Bristow 1 Wednesday, January 9, 2013 8:51 PM The Acle Straight is closed in both directions tonight following a crash. To send a link to this page to a friend, you must be logged in.

    Cars are being diverted via the A1064 after a Ford Transit and Renault Scenic crashed at 8.10pm. Police were called to the crash scene on the A47, around five miles out of Great Yarmouth, to divert traffic. No-one was injured.

    References ^ Tom Bristow (

  • Aberdeenshire Council 'Bugs Bun-acle' makes Easter debut 2nd April 2015 Some weird and wonderful sea creatures have been on show at Macduff Marine Aquarium over the years, but this Easter sees possibly the strangest looking beast making an appearance in the aquarium s displays. A few weeks ago, staff from the aquarium were asked to identify a sea animal that had been scraped off the bottom of a fishing boat that was in for cleaning one of the Macduff Shipyard painters brought the strange critter along to the aquarium wrapped in paper, mystified as to what it could be. It looked like something that could be the star of an alien movie.

    At about 5cm long, it had a long rubbery stalk supporting a rounded body, with two odd looking protrusions. Although no-one on the aquarium team had ever seen one before, they quickly identified it as a rabbit-eared barnacle ( Choncoderma auritum ), and similar to the more common goose barnacle that is often found attached to ships, buoys or logs floating out at sea. Although presumed dead when it was brought to the aquarium, the staff put the barnacle in seawater and were delighted to see it was still alive.

    Time-lapse photography showed it feeding on plankton and well deserving of its name. The protrusions look very like bunny ears, supporting the barnacle s body in the water column as it sweeps for plankton with feathery legs reminiscent of Bugs Bunny s teeth! After several weeks of feeding well in the aquarium s quarantine tank, Bugs Bun-acle has now been put out on show to the public.

    There are not many records of this kind of goose barnacle in the North Sea although they are pretty cosmopolitan, living attached to whales and ships and hitching a ride around the world s oceans. "They have an interesting sex life too like other barnacles they are both male and female at the same time!

    Says Chris Rowe, Aquarium Displays Officer, Bugs is a very funny looking animal when you watch him he doesn t seem to do much but hang in the water, but time-lapse video of him shows clearly how he moves on his bendy stalk to find food. "We had to think carefully about which tank to display him in, since he would normally enjoy life on the open ocean. "We eventually have put him in the muddy seafloor display, which has no fish to nibble his legs, and we hope he settles in to his new home.

    Contact Us For more information on any press-related matter please email 1 References ^ (

  • Abnormal load 10 December 2013 Police would like to make the public aware of three abnormal loads travelling through the county today. Two large loads will be escorted from the A47 Acle to Bacton Gas terminal between 9.30am and 12pm today. Due to flood damage to the B1159 at Walcott, the loads will follow the A1064, B1152, A149 to North Walsham, B1145, Lyngate Road, Mundesley Road , Crow Road, Bacton Road, North Walsham Road to site.

    A third load will be escorted from Rackheath and onwards to Great Yarmouth, delayed from yesterday due to the height of the load and trees on route having to be trimmed before it can pass.

    The route as follows : Salhouse Road, Norwich Road, B1140, Panxworth Road, The Street, Acle Road, South Walsham Road, Bridewell Lane, Old Road, A1064, A47, A149, Hall Quay to site.

  • About one month to go for businesses to enter Spirit of Enterprise ... BUSINESSES have just over one month left to enter a prestigious annual awards scheme which aims to celebrate and raise the profile of successful businesses across the Great Yarmouth borough. The Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2015 is organised by enterpriseGY, Great Yarmouth Borough Council s business support service, and is a chance for top-performing businesses of all sizes, sectors and ages to step into the spotlight. Interest in the prestigious awards scheme has been growing since entries opened on Tuesday, June 23.

    Businesses have until 4pm on Friday, September 11 to put themselves forward in the various categories. It is free-of-charge to enter and finalists will be profiled in a supplement in the Great Yarmouth Mercury, with winners appearing in a further supplement. The winner of each category, plus the winner of the overall 2015 Business of the Year Award, will be revealed at a glittering awards ceremony, at the Town Hall on Friday, November 20.

    For the first time, applications can be filled out and submitted online at 1 via a new online entry system, which makes it quicker and easier for businesses to enter multiple categories. There is also a new category for 2015, Great Family Owned Business. Each award is backed by a local organisation.

    Sponsors choose the winner in their category from three finalists shortlisted by a local independent panel or the category sponsor themselves, and also benefit from publicity at the ceremony and in the newspaper supplements. The main sponsor is local chartered accountants, Lovewell Blake LLP, which will choose the 2015 Business of the Year from the winners of the other categories. The categories are: Business of the Year sponsored by Lovewell Blake LLP Great Manufacturing/Engineering Business sponsored by Great Yarmouth College Great New Business sponsored by Itron Great International Growth sponsored by GYB Services Ltd Great Investment in Young People sponsored by Subsea Technology and Rentals Great Business Growth sponsored by the Great Yarmouth Mercury Great Business Idea sponsor TBC Great Community Contribution sponsor TBC Great Customer Service sponsored by Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area Great Family Owned Business Birketts Cllr Graham Plant, the council leader, said: The awards scheme, now in its eighth year, has grown in stature year-on-year and is a fantastic showcase of businesses of all sizes, sectors and ages from across the borough, and of the strength of the local economy.

    There is now just over one month left for the many successful businesses across the borough to take up this fantastic opportunity to showcase themselves on a very public platform. Several entries have already come in and the new online application system makes it quicker and easier than ever before to enter multiple categories. We always have great feedback from both the entrants and sponsors, with last year s awards ceremony considered the best yet.

    So if you think you could win a category or even be crowned the 2015 Business of the Year, make sure you submit the entry form by Friday, September 11. Businesses and potential sponsors seeking more information can visit 2 or call Sally Pearson, enterpriseGY programme development officer, on 01493 846632. Notes: The Spirit of Enterprise Awards is the centrepiece of a two-year programme of enhanced activities by enterpriseGY, supported by the Coastal Communities Fund, which aims to create and safeguard more than 260 jobs, address seasonality and raise the perception of Great Yarmouth to that of the Enterprise Town for Business Growth and Job Creation .

    enterpriseGY, based in the Novus Centre, at The Conge, Great Yarmouth, is a joint borough council- and CCF-funded programme for businesses in Great Yarmouth offering business support, business advice and training for start-up businesses and existing businesses. The Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) aims to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by awarding funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs. Since the start of the CCF in 2012, grants have been awarded to 145 organisations across the UK to the value of 71million.

    This funding is forecast to deliver 9,184 jobs and help attract around 115million of additional funds to coastal areas.

    The Big Lottery Fund is delivering the CCF on behalf of UK Government and the Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    advert Monarch Catering Services, Norfolk, Suffolk Related References ^ ( ^ (

  • absolute body conditioningABSOLUTE BODY CONDITIONING | PERSONAL TRAINING | SPECIALISING IN VIIT & HIIT FITNESS Jul 27, 2015 Personal Training in your home to achieve your goals Introductory offers available including body composition analysis & initial testing Tailor made programs to suit you 1-2-1 or small group sessions For more information or to book an appointment: call Lisa on 07787 279597 Visit my Facebook Page 1 at Absolute Body Conditioning ABC H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) KS Xtreme (H.I.I.T) Armageddon Training (Variable Intensity Interval Training) Circuit Training (V.I.I.T) Kettlebell Training (V.I.I.T) Beccles Sports Centre Monday Evenings 6.15-6.45 pm The Dojo at the old Chaucer Club, Bungay Wednesday Evenings 6.30-7.00 pm Friday Mornings 9.30-10.00 am Related About the author Nigel Bedingfield is the editor of Iceni Post and Director of imajaz limited This site uses cookies, would you like to continue?Yes I'm happy to proceed 🙂 More info please? 2 References ^ Facebook Page ( ^ More info please? (
  • Access to Music Norwich somewhereto workshops 22 October 2014 SYCO Entertainment in association with somewhereto_ invite local young people in Norwich to showcase their skills and be mentored by professional talent scouts somewhereto_ are co-hosting tailored workshops and open auditions to help develop artist evolution 1 - 22 October 2014 | 4pm 9pm Access to Music Norwich, EPIC, 114 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JD - Working in association with regional delivery partners Creative Arts East, somewhereto_ will be co-hosting an evening of workshops and open auditions with SYCO Entertainment (Simons Cowell s TV and Music Production Company) , giving local undiscovered talent the opportunity to meet with industry professionals. somewhereto_ is a UK wide youth project delivered by Livity and funded by a 7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund to support its nationwide expansion to 2016. Helping 16-25 year olds access free spaces in their communities, to launch and develop creative and enterprising projects.

    Open to 16-25 year olds , on Wednesday 22 October 2014 from 4pm 9pm somewhereto_ in association with SYCO Entertainment will co-host workshops and auditions at Access to Music Norwich to help young people develop key industry skills. Top Talent Producers at SYCO Entertainment, are donating their free time and expertise to somewhereto_ as industry mentors (recently hosting workshops during summer of somewhereto_), offering advice and insight to young people pursuing careers in entertainment. Whether their talent is singing, dancing, playing instruments or juggling objects, the day is designed to help young people establish best practices, boost confidence and develop artist evolution.

    Local young people are invited to submit interest at 2 where they can sign up to the workshop and be given the incredible chance to perform in front of professional talent scouts.

    Speaking ahead of the event, Elly Wilson, regional delivery partner for somewhereto_ in the East of England, says: This is such an exciting event to take place locally in Norwich, giving young people from the Eastern Region a great opportunity to showcase their talents and gain confidence in the field they love. - 3 MIKE DANIELS Trailer Sales 01986 893025 Related References ^ ( ^ ( ^ (

  • Accessing “Expert Mode” Screen Color Calibrator in OS X El Capitan Paul Horowitz Mac users are likely familiar with the process of using display calibration to get the best color and picture quality 1 for a specific monitor or screen used with a computer, and to get the most out of the calibrator tool you ll want to run the utility in Expert Mode. While Expert Mode used to be immediately visible in the Display Calibrator Assistant, it s now hidden by default in the newest versions of OS X. This has led some Mac users to think the Expert Mode advanced color calibration options are missing in OS X now, but in fact it just requires an additional step to access.

    From OS X El Capitan (10.11) onward, to access the Expert Mode of Display Calibrator, including support for adjusting Native Gamma and Target Gamma, you ll need to use a simple trick to reveal the additional options. Open System Preferences if you haven t don t so already and go to the Display preference panel, then go to the Color tab as usual Hold down the OPTION key and click on Calibrate to access the Expert Mode options in Display Calibrator Proceed through the screen color calibration process as usual 2 in OS X You must hold the OPTION key when clicking Calibrate to access the Expert Mode advanced color calibration tools, without holding down Option the expert option will not appear. If you haven t done so yet, adjusting screen calibration can be a helpful way to improve the appearance of any display a Mac connects to.

    I always calibrate my displays, even the built-in display panel on a MacBook Pro, since I find the default gamma to often be too bright, whereas some users may find it not bright enough.

    It can also offer a great way to correct a display that is either too cool or warm looking.

    References ^ display calibration to get the best color and picture quality ( ^ screen color calibration process as usual (

  • Accused rapist's firm still on duty – Trinidad News Accused rapist s firm still on duty By CAROL MATROO Friday, October 23 2015 DESPITE a public demand by nurses of the St James Medical Centre, for the government to terminate the services of a security firm after a security guard attacked and raped a nurse at the centre last week, nothing has been done and the security company is still on the job at the medical facility. This was revealed by Gwendolyn Loobie-Snaggs, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) on Wednesday evening during a candlight-vigil held to show solidarity with the nurse who was raped and her colleagues who continue to demand that the security firm be changed. Loobie-Snaggs said that the nurse who was beaten and raped is upbeat and doing physically well since the incident.

    It was reported that the nurse who had been on overtime duty, was about to get into her car at about 5.30 pm on October 14 when she was stopped by the security officer who was on duty at the facility. The guard later dragged away the woman and raped her. On Monday, the 20-year-old security guard appeared in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates Court on Monday, to answer the charge.

    Loobie-Snaggs said she remains concerned about the safety and welfare of the nurses at the St James centre especially since the security firm which employed the accused rapist, is still contracted to provide security at the compound. The candle light vigil was held on Wednesday evening at the St James Health Centre. Loobie- Snaggs said while she could not recall such an incident happening before at that institution, there have been breaches in security, but never a rape.

    Nursing personnel gathered together on Wednesday to show solidarity with their colleague who had been assaulted. The nurses held hands and prayed. Relatives of the rape victim were also present.

    Nurses here at the facility are still a bit jaded, they still feel hurt because you still have the presence of the same security company, so when they see the uniform, they feel uncomfortable and they are still concerned about their safety, Loobie-Snaggs said. She added that the TTRNA met with Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh this week to discuss security issues at the centre. Loobie-Snaggs said officials of the security firm have been in contact with the rape victim and also with the association, expressing their regret about the incident.

    They empathised quite a lot to the nursing personnel for what has happened.

    They said they were doing all that they could to ensure that such a situation never happens again.

  • Acle carols on the green Carols_on_the_green_2013_poster 1 Thursday, 5th December at 7.00 pm References ^ Carols_on_the_green_2013_poster (
  • Acle & District 49+ Club Acle & District 49+ Club This friendly club meets on the first Tuesday of every month, except August, in St Edmunds Parish Room, opposite Budgens, at 2.00pm The next meetings are: 1st March Last Train Ride in America 5th April tba 3rd May The Galapagos Islands New members always welcome contact John Harriss on 01493 751057
  • Acle & District Good Neighbours Scheme Volunteers Wanted Would you be willing to help vulnerable or isolated local people with things like: Giving lifts to GP or hospital appointments? Picking up a prescription? Doing shopping?

    Befriending? Tidying up a garden? Dog walking?

    Other simple tasks? If so, Acle and District Good Neighbour Scheme would like to hear from you. Volunteering is flexible you decide what you do and when.

    Training is provided. Expenses are covered. The Scheme offers the chance to be part of making your community a place where people look out for each other.

    To get involved or to find out more, please contact Angela Bishop on 01493 751299

  • ACLE 1st sem AY 2013-14: Hunger Graves ~ Philippine Association ... Will the odds be ever in our favour? This was the tagline used for the semester s ACLE entitled Hunger Graves because this was used as a tagline in one famous movie and to relate it with the current problems faced by the Philippines, this ACLE aimed to answer the question whether if there is still a chance in resolving the country s hunger problem considering the multi-faceted nature of the whole hunger and malnutrition and food security situation. Malnutrition and food insecurity a re two pressing problems present in the Philippines and because of these reasons, Philippine Association of Nutrition Alpha (PAN-Alpha) Chapter has chosen to discuss this topic in the 1 st semester A.Y.

    2013-2014 Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) held last August 29, 2013 at Gusali 2D, College of Home Economics. Ms. Marilou Enteria, Nutrition Officer IV of National Nutrition Council (NNC), was invited to deliver the talk.

    ACLE is a university wide activity held every semester where the students are encouraged to attend discussions about issues, problems and other interesting and relevant information that are on top of what can be gleamed from their courses. PAN-Alpha discussed the malnutrition and food insecurity using video films, games, discussion and open forum. The objectives made by the Academics and Research committee are: to give a lecture regarding the definition of hunger, its clear indicators or how it is being measured, its contributing factors along with its consequences, and the actions done by the government as well as the specific role of the Filipino people in alleviating the state of hunger and malnutrition intends to inform the target group and increase their consciousness on the hunger issue; to show a documentary video entitled Kalam aims to show the real scenario of hunger and malnutrition in the Filipino setting and to give an interactive game which aims to serve as a tool for evaluation of learning gained by the participants and to help them recognize their specific role in alleviating hunger in the country.

    The event started with a game of charades of words related to nutrition. Everyone enjoyed the game as this engaged the attendees to have an idea of the topic that is going to be discussed in the ACLE. After the game, the PAN President opened the event with a short message to welcome all the attendees followed by a brief discussion on the occurrence of malnutrition and food insecurity in the Philippines by Vice President for Academics Kathleen Mae de Guzman.

    A documentary film entitled Kalam was shown to present a glimpse of the real scenario of hunger and malnutrition in the Filipino setting. Mrs. Marilou Enteria discussed the definition of hunger, its clear indicators or how it is being measured, its contributing factors along with its consequences, and the actions done by the government as well as the specific role of the Filipino people in alleviating the state of hunger and malnutrition.

    The National Nutrition Council and PAN Alpha both work towards increasing their consciousness of more people on the hunger issue and food security problems of the Filipinos. After the discussion, students were able to ask questions from the guest speaker. To complete the learning experience, an interactive game was played at the end of the event.

    Each group made programs or actions that would help solve the problem of malnutrition and food insecurity in the Philippines. The groups all called for suggested appropriate budget allotment for nutrition programs and proper implementation, practice of theory and initiative. This showed that the attendees were able to recognize the government s roles as well as their roles in solving nutrition problems in our country.

    One group sharing their plan of action in order to address malnutrition and food insecurity A total of fifty-six (56) people attended the event and a majority of them were BS Community Nutrition majors and some came from the College of Economics and College of Science. The ACLE served as an eye-opener to the different issues in our country. That is why, as future nutritionist-dietitians and as future graduates of BS Community Nutrition, collective action is needed in order to awaken the people that these problems are present and that it is our role to help most especially those who are less privileged.


    Marilou Enteria with PAN-Alpha adviser, Ma am Rhea De Leon, Reginna Lat and the members of the Academics and Research Committee For more photos, visit 1 Comments References ^ (

  • Acle Army cadet appointed top role Army Cadet Sgt William Key, 16, of Acle Troop has been appointed as Norfolk Army Cadet Force s Lord Lieutenant s Cadet at a ceremony in Norwich.

    Liz Coates 1 Saturday, April 13, 2013 4:34 PM A dedicated army cadet s outstanding contribution to his force and wider community has earned him a role which will see him in the limelight at top county events

  • Acle boating tragedy: latest The river Bure at Acle bridge, where a man died last night. Photo: Bill Smith Thursday, July 21, 2011 2:14 PM Holidaymakers are being urged to heed safety advice after the fourth death this year on the Broads involving a boater not wearing a lifejacket. To send a link to this page to a friend, you must be logged in.

    In the latest tragedy yesterday evening, paramedics confirmed a holidaymaker from Sheffield, on his 30th visit to the Broads, had a fatal heart attack as he was attempting to moor his 42ft cruiser under Acle Bridge. Passing kayaker David Croft found Anthony Crampton, 66, clinging to a rope in the water and managed to pull him to the back of the Summercraft boat Grecian Girl where family members dragged him back on board. Phillip Hannon, manager of the nearby Acle Bridge pub, used first aid skills in a vain attempt to revive him, but an East of England ambulance crew confirmed him dead.

    It is understood that Mr Crampton, who would have celebrated his 67th birthday yesterday, had stepped on shore to moor but fell in as the fast-flowing tide pulled the bow of the vessel out into the River Bure. The spot under the bridge is not a formally recognised mooring and has no posts or rings to attach ropes to. . Expressing his condolences to the family yesterday, Broads Authority water safety manager Steve Birtles said the tragedy raised important safety issues as the peak holiday season got under way.

    He said: A key message is to use formal Broads Authority moorings with proper facilities and it is vital to always wear a lifejacket when working on deck. When mooring up, it was important to quickly put the rope through a ring or round a post to take the strain; if the boat got pulled out by the current it was vital not to try to hang on to the rope. He said: The Broads is a wonderful quiet place but people need to be aware of natural hazards.

    We take safety very seriously and the Broads Authority has been installing safety ladders, chains and lifebelts at all its moorings.

    8 comments The views expressed in the above comments do not necessarily reflect the views of this site

  • Acle Carols 5th December at 7.00 pm The singing around the tree has been relocated to St Edmunds Church in Acle because of the weather.
  • Acle Community Gym | Upton with Fishley Parish Council A reminder about the Community Gym at Acle Recreation Centre: Sessions are on Mondays 4.30 7.30pm, Thursdays 9.30 11.30am and Fridays 10.30am 1.30pm with a Pilates class on Fridays 1.30 2.30pm.

    Sessions are 5, with no membership fee, in the Yare Room, upstairs in the extension opposite the children s play area.


  • Acle Evening WI | Upton with Fishley Parish Council The next meeting is Thursday, 14th January. This month the meeting is being held at Acle Library, with a talk from the manager. The meeting starts at 7.30pm.

    Refreshments and raffle. If you think you might like to join the Acle Evening WI, come along to see if you like it. Your first couple of meetings are free.

    Thereafter the subs are 37.50 for the year.

    They have a variety of speakers, social events, lunches, outings and a summer tea party.