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Light Lunch & Informal Business Networking, King's Cafe, Norfolk 0

Light Lunch & Informal Business Networking, King's Cafe, Norfolk

All welcome to our first event U-Live is business support and ‘networking’with a difference. It is friendly, informal, works with you to support YOUR businesses AND reinvests any surplus in the local community. There is no joining fee and online networking too.

This is our first informal gathering in mid Norfolk – a light lunch at the lovely King’s Cafe in Shipdham Event Organised By U-Live North Breckland 1 U Live is part of U-Do, an exciting new service to support and promote all local businesses in north Breckland. There is NO membership fee.

70% of any profits will go to local community groups and charities. We run Live Social Networking Events, Business Training and any activities that support local business and communities.

For example, we will run events to promote a particular business or type of local business or run a fun day to raise local funds involving local business – anything goes. Attending this event or want to share it on Facebook? Comment below!

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Why 1D's Louis Tomlinson can expect no charity at Doncaster … 0

Why 1D's Louis Tomlinson can expect no charity at Doncaster …

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson worked at Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium before he was famous. Photograph: Rex/Startraks Photo The obvious worry about Simon Cowell 1 ‘s paternity drama is that it has caused him to pay insufficient attention to the insurance arrangements at the Keepmoat Stadium. How else to explain the fact that one-fifth of One Direction 2 his crack global heartbreaking/moneycrapping unit is about to turn out for Doncaster Rovers reserves 3 in a game against Scunthorpe United reserves on 18 September?

Of course, we know how the programme notes will explain it: before he was famous, Louis Tomlinson worked at the Keepmoat on match days, and last month he signed for the club as a non-contract player in an admirable joint fundraising stunt for the club and a children’s hospice. The inevitable charity game was announced but news he is to play in a competitive match comes as something of a surprise. By a neat coincidence, the most notable non-contract player to take part in a Doncaster-Scunthorpe reserves tie hitherto was Beefy Botham, who scored the winner for Scunthorpe in a North Midlands League match in 1980.

Botham, one feels, was probably slightly more robust than the One Direction star. All of which brings us back to those intriguing insurance arrangements. Perhaps the Central League game is being underwritten by one of the giants, and a bunch of unwitting investors are about to lose their shirts when some irrepressibly mischievous part-time pipe fitter on 280 quid a week plays the man and not the ball.

But with bar stools regarded as hopelessly outdated props in the boyband stage armoury, it is clear that Louis will need both legs in order to carry on breaking hearts and banks for Cowell. And only the sportingly naive would assume that the gentle souls of the Scunthorpe reserves are so made up that the millionaire popstar is doing something for charity that they will decline to lay so much as a diamante-studded glove on Tomlinson, perhaps even preferring simply to give up the ball out of deference should they find themselves in a one-on-one with him. (On reflection, that should technically be termed a one-on-One-Direction. Or rather, a one-on-one-of-One-Direction).

Yes, I think we must have words for anyone imagining that the charity association will act as some sort of force field around Tomlinson, causing his usually vigorous opponents to stand aside while humming an appreciative burst of What Makes You Beautiful 4 . And those words are: Soccer Aid 2012. Say what you like about Teddy Sheringham and most of us have, over the years I will adore him for ever for that staggering tackle on Gordon Ramsay 5 at Soccer Aid 2012, in a match which saw teams of celebrities and ex-players take each other on in aid of Unicef 6 .

If you don’t recall the tackle, it came from behind, and displayed such a clattering lack of interest in getting the ball that Sheringham should obviously have been sent off (or knighted, obviously). The upshot? TV’s hardest chef was given oxygen on the pitch, before being carried off and taken to hospital for assessment.

Sheringham subsequently felt moved to gloss over the incident, and I insist on reading between his tweet characters to imagine a putdown to Ramsay for all those years of implying he should have been out there on the pitch. “Never set out to hurt Rammer,” Sheringham claimed. “But football is a contact sport, these things happen.” He added that he’d “just got my timing wrong”, which somehow failed to tally with the footage of him in the immediate aftermath of the incident, in which he could be seen patting the cheek of the prone Ramsay, before smearing his hand across the chef’s face in a gesture that said nothing so clearly as: “Cop that, Mrs Beeton.” Of course, it wasn’t a career-ending tackle it didn’t affect Ramsay’s ability to swear showily at people on low incomes but you’ll note he hasn’t banged on and on about football in interviews ever since. In many ways, then, Sheringham’s clatter performed a valuable public service. There really is little so irksome as the celebrity who feels the incessant need to assert their footballing credentials in interviews plugging the latest instalment of their glittering “second choice” career, into which they always claim to have been dumped by injury as opposed to not being good enough.

For years, Ramsay insisted he’d played first-team football for Rangers before an ankle injury forced him out, until some Ibrox archivist finally had enough and produced evidence that he had only ever been a triallist in a testimonial. Only a slightly different kettle of fish are the likes of erstwhile Doctor Who Matt Smith, about whose curtailed footballing career I have heard enough, for all the obvious tragedy that it consigned him to a life of great acting gigs and garlands. Alas, the unedifying posturing is not even limited to entertainment Ed Balls appears desperate to be pictured playing football, ideally tackling some weedy thing from the Lobby to show what a hardman he is, while Alastair Campbell actually had an on-pitch scrap with a member of One Direction’s sub-rivals the Wanted 7 , in which they pushed and shoved each other during a charity match.

But in the annals of celebrity footballing, we cannot fairly bracket Tomlinson with such poseurs. They are celebrities playing other celebrities, or sublebrities, or at least retired players the wrong side of 40. They are not turning out against Scunthorpe reserves on what will doubtless be a wet Wednesday night, and we can only wish our plucky One Directioner all the best.

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Aaron Hernandez Smashed Security System Suspicious 0

Aaron Hernandez Smashed Security System Suspicious

Evidence that doesn t put Aaron Hernandez in a very good light, mounts up as police announce that they are going back to the Patriots player s house with another search warrant based on evidence that he destroyed his home security system, according to an investigator who spoke to ABC News. The investigator, and other law enforcement sources, confirmed that the security system, which included a video surveillance system, was smashed intentionally. Sources have also confirmed that a cell phone used by the 23 year-old tight end was handed over to police investigators in pieces by Hernandez s attorneys.

Police sources have also said that law enforcement officials want to know why a team of house cleaners were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez s mansion, according to ABC News. This new information comes at a time when the tight end still hasn t been ruled out as a suspect in the murder of the semi-pro football player, 27 year-old Odin Lloyd. Lloyd was Hernandez s friend and he also dated Aaron s girlfriend s sister.

The NFL player has been at the center of the investigation since Lloyd s body was found shot in the back of the head in the clearing of an industrial park that is about a mile from the Patriots star s million-dollar mansion in North Attleborough Monday. Police say that they believe Lloyd was killed between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Monday. They have also revealed that his well dressed body was not found until 5:30 p.m. by a teenage jogger.

Several police department sources have relayed this information on the condition that their identity be secret as they aren t allowed to discuss the case. One police source said, He Hernandez has not been ruled out. We are not calling him a suspect, but he is definitely not in the clear.

Michael Ree, an attorney for Hernandez has not commented on the investigation but he did release a statement that said, It has been widely reported in the media that the state police have searched the home of our client, Aaron Hernandez, as part of an ongoing investigation. Out of respect for that process, neither we nor Aaron will have any comment about the substance of that investigation until it has come to a conclusion. State Police searched the Hernandez home that he shares with his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins, who is the mother of their daughter, with a search warrant repeatedly.

Hernandez was seen going back inside the house Wednesday with his mother and has not emerged since. With the new evidence that Aaron Hernandez purposefully smashed his own home surveillance system, police are obviously very suspicious about his motives between destroying his security video system and his cell phone. But police are now happy that Shayanna Jenkins sister is safe and sound.

Jenkins sister, who was finally named as Shanea , was dating Lloyd, who played for the semi-pro football team Boston Bandits according to several law enforcement sources. Shanea Jenkins could not be found after the discovery of her boyfriend s dead body and investigators have said that they were concerned for her safety. Since then the police have been able to locate her.

In another development in the case, ABC News have said that their investigative sources revealed that Aaron Hernandez partied with the deceased, Odin Lloyd, at a Boston nightclub from Friday night into Saturday morning. Police have reviewed surveillance video on Wednesday that was taken at the nightclub. Investigators have also searched three Enterprise rental cars that were registered to the NFL star, including one that had its silver mirror knocked off.

According to sources, that vehicle was recovered at an Enterprise location in Boston Wednesday, the day after police issued a BOLO Be On The Lookout for the vehicle. Sources said that it had been dropped off abruptly sometime on Tuesday with the broken mirror. Another rental vehicle was recovered not far from where Lloyd s body was discovered and a third rental was stopped from leaving Hernandez s driveway on Tuesday by state police.

The two occupants of the vehicle were questioned and released. P Police were seen searching that car Tuesday night. has reported that one of the three vehicle s that were rented in Hernandez s name appear to be a key piece of evidence in the case.

Authorities also have asked for help finding a silver mirror cover from another vehicle that may be connected to the case. Sources have also said that police are investigating other incidents of violence that Hernandez is suspected of being involved in. This follows recent information that Hernandez is being sued by a former friend who lost his eye after his claims that the Patriots player shot him in the face with a handgun in February this year.

The lawsuit filed by Alexander Bradley also says that Hernandez possessed a gun he was not legally licensed to have. While more evidence comes to light, things are starting to look pretty damning for the 23 year-old tight end. With the new revelation that Aaron Hernandez smashed his own security system, his actions are looking very suspicious indeed and each day sees more things surfacing that seem to indicate that the NFL star could have been very involved with Odin Lloyd s shooting death.

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