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8 ways to improve your website 0

8 ways to improve your website

A great website design 1 puts the user s experience at the centre, and usability is key to getting it right. Create a good user experience and people will come back for more, your bounce rate will drop, and conversion rates will rise. You ll may even notice a positive positive effect on your websites position in the search results, user experience is becoming a big part of Google s algorithm.

This infographic from Quick Sprout 2 looks at 8 different methods that you can apply to your website, to improve its usability and user experience.

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Wichita police gear up with 'duty vests' (+video) 0

Wichita police gear up with 'duty vests' (+video)

When Wichita police Sgt. Kelly O Brien first began looking into the use of duty vests for officers to carry their tactical gear five years ago, he was skeptical that they would be an improvement from the belts cops commonly used. It didn t take long for him to change his mind, though.

I love em, O Brien said. Chances are, Wichita residents who come across an officer on duty will see them in the vest. Perhaps two-thirds or more of officers on patrol wear the vests while on duty now, said Capt.

Brent Allred, who oversees the department s training bureau. The vests are lined with fabric fastener strips, allowing officers flexibility in where they place gear such as a Taser, body camera, retractable baton, ammunition and handcuffs. Those items, other than the just-issued body cameras, used to go on an officer s duty belt, along with their gun.

But all that gear adds up, O Brien said. An officer typically carries 28 pounds of gear on duty, and that can be hard on a body. O Brien said he first began looking into duty vests when three well-conditioned officers under his command developed back injuries so severe doctors recommended surgery.

Those doctors also recommended the use of vests to shift that extra weight from the hips and low back to the torso, which is better able to carry the extra weight. We started interviewing retired police officers, O Brien said. We could not find a retired police officer without a back or hip problem caused by years of carrying gear on their duty belts.

The department had eight officers two in each bureau use the vests as a test for six months, O Brien said. The results were so positive that the vests were made available as an option officers could purchase using their clothing allowance. The vests have space for the bulletproof plates that officers wear while on duty.

Officer Frank Silva has worn the vest for three years now. Other than their duty weapon, which must remain on the belt, officers have the option of placing their other gear wherever it is most comfortable on their vests. It s a lot more comfortable than a duty belt, especially during the summer, Silva said.

The vests have a strap in the back that can be used to pull a wounded officer to safety if necessary, he said. The vests can be easily removed if an officer is doing paperwork or is back in the squad room. It s like a microwave, basically, in the summer because of the body armor plates, he said, so any opportunity to slip the vests off for even a few minutes is welcome.

That s a more challenging proposition for officers who wear their bulletproof vests beneath their uniform shirts. Some police officers with narrow waists and petite body frames have not been able to fit all of their gear on a duty belt, O Brien said. One female officer is so petite she couldn t wear a bulletproof vest beneath her uniform shirt.

Thanks to the duty vest, for the first time in her career, she s been able to have that additional level of protection while she s on the street, O Brien said. Police officers in other cities now have gas masks and first-aid kits on their duty vests, Silva said, and Wichita could follow suit some day. With a duty vest, he said, there s room for that additional gear.

Silva said he hopes duty vests always remain an option for police officers. It takes some getting used to, wearing it, he said. A seat belt can get caught in the tactical gear, he said.

Eating can be tricky, too. It s like wearing a bib sometimes, Silva said. But O Brien and Silva both say the vests positives easily outweigh any inconveniences.

If using the vest can prevent long-term back and hip injuries, O Brien said, it s a win.

Renewable Energy Centre Norfolk 0

Renewable Energy Centre Norfolk

In this time duration of scarce resources and bad economic conditions, our governments should be more dedicated in finding out the alternatives and the means of energy that are cheaper than fossil fuel. Thermal or Solar panel is referred to as the panel that works on the process of converting sunlight energy into electricity. The You have heard of solar panels, right?

There are now many companies encouraging homeowners to invest in them. While they can be costly upfront, opting for solar panels could save you a fortune in the future. There are many benefits to them, including possible tax breaks.

Here are the main reasons you should consider getting Biomass boilers have been used for many years. They are always proved to be effective and efficient. They are similar to conventional gas boilers we all are familiar with.

The are becoming more and more popular since people have started worrying about their carbon footprints. What are Biomass Boilers? The process of generating heat by People sometimes get confused about Geothermal Energy since it comes in two distinct kinds.

The first one is the most familiar. It s the one that automatically pops into your mind when you see a cutaway view of the Earth. It usually shows a temperature of 10,800 F, or 6000 C around the solid iron core, It seems counter-intuitive doesn t it?

You put this black, or faintly blueish, object on the roof of your house, attach a couple of mysterious boxes, and all of a sudden it generates electricity.

In many ways it s about as mysterious to us as a sports car would be to King Henry VIII.

Let s demystify it