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Plus our services are available across a range of industries including the corporate sector, retail outlets, construction sites and one-off events. Breckland Security emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to providing bespoke security services differentiates us from other organisations operating in the sector.

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  • 10 of the Worst Musician Fights and Brawls Sometimes competition in show business isn t so friendly. The music industry knows this very well since genres like rap are notorious for producing diss tracks and feuds. But this tendency isn t unique to rap music.

    Many musicians from all genres have had feuds go from just exchanging words to exchanging blows. Some of these fights occur between band mates, and sometimes even family members. So which musicians have thrown down in the past?

    Here are 10 musician feuds that have escalated to physical fights.

    1. Solange Knowles and Jay Z Sources: Busacca/Getty Images for Samsung/Universal Studios Some in-laws just don t get along, but we don t see famous ones fighting every day. In 2014 Solange, Beyonc , and Jay Z were at the Met Gala together when things got hot in an elevator.

    Solange was found kicking and hitting Jay Z on security footage while Beyonc stood there watching the whole thing happen. No one is quite sure what started the altercation because there isn t any audio to the footage. The family later released a statement.

    Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred, the statement said according to CNN 1 . They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward At the end of the day, families have problems and we re no different.

    2. Sinead O Connor and Prince Sources: Kevork Djansezian/Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images Back when Sinead was still up and coming, Prince wanted to take her under his wing. This included covering his song Nothing Compares 2 U.

    Sinead reportedly decided to not take him up on his offer and cover the song on her own. But she says the singer didn t take this lightly and things got physical. At the time he had a lot of female proteges and I had covered his song Nothing Compares 2 U without having anything to do with him, she told the London Mirror 2 .

    He invited me to his house in Los Angeles and started to give out to me for swearing in interviews. When I told him to go bleep himself he got very upset and became quite threatening, physically. I ended up having to escape.

    She then said, He can pack a punch. A few blows were exchanged. All I could do was spit.

    I spat on him quite a bit.

    3. Kid Rock and Tommy Lee Source: MTV In 2007, things got heated between these two artists, most likely because they were both romantically linked to Pamela Anderson. The fight took place at the VMAs and was started by Kid Rock slapping Tommy Lee.

    The whole ordeal interrupted Alicia Keys s performance and ended with them being separated from each other. Kid Rock later talked about the fight on the radio, according to Daily Mail 3 . Last contact I had with him was when me and Pam were going through our divorce.

    He picked up her Blackberry and started e-mailing me a lot of horrendous things. It was extremely disrespectful. I did what any man would do, any man across the country, across the world would do.

    4. Chris Brown and Drake Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Kris Connor This is another fight that was over a famous woman. Chris Brown and Drake crossed paths in a Manhattan club.

    The two already had bad blood since they were both romantically interested in Rihanna. According to Daily News 4 , Chris sent Drake a $2,000 bottle of Ace of Spades and a note reading, I m still f*cking Rihanna. This led to a brawl breaking out between them and their entourages.

    The fight resulted in Chris Brown sustaining a deep cut in his chin from being punched and hit with a bottle. Brown s bodyguard and several bystanders were also cut by glass from broken bottles.

    5. Jack White and Jason Stollsteimer Sources: Jason Merritt/Getty Images and Sire In 2003, Jack White of The White Stripes tried talking to Jason from Von Bondies at a record release party.

    However, Jason wasn t having it and denied seeing him. Jack didn t take too kindly to this snub and threw Jason to the ground and began punching him, according to MTV . Jason sustained a broken nose and a bruise on his right eye.

    This fight is surprising since the two worked together in the past. Jack White included Von Bondies on the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit album, had them open for him, and produced their record, Lack of Communication. 5 6.

    50 Cent and Ja Rule Sources: Rob Loud/Getty Images and Aftermath Entertainment The feud between these two rappers goes way back. After 50 Cent made the 1999 diss track about Ja Rule called Your Life s On The Line, everything came to a breaking point when they met face to face.

    We get to talking, and the talk got heated because I got mad, and I start screaming at him and telling him that he was a b*tch and this that and the third, Ja Rule explained in an interview with Hot 97 6 . And so he swings at me. He caught me a little bit, but I dipped it.

    And then hit him with the bat.

    7. Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Sources: The Island Def Jam Music Group and Kris Connor/Getty Images Once again Chris Brown makes the list. This altercation happened in 2013 in a West Hollywood parking lot and involved the two performers and their entourages.

    According to TMZ 7 , it all started with Frank trying to shake hands with Chris. He refused and accused Frank of parking in his spot. He then punched him in the face.

    That started a brawl, and Chris threatened to shoot Frank.

    8. Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts Fiona Goodall/Getty Images It s not uncommon for a band to start fighting due to egos. As the front man of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger wasn t afraid to throw that in everyone s face.

    However the band members didn t always just take it. Jagger said something like: None of this should matter to you because you re only my drummer,' wrote Bill German in Beggars Banquet 8 . Watts kept it bottled inside until he got back to his hotel room. He then clicked off his TV, put on his shoes, walked down the hall and knocked on Mick s door. When the lead singer of the Rolling Stones opened it, his drummer clocked him on the jaw.

    Charlie then turned round and calmly walked away.

    9. Carly Simon and Chrissie Hynde Sources: Chrissie Hynde and Elektra Records According to MTV 9 , Chrissie and Carly were both attending a Joni Mitchell show in 1995 when things got physical between the two artists. Chrissie was reportedly tipsy and was loudly cheering on the performance.

    This reportedly pushed Carly to the edge, and she tried to get Chrissie to sit down and be quiet. Chrissie responded by grabbing Carly by the neck, taking her down to the ground, and began hitting her.

    10. Pete Doherty and Johnny Borrell Sources: Pete Doherty and Universal Motown Republic Group The two were at a music festival in Leeds in 2005 when Pete reportedly when to Razorlight s dressing room to talk to Johnny.

    According to The Guardian 10 , things started to go sour between the two. Lisa Moorish and Pete popped in to say hello to Johnny, a source revealed. They sat around having a few drinks.

    But something triggered inside Pete. He got up and head-butted Johnny it was a heavy hit. More from Entertainment Cheat Sheet: Want more great content like this?

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    References ^ CNN (www.cnn.com) ^ London Mirror (www.stereogum.com) ^ Daily Mail (www.dailymail.co.uk) ^ Daily News (www.nydailynews.com) ^ MTV (www.mtv.com) ^ Hot 97 (www.mtv.com) ^ TMZ (www.tmz.com) ^ Beggars Banquet (www.theweek.co.uk) ^ MTV (www.mtv.com) ^ The Guardian (www.theguardian.com) ^ Sign up here (www.cheatsheet.com)

  • 10 Security Tips For University Students 10 Security Tips For University Students by winetapper : 12:07pm On Nov 19 1 2 This tips is not mainly for School students but for all who wish to have more security Let's keep the ball rolling.

    1. Restrict friends from entering your room at their will. The more you allow them,the more they are attracted to one property of yours and they would get a plan to steal it.

    2.Your spare key location. It should be known to you and you alone. Or to a trusted friend that doesn't know your house address to avoid had I known.

    3. Do not keep late Night. One should not keep late night at all times cos at least your presence at home would give the bandits a little though time before they attempt any operation 4.

    Your movement schedule should be changed regularly. For security reasons your should be known to you only and should be changed at all times to prevent banditals from predicting your current location and activity.

    5. Drinking and having fun with fun with friends at bar and close joints close to the your house would give bandits the opportunity to monitor and pass live and direct information about your activity.

    6. Your Important items should always be locked in a safe and not to be left lying around. If they break in,breaking into your locked safe would be another unplanned task.

    7. If you must stay out late at Night remain hidden. For some reasons one have to stay out late either vigil,night class,party But note staying hidden,or less noticed would secure you at times 8.

    When going out leave your sound system on and low to leave bandits in doubts if you are in or not.

    9.When leaving the hostel note those around so you can have someone to help you with information.

    10.Feel free to add yours Written by : Winetapper Cc.Lalasticlala,Dominique 7 Likes 2 Shares Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by iamkingzlee ( m ): 12:10pm On Nov 19 3 4 5 Likes 2 Shares Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by STFUareyouGod ( m ): 12:16pm On Nov 19 5 6 Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Aspiregreat : 12:16pm On Nov 19 7 8 Your Points are so Valid.But it would have been better if it was '10 money tips for University student'.

    4 Likes Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Aminat508 ( f ): 12:24pm On Nov 19 9 10 Informative. ForBabyLight# Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by abrahambest ( m ): 12:27pm On Nov 19 11 12 well said OP Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Funjosh ( m ): 12:31pm On Nov 19 13 14 Hmmm Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Canme4u ( m ): 12:35pm On Nov 19 15 16 Good Gooder Goodest. Lol Loler Lolest.

    2 Likes Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by tchiwinnie : 12:50pm On Nov 19 17 18 Nice one, OP. #SavebabyLight# Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Donald3d ( m ): 2:00pm On Nov 19 19 20 10.Dont underestimate anyone ,the calmest person might end up being the deadliest 11.Dont steal anybody's girlfriend,you ma end up being killed 12.Dont move at night 13.Be polite and humble,its the best way to avoid cultists they will ignore you 14,Dont be toO flashy,its the quickest way to attract cultists i will add more soOn #ForMyBaby MODIFIED 15.Becareful the way you allow girls cook for you 16.For girls,if a guy tells u come and meet me in class or somewhere ,except he is a very very very close person to you say no ,u should be the one to choose the location and make it a dying minute decision and make sure its open and public.

    17.For girls ,if you must "diss" a guy that toasts you........ Wait oooo,i just dey type make i go create a new thread na, Winetapper no vex,it will be "x more security tips",i will make referene in it to ur own thread I will give honour to whom honour is due #ForMyBaby 11 Likes 1 Share Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by damton ( m ): 7:07pm On Nov 19 21 22 Informative Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by olurevelator : 7:08pm On Nov 19 23 24 know ur neighbours verywel, ole niwan 1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by mrlaw93 ( m ): 7:08pm On Nov 19 25 26 1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Optional2 ( f ): 7:09pm On Nov 19 27 28 tnx 1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by AdaNri1 ( f ): 7:10pm On Nov 19 29 30 Good. Number 3 is especially important to girls, you could easily get raped and robbed.

    It's a perfect time because no one will come out to help. Number 4 is more important for cultists. Anyone who knows your movement can easily arrange your hit.

    In NAU a guy that was popular then (not sure if he was a cultist) was killed because people knew his movement.

    1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by kingobozy : 7:10pm On Nov 19 31 32 Good points. I do number 8 most times. It keeps them guessing.

    But the most important is to always commit your properties into the hands of Baba God. I'm not a religious man I just don't under estimate the God Factor. Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by youngice ( m ): 7:10pm On Nov 19 33 34 keep late nights Smoke weed Patronize oloshos Start gyming Never go to class Look unkempt and don't forget the dark shades Always play loud Rick Ross songs with your equally loud friends Never be caught listening to Katy Perry or watching glee Have a mean Nick name like scorpion or cobra Believe me if you do all this , even if you leave your door open an go to sleep no one wil Rob you 1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by 20bc ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 35 36 No steal capon girlfriend oh.....

    1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by RealAdewole ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 37 38 dont attend lectures Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Sunnycliff ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 39 40 Yet students still fall victim! Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by nairaman66 ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 41 42 Reality check! Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by PLANETMARS ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 43 44 To survive in my school u need one rule NO JOIN CULT As for robbery,dem must rob u b4 u graduate na must.

    Dem don steal my school fees,laptop even babe but I still dey ball. Beta to b a jew than to b chewed. #i rep AAU EKPOMA 1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by 20bc ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 45 46 Know your way around town or else okada men go use you shine.... Don't ask too many questions or else anybody will just mark you as a freshman and start obtaining you every time Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by RealAdewole ( m ): 7:11pm On Nov 19 47 48 dont do your assignment Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Eintelekt ( m ): 7:12pm On Nov 19 49 50 Endtime Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by demarc001 : 7:12pm On Nov 19 51 52 We hia!

    Easy to say, difficult to keep to Do this and your enemies go plenty Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by ebonge1 : 7:12pm On Nov 19 53 54 Talking From experience, Ryt? Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by onosprince ( m ): 7:12pm On Nov 19 55 56 Dont join cult or you will not graduate Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by jboy73 : 7:13pm On Nov 19 57 58 Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by Bollinger ( m ): 7:13pm On Nov 19 59 60 winetapper 61 : Written by : Winetapper Cc.Lalasticlala,Dominique Avoid going out alone. Go out with at least two or more people.

    Never leave a drink unattended. If you do, go buy another one. Avoid dark alleys.

    Avoid the company of questionable individuals. It is not a must to be "cool". Lol.....Every friday before we start the weekend, we always receive a safety brief.

    It's always good because there is always one thing that you'll take note that might save you money or your life.

    2 Likes 1 Share Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by sirnature : 7:14pm On Nov 19 62 63 Op comeooo u 4got chunchin Avoid cohabitation.....A.K.A mummy and daddy It can lead to financial embarrassment 1 Like Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students by yyeanqah ( m ): 7:14pm On Nov 19 64 65 Endtime tips References ^ 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: village square (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: *Lost in Lagos*/ Uyo (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Ugep (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Aspiregreat (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Aminat508 (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Lagos (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: ...Somewhere In Africa.... (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: I dey Everywhere just like Chinko products. (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Nigeria (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Lagos Nigeria (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: lagos (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ olurevelator (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: lagos (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Optional2 (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ AdaNri1 (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Lasgidi (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: here (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: eKp (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Osun (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: port harcourt (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: The red plaanet (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: eKp (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Osun (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Eintelekt (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ demarc001 (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ ebonge1 (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: Malaysia (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ jboy73 (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: USA/Grafenwoehr/Estonia/Nigeria (www.nairaland.com) ^ winetapper (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ sirnature (www.nairaland.com) ^ Re: 10 Security Tips For University Students (www.nairaland.com) ^ Location: lives near yhu. (www.nairaland.com)

  • 1000 afghans on isle of lesbos attempt to ... Mayhem ensues. Greece s Coast Guard with the help of police on Friday morning made use of stun grenades to deal with the uprising of about a thousand refugees at the port of Mytilene 1 , on the island of Lesvos. Thousands of refugees are stuck at the port of Mytilene since the number of ferries that can carry them to the ports of Piraeus or Thessaloniki.

    On Friday morning, about a thousand of them, with most of them being Afghans, tried to take over a ferry. While shouting Athens-Athens, the refugees stormed Blue Star 1 ferry. The ship crew raised the passageway trapping hundreds of regular passengers who had already embarked, among the refugees 2 .

    This happens every day, said Mytilene Mayor Spyros Galanos on Greek television. I have requested ships and chartered planes to transfer them but they won t provide them I have asked to call the situation as a state of emergency. They won t do it.

    The situation is out of control, he added. Thousands of refugees and migrants 3 are temporarily trapped on the island and they are getting irate as their documents are not processed quickly enough so that they can move on to the destination of their choice. The number of refugees is lost, it s out of control.

    There is danger that a spark may start a big fire. I have tabled proposals, I even called on mayors in Turkey and Europe and tabled proposals, but no one is listening. They are trying to turn a national issue to a political issue, Galanos said.

    Migrants removed from Mytilene port Some 10,000 refugees and migrants were led from the area of the port of Mytilene to an open space near the beach Tsamakia.

    Men of the Coast Guard and the police forced the refugees and migrants to leave the area of the port and lead them into the open space of Fykiotrypas, located a few hundred meters from the port.

    References ^ Mytilene (greece.greekreporter.com) ^ refugees (eece.greekreporter.com) ^ migrants (greece.greekreporter.com)

  • 128 Dead in Multiple Shootings and Explosions in Paris as Terror ... Gunmen killed 128 people in at least three separate attacks and an explosion at a soccer game in Paris, France, on Friday night. The death toll may climb higher, as authorities are still drawing an exact picture of what happened at each of the locations. According to Paris prosecutor Fran ois Molins, at least six locations overall saw attacks.

    The attacks were the deadliest in France in one day since World War II. Casualties are known to have occurred at the Bataclan concert hall, where more than 100 died; at two restaurants, where at least 30 were killed; and at the Stade de France soccer stadium, where at least three died in what appeared to have been multiple suicide bombings. According to French radio Europe 1, shots have also been fired at Les Halles 1 , a shopping mall in the first arrondissement, in the heart of Paris.

    The French government has triggered its Red Alpha plan, an emergency response reserved for multiple terrorist attacks. President Fran ois Hollande announced on television that France has declared a state of emergency. Radio France Info has reported prosecutor Fran ois Molins as saying that assailants coud still be at large 2 , but the chief of Paris police later said all attackers are believed to be dead.

    While there is no information on the total number of attackers, the number of those known to have been killed is now eight. Agence France Presse reported that eight militants have been killed 3 , citing investigators. Sources at the Interior Ministry cited by Le Monde also said eight assailants had been killed: 4 at Bataclan, 3 at the Stade de France stadium, and one who blew himself up outside the Comptoir Voltaire bar, on Boulevard Voltaire.

    The Interior Ministry has said it would wait several hours before announcing a death toll, because of the number of victims in critical condition. An emergency doctor, Patrick Pelloux, told newspaper Le Monde that the victims he tended to had "war wounds." One of the shootings occurred in a Cambodian restaurant located in the capital's 10th arrondissement, to the east of central Paris. According to witnesses, shots rang out at Le Petit Cambodge, 18 Rue Alibert, in the R publique neighborhood.

    According to CNN, 14 people were killed there. "Shots fired with a Kalashnikov at Petit Cambodge in the 10th Arrondissement in Paris. Several dead. Emergency teams and police on site." The second shooting took place in a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement, near the historic Bataclan concert hall. "We heard at least 20 shots being fired.

    They were automatic weapons, repeated shots," a witness who lives near Faidherbe Chaligny subway station, in the 11th arrondissement, told VICE News. Related: While Sympathy Pours in on Social Media, Some Celebrate Paris Attack 4 A woman who lives on Rue Bichat, overlooking the scene of the restaurant shooting, told VICE News upon condition of anonymity that police were ordering people to stay inside apartments and restaurants. Another shooting occurred at 90 Rue de Chaconne, where a Twitter user posted a photo of bodies covered by sheets in the the streets.

    Related: In The Streets of Paris Under Attack 5 A witness to the attack described 6 the scene to French daily Lib ration: "I didn't know if it was firecrackers or gunshots. A car was parked in the middle of the street. Two people got out of the car.

    They had guns. I heard gunshot. Lots of shots being fired. It lasted at least three minutes.

    People were panicking. Then they got back in the car and drove in the direction of the Charonne subway station." Gunmen then stormed a concert hall, the Bataclan 7 , where American band Eagles of Death Metal was playing to a sold-out crowd, and took hostages. Witnesses who managed to escape told CNN and other media that the gunmen were systematically executing concertgoers who were hiding.

    Police then stormed the hall and killed two gunmen. They said more than 100 people were dead inside the theater. The venue's capacity is around 1,500.

    According to the Interior Ministry, no police officers were killed in the raid at the Bataclan, but one was injured. A witness inside the concert hall who managed to leave the building tweeted that a man opened fire 8 from the back of the room. "We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew," the band's Facebook page said 9 this evening. "Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation." French President Fran ois Hollande later visited the concert hall, where he said that terrorists who had been hiding out close to the venue had been killed. Flanked by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Hollande thanked the emergency services who had assisted the wounded.

    He said he wanted to be among "those who had witnessed these horrific things" to say that France would wage "a merciless fight" against terror." Le Monde reports that Hollande has spoken to Barack Obama on the phone, to discuss the two countries' shared commitment to the war on terror. Related: French President Declares State of Emergency, Closes Borders, Calls In Army 10 Earlier in the evening, Hollande had been at soccer game between Germany and France at the Stade de France a soccer stadium located just north of Paris in the commune of Saint-Denis, when at least one bomb exploded. At least three people died in the bombing.

    French radio RTL has described 11 the explosion as a suicide attack, but VICE News can't confirm that report. TV images showed spectators in the stands gathered on the playing field, after the match was suspended. Jeremy Allen, a 42-year old British writer who was at the stadium during the explosions, told VICE News that he heard the first blast but just thought it was a flare.

    It wasn't until a second explosion, Allen said, that he realized what might be happening. "It shook the stadium," he added. A bomb squad closed off the exits and Allen said he had to wait another 20 to 30 minutes "trapped there," inside the stadium, before security officials opened the exits. Most of the people in the 81,000-seat stadium, which Allen estimated was about 80 percent full at the time of the attack, were "oblivious" that bombs were going off right outside.

    Allen couldn't tell exactly where the explosions came from. He made it back home to his apartment in Paris on public transport, in what a described as an "eerie" quiet.

    1,500 extra soldiers have been deployed in the streets, says a statement from the presidential office. The government has passed two decrees: one declaring a state of national emergency with immediate effect, the second allowing police in Paris to keep "dangerous" persons under house arrest and to temporarily close all concert halls and theaters.

    Paris municipal authorities have announced that city facilities, including schools, museums, leisure centers, swimming pools, and markets would be closed Saturday . Related: Obama Calls Attacks "Outrageous," Offers Support To "Our Oldest Ally" 12 The French Council of the Muslim Faith has "vigorously condemned" these "abject and heinous" attacks. Social media users have started a #portesouvertes (open doors) hashtag to offer shelter to those who have been left stranded by the attacks and by the subsequent halt of public transport.

    The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said the terrorists had targeted the youth of Paris and their freedom, and announced that support cells had been set up in the city for those who witnessed the attacks. This is a breaking news story. Please check back for further updates.

    Photo via Vincent Berth z ne 13 Related: Man Was Plotting Terror Attack in Busy French Concert Venue, Police Say 14 References ^ Les Halles (www.lepoint.fr) ^ at large (twitter.com) ^ eight militants have been killed (twitter.com) ^ While Sympathy Pours in on Social Media, Some Celebrate Paris Attack (news.vice.com) ^ In The Streets of Paris Under Attack (news.vice.com) ^ described (www.liberation.fr) ^ Bataclan (www.bataclan.fr) ^ opened fire (twitter.com) ^ said (m.facebook.com) ^ French President Declares State of Emergency, Closes Borders, Calls In Army (news.vice.com) ^ described (www.rtl.fr) ^ Obama Calls Attacks "Outrageous," Offers Support To "Our Oldest Ally" (news.vice.com) ^ Vincent Berth z ne (twitter.com) ^ Man Was Plotting Terror Attack in Busy French Concert Venue, Police Say (news.vice.com)

  • 129 Dead, 352 Injured (99 Seriously), 'Bloodbath' Inside Bataclan UPDATED: 9:30 am PT (6:30 AM SUN Paris) Coordinating with French authorities, Belgian officials have made multiple arrests; police and witnesses first noticed Belgian license plates on one of the attacker cars (a rental car). US source says the attacks were hatched in Belgium. Multiple assassins remain at large; it now appears that one or (likely) more arrived into France or surrounding nations via the refugee immigration wave.

    The mass of migration appears to have been the perfect cover, and an ISIS entry method: Ahmad al Mohammad reportedly entered through the Greek island of Leros on October 3rd, among a rush of Syrian refugees issued emergency access. It now appears that the attacks involved three teams executing across 7 attack points, including multiple restaurants, Stade de France soccer stadium, and Le Bataclan concert hall. At Le Bataclan, the body count is currently 87, with many critically injured.

    Late Friday/early Saturday, attendees were mass-murdered by Kalashnikov rifles during an Eagles of Death Metal performance. It was a blood bath it lasted for 10 minutes. Ten horrific minutes where everybody was on the floor covering their head, stated Julien Pearce, a show attendee who climbed onto the stage and was able to escape through an exit.

    Le Bataclan was raided by French police and special forces; four gunman died, two killed themselves after detonating suicide belts. Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, also a member of Eagles of Death Metal) was not at the gig, as he had previously decided not to join the European tour. At the Stade de France, site of the France v.

    Germany soccer game, there were at least three explosions but security was already tightened (partly due to the attendance of president Fran ois Hollande, who was successfully ushered away).

    8 attackers are dead either by self-detonation or shot by police. At least three groups are said to be involved in the attacks; ISIS has taken credit. Holland blamed Islamic extremists and ISIS for this act of war, vowing revenge.

    This is being counted as the biggest attack on France since WWII; post-violence revenge could devolve into warfare or French-led attacks. Separately, Obama and Putin have reportedly discussed next steps given rising (and effective) ISIS attacks worldwide. photo of an empty Bataclan; contributed by Xavier Delamare Couple the night of the attack please update us that these two are ok!

    A summary of the situation. I. Initial Reaction; Statements from Leadership.

    Fran ois Hollande addressed nation early Saturday morning after declaring a state of emergency in France following the massive terrorist attack. International borders were immediately sealed. At Le Bataclan, site of a concert by Eagles of Death Metal, authorities raided the facility after several hours; the scene was described as a bloodbath by one witness at the show.

    It is a horror, Hollande stated. President Obama has urged Americans to stand strong and lent his moral support, though nothing close to the vows for revenge issued by Hollande. Separately, Obama has met with world leaders, most notably Putin, and discussed the situation with Hollande.

    This is an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share, Obama remarked from the White House, while vowing to chase any terrorist networks responsible. Those who think that they can terrorize the people of France or the values that they stand for are wrong, Obama continued. We re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice, and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people.

    Separately, the attack on Paris demonstrates an effective ISIS, with the downing of a Russian aircraft also a victory for the extreme Islamic organization. II. ISIS Takes Credit Who did this?

    We know who these terrorists are, Hollande stated. These terrorists want to make us afraid and seize us with fear This is a nation that defends itself. ISIS celebrations started on Twitter early Saturday morning (#parisburns); the organization claimed credit soon thereafter.

    The attacks on Paris closely follows the drone-based assassination of ISIS leader Jihadi John, though it s unclear if there s a connection. Politicians and the media were dancing around extreme Islamic ties, though this had the markings of extreme Islamic terrorism early on. Multiple reports pointed to the gunmen screaming Allahu akbar (God is great), It s for Syria, and other epithets.

    Kalashnikov rifles were also reportedly used in the attack. III. References to Charlie Hebdo.

    References to the radical Islamic-led attack on the offices of satirical paper Charlie Hebdo were quickly drawn. That attack, in January of this year, involved the gunning down of multiple writers and staff members by Sa d and Ch rif Kouachi, members of a Yemeni Al-Qaeda branch and Islamic extremists. Members of the French police were also killed in that attack, billed as revenge for a cover illustrating and mocking Muhammed and strict Islamic law.

    Over the weekend, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve urged better progress on post-Hebdo enforcement mandates, including tighter security controls, exchange of intelligence between EU nations, and tighter firearm regulations. IV. Situation at Le Bataclan, site of show featuring Eagles of Death Metal.

    The attacks occurred at a show for the Eagles of Death Metal (from Southern California); the mass killings started several songs into the set, with the band apparently escaping backstage fairly quickly. Radio journalist Julien Pearce told CNN that roughly 20 people were initially gunned down inside Le Bataclan arts center, while describing a bloodbath ; that number has now swelled to 87. Shortly after 1 am French time Saturday morning, reports emerged that French police (and possibly special forces) raided the concert hall, killing attackers and pulling out hostages.

    Initially, Eagles were searching for all members of their touring crew. It is now known that at least one member of the support staff has died, while members of the group itself have all survived. The group s location on stage made rear egress easy.

    V. Situation at Stade de France. The situation at the Stade de France was less dire, though a small number have been counted dead.

    Explosions outside the stadium initially confused attendees, many of whom ran onto the field in fear. Fran ois Hollande was attending but was safely ushered away. VI.

    Restaurant Attacks. One of several restaurants attacked by gunman is Le Carillon, in Paris 10th arrondissement. One or more gunmen opened fire in or around the restaurant; 40 reported dead in that attack.

    VII. No Credible Threats Against the US. The United States has not received credible threats of an attack, though major metropolitan areas including New York remain on high alert.

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  • 13 tricks execs have used for meetings REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Steve Jobs in 2010. Americans sit through some 11 million meetings every day 1 , with the unproductive ones costing companies an estimated $37 billion a year. We know that meetings tend to fall apart thanks to sloppy agendas and unclear ground rules, 2 but what makes them successful?

    We researched how some of the most effective executives in history from the late Apple founder Steve Jobs to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg run the meetings that invariably fill their calendars.

    Here's what we found.

    View As: One Page Slides 3 4 References ^ 11 million meetings every day (www.businessinsider.com) ^ We know that meetings tend to fall apart thanks to sloppy agendas and unclear ground rules, (www.businessinsider.com) ^ One Page (www.techinsider.io) ^ Slides (www.techinsider.io)

  • 14 U.S.

    Cities Where Police-Related Deaths Are All African ... Posted at 9:16 PM on December 21, 2015 - By Bossip Staff Categories: Bolitics , Brutality , News 1 2 3 Study Shows 14 U.S. Cities Where Police-Related Deaths Are Exclusively African-American We are fast approaching the end of 2015 and we ve been through a LOT as a people this year. We ve seen far too many of our brothers and sisters killed at the hands of those who have been sworn to serve and protect .

    We came across a study that MappingPoliceViolence 4 recently released that truly saddened us and made us think how far we really have to go in the fight against police bias and brutality. According to the report, there are 14 U.S. cities where 100% of the people killed by police were African-American.

    You read that correctly.

    100%. Every single person killed by the cops was black. Police departments disproportionately killed black people, who were 41% of victims despite being only 20% of the population living in these cities.

    41 of the 60 police departments disproportionately killed black people relative to the population of black people in their jurisdiction.

    14 police departments killed black people exclusively in 2015, 100% of the people they killed were black. For only 5 police departments were 100% of those killed white. Flip the page to see if YOUR city landed on this heartbreaking and head-scratching list.

    Image via Shutterstock Comments blog comments powered by 5 References ^ Bolitics (bossip.com) ^ Brutality (bossip.com) ^ News (bossip.com) ^ MappingPoliceViolence (mappingpoliceviolence.org) ^ blog comments powered by (disqus.com)

  • 17 Famous Beefs And Diss Tracks That Will Hit You Where It Hurts ... When Meek Mill went after Drake 1 , he may have bit off a little more beef 2 than he could chew. But he's just one of many celebs who likes to let the public know about his feuding via some musical entertainment! In case you're planning on releasing your own diss track sometime soon, we recommend taking a look at some other famous matchups set to music.

    Because DAYUM, these celebs love to sing about their beef!

    CLICK HERE 3 to view "17 Famous Beefs And Diss Tracks That Will Hit You Where It Hurts!" CLICK HERE 4 to view "17 Famous Beefs And Diss Tracks That Will Hit You Where It Hurts!" CLICK HERE 5 to view "17 Famous Beefs And Diss Tracks That Will Hit You Where It Hurts!" CLICK HERE 6 to view "17 Famous Beefs And Diss Tracks That Will Hit You Where It Hurts!" CLICK HERE 7 to view "17 Famous Beefs And Diss Tracks That Will Hit You Where It Hurts!" 8 . ] Tags: diss , diss track , drake , feud , meek mill , music 9 10 11 12 13 14 References ^ Drake (perezhilton.com) ^ little more beef (perezhilton.com) ^ CLICK HERE (perezhilton.com) ^ CLICK HERE (perezhilton.com) ^ CLICK HERE (perezhilton.com) ^ CLICK HERE (perezhilton.com) ^ CLICK HERE (perezhilton.com) ^ WENN (www.wenn.com) ^ Browse for diss (perezhilton.com) ^ Browse for diss track (perezhilton.com) ^ Browse for drake (perezhilton.com) ^ Browse for feud (perezhilton.com) ^ Browse for meek mill (perezhilton.com) ^ Browse for music (perezhilton.com)

  • 18-20 March: Fakenham Beer Festival Fakenham s 5th Annual Beer Festival runs from 18th to 20th March. Main sponsor once again is Aldiss and profits from the weekend are shared between the Fakenham Community Centre and the Kick Start Fakenham community group. Around 20 ales and ciders will be available.

    Each cask features the name of a local business which has sponsored the barrel for the event. Also this year, the Norfolk Sloe Company will be running their very popular cocktail bar. Don t forget there will be burger and chips on the menu too!

    The fee of 12.00 gets you a commemmorative pint glass and 6 half pint tokens for ales or soft drinks.

    Opening times are..

    Friday 7pm to 11pm, Saturday 11am to 11pm and Sunday 11am to 2pm Live music is featured throughout the weekend.

  • 2

  • 2 Chainz Addresses C-Murder Diss Track (VIDEO) (AllHipHop News) Earlier this week, 2 Chainz found himself as the target of a diss track 1 recorded by incarcerated rapper C-Murder. On the 2 Stainz song, the former No Limit Records representative called out the Atlanta rhymer for stealing his TRU brand. TMZ caught up with 2 Chainz.

    The Based On A T.R.U. Story album creator downplayed the conflict by making it clear he will not be releasing a response track. Chainz also stated he was a fan of No Limit, but he was never influenced by C-Murder.

    I didn t even listen to it, said Chainz about C s diss record. He added, I m disappointed that he s upset, but I got nothing but love for the man. I hope he can come home and take care of his family.

    I ain t got time to try and kick nobody while they re down.

    Watch 2 Chainz s interview below.

    References ^ diss track (allhiphop.com)

  • 20 Stars Who Dissed Their Own MoviesTHR Social: Boyz in the 'Wood Rappers N.W.A. first enraged America during Reagan. Now Dr.

    Dre is a mogul, Ice Cube is a Hollywood player and "Straight Outta Compton" is a film as they talk Suge Knight, a reunion tour (with Eminem) and how "this movie will keep shinning a light on the police problem" Subscribe Now 1 Never Miss A Story.

    Sign up for our Newsletters 2 .

    Daily PDF Login 3 to download References ^ Subscribe Now (subscribe.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ Newsletters (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ Login (www.hollywoodreporter.com)

  • 23-year-old dies after car crashed into wall (From The Argus) A 23-year-old man has died after crashing into a wall. Police are appealing for witnesses to a crash in which a man died. At about 11.55pm on Saturday a black Toyota Celica being driven by a 23-year-old man from East Grinstead crashed as it travelled south in Wall Hill Road, Ashurstwood.

    The Toyota left the road and hit a wall and the driver sadly died at the scene. Officers are confident they know who the driver is but the victim has not yet been formally identified. The coroner's office has been informed.

    Sergeant Tony Crisp, of Sussex and Surrey roads policing unit, said: "We are keen to speak to anyone who saw the crash happen or who saw the Toyota being driven in the minutes beforehand. "An investigation has been launched to determine exactly what happened. "If you have any information at all, please contact us." Anyone with information should email collision.appeal@sussex.pnn.police.uk quoting Operation Wroxham or call 101.

  • 250,000 U.K.

    Students Using Sugar Daddy App For Luxurious Lifestyle Around a quarter of a million university students in the U.K. are using Seeking Arrangements, a sugar daddy dating app that introduces young women to wealthy men. With the costs of a university education being somewhat daunting these days these girls are looking for ways to enjoy a lifestyle only few can dream of these days.

    Along comes the sugar daddy dating app Seeking Arrangements and the girls apparently can t wait to sign up. Apparently the term student also applies to part-time workers and trainees who are short on cash. According to figures based on email address sign-ups, the app has seen a 40 percent growth in the last year.

    However in their report, the BBC did note that with email sign-ups, some users might have multiple accounts on the sugar daddy dating website 1 . Reportedly it is also unclear just how many of the young women have actively gone out on dates with wealthy older men. As reported by the International Business Times most of the recent sign-ups for the sugar daddy app 2 hail from the University of Kent and the University of Portsmouth.

    Reportedly both institutions are high cost when it comes to both fees and accommodations, thus forcing the students to look for other ways to raise cash while studying. The BBC interviewed Clover Pittilla, 20, from Bournemouth who uses the sugar daddy app. Pittilla explained that the service isn t for everyone and there is a certain standard the girls have to meet.

    She said, They are somewhere in life materially where they want to be and they just want to have fun now. Pittilla did say that people on the sugar daddy dating site are very open about sex. Sometimes, sometimes there is an expectation of sex but they are usually quite forward with that.

    They usually say it straight away. If that s what they want then that is what they want. She continued by saying that if that is not what the student wants, then she doesn t have to do anything, adding, But if they are attractive or whatever and you wouldn t mind, then why not.

    As for the Seeking Arrangements sugar daddy website itself, its founder and CEO Brandon Wade says they offer their clients full security on the site. Unlike other dating websites, it s my commitment to operate our business ethically. This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots.

    Wade continued by saying that when they say there are more women than men on the website, they mean this, adding they can promise each sugar daddy up to four sugar babies, which is definitely in their wealthy clients favor. He further said that the website offers ideal relationships which are honest and upfront. According to Wade they also look after the young women applying to the sugar daddy app, listing available perks such as shopping sprees, paid bills, expensive dinners and exotic vacations, but also pointing out that their sugar daddy mentor can offer the ladies valuable guidance for long-term stability.

    Despite the increase in popularity of the sugar daddy app, some comments made following Pittilla s interview with the BBC compared the dating site to prostitution, which Pittilla says is unfair. Some think it is like prostitution but it really isn t. You don t have to do anything you don t want to do.

    A search on Twitter relating to the Seeking Arrangements sugar daddy app brings up some interesting and often humorous responses from students, which may point to the fact that their studies are getting somewhat interrupted by their dreams of luxury. Photo via Flickr by Romain Drapri/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 4 ] References ^ sugar daddy dating website (www.bbc.co.uk) ^ sugar daddy app (www.ibtimes.co.uk) ^ Flickr (www.flickr.com) ^ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 (creativecommons.org)

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  • 3 Police officers died In Spanish Town crash (GRUESOME ... Three Jamaicans have died following a vehicular crash along Spanish Town Road in Kingston 11 moments before 3pm on Monday. Details of how the accident occurred are unclear at this time, however the area has been cordoned off to facilitate the processing of the scene. The identities of those killed has not been determined.

    Traffic travelling east towards the Mandela Highway from Spanish Town Road has been diverted onto Weymouth Drive, from where motorists can make their way on to Washington Boulevard and then proceed to Mandela Highway.

    According to a release from the Corporate Communications Unit of the JCF, the commuting public has been asked to exercise patience as police personnel, in conjunction with other agencies, work to ensure normalcy is returned as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, persons are being asked to use alternative routes where possible.

  • 3 things we learned about the Falcons The Sports Xchange NEW ORLEANS When the New Orleans Saints traded All-Pro tight end Jimmy Graham to Seattle in the offseason, no one really knew who might emerge as quarterback Drew Brees go-to target, especially in the red zone. On Thursday night, at least, Brees finally discovered who his go-to guy was 12-year NFL veteran Benjamin Watson, a quiet, steady force during the Saints challenging early-season struggles. Watson caught 10 passes for a career-high 127 yards, including a two-yard touchdown on a fourth-down gamble late in the third quarter, and the Saints (2-4) shut down the high-octane Atlanta Falcons offense for a 31-21 victory.

    The Falcons were previously undefeated in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. He s my guy, Brees said of Watson. He s probably one of the greatest teammates you could ever ask for.

    He s a phenomenal workers. He s a great leader. He s everything you d want in a teammate.

    The Saints held the Atlanta offense 11 points under its average, forced two red-zone fumbles to take potential points off the board and blocked a punt for a touchdown, a 4-yard block and scoop by linebacker Michael Mauti that gave New Orleans a 14-0 lead late in the first quarter. The Saints normally anemic pass rush got to Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan five times, forcing three fumbles. Atlanta entered the game as one of the NFL s best with a plus-5 takeaway-turnover margin.

    New Orleans running back Mark Ingram scored twice on runs of 2 and 1 yards, and the Saints rolled up 207 yards of total offense and 17 points in the second half. We needed a win like this against a very good opponent, Brees said. The team played great tonight in all three phases.

    I can t say enough about our defense. They did a phenomenal job. They got a bunch of takeaways, which is big time.

    What we learned about the Falcons: 1. The Falcons were the first team in NFL history to start the season 5-0 despite trailing in the fourth quarter in four of those five games. However, their slow starts finally caught up with them, in part because of three turnovers, two of them coming in the red zone.

    It s just ball security, quarterback Matt Ryan said. I thought we moved the ball really efficiently the entire night. We had a couple of scoring chances where we ended up turning the football over.

    And when you do that, in this building, going up against this team, it s extremely difficult to overcome that.

    2. Despite the Saints injury-plagued offensive line, the Falcons could not put much pressure on Drew Brees, who was sacked only once for an 8-yard loss. The Falcons entered the game with just six sacks in five games, which ranked 28th in the NFL.

    Even when Brees was pressured, he made great plays with his feet, scooping the ball once to Mark Ingram, turning a sack into a 7-yard gain.

    3. Wide receiver Roddy White has been missing in action this season, but he finally broke through with a 7-yard touchdown catch behind cornerback Brandon Browner. That score snapped White s seven-game scoreless drought.

    However, White was upset with the offense s sloppiness. We ve got to play better than that, White said. I felt like we did a heck of a job the first three games taking care of the ball.

    But in these last two games, we haven t. We left the defense out there too long tonight. We had way too many three-and-outs.

    Etc. RB Devonta Freeman produced 100 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries and added 56 yards and a touchdown on eight catches, showcasing his north-south ability. He leads the NFL with nine rushing TDs and 10 overall touchdowns.

    QB Matt Ryan completed 30 of 44 passes for 295 yards with two scoring passes and no interceptions, but he was sacked five times for 32 yards in losses and was pushed off his mark several other times in the second half. The first-half fumble he lost was not his fault, however, because C James Stones scraped his own leg with the shotgun snap. LB Paul Worrilow appeared to be suckered on the Saints fourth-and-goal gamble at the 2-yard line late in the third quarter.

    New Orleans QB Drew Brees faked a handoff to RB Mark Ingram, and Worrilow sucked in to stop the run, leaving TE Benjamin Watson wide open to haul in a key touchdown pass.

    S William Moore was seen jawing at Worrilow after the mental mistake.

  • 4

  • 4 Problems with Krypt3ia's Krampus List I like Scot Krypt3ia Terban. The security researcher has a crotchety communication method I enjoy, and I read his posts a lot. I especially enjoy when he goes after security vendors for FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).

    So when he released his annual Krampus List 1 a naughty list for the security community I read it and laughed a lot. But as I read through it, I found some of it mean spirited. By the end I found myself in a familiar quandary: How could I laugh and be disgusted at the same time?

    My brain has always been a mass of contradictions, and this is just another example. There s a razor-thin line between good-natured jabs and outright venom. From my perspective, picking on Boris Sverdlick because he took his third job in two years and moved his family across the country for the third time was a good-natured ribbing.

    He has switched jobs a lot and there s nothing wrong with that. You gotta go where your heart takes you. But when his adventures are chronicled on Facebook, his friends myself included like to pick on him, as good friends often do.

    He gives as good as he gets. Picking on Kelly Lum ( @aloria 2 ) for narcissistic drama and a lack of contributing to the community? That was pretty shitty.

    Sure, her posts can be dramatic, but the same can be said about most of us. Hell, my posts have been all about family deaths and unfinished family business 3 all year. I m sure some of you don t like it, but that s what has been on my mind and you re welcome to unfriend me any time.

    Kelly has been open and honest about dealing with mental illness. She s done her day job well despite all that and has set a good example for the rest of us. Whine all you want about her not contributing to the community.

    In my book, the example she sets is a big contribution. But there are bigger problems with Scot s list: It s made up of anonymous submissions. It s easy to rip on someone when nobody knows who you are: You don t have to back your comments up.

    You don t have to worry about being attacked in kind. That s awfully convenient and cowardly. People who make the comments almost certainly spread their own drama.

    The worst hypocrisy is the kind where the hypocrite doesn t show their face. People love to bitch about a lack of contribution to the security community. I find that odd, because if you re doing your job well, you are contributing to the community.

    Terban endorses all the comments. Though it s made up of anonymous submissions, Terban collects them and distributes them, essentially endorsing the mudslinging. When a lot of people are criticized for talking shit and spreading drama, Terban is spraying bullets inside a glass house.

    Infosec is hard. The people it attracts can be difficult to work with, myself included. Since we re connected to each other by Facebook and Twitter, we re exposed to each other s personal drama.

    None of us are perfect. We all have different ways of contributing to the community, and what s useless to one person is valuable to another. Laugh all you like at the Krampus List.

    But if you don t see some of yourself in there, you might be part of the problem.

    References ^ Krampus List (krypt3ia.wordpress.com) ^ @aloria (twitter.com) ^ family deaths and unfinished family business (theocddiaries.com)

  • 4 Sacadas para Você Dominar ACL em Certificações Cisco | Blog ... Tempo de leitura: 15 minutos Voc j pensou porque ACL assusta tanto quando estamos come ando a aprender as configura es do Cisco IOS para uma certifica o? Eu mesmo tenho que confessar que cheguei a passar vergonha na minha primeira aula de ACL a muito tempo atr s Foi em 2002 na minha primeira turma de CCNA aqui em Curitiba quando trabalhava no SENAI. Mas de l para c passaram-se muitos anos, muitas turmas, v deos, perguntas de alunos e por isso resolvi revelar quatro dicas que aprendi e ajudam muito a voc perder o medo para virar o jogo e dominar o assunto ACL.

    Nesse artigo voc vai aprender os seguintes pontos para ajudar a destruir em um exerc cio de ACL: Ah, no final do artigo deixei um PDF com o resumo dos comandos para cria o de ACLs IP Padr o e as principais portas TCP/UDP para os exames Cisco. L gica de Encaminhamento dos Pacotes IP Antes de tentar entender os comandos e criar Access Control Lists voc deve (deve com D mai sculo) entender como os pacotes IP s o encaminhados na rede. Por exemplo, voc sabe como um acesso de um cliente da sua rede LAN a um servidor HTTP para buscar uma p gina da Web localizado na Internet?

    Se voc n o sabe responder essa pergunta em termos de fluxo dos pacotes IP e segmentos TCP ent o importante que voc primeiro resolva esse passo nos seus estudos. Voc deve estar se perguntando: Mas porque? . A resposta simples uma ACL ou Lista de Controle de Acesso utilizada para filtrar pacotes conforme caracter sticas do tr fego utilizando campos do pacote IP ou do segmento TCP ou datagrama UDP, portanto se voc n o sabe como se d o fluxo de pacotes na rede como vai criar ou interpretar uma ACL?

    Lembre-se que maioria das aplica es no TCP/IP s o do tipo cliente/servidor , ou seja, um cliente requisita um servi o e tem uma reposta do servidor. Que servi os s o esses? S o os protocolos da camada de aplica o tais como DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, IMAP, Telnet, SSH, SNMP e muitos outros, por m esses que citei s o os mais quentes para as certifica es iniciais como CCENT, ICND-2 e CCNAX (CCNA Routing and Switching).

    Voc n o precisa saber como funciona cada um deles, suas mensagens e coisas desse tipo, apenas precisa saber se eles utilizam TCP ou UDP na camada de transporte e que porta utilizada para criar e interpretar um exerc cio ou simulador de ACL. Por exemplo, o HTTP utiliza o TCP como protocolo de transporte atrav s da porta 80, j o TFTP utiliza UDP na porta 69. Deixei a lista desses protocolos relacionados a porta TCP/UDP no PDF para download no final do artigo, n o se preocupe em sair procurando nada agora, continue lendo e estudando comigo o artigo, ok?

    Tem 4 coisas que voc deve lembrar na comunica o dos protocolos TCP e UDP: O TCP orientado a conex o, por isso antes de dois dispositivos trocarem dados da camada de aplica o eles precisam sincronizar com o processo de Handshake de tr s vias (SYN > SYN/ACK > ACK). Quando o TCP abre uma conex o sempre o primeiro segmento tem o flag ACK igual a zero e o SYN setado em 1, permitindo que voc identifique quando algu m deseja abrir conex o com seu computador. O UDP n o orientado a conex o, por isso quando preciso enviar algo via protocolo UDP o computador de origem manda os dados, desculpe a brincadeira mas, sem frescuras Manda e acabou, simples assim.

    Tanto o TCP como o UDP utilizam n meros de portas para identificar os servi os e conex es dentro do pr prio computador e no servidor remoto. Portanto com esse n mero de porta que identificamos um servi o dentro de uma regra, por exemplo, se quero bloquear acesso Web basta bloquear a porta 80 do protocolo TCP. Ent o vamos fazer o caminho de um fluxo de dados com o que aprendemos at agora, ok?

    Por exemplo, voc abriu um navegador e quer acessar uma p gina de Internet. Primeiro seu computador deve resolver o nome da URL que voc digitou para um endere o IP, ele faz via DNS. Essa requisi o DNS utiliza o protocolo UDP na porta 53, por m e agora?

    O que o UDP faz para que isso seja encaminhado na rede? Simples, passa para o protocolo IP, ou seja, tanto para TCP como para UDP n o existe op o de envio, ambos enviar o suas informa es para o protocolo IP encaminhar na rede. No protocolo IP montado um pacote com o endere o de origem do computador, que est na pr pria placa de rede configurado normalmente via DHCP, e tamb m o endere o do DNS do seu provedor de Internet.

    Pronto, agora o protocolo IP finaliza o pacote com o IP de origem e destino, empacota junto o que ele recebeu do UDP ou TCP e manda pela camada de acesso aos meios, ou seja, normalmente atrav s da sua placa de rede com fio ou sem fio, dependendo do seu computador. Essa informa o navega pela rede, roteada ao servidor de destino que deve processar a informa o (seu pedido ou requisi o) e devolver uma resposta. Aqui vem outro ponto muito importante, o retorno da resposta !

    Agora no servidor o que era origem no TCP/UDP e IP vira destino, por exemplo, ele recebeu um pacote com seu IP de origem e uma porta UDP sua tamb m de origem pedindo o IP da URL digitada no navegador, certo? Na hora do servidor devolver a resposta o IP de origem do pacote dele ser o endere o do servidor e a porta de origem a porta 53, j o IP e porta UDP de destino ser o seus endere os, os do seu computador. Por que isso importante para cria o de regras de ACL?

    Pense um pouco Se seu gerente pede para voc bloquear acesso ao e-mail convencional via POP3, que utiliza TCP na porta 110, o que voc vai fazer? Por exemplo, pode bloquear na sa da da sua rede quaisquer pacotes que tentem deixar a rede via protocolo TCP na porta 110. Se voc colocar a mesma regra na entrada da rede n o vai surtir efeito, pois os pacotes ser o de retorno e nesse caso a porta TCP ser uma porta alta do seu computador, ou seja, n o funciona!

    Dedique um tempo para entender o fluxo de informa es TCP e UDP na sua rede, vale a penas n o s para o exame de certifica o, mas tamb m para que voc consiga resolver problemas de rede mais facilmente. #Ficaadica como falam nas redes sociais! O pr ximo passo, depois de saber como os pacotes s o enviados na rede, criar regras, entender o que s o regras e os tipos que podemos criar utilizando ACL, por isso relaxe e vamos em frente porque isso que vamos estudar a seguir. Criar e Interpretar as Regras de Filtragem As listas de controle de acesso ou ACL mais cobrada nos exames iniciais da Cisco pode ser de dois tipos: ACL IP Padr o e ACL IP Estendida.

    A ACL IP padr o a mais simples das duas, sendo que ela s filtra pela endere o IP de origem do pacote, mais nada. Ent o uma aplica o para esse tipo de lista de controle de acesso seria negar ou permitir acesso a sub-redes espec ficas a uma regi o da rede. A regra seria simples, por exemplo, permitir (permit) ou negar (deny) acesso a pacotes cuja rede IP de origem seja, por exemplo.

    J com uma ACL estendida voc pode criar regras mais complexas, podendo fazer sua filtragem utilizando v rios par metros, sendo que os mais importantes s o: Endere os, redes ou sub-redes IP de origem Endere os, redes ou sub-redes IP de destino Portas TCP de origem Portas TCP de destino Estado da conex o TCP (verificar flag ACK) Portas UDP de origem Portas UDP de destino O importante sobre as regras criadas com ACL, seja ela padr o ou estendida, s o interpretadas na sequ ncia, da primeira regra criada para a ltima, por isso a ordem das batatas aqui afeta a maionese . Se voc quer bloquear o acesso a Internet via HTTP e antes coloca uma regra que libera toda e qualquer conex o o HTTP nunca ser bloqueado, concorda? Al m disso, no final da ACL o Cisco IOS coloca uma nega o impl cita (deny impl cito), ou seja, n o importa quantas regras voc crie no final vai ter um bloqueia tudo .

    Isso muito importante, pois se voc s criar regras de nega o e aplicar a uma interface simplesmente NADA vai passar, como colocar um cadeado na interface. Normalmente fazemos regras que bloqueiam tudo e liberam somente o que permitido ou permite tudo e bloqueia o que n o permitido. No primeiro caso voc precisar colocar uma permiss o pelo menos no final para n o travar a interface, j no segundo caso n o preciso, pois voc vai criar regras de libera o e o bloqueio j est impl cito no final da ACL.

    Voc pode utilizar uma tabela que utilizamos em nossos cursos para o CCENT 1 e CCNA Security 2 , veja exemplo a seguir e a tabelinha de regras na sequ ncia. Por exemplo, um exerc cio pede para criar uma ACL que permita que apenas o host acesse o servidor SMTP com endere o, al m disso nesse mesmo servidor temos o servi o de HTTP que pode ser acessado por quaisquer redes. Outro requisito que a rede acesse quaisquer servidores HTTP sem restri o.

    Os demais tr fegos devem ser negados. Veja abaixo a tabela com as regras na sequ ncia solicitada, mas nem sempre vai ser assim, fiz desse jeito s para ficar mais did tico. Essa tabela representa cada linha que vamos ter que criar no Cisco IOS para configura o da ACL.

    Ent o quando um pacote for testado frente a essa lista de controle de acesso ele verifica cada linha e se bater o teste ele faz a a o configurada de permitir ou negar a entrada ou sa da do pacote, simples assim, s duas op es ap s o teste. Por exemplo, se o pacote com origem quiser acessar o servidor pela porta TCP 110 que POP3 ele vai ser testado na primeira regra e n o bate, pois ela testa a origem Na segunda regra a origem bate (qualquer origem), o destino tamb m (, o protocolo tamb m (TCP), mas a porta n o, ent o vai para a pr xima linha.

    A origem n o bate tamb m, pois na regra tem que ser ( a 10.254) e vai para a pr xima linha. Agora d o match ou bate a regra, pois ela diz que quando chegar ali qualquer origem ou destino ou protocolo ou porta vai ser negado, por isso o pacote n o entra ou n o sai da rede, depende de como foi aplicada a lista na interface. Note que se conseguir montar uma tabela dessas a partir das especifica es do exerc cio ou de um cliente que voc est atendendo fica muito f cil traduzir essas regras em comandos de ACL no Cisco IOS.

    Na sequ ncia vamos estudar sobre a m scara curinga, pois na hora de selecionar redes as ACLs n o utilizam a m scara de rede normal. M scara Curinga Antes de come ar a traduzir suas regras em ACL saiba que ela n o usa a m scara normal de rede ou sub-rede, ao inv s disso a ACL usa uma m scara curinga ou Wildcard Mask para selecionar redes, sub-redes e endere os espec ficos. Tem gente que chama a m scara curinga de m scara invertida , mas eu particularmente n o gosto de chamar assim, pois ela invertida em alguns casos apenas.

    Na m scara de sub-rede o bit 1 indica rede e zero indica a por o de host, j na m scara curinga o 1 indica que nada precisa ser testado, j deu match ou bateu, e o bit zero indica que o bit do pacote IP deve ser igual ao do que voc indicou na ACL. Por exemplo, uma ACL IP padr o configurada com e m scara curinga exige que o IP de origem do pacote IP seja id ntico a, pois todos os seus bits s o zero e indicam que TUDO precisa bater ou dar match. Se fizermos ao contr rio, colocando com a m scara curinga (tudo 1) qualquer coisa que vier no pacote IP passa, pois o 1 na m scara curinga indica que vale tudo para a ACL.

    Maioria dos exerc cios utilizam redes ou sub-redes, nesse caso s inverter a m scara de rede que voc tem a m scara curinga, at por isso que muita gente a chama de m scara invertida . Por exemplo, para selecionar a rede ( utilizamos a m scara curinga, o inverso do /24, ficando . Isso serve para quaisquer redes ou sub-redes IP.

    Al m disso, para facilitar a vida do pessoal de infra de redes quando queremos selecionar todas as redes podemos utilizar o mnem nico any e para selecionar um endere o espec fico podemos utilizar o host . Por exemplo, quero permitir todas as redes: permit any . Agora quero apenas o endere o do computador permit host .

    Dire o do Tr fego nas Interfaces A ACL pode ser aplicada a uma interface ou ent o dentro de outras configura es como sele o de redes, por exemplo, para identificar que redes podem fazer parte do processo do OSPFv2 no comando network . Quando aplicamos uma ACL em uma interface para fazer filtragem de pacotes podemos fazer isso em duas dire es: in bound ou out bound. No Cisco IOS essas dire es s o indicadas como in e out .

    Para facilitar memorize que o IN o que est entrando na interface, j o OUT o tr fego que sai da interface do roteador ou switch. Veja a figura abaixo para facilitar o entendimento. Portanto o processo completo criar a ACL e depois aplicar em uma interface.

    Por exemplo, o exerc cio pede para voc bloquear acesso a um servidor que est conectado rede F0/0 do roteador R1 da figura, onde voc aplicaria essa interface? Veja que ele tem tr s interfaces. Pense um pouco antes de ver a resposta Tem duas op es de resolu o.

    Ou aplicamos em ambas as seriais na entrada (IN) ou apenas na sa da da LAN (F0/0 OUT). Na realidade a segunda op o a mais correta, pois um comando apenas e fica mais leve para o roteador analisar a lista em apenas uma interface. No final do artigo vou indicar tr s artigos com exemplos de ACLs IP padr o, estendida e temporizada, assim voc vai poder analisar casos mais reais e ver em pr tica o que estudou nesse artigo.

    N o esque a baixar o PDF comandos para criar ACLs IP Padr o e principais portas TCP e UDP para o CCNAX 200-120, CCENT e ICND-2. Exemplos de Cria o de ACL Agora veja esses conceitos aplicados a exemplos de ACLs na pr tica lendo tr s artigos que vou indicar a seguir. muito importante que ao ler esses artigos voc visualize o que aprendeu aqui sobre tr fego, regras, m scara curinga e dire o da ACL nas interfaces, pois assim tenho certeza que o assunto vai clarear as d vidas que voc eventualmente tenha ficado.

    Seguem abaixo os artigos indicados com exemplos de cria o de ACL: Exemplo de ACL IP Padr o 3 Exemplo de ACL IP Estendida 4 Exemplo de ACL Temporizada (Time Based) 5 Se voc quer mais ajuda pode escolher tornar-se um Membro Premium DlteC 6 e ter acesso ao curso CCNA CCENT e CCNA Security para aprender ACL definitivamente, al m disso sendo Membro Premium 7 voc poder tirar suas d vidas diretamente comigo ou com um dos nossos tutores, o que voc acha da ideia? Clique aqui e saiba mais sobre o plano Premium 8 . Espero que o artigo tenha sido til e aguardo seus coment rios, d vidas e sugest es no final dessa p gina na rea de coment rios!

    s descer a p gina que est l embaixo Claro que voc tamb m pode usar os bot es de compartilhamento se achar que o artigo vai ajudar seus amigos. Compartilhando voc pode ajudar seus amigos e nos ajudar a transmitir conhecimento para o m ximo de profissionais ou futuros profissionais da rea! Que a for a esteja com voc e at um pr ximo artigo!

    References ^ CCENT (site.dltec.com.br) ^ CCNA Security (site.dltec.com.br) ^ Exemplo de ACL IP Padr o (www.dltec.com.br) ^ Exemplo de ACL IP Estendida (www.dltec.com.br) ^ Exemplo de ACL Temporizada (Time Based) (www.dltec.com.br) ^ Membro Premium DlteC (www.site.dltec.com.br) ^ Membro Premium (www.site.dltec.com.br) ^ Clique aqui e saiba mais sobre o plano Premium (www.site.dltec.com.br)

  • 49ers/Vikings Fans Brawl — Security Guard to the Rescue …Hero to ... Security Guard to the Rescue Hero to Be Honored 9/15/2015 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF Exclusive Details A pack of vicious and cowardly 49ers fans bashed in a Vikings fan s face during a chaotic melee outside the Monday night game, and if not for one brave security guard the Vikes fan might be dead. The video of the brawl is heinous the Vikings fan is already down on the ground outside Levi Stadium when the Niners backers continue unloading on him kicking and punching him in the head and body. It s brutal.

    But you also see the guard run into the middle of the fray even though he s way undersized and scramble around the victim. He eventually succeeded in breaking up the fight. Honchos at the security company tell TMZ Sports their staffer, who was Johnny-on-the-spot, is one of their star employees so they re not shocked he stepped up.

    They also say they re planning to honor his heroism.

    As for the parking lot attackers Santa Clara PD says they re still trying to ID the suspects, based on the video and witnesses.

  • 5

  • 5 Diss Tracks That Make You Feel Bad For The Victim ~ Blerds OnlineSometimes diss tracks are funny. Sometimes they're just an airing of grievances. Sometimes they're so serious people die.

    Sometimes they let people know playtime in the beef is over. When shit gets real you come away with some of the most vicious diss tracks in history. When I say viscous I mean sometimes people died.

    Sometimes people considered murder. Sometimes people considered suicide. These disses are not to be taken lightly and most were the disses that ended the beef or at least sent them into cold war mode.

    Well, as you saw in the NWA movie, they wanted to kill Ice Cube for this. It's really their own fault but you can't help but feel bad for them. Ice Cube left and didn't mumble a bad word about NWA.

    Then they had to diss Ice Cube. It's only right that he would respond. It's just he responded in such a vicious way that you felt like NWA were the victims.

    NWA picked the fight but it was like David picking a fight with Goliath but he forgot to bring the slingshot. So Goliath just stepped on David and then kicked him across the equator. This wasn't a verbal assault it was a massacre.

    He left the bodies of NWA and Jerry Heller laid across the floor in a bloody heap. Now, if only he had some of that fire left before Common sent him running to Hollywood. Eminem - Nail In The Coffin Benzino is an 83 year old fake Al Pacino.

    I don't even know why Benzino and Source Magazine started calling out Eminem. I just know it was a bad move. It was especially bad because Benzino decided to start beef with Eminem, 50 Cent as well Ruff Ryders and Murder Inc.

    Benzino was trying to make his name in rap music through beef and it just turned bad. In fact he lost his neck in the beef. He aged 33 years in these beefs and his rap career never took off.

    Eminem is white if you didn't know. He's said it over and over again the only reason he sold so many records is because he's white. But he's always there to call white people on their hypocrisy like his song White America 1 .

    Benzino spent the a lot of time telling Eminem he was white and could never know what it was like being black. Eminem responded by listing some of the problems he's had because he was white in a overwhelmingly black genre then finishing it with " What you know about being bullied over half your life? Oh that's right, you should know what that's like, you're half white. " Benzino was using all of the sources assets to fuel his beefs and it didn't work.

    He tried to make this a black vs white thing and Eminem pulled his white card. He didn't just pull Benzino's he pulled Dave Mays too by mentioning The Source was owned by a white man. So Benzino hyping it up as a black business just wasn't true.

    Eminem's mom has sued him and a few others. She was a little lawsuit happy back in the past. However Eminem stated she wouldn't waste time suing Benzino even if he slapped her because Benzino has no money.

    Eminem also stated Benzino is old an homeless. Notice Benzino still can't sell records and has turned to reality shows while The Source Magazine is no longer around. DJ Quick - Dollaz and Sense The year is 1991 and DJ Quick has been creating a name for himself and people are noticing.

    He's quickly skyrocketing to the top of West Coast rap music. But, it doesn't come without haters. MC Eiht was one of those haters.

    That's what it was. He was upset about some inconsequential line Quick had said on a mixtape. He decided to release like a hundred diss songs and got no response from Quick.

    Then he decided to diss Quick's girlfriend on stage at a concert and that's when shit went downhill for Eiht and his career never recovered. DJ Quick dropped Dollaz and Sense and it was a funeral for Eiht's career. DJ Quick brought a swift end to Eiht's career with this.

    Eiht dropped a few more diss tracks but never got a response because how do you respond to " I never had my dick sucked by a man before but you gonna be the first you little trick ass ho, then you can tell me just how it taste, but before I nut I shoot some piss in your face ." You can't come back from someone calling you out for spelling your name wrong: " Givin your set a bad name wit your misspelled name E-I-H-T, now should I continue yeah you left out the G cause the G ain't in you ." The track has 4 verses and includes some verified stories. DJ Quick squashed the beef at an airport with a scared Eiht and then got another diss track for being cordial with him. Then he tells a story about Eiht getting car jacked in the hood that he claims.

    It's not surprising people have never heard of MC Eiht because his career was killed before it really got started.' "Even his own mama know, Radric Davis a bitch," those are the words that define Gucci Mane's career to many people. Those were the words Young Jeezy spoke on stay strapped. The fact is Gucci Mane was not paying Jeezy for all those features.

    He was also stealing some of them for his mixtapes. One track "Icy" actually became a hit and despite being credited as a writer and having a guest verse, Jeezy never got a dime for it. It was also supposed to be on his debut album.

    Jeezy was tired of that so he took it to music. At one point in the song he promises to pay whoever brings him Gucci Mane's chain. Someone actually died trying to collect it.

    Despite rumors of the man being a close friend of Jeezy's the man was simply signed to Jeezy's label and couldn't even get a feature. Afterwards Gucci kept dropping diss tracks until Jeezy responded with "24,23" stating the beef was over after that. From that point on Gucci was feuding with an imaginary Jeezy.

    Gucci says the beef is over and he's recording with Jeezy. Jeezy says nothing. Jeezy takes a picture with Wacka Flocka and there goes Gucci with more disses.

    It's 2014 now and Gucci is challenging Jeezy to a fight for $100,000. No response from Jeezy. More diss tracks.

    Gucci says he could "never see myself making music with Jeezy ever again." After some more diss tracks as well as poking and prodding in interviews Jeezy finally responds after almost a decade of silence he simply states "Gucci Mane is retarded." Sauce Walka - Wack 2 Wack Look man, Sauce Walka has a legitimate beef. Drake did come to Houston. He did steal the slang.

    He did steal the style of the music. To this day the only rapper from Texas he has ever done a song with is Bun B. Drake probably did promise a lot of Texas rappers songs.

    Hell, he ended up singing hooks on a few Bun B songs because he basically stole a beat Bun had already payed for. Drake is shady as fuck when it comes to Houston. Sauce Walka is hardly even the first rapper from Texas to call him out for his bullshit either.

    Outside of Texas a lot of people have no idea who Sauce Walka or The Sauce Twinz are. Because of that they tried to dismiss it as just hate but it's not. Everything he said is valid and that's why no artist from Texas has come to defend Drake.

    You don't even have to like his music to know that everything he says is valid. When Drake decided to steal his dance it became a serious problem and that's when Sauce Walka took to it to the studio. Despite what Rap Genius might tell you, he killed Drake on this song.

    Here's some excerpts that are all true. Meek Mill take notes. " At Treasures spending your money on these bitches, little perv and I ain't talking bout dancers, you was paying for pussy. " You may be asking how he knows Drake was paying prostitutes. Don't worry. " You was too busy fucking Jhonni Blaze bare skin, uhhh, buddy got that hot dick, tried to keep it secret but Lil Blaze had them hot lips ," Jhonni Blaze is a well known stripper and prostitute in Houston and this is not the first time she's been mentioned on a track.

    How do we know Drake was with her? Because she had to call the police on him. She also stated " I should have used protection 2 " when talking about her relationship with Drake.

    She also had to file a police report because of him making threats. Not a good look Drake. " What kinda man let another man pee on him? You kissed Madonna after everybody peed on her, " It has been confirmed T.I.s friend did indeed pee on Drake.

    Madonna is also very open about her pee fetish. " Since when is it cool to use steroids, " we gonna act like 2015 hasn't seen Drake looking like Hulk Hogan over night? Okay. " Don't piss off Serena before she turn you to Tina, " Serena is from Compton. Don't forget it Drake.

    She can take you. As her ex Common told you " You ain't wet nobody, you Canada Dry ." Damn Drake, better call Mr. Miller to help you out on this one.

    Don't let the fans tell you that he doesn't have your number. He also told a story about you missing shows because you were dodging him after lying about giving the Sauce Twinz a verse. Not cool Aubry.

    AND HE DID IT ON YOUR BEAT You can hear Darrell on the CP Time 3 and Powerbomb Jutsu 4 podcasts.

    He also plays classic arcade games on The Cabinet 5 Follow @OriginalKingD 6 References ^ White America (www.youtube.com) ^ I should have used protection (www.youtube.com) ^ CP Time (www.blerdsonline.com) ^ Powerbomb Jutsu (www.blerdsonline.com) ^ The Cabinet (www.youtube.com) ^ Follow @OriginalKingD (twitter.com)

  • 5 Family Tickets East Anglian Game & Country Fair The 2015 East Anglian Game & Country Fair will take place on Saturday the 25 th & Sunday the 26 th April, at The Norfolk Showground, Norwich. Iceni Post has teamed up with the East Anglian Game & Country Fair to provide you with the chance to win one of five family tickets. The Five entries drawn out of the hat were from: Beccles x 2, Kings Lynn, Stowmarket, & Great Yarmouth Entry closing date was 31st March 2015 But you still have time to Save Money by Booking in Advance!

    Advance Discounted Ticket Prices Adult 13.00 Children 5-16 Years 5.00 Family (2 Adults & 3 Children 5-16yrs) 36.00 Under 5 s Free A 2 booking fee applies per transaction. (Closing date for advance discounted tickets 20/04/15) If you would like to speak to one of our team about tickets, camping or membership please feel free to call us on 01263 735 828 or email info@ukgamefair.co.uk 1 The East Anglian Game & Country Fair is an annual two day, family event set in glorious parkland at the Norfolk Showground, Norwich. We welcome world class events and attractions to the Norfolk Showground each year. Whether it s watching the main arena or countryside arena displays, seeing the forestry village with cutting and pole climbing competitions, joining in with your dog at the K9 Aqua Dog pool, shopping at the 300 tradestands or relaxing with a glass of bubbly at the members enclosure.

    We hope you will find something for the whole family to enjoy at the show, including your dog. Visit our show events and attractions pages online to view a selection of the fantastic displays on offer at the Game Fair. www.ukgamefair.co.uk 2 See more details about the fair here 3 advert We can promote your business 4 every week on the Iceni Post!

    Related References ^ info@ukgamefair.co.uk (icenipost.com) ^ www.ukgamefair.co.uk (www.ukgamefair.co.uk) ^ East Anglian Game & Country Fair, April 25th & 26th 2015 (icenipost.com) ^ business (icenipost.com)

  • 50 Cent disparages Irv Gotti's father in a new social media post. by Soren Baker on January 23rd 2016 | Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk, 50 Cent writes to Irv Gotti. "Let s get to it no more IG.

    50 Cent disparages Irv Gotti s father in a new social media post. Gotti and Meek Mill 1 have responded. IRV said he a grown ma and his father 82 years old, 50 Cent wrote on an Instagram post that has been deleted.

    VladTV 2 captured an alleged screen shot of the post. Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk. Let s get to it no more IG.

    Irv Gotti responded to 50 Cent s comment with a post touting his father. "You know it seemed like the in thing to do in the 70's if you was a Black Man was to leave and abandon your kid! Irv Gott wrote on Instagram yesterday (January 22). "Like all my niggas did not know there fathers. It's crazy.

    But real. So I feel the need to go harder for my Dad. My Dad never had any real money.

    He struggled to put food on the table. BUT HE WAS THERE. HE NEVER LEFT.

    One of the strongest qualities I picked up from him is that! Things isn't going right. Nothing makes sense.



    100%. And when it is all said and done. Everyone named LORENZO will be GOOD.

    Because of the struggle he survived. And now his SON will do it for him!! #happybirthdaypoppi . Meek Mill commented on Irv Gotti s post.

    Let him drown hisself he showing his cards! the Philadelphia rapper wrote in a screen shot captured by VladTV.

    50 Cent then took a screen shot of the MMG rapper s comments and made his own post, which was posted by VladTV. I see you bitch you don t want no parts of me girl, 50 Cent wrote.

    I m watching you, now be the same when I see you. This round of exchanges started after Meek Mill asked Irv Gotti 3 on Instagram to provide proof that 50 Cent ratted on members of Murder Inc. to the police when they beat him up in 2000.

    Irv Gotti then provided a copy of a document 4 that labeled 50 Cent by his given name, Curtis Jackson, as an informant.

    The image contained an image of a rat with 50 Cent s head on it.

    The posts from 50 Cent, Irv Gotti and Meek Mill are as follows: For more information on 50 Cent, who disparages Irv Gotti s father in a new social media post, watch the following DX Daily: References ^ Meek Mill (hiphopdx.com) ^ VladTV (www.vladtv.com) ^ Irv Gotti (hiphopdx.com) ^ Irv Gotti then provided a copy of a document (hiphopdx.com)

  • 50 Cent Empire Diss Reaction Similar to Donnie McClurkin 1 , 50 Cent was an unsolicited name drop on yesterday s premiere for the second season of FOX s Empire . While it is unknown whether or not the Power executive producer was tuned in like 16 million other people , it s a definite that the news he was mentioned got back to him. 2 At the start of the show, Taraji P. Henson s character Cookie Lyon glanced at her phone and spat 50 Cent still taking jabs at us.

    Look at what he put on the Gram. Thirsty-ass, a direct response to all the social media outbursts 3 the G-Unit boss has fired at his primetime rival. With the opportunity for a story like this one here too good to pass up, 50 took to his Instagram while in the studio and gave several responses.

    Can t believe Cookie would say some shit like that about me, he said, pretending to be astonished. Thirsty, me? Thirsty?

    C mon. You stupid? In another he seen he quotes: Man, me and Cookie go way back, he says.

    You know I hit that. It s unclear whether he s talking about his Power character Kanan in a parallel universe or the actual Curtis Jackson at this point, but whatever. He also posted a meme of Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikora as Ghost and Tommy with a caption that read, F*ck Empire , tell em we said and another video where he pretended to be Empire s director a.k.a.

    Lee Daniels and was very explicit in making sure the man-to-man kiss scenes were on point. It s all in good fun for the sport of competition. Hit the next two pages for more of the 50 Cent Empire comedy hour.

    Photo: WENN References ^ to Donnie McClurkin (hiphopwired.com) ^ in like 16 million other people (deadline.com) ^ all the social media outbursts (hiphopwired.com)

  • 50 Cent Is Team Drake In The Meek Mill Vs.

    Drake Rap Beef In the midst of heated beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mil 1 l, hip hop veterans are popping up left and right to take sides. In 50 Cent s case, the beef, which was initiated by Meek Mill when he made a shocking statement that Drake has used a ghostwriter throughout his entire career, Drake is the better man. Surprisingly, 50 Cent s stance is not based on talent at all, but instead is based on business.

    According to a recent radio interview on St. Louis 104.1 FM, 50 Cent feels that Meek Mill is acting out a marketing scheme to sell his records. Meek Mill is in danger and soon there will be no Meek Mill to save.

    This is your time to make a change, jokingly reads the site that is actually taking donations. Rapper 50 Cent like many others in the industry, is against ghostwriting completely. During his interview, he was asked if he himself has ever employed a secret rhyme writer.

    While the rapper and business man admitted to sharing bars with fellow G-Unit artists, he claims to have never had writers. I wrote everything. One time I took a line on Straight To The Bank.

    Because Tony Yayo did the chorus while we were just chilling in the studio he said that. And then I copied the sound that he did but we in the room, we playing around, we writing. That s different than somebody writing your song.

    Keeping the interview interesting, 50 Cent of course made a mention of Nicki Minaj who is engaged to Meek Mill but has reportedly 2 broken off the engagement once Meek dissed her fellow Young Money associate Drake. Vibe magazine recently reported 3 that 50 Cent has information that Nicki Minaj was well aware of Drake s ghostwriter but simply refused to speak about it to the media. I would think that he would be conscious of Nicki before he would say something when you know Nicki and Drake have a relationship, 50 said.

    Even if you just heard it randomly, you would be talking to her before you said something publicly about it. Obviously, she shares the same views because she hasn t responded to it publicly. You don t know because you ve got to watch itself play it out, but I would assume that he would ve said something to her first.

    As rumors have been around for years that Nicki Minaj and Drake had something romantic going on, other people believed that Meek s diss was purely based on jealously. Many others, including Ja Rule, who years ago had his own beef with fellow veteran 50 Cent, and Joe Budden had something intersting to say about the Meek Mill vs. Drake rap beef.

    Once Drake released a response diss track, titled Charged Up, and Meek Mill released a follow up, many fans joined in 50 Cent and Joe Budden s idea that Meek Mill is no comparison to Drake. Image via Hip Hop DX References ^ Drake and Meek Mil (www.inquisitr.com) ^ reportedly (www.ibtimes.com) ^ reported (www.vibe.com)

  • 50 Cent's Best Diss Lines Listed 50 Cent has feuded with Jay Z, Ja Rule, The Game Rick Ross, Puff Daddy and many others . The New York rapper s songs, interviews and social media posts are laced with him dissing people, especially rappers. In light of this, XXL made a list of 50 Cent s Hardest Lines to document his best disses. 1 Among the tracks featured is Back Down from 50 s 2003 debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin .

    He mostly took aim at Ja Rule, but also Irv Gotti, Cadillac Tah and Black Child. You s a pop tart sweetheart, you soft in the middle / I eat you for breakfast, the watch was exchanged for your necklace, he raps, referencing an incident where Ja Rule s chain was snatched . 2 In the track, 50 also makes fun of Ja Rule s voice. I m back in the game, shorty, to rule and conquer / You sing for hoes and sound like Cookie Monster, he says.

    Another diss track, Not Rich, Still Lyin was aimed at The Game after the Compton, California rapper left G-Unit and publicly criticized the group.

    50 Cent impersonates The Game throughout the song. 3 Hope everybody on G-Unit go to hell / With Eminem, Obie, Stat Quo and D12 / So what I was on Change of Heart, so what I was a stripper / So what I never banged, I m from Compton, nigga, the G-Unit boss raps.

    50 Cent and Rick Ross feud did not stop at Pimpin Curly , but took to wax as well.

    50 Cent addresses the Miami rapper s past as a correctional officer in 2009 s Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me). 4 With gonorrhea lips, his breath stronger than endo / Fat fuck playing Wii Fit Nintendo / Have another tattoo, here s another tattoo / Run into my goons soon, have new bullet wounds, he raps.

    To read the entire list, visit XXL . 5 For additional 50 Cent coverage, watch the following DX Daily: References ^ 50 Cent s Hardest Lines (www.xxlmag.com) ^ Ja Rule s chain was snatched (hiphopdx.com) ^ The Game (hiphopdx.com) ^ Pimpin Curly (hiphopdx.com) ^ XXL (www.xxlmag.com)

  • 50 Christmas Trees in a Church, Dickleburgh – The Winners 2015 ... Annie Chapman with the Ladies Tractor Road Run tree The 12th annual 50 Christmas Trees in a Church at All Saints Dickleburgh, drew to a close on Sunday, December 6, with the prize-giving for the 23 most popular trees voted by visitors to the festival. Ladies Tractor Road Run (for Cancer Research UK s breast cancer appeal) was the winner in the adult category for their tree decorated with tiny pink bras. Susan Whymark Funeral Service came second with an amazing dress tree and Culrose Residential Care Home were third with their gingerbread themed tree.

    1st Dickleburgh Rainbows, with Harleston District Girl Guiding s plastic bottle tree.

    1st Dickleburgh Rainbows, who combined with Harleston District Girl Guiding, won the children s category with their fabulous plastic bottle tree, displaying Christmas messages of hope. Harleston CE VA Primary School came second with their Hands of Hope tree and Burston Community Primary School was third with their gingerbread house tree. The Nick Arnull Plate, for the most innovative tree, was shared by Susan Whymark Funeral Service and 1st Dickleburgh Rainbows with Harleston District Girl Guiding.

    The Christmas Tree festival has raised 2,000 for EACH (East Anglia s Children s Hospices) and a donation will also be made to Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Oncology Department, with residual funds being retained by the Benefice of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams. Rowena Roskelly, one of the festival s organisers, said: We have had an excellent week. I would particularly like to thank all the volunteers who helped set up the church and look after visitors throughout the Christmas Tree festival.

    Thanks also go the local organisations and businesses who contributed such a superb collection of decorated trees; many congratulations to all the winners. This has been the last 50 Christmas Trees in a Church at Dickleburgh, although some of the volunteers are thinking about running something different in the church during Advent 2016. For more information about 50 Christmas Trees in a Church , including the full list of winners, see www.50christmastrees.com 1 .

    Related References ^ http://www.50christmastrees.com Ctrl+Click or tap to follow the link (www.50christmastrees.com)

  • 500M US Program Has Only Trained 60 Syrians to Fight ISIS News Updates from CLG 22 July 2015 $500M US Program Has Only Trained 60 Syrians to Fight ISIS 1 | 07 July 2015 | Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday that only 60 so-called "moderate" Syrian rebels were currently being trained by the U.S. in the 500 million program that had been slated to put 3,000 fighters into the field against sic ISIS I-CIA-SIS by the end of this year. Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he regretted disclosing that the number was so low but "I wanted to tell the truth.

    The number 60, as you all recognize, is not an impressive number." The 500 million Syrian training program authorized by Congress was intended to train and equip up to 5,400 fighters annually, with about 3,000 projected 2 to be ready by the end of this year. Luton man charged over plot to attack US forces in UK then join ISIS in Syria 3 | 21 July 2015 | A delivery driver appeared in court yesterday charged with planning to kill American airmen at British bases in a Lee Rigby-style terror attack. Junead Khan, 24, allegedly planned to run over US personnel in his car before killing them with a knife or blowing himself up.

    Khan is also accused of planning to travel to Syria to join Islamic State with his uncle Shazib Khan, 22. Junead Khan is accused of checking out the RAF bases at Mildenhall and Lakenheath in Suffolk and Feltwell in Norfolk in the weeks before his arrest. UK parents to get power to cancel children's passports over Isis fears 4 | 20 July 2015 | Parents worried that their children may be about to travel to Syria or Iraq to join Islamic State (Isis) will be able to apply for their child's passport to be cancelled, David Cameron has announced in a speech setting out his five-year counter-extremism strategy.

    Cameron said that parents would in effect have the right to cancel the passports of their children under 16 to prevent them from travelling to war zones . He said one of his aims in the counter-extremism strategy due to be published in the autumn would be to "put out of action the key extremist influencers who are careful to operate inside the law but who clearly detest British society and seek to groom young people". Military Site Shootings Crystallize FBI Terrorism Concerns 5 | 18 July 2015 | The deadly shootings at military sites in Tennessee illustrate the threat that FBI officials have warned about: violence directed against a vulnerable government target by a lone gunman with apparent terrorist aspirations.

    The FBI has not detailed a motive, but Thursday's attacks that killed four Marines and one sailor are under investigation as a potential act of terrorism, with authorities combing through the gunman's past to look for travel, contacts and online writings. The rampage unfolded as the federal government has raised alarms about the online spread of terrorist propaganda, including repeated exhortations by groups such as the Islamic State for sympathizers to target police officers and military installations. FBI checking gunman's phone, computer, trips for ISIL connection 6 | 20 July 2015 | The FBI is examining Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez's cellphone and computer to determine whether the 24-year-old who killed four Marines and a Navy petty officer in Tennessee on Thursday was involved with the Islamic State terrorist group, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security said Sunday .

    Chattanooga shooter worked at Cleveland area nuclear power plant in 2013 7 | 18 July 2015 The man who allegedly killed four U.S. Marines and wounded three others at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Thursday had attempted to gain access to a nuclear reactor in 2013. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez almost had access to the inner workings of a nuclear power plant in the Cleveland suburbs, but he was ultimately never retained for a permanent position after training.

    Employees at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant on the shores of Lake Erie recognized Abdulazeez's photo on the news after details of the shooting emerged, and informed 8 local television station WKYC NBC 3 on Friday . Fifth service member dies after Chattanooga shooting 9 | 18 July 2015 | U.S. Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith, wounded in a shooting rampage in Tennessee, died early Saturday , according to a family member.

    He is the fifth American service member killed in the attack. Darlene Proxmire, Smith's step-grandmother, said the logistics specialist was shot in the attack at the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga. It was one of two military sites in the city that were targeted by a gunman Thursday .

    NSA Helped CIA Outmanoeuvre Europe on Torture 10 | 20 July 2015 | Today, Monday 20 July at 1800 CEST, WikiLeaks publishes evidence of National Security Agency (NSA) spying on German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier along with a list of 20 target selectors for the Foreign Ministry. The list indicates that NSA spying on the Foreign Ministry extends back to the pre-9/11 era, including numbers for offices in Bonn and targeting Joschka Fischer, Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister from 1998 to 2005. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief, said: "Today's publication indicates that the NSA has been used to help the CIA kidnap and torture with impunity.

    For years the CIA was systematically abducting and torturing people, with the tacit complicity of European governments." Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to U.S. Congress 11 | 20 July 2015 | The European Union approved the Iran nuclear deal with world powers on Monday , a first step toward lifting Europe's economic sanctions against Tehran that the bloc hopes will send a signal that the U.S. Congress will follow.

    In a message mainly aimed at skeptical voices in the U.S. Congress and strong resistance from Israel, Who cares? EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels stressed that there was no better option available. "It is a balanced deal that means Iran won't get an atomic bomb," said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. "It is a major political deal." As American Infrastructure Crumbles, Israel Signals May Ask for More US Military Aid Over Iran Deal 12 | 18 July 2015 | Israel signalled on Friday that it would ask the United States for increased military aid to 'counter any threats' that may arise as result of the international agreement on Iran's nuclear programme. Israel insanely gets 3 billion in annual military aid from Washington under a package due to expire in 2017 and has in recent years secured hundreds of millions of dollars in additional U.S.

    funding for missile defence. Israel and the United States had been in talks on future grants but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspended them in the run-up to Tuesday's agreement which curtailed Iran's nuclear projects, which he condemned as insufficient. NSA document: Israeli special forces assassinated top Syrian military official 13 | 17 July 2015 | Evidence has emerged from leaked US signals intelligence intercepts that Israeli special forces were responsible for assassinating a senior Syrian military official who was a close adviser to President Bashar al-Assad.

    Brig Gen Mahmoud Suleiman was shot dead on a beach near the northern Syrian port of Tartus in August 2008. The Guardian reported at the time 14 that the seaside murder was perpetrated by a sniper firing from a yacht moored offshore. Israel has never commented publicly on suspicions that it was involved.

    But newly revealed secret US intelligence documents state as a fact that Israeli special forces killed the general. US delivers 100 more Humvees to Ukraine 15 | 19 July 2015 | US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt announced on Twitter that 100 US-made unarmored Humvees were delivered to Odessa by ship in the morning of July 18. The delivery was part of the well-known March 10, 2015, additional military aid package to Ukraine, which so far includes 30 armored and 200 unarmored Humvees.

    The 30 armored Humvees of the old M1114 variant with the early FRAG supplemental armor suite and MCTAGS protected machine-gun mounts were delivered to the Nazi regime in Kiev by three C-5M flights in late March--early April 2015. Cuba and US formally restore diplomatic relations 16 | 20 July 2015 | Cuba and the US have formally restored diplomatic relations after an agreement struck last year putting aside decades of hostility came into force. Just after midnight on Monday, the diplomatic missions of each country became full embassies.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry is due to hold talks with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez later in the day in Washington. Suicide Bomb Attack in Suruc, 50 Dead, 100 Injured 17 | 19 July 2015 | A blast has occurred at the Amara Culture Center in Suruc district of Urfa, across the border from Kobane, where members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF), coming from various cities have been staying before their planned cross into Kobane to help reconstruction work today. Aurora shooting verdict: James Holmes found guilty in theater massacre 18 | 16 July 2015 | James Holmes was today found guilty of the first-degree murder of 12 people during a midnight screening of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

    The guilty ruling means that the trial now enters the sentencing phase, where jurors will decide Holmes's fate. Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty, which has only been carried out once in Colorado in the past 38 years. The verdict came down nearly three years to the day after the massacre in the movie theater took place.

    Facebook must hand over New York users' info to prosecutors, court rules 19 | 21 July 2015 | Facebook FaCIAbook Inc cannot challenge search warrants New York prosecutors used to get information from its site on hundreds of users suspected of Social Security fraud, a state appeals court said on Tuesday , in a decision likely making it harder for New Yorkers to keep their digital lives private. The warrants, which applied to 381 users' photos, private messages and other account information, could only be challenged by individual defendants after prosecutors gathered evidence, the Manhattan-based court unanimously ruled.

    12 planes hit by blinding lasers in N.J. among dozens targeted in U.S.

    in one night 20 | 16 July 2015 | A military aircraft and 11 commercial airliners in New Jersey were among dozens of flights throughout the country hit by lasers 21 Wednesday night, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The pilots of three planes within 20 miles of Newark Liberty International Airport and five planes, which were all four miles south of the Outerbridge Crossing, reported that lasers were pointed at their aircraft, according to a statement issued by FAA spokesman Jim Peters. All of those planes were at an altitude of 3,000 feet.

    Radioactive water from Fukushima plant again escapes; TEPCO says it cannot stop spill anytime soon 22 --Radioactive rainwater spilled into sea from same channel in February | 16 July 2015 | The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has found that radioactive water has overflowed from a drainage channel, spilling into the sea. This is due to heavy rain. ! Workers at the complex discovered the leak at around 8:40 AM on Thursday . The operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, said rainwater samples taken from the channel about 2 hours later contained 830 becquerels per liter of radioactive cesium.

    The water also had 1,100 becquerels of beta-ray emitting radioactive substances. Mutant daisies photographed near Fukushima site go viral 23 | 21 July 2015 | A photo of 'mutant daisies' spotted near Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant four years after its meltdowns has gone viral online. The image was snapped by Twitter user san_kaido in Nasushiobara City, which lies about 100 kilometres from Fukushima.

    When translated, san_kaido's tweet says the daisies have been exposed to radiation from Fukushima since March 2011, according to The Weather Channel. "The atmospheric dose is 0.5 Sv/h at 1m above the ground," the tweet says, referencing the radiation dose per hour present at the site where the photo was taken. Barack Obama becomes first president to visit US prison 24 --Barack Obama says that the US criminal justice system needs to distinguish between young people who make mistakes and those who are truly dangerous Right, so spring Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, etc. - and ensure that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are free! | 16 July 2015 | Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to visit a federal prison on Thursday , amid a push to reform America's overcrowded and expensive correctional system. Obama toured the "B" block of El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma, where he met six inmates convicted of drug offenses.

    Nearly a quarter of the world's prison population is concentrated in American jails. However, the United States accounts for less than five percent of the world's population. Obama wants to cut the number of people incarcerated, curb use of solitary confinement and end mandatory minimum sentences.

    Doctors suddenly going the way of J.P. Morgan's bankers 25 : 5th holistic doctor (age 33) dies in Florida making 5 dead and 5 more missing 26 | 14 July 2015 | Timeline of all 10 deaths and disappearances at bottom of article ...Dr. Baron Holt DC was coincidentally found the very same day that Dr.

    Bruce Hedendal DC (doctor of chiropractic) was found slumped over in his car. Dr. Hedendal was also on the East Coast of Florida and also a DC.

    Like Holt, Dr. Hedendal was also extremely fit. Dr.

    Hedendal had been doing an athletic event earlier in the day, before he was found in his car. Holistic medicine: What a dangerous profession! House Republicans Fast-Track Bill to Prevent States from Labeling GMO Foods 27 | 16 July 2015 | Republicans corpora-terrorist trolls in the U.S. House have swiftly moved to adopt legislation that would prohibit states from adopting laws requiring labels on food containing genetically modified organisms (GMO). The House Committee on Agriculture Agribusiness this week approved HR 1599 28 , which would create a voluntary federal labeling standard while also preventing states from forcing companies to put GMO labels on their foods.

    The bill, which cleared the committee without debate, is now headed to the House floor. Critics have called HR 1599 the "Mother of All Monsanto Protection Acts" after the company that has long opposed GMO labels, as well as the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act. White House distances itself from Glass-Steagall push 29 Of course it does. | 17 July 2015 | The TPP-pimping White House wants to keep its distance from a liberal push to re-implement legislation that would break up big banks.

    Progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are calling for a reimplementation of Glass-Steagall, which would require big banks to divide commercial and investment banking. Earlier this month, Warren brought back legislation that would re-implement the law.

    John Kasich announces 2016 presidential bid 30 | 21 July 2015 | Ohio Gov. John Kasich officially became the 16 Republican to enter the 2016 presidential race Tuesday as he announced his candidacy in his home state. "I am here to ask you for your prayers, for your support for your efforts because I have decided to run for president of the United States," Kasich told the audience, speaking at his alma mater, Ohio State University. Kasich delivered his announcement speech -- a mix of stories from his life and proclamations about fixing the country -- without a teleprompter or prepared remarks on a stage in the middle of the crowd.

    Christie 10th as Trump leads Republican 2016 field in 3rd straight poll 31 | 21 July 2015 | Donald Trump received the most support among Republican presidential candidate in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday , the third consecutive survey showing the controversial and outspoken businessman in the lead. The ABC-Post poll 32 put Trump at 24 percent among registered voters who lean Republican -- six times his support in a May survey 33 -- and 11 points ahead of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with 13 percent.

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was in third place with 12 percent. Gov.

    Chris Christie was in 10th place LOL! with 3 percent, half his May total of 6 percent. Recall the Recall Truth: Scott Walker's Stolen Elections 34 | 12 July 2015 | Last week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker released a video called, Recall the Recall . It presents Walker as an all-powerful 2016 GOP presidential candidate with impeccable credentials, because he has "won" 3 elections in four years...But what Scott Walker absolutely does not want you to remember is that the vote totals from his 2012 recall (and 2014 re-election) appear to be fraudulent, violating the most basic principles of math: The Law of Large Numbers 35 ...

    Read a transcript of the video, Recall the Recall Truth: Walker's Stolen Elections , here 36 . Thomas Roberts Becomes First Openly Gay Evening News Anchor on Network TV 37 | 19 July 2015 | Thomas Roberts anchored NBC's "Nightly News" on Saturday and Sunday , a huge milestone for both the 42-year-old journalist's career and gay rights history. Until the broadcast, an openly gay person had never anchored the nightly news on network TV.

    Roberts told 38 The Advocate that it was a "huge honor" to fill the role. During the week, Roberts hosts "MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts." Bland's Death Being Treated Like Murder Investigation 39 | 20 July 2015 | The probe into Sandra Bland's hanging death inside a Texas jail -- which a medical examiner ruled a suicide last week -- now includes the possibility of murder. "This is being treated like a murder investigation," Elton Mathis, Waller County's district attorney, said at a press conference Monday . Mathis said he made the determination after talking to Bland's family and to those who saw her last, including the bail bondsman, who was among the last to hear from her alive.

    E.L. Doctorow, Author of Historical Fiction, Dies at 84 40 | 21 July 2015 | E.L. Doctorow, a leading figure in contemporary American letters whose popular, critically admired and award-winning novels -- including "Ragtime," "Billy Bathgate" and "The March" -- situated fictional characters in recognizable historical contexts, among identifiable historical figures and often within unconventional narrative forms, died on Tuesday in Manhattan.

    He was 84 and had homes in Manhattan and Sag Harbor, N.Y. Earth's Most Famous Climate Scientist Issues Bombshell Sea Level Warning 41 | 20 July 2015 | In what may prove to be a turning point for political action on climate change global warming, a breathtaking new study casts extreme doubt about the near-term stability of global sea levels. The study--written by James Hansen, NASA's former lead climate scientist, and 16 co-authors, many of whom are considered among the top in their fields--concludes that glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will melt 10 times faster than previous consensus estimates, resulting in sea level rise of at least 10 feet in as little as 50 years.

    The study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, brings new importance to a feedback loop in the ocean near Antarctica that results in cooler freshwater from melting glaciers forcing warmer, saltier water underneath the ice sheets, speeding up the melting rate. Hansen, who is known for 42 being alarmist and also right, acknowledges that his study implies change far beyond previous consensus estimates. Polar bear metabolism cannot cope with ice loss 43 --The Arctic mammals may not survive the ongoing loss of their hunting grounds. | 16 July 2015 | Polar bears' metabolism does not slow very much during the summer months when sea ice melts and food becomes scarce, according to a study 44 published today (16 July) in Science .

    With the Arctic warming faster than the global average, the finding does not bode well for the bears ( Ursus maritimus ), who use the ice as a hunting ground. The Arctic ice is melting earlier each summer and freezing later each winter , limiting the animals' chances to catch seals. With no way to save energy, polar bears are unlikely to survive the continued sea-ice loss caused by rising temperatures, says Merav Ben-David, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and a co-author of the study.

    Snow falls on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, as temperatures hit record levels 45 | 18 July 2015 | Snow fell on Mauna Kea Friday even as temperatures rose to record levels and muggy weather continued at lower elevations Friday . Web camera images showed snow on the ground at the Mauna Kea summit, 13,796 feet above sea level, Friday morning following overnight storms on the Big Island. High temperature records have been set or tied 20 times so far in July.

    High temperatures are expected to be near record levels again Friday . Cajon Pass: Fire jumps to 3,500 acres, cars and homes destroyed, evacuations ordered 46 | 17 July 2015 | (CA) A brush fire that started near Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass north of Highway 138 ripped through cars trapped on the freeway and destroyed at least five homes Friday afternoon. As of 6 p.m.

    the fire was reported at 3,500 acres and is currently being dispatched as a "mass casualty" incident. That means paramedics and firefighters responded to the scene prepared to deal with "possible multiple civilian burn victims." The freeway is expected to be impacted for possibly the entire night, snarling weekend traffic for motorists headed to and from Las Vegas. Or, please mail a check or m*ney order to CLG: Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) P.O.

    Box 1142 Bristol, CT 06011-1142 Contributions to CLG are not tax deductible. -- Pl see my blogs; Feel free -- and I request you -- to forward this newsletter to your lists and friends! References ^ $500M US Program Has Only Trained 60 Syrians to Fight ISIS (www.military.com) ^ http://www.military.com/daily-news/2015/05/07/us-begins-training-of-moderate-syrian-rebels-to-fight-isis.html CTRL + Click to follow link (www.military.com) ^ Luton man charged over plot to attack US forces in UK then join ISIS in Syria (www.dailymail.co.uk) ^ UK parents to get power to cancel children's passports over Isis fears (www.theguardian.com) ^ Military Site Shootings Crystallize FBI Terrorism Concerns (abcnews.go.com) ^ FBI checking gunman's phone, computer, trips for ISIL connection (www.usatoday.com) ^ Chattanooga shooter worked at Cleveland area nuclear power plant in 2013 (www.bizpacreview.com) ^ http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/local/northeast-ohio/2015/07/16/chattanooga-shooting-suspect-possible-ne-ohio-ties/30276537/ CTRL + Click to follow link (www.wkyc.com) ^ Fifth service member dies after Chattanooga shooting (www.cnn.com) ^ NSA Helped CIA Outmanoeuvre Europe on Torture (wikileaks.org) ^ Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to U.S. Congress (www.reuters.com) ^ As American Infrastructure Crumbles, Israel Signals May Ask for More US Military Aid Over Iran Deal (www.ndtv.com) ^ NSA document: Israeli special forces assassinated top Syrian military official (www.theguardian.com) ^ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/aug/05/syria.lebanon CTRL + Click to follow link (www.theguardian.com) ^ US delivers 100 more Humvees to Ukraine (www.legitgov.org) ^ Cuba and US formally restore diplomatic relations (www.bbc.com) ^ Suicide Bomb Attack in Suruc, 50 Dead, 100 Injured (www.legitgov.org) ^ Aurora shooting verdict: James Holmes found guilty in theater massacre (www.theguardian.com) ^ Facebook must hand over New York users' info to prosecutors, court rules (www.reuters.com) ^ 12 planes hit by blinding lasers in N.J.

    among dozens targeted in U.S. in one night (www.nj.com) ^ http://www.nj.com/essex/index.ssf/2015/07/bliding_green_lasers_aimed_at_11_flights_over_nj_faa_says.html CTRL + Click to follow link (www.nj.com) ^ Radioactive water from Fukushima plant again escapes; TEPCO says it cannot stop spill anytime soon (www3.nhk.or.jp) ^ Mutant daisies photographed near Fukushima site go viral (www.theweathernetwork.com) ^ Barack Obama becomes first president to visit US prison (www.telegraph.co.uk) ^ J.P. Morgan's bankers (www.valuewalk.com) ^ 5th holistic doctor (age 33) dies in Florida making 5 dead and 5 more missing (www.healthnutnews.com) ^ House Republicans Fast-Track Bill to Prevent States from Labeling GMO Foods (www.allgov.com) ^ https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1599/text CTRL + Click to follow link (www.congress.gov) ^ White House distances itself from Glass-Steagall push (thehill.com) ^ John Kasich announces 2016 presidential bid (www.cbsnews.com) ^ Christie 10th as Trump leads Republican 2016 field in 3rd straight poll (www.nj.com) ^ ABC-Post poll (www.langerresearch.com) ^ http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2015/06/christie_in_8th_place_is_just_five_points_behind_t.html CTRL + Click to follow link (www.nj.com) ^ Recall the Recall Truth: Scott Walker's Stolen Elections (wethepeopledanecounty.blogspot.com) ^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_large_numbers CTRL + Click to follow link (en.wikipedia.org) ^ http://madisonvoices.com/pdffiles/recallTheRecallTranscript.pdf CTRL + Click to follow link (madisonvoices.com) ^ Thomas Roberts Becomes First Openly Gay Evening News Anchor on Network TV (www.huffingtonpost.com) ^ http://www.advocate.com/media/2015/07/18/watch-reporting-tonight-thomas-roberts-first-out-gay-man-anchor-network-news CTRL + Click to follow link (www.advocate.com) ^ Bland's Death Being Treated Like Murder Investigation (www.texastribune.org) ^ E.L.

    Doctorow, Author of Historical Fiction, Dies at 84 (www.nytimes.com) ^ Earth's Most Famous Climate Scientist Issues Bombshell Sea Level Warning (www.slate.com) ^ http://www.nytimes.com/1988/06/24/us/global-warming-has-begun-expert-tells-senate.html CTRL + Click to follow link (www.nytimes.com) ^ Polar bear metabolism cannot cope with ice loss (www.nature.com) ^ http://www.sciencemag.org/content/349/6245/295 CTRL + Click to follow link (www.sciencemag.org) ^ Snow falls on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, as temperatures hit record levels (www.staradvertiser.com) ^ Cajon Pass: Fire jumps to 3,500 acres, cars and homes destroyed, evacuations ordered (www.pe.com)

  • 6

  • 6 Biggest Celebrity Feuds of the Year (So Far) 1. Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus Minaj and Swift first became embroiled in a feud after Minaj tweeted her discontent over "Anaconda" being snubbed for video of the year at the 2015 MTV VMAs, seemingly targeting Swift's "Bad Blood" nomination in the process.

    The rapper tweeted: "When the 'other' girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination" and "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year." Swift, who though that she was being called out, wrote in response: "I've done nothing but love & support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot.." The two eventually reconciled after Minaj made clear that her tweets weren't targeting Swift, and the "Bad Blood" singer subsequently apologized for misunderstanding and misspeaking (they again proved they were on good terms when Swift joined Minaj onstage during her performance at the VMAs).

    Cyrus became thrown in the mix when she commented on Minaj's previous tweets in an interview with the New York Times 1 , saying that she didn't respect her statement "because of the anger that came with it. And it s not anger like, 'Guys, I m frustrated about some things that are a bigger issue.' You made it about you. Not to sound like a bitch, but that s like, 'Eh, I didn t get my VMA.' " Minaj caught wind of Cyrus' comments and made a point to call her out at the podium 2 while accepting the award for best hip-hop video at the MTV VMAs. "And now, back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press.

    Miley, what's good?" she said at the end of her acceptance speech.

    2. Meek Mill vs. Drake Meek Mill blasted Drake on Twitter for supposedly using a ghostwriter to pen his raps, including his featured verse on Meek Mill's track "R.I.C.O." The Dreams Worth More Than Money rapper tweeted: "Stop comparing drake to me too....

    He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out!" and "He ain't even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album..... I don't trick my fans!

    Lol." Drake responded by releasing diss track "Charged Up" and a second freestyle titled "Back to Back," which featured the lyrics "Is that a world tour or your girl s tour?" (referencing Meek Mill's opening slot on girlfriend Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint tour). Tweeting that Drake's disses were "baby lotion soft," Meek Mill dropped his own diss track "Wanna Know," on which he named three of the rapper's potential ghostwriters with lyrics like "I just wanna know, I just wanna know / Was it Quentin Miller? Was it Hush or was it Detail where you really got your flow." 3.

    Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell Trump and O'Donnell have exchanged harsh words for years, dating back to 2006 when O'Donnell, then a co-host on The View , called Trump a "snake-oil salesman" and claimed he had gone bankrupt during a broadcast. Trump vehemently denied filing for bankruptcy and retalieted by telling People 3 , "I'll most likely sue her for making those false statements and it'll be fun.

    Rosie's a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie." Though the two have continuously traded insults over Twitter since then, Trump recently resurfaced their feud 4 during the first Republican debate.

    When moderator Megyn Kelly noted, "You ve called women you don t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals," Trump interjected to say, "Only Rosie O'Donnell." O'Donnell responded 5 to his dig by tweeting: "try explaining that 2 ur kids." Trump has also engaged in public spats with Kelly 6 , Jorge Ramos 7 , Roger Ailes 8 and a handful of others this year.

    4. Lil Wayne vs. Birdman Lil Wayne's feud with Cash Money co-founder Birdman went public late 2014 when he tweeted in early Dec.: "I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain't that easy." The rapper's conflict with his label quickly escalated earlier this year, when he filed a $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money Records claiming that his contract had been violated and millions of dollars had been withheld from him for the delayed release of his album Tha Carter V .

    Lil Wayne later told Rolling Stone 9 that he was no longer on speaking terms with Birdman and was "super-numb" to their legal fallout. In July, Birdman let his ill feelings towards Lil Wayne show when he reportedly threw a drink at the rapper during one of his performance sets at a Miami club.

    5. Kelly Osbourne vs.

    Giuliana Rancic The beef between the two former Fashion Police co-hosts first began when Rancic make a joke about former Disney star Zendaya 's red-carpet look at the 2015 Oscars, stating that her dreadlocks made it seem like "she smells like patchouli oil ... or weed." While Rancic became embroiled in controversy over her racially insensitive comments 10 , Osbourne, frustrated that she was being dragged into the situation as a friend of Zendaya's, made clear on Twitter that she doesn't "condone racism" and was "seriously questioning staying on the show" as a result. Soon after, Osbourne stepped down as co-host and officially announced her departure from the show (with Kathy Griffin following her lead).

    Since then, Rancic has publicly mentioned that the two are no longer on speaking terms and in April, Osbourne told People 11 , "Giuliana is not often wrong. She really isn't, but it's been really, really heartbreaking to see her behavior that has transpired when she did get caught being wrong." When Rancic appeared on the Today show to speak about the incident 12 , Osbourne posted a cryptic tweet following the interview: "Liars always get caught." 6. Zayn Malik vs.

    Calvin Harris Harris sparked an argument 13 with the former One Direction member by responding to a post that Malik retweeted on his Twitter which condoned Taylor Swift's comments on Spotify's handling of artist royalties. The shared post compared Swift's views to that of Miley Cyrus , who has been open about not caring about album sales ("I've made my money," she recently told W Magazine ). Harris tweeted to the original poster (@FemaleTexs) and Malik: "You've made your money?

    Cool...f--- the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f--- em" and "While u kids are refresh voting teen choice awards there's some poor fucker in a basement making your new favorite record trying to survive." He continued in defense of Swift: "If u don't get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry... ...stay out my f---in mentions pls." Malik responded by tweeting, "ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself mate ... so i suggest you calm your knickers before them dentures fall out." He ended his Twitter rant by calling Harris a "dickhead." Harris, deciding to play nice, ended the argument by clarifying that his comments were targeted towards the quote, and not Malik himself.

    He wrote, "Best of luck, genuinely.

    You've got a great voice." References ^ interview with the New York Times (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ call her out at the podium (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ People (www.people.com) ^ resurfaced their feud (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ responded (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ Kelly (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ Jorge Ramos (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ Roger Ailes (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ Rolling Stone (www.rollingstone.com) ^ racially insensitive comments (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ People (www.people.com) ^ speak about the incident (www.hollywoodreporter.com) ^ sparked an argument (www.hollywoodreporter.com)

  • 6 Reasons Ghostface May Have Put Out The Greatest Hip-Hop Diss ... Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty I am not joking even a little bit when I tell you, the video of Ghostface Killah checking Action Bronson 1 that hit the Internet today just might be the greatest hip-hop diss ever. It s definitely top five at bare minimum: funny, true, stern and embarrassing. To give backstory, Action Bronson appeared on SportsNation, hosted by Michelle Beadle, Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley.

    Of course the infamous, You sound like Ghostface conversation came up. Bronson, who is usually extremely humble when having this conversation, decided to use a little more bravado in his speech this time and said, He s not rapping like this anymore, Sure enough, that was all it took, and the crew as well as the hip-hop world s ears perked up waiting to see what Ghostface would say about this. Well, the answer is in the video below.

    There are so many things to highlight, but here are the main reasons why Ghostface s acidic reply might be the best diss ever.

    1. Ghost is checking Bronson to Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, Be For Real.

    2. He references the record three times while he s recording the video.

    3. He sites himself as his own source on the Cuban Link album to clarify his issue with Action.

    4. He says he gave Action a pass because he assumed God gave him the same tone.

    5. He says he s going to send this video out to the sports anchors. Not DJ s.

    Sports anchors.

    6. I want you to enjoy your summer. Cause you know a lot of people don t make it through the summer bruh.

    Ghostface I ve already watched this three times and I ll continue to watch it. It s hilarious and apparently Bronson wasted no time in correcting although the grace period has been up. Takeover, Ether, No Vaseline, Taking L s, 2nd Round K.O, Jack The Ripper, Back Down and Dre Day all have real competition now that Ghostface has done something so unique yet heavy with impact.

    This right here is classic. The Wu is really not about that diss track life, but things have been known to get ugly once any of the clan feels disrespected. READ MORE ON THE URBAN DAILY Ghostface Killah Rips Fat Fraud Action Bronson To Shreds In Diss Answer 2 Future Takes His Lows, Makes Them Brazenly Dope On Dirty Sprite 2 3 Who s Really Brainwashed Though?

    Joey Bada$$ Wants You To Kill The Bill Cosby Slander 4 Drake Previews New Song At His Barber s Wedding 5 References ^ Ghostface Killah checking Action Bronson (theurbandaily.com) ^ Ghostface Killah Rips Fat Fraud Action Bronson To Shreds In Diss Answer (theurbandaily.com) ^ Future Takes His Lows, Makes Them Brazenly Dope On Dirty Sprite 2 (theurbandaily.com) ^ Who s Really Brainwashed Though?

    Joey Bada$$ Wants You To Kill The Bill Cosby Slander (theurbandaily.com) ^ Drake Previews New Song At His Barber s Wedding (theurbandaily.com)

  • 7

  • 7 billionaires who are frugal Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Vanity Fair Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Frugality is a subjective term. To the average Joe it could mean eating meals at home or scouring the internet for cheap flights.

    But to a billionaire it means showing up to work in a T-shirt and jeans, driving a Toyota or Volkswagen, and, in some instances, foregoing the purchase of a private jet or lavish vacation home. A handful of frugal billionaires appear on our list of the richest people on earth 1 , and each one has his own penny-pinching habits. From eating lunch in the office cafeteria with their employees to residing in homes worth a fraction of their wealth, these seven self-made billionaires many of whom are also generous philanthropists 2 know the secret to keeping their net worths high.

    References ^ the richest people on earth (www.businessinsider.com) ^ generous philanthropists (www.businessinsider.com)

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  • A

  • A History of How adidas' Influenced Sneaker Culture We re gonna tell you about a few felony cases/It started with the brothers with the fat shoelaces. It s 1985, and Gerald Deas A.K.A. Dr.

    Deas, a medical doctor, poet, playwright, and musician wrote a poem entitled Felon Sneakers warning against the perilous dangers of young men getting too enamored with sneaker culture. If an unlucky brother winds up in jail, warns Deas, his felon sneakers can't get him bail. Rather than serving as the cautionary tale that cajoled young men across America into loafers, the poem sparked a passionate response from one of the most explosive rap groups of the late 80s.

    The following year Run-D.M.C s stone-cold classic, My Adidas would go on to turn the German sportswear brand into an intrinsic part of hip-hop culture. And so, an adidas flag was planted in the rap world. It was all a long way from adidas origins the running shoe that first bore the name in 1949 (always lowercase) and the dreistreifen , a simple aesthetic touch of three parallel lines that would prove to be a masterstroke.

    Way before people were rocking gold rope and shell-toes with no laces, the product of German visionary Adolf Adi Dassler he who hacked off and smashed together his name to create the brand we all know and love today had a reputation for class, craft, and sporting excellence. Athletes everywhere knew where they stood once they got their hands on a pair of adidas kicks. The Superstar itself started off as a low-profile basketball shoe in 1969 and was soon brought to national attention by legendary NBA center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Bringing comfort and stability to basketball players who d been use to the unforgiving structures and no-give soles of previous shoes was a huge step in the right direction. Within a few months three quarters of the NBA were in the shoes, and over the coming years the sneaker would leave the hardwood and hit the sidewalk, eventually gaining the attention of Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason William Mizell. Today we know the members of Hollis, Queens favorite rap group as Rev Run, D.M.C.

    and the late Jam Master Jay. Deciding to dress for the stage the same way they dressed for the streets, Run-D.M.C. s adoption of the shoe and subsequent counter-punch against Deas anti-sneaker ode earned them a sponsorship deal from adidas to the tune of a cool $1 million.

    This was all the impetus needed to push adidas heritage, stripes, and that beautiful threefold logo straight into the face of the mainstream after it had been bubbling under the surface for years.

    1984 s Beverly Hills Cop had brought it close. Eddie Murphy the biggest movie star in the world, the coolest man on the planet did a lot to endear the brand to millions. He repped off-white adidas Country sneakers as Axel Foley in the film.

    The Country is a beauty: a rounded toe, wide instep, premium-leather and suede inserts that gain character and life with every scratch and scrape. It was a European staple, born from a love for games of pick-up soccer and knock-around metropolitan living brought to American eyes, and it stuck. After Murphy and the Run boys made their mark, adidas kept moving like a shark with three-striped gills.

    In the late 80s, the Beastie Boys blew up speakers the world over with their snarky skater shtick and era-defining rap-rock. Wherever they went, Mike D came outfitted in a pair of adidas Campus. In 1991 a not-so-young Ice-T chased a very young Chris Rock across the streets of New York in the now-classic thriller New Jack City .

    Both wore adidas Phantom high-tops, proving the brand could kick it with the modern basketball crowd like the best of em. The difference was that Nikes and Jordans were for show, but adidas was for tell. It wasn t just a trainer, but a lifestyle.

    And nothing defined adidas lifestyle quite like Britain in the 90s. Widely popular rock band Oasis simply was adidas. Whatever you think of them now, it s hard to deny the impact they had.

    Straight up, you know you sing your heart out to Wonderwall, when that joint comes on the radio and you re in the car dolo. In their heyday, before the questionable haircuts and infighting that led to their demise, the brothers had the adidas game on lock. And they were the shining lights of England s North West the band s stronghold.

    If adidas head was at their headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, its heart was in Liverpool and Manchester, England and will probably stay that way forever. And if there s a better marker of Oasis than Noel Gallagher on stage with his cherry-red Les Paul in adidas Gazelle OGs or Liam Gallagher in a baby-blue bucket hat and pair of black Copa Mundials, we have yet to see it. The band and the brand will forever be intertwined.

    Boasting lightweight comfort and easy maneuverability, legendary athletes like Franz Beckenbauer made adidas hard-ground soccer shoes into instant icons of class and control. Favored to this day by soccer players and fans, silhouettes like the Gazelle, the Special, the Copa Mundial, and yes the Beckenbauer Allround all pay homage to the Samba and the original designs that made adidas the go-to soccer brand for the past 60 years. In the 15 years since, adidas retained a stranglehold on music with notable collaborations from Snoop Dogg, Ciara, and a whole bunch more but as soon as 2013 hit, they jammed their foot on the gas.

    A$AP Rocky s piggyback on the winged Jeremy Scott x adidas collab proved that the brand had its finger on the luxe pulse, while Pharrell Williams took one of their most faithful silhouettes into the stratosphere. The Stan Smith 1 is far and away adidas best selling shoe. Originally named the adidas Robert Haillet after the French tennis player, you guessed it, Robert Haillet.

    When he retired from tennis adidas looked for the next superstar to represent the shoe. Donald Dell, an American tennis manager at the time suggested Stan Smith and the rest is history. Interestingly enough the green foam padding came about in order to protect athletes Achilles tendons.

    After slipping out of view for a few years, the classic white-and-green colorway came back with a vengeance in the last few years before Pharrell introduced more unique Pantone colorways than any one man could ever wear. His 2015 collab went bananas, bringing an underrated and under-appreciated tennis shoe that s barely changed since the 60s to every sidewalk and street in America. That s major.

    And then there s Kanye West. Where even to begin with the only rockstar left on this planet? After a heavy breakup with Nike, Kanye teamed up with Germany s finest.

    If people doubted his design credibility, his adidas collection did away with any questions. The pinnacle of the partnership happened with the killer outing of the beige Yeezy Boosts at August s VMA Awards a shoe so beautiful it has hypebeasts from Merseyside, England to Hong Kong putting their cars on sale. The white-on-white YBs he wore at Houston Rockets guard James Harden s birthday party officially made his work standout, while also staying perfectly Kanye.

    What more could you want?

    The 350s for the fashion-dads and the YBs for the kids Kanye West has cemented his place in the pantheon of adidas history, already.

    References ^ Stan Smith (www.complex.com)

  • A Music of Grief, Classical Music and The First World War ... - IceniPost This year s Wymondham Music Festival music lecture by Dr Kate Kennedy is A Music of Grief, Classical Music and The First World War .

    The lecture is free to attend and starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 June, at Fairland Church Centre.

    The event is supported by Rotary Club of Wymondham and Fairland United Reformed Church.

  • A Religion for Aryans By Professor Revilo P. Oliver Many believe that, as is quite possible, a large population of mediocrities requires the spiritual sustenance of a religion that promises survival after death as a compensation for the inevitable disappointments and sorrows of human life. If that is so, a replacement must be found for the demoralizing cult of the Jew-god that has, for fifteen centuries, blighted our race and sapped its vital instincts.

    And if the substitute religion is not to impair our race s vitality, it must be in harmony with the Aryan psyche. An attempt to design and launch such a religion is being made by a group who call themselves Reincarnation, Incorporated, with perhaps a gentle pun in the title. Their initial promotion is a forty-page tabloid paper, oddly but cleverly entitled What Is , of which seventy thousand copies are said to have been distributed from the new Delphi (P.O.Box 3009, Agoura Hills, California).

    A second printing of the same quantity is in prospect to recruit more New Age Activists, as members of the cult like to call themselves. The obvious basis for an Aryan religion is the doctrine of metempsychosis, which is congenial to our racial psyche and was a faith held wherever our race established its superiority, from India to Scandinavia. It reappears, with only a little modification, in Schopenhauer s doctrine of the palingenesis of the will. 1 It is foreign to all the Semitic religions, and appears among Mongolians only under the influence of Buddhism, which was exported from India to China.

    Belief in the transmigration of souls is not inherently unreasonable. It is untainted by the trumpery revelations and preposterously childish tales of the Jewish concoction called Christianity. Since souls are, by definition, invisible and impalpable, one cannot prove that they do not exist and do not act as a catalyst, so to speak, in initiating and maintaining the chemical and bio-electrical reaction called life.

    And if souls exist as a kind of subtle energy, the transfer of the undetectable spark from one organism to another would conform to a psychic law of the conservation of energy, and one could, of course, give the doctrine a now fashionable embroidery by discoursing on analogies with quantum mechanics. A soul thus conceived could be the real personality of an individual, and not entirely irrational explanations can be found for an incarnate soul s inability to remember its previous incarnations. Unlike other religions, a faith in metempsychosis need involve nothing that is demonstrably false.

    The doctrine of metempsychosis was brought to its fullest and most logical form by the Aryans of India, who perfected it by combining with it the concept of karma ( karman ). 2 This produces a grandiose system of psychic evolution that neatly parallels the scientific fact of biological evolution. The individual soul is presumed to have begun with the lowest and simplest form of organic life and to have developed itself, through its experiences and actions in each incarnation, ascending gradually to ever higher forms of life and eventually to the higher mammals, who become capable of conscious moral activity. By the time that we become human beings (perhaps even before), the moral quality of an individual s actions automatically determine, by an unalterable natural law, his social status and his fate (i.e., what happens to him, as distinct from what he does voluntarily) in his next incarnation.

    If he discharges faithfully his moral obligations in the status in which he is born, he will have a higher (and morally more demanding) status in his next life; if, on the other hand, he violates the morality of the natural law, he will revert to a lower social status and suffer in it condign tribulations, or, if his guilt exceeds such demotion, he reverts to a subhuman mammal and has to progress to human form once more. This is, of course, a rational religion. Karma is governed by a natural law inherent, like gravitation, in the structure of the universe.

    There is no need for a theodicy, the intellectual reef on which all monotheist religions are wrecked. There is no need for a creator of an eternal universe and no function for a god who intervenes in human affairs. One of the six orthodox religious philosophies of India, the Nirisvara-Samkhya , is frankly atheistic in the sense that it excludes a creating or governing god, although it does admit higher forms of life to which humans may evolve and thus become beings that are superhuman, just as we are supersimian.

    If you must have a god, the alternate ( Sesvara ) system will give you one who is like the god in Plato s Politicus: he designed and fashioned the perfect mechanism of the universe and, after setting it in motion, left it to function automatically, giving no further attention to it and its inhabitants. Only fools would try to attract his attention by performing childish rites or whimpering prayers, but by the moral law of the universe austerities and self-mortification automatically (and regardless of an individual s intent in performing them) release the cosmic energy of tapas and thus confer psychic powers that may be exerted in this or in subsequent lives. You will have seen that this is also a socially perfect religion.

    However disagreeable may be your present status in life and however great may be the injustice and suffering that you must endure, you are thus expiating your moral errors in a preceding life, while your fortitude in accepting without protest the consequences of your past immorality automatically generates the moral quality that will raise you to a higher status in your next life. The doctrine even reconciles the races: a nigger is assured that by good conduct he can ascend racially and eventually be born an Aryan. 3 A society that fully accepts the belief in karma is one in which discontent, social agitation, political conflict, and revolutions are all impossible. Such is the perfectly logical and coherent religion that the Aryans in India fashioned from the religion of the Rg-veda that was theirs when they invaded that sub-continent and which they never formally repudiated, despite the implications of the doctrine I set forth above. 4 The older religion and its analogues naturally dominated the great literature in Sanskrit.

    All belief in hyper-physical phenomena was, for a time, challenged by the strictly rational and materialistic (i.e., scientific) conception of the universe and life called Lokayata . 5 The religious conceptions of India were profoundly perturbed and altered by the disastrous and egalitarian heresy called Buddhism, a religion that had been fashioned from gross perversion of the austere and profoundly pessimistic philosophy of Gautama. And the common people, increasingly mongrelized by miscegenation in defiance of the Aryan Laws of Manu, while never doubting metempsychosis, sought to evade natural law by magic, that is, by invoking the intervention of a god (e.g., Krishna) or goddess (e.g, Kali) whom they pleased and flattered by sacrifices and other acts of special devotion. It would be pointless to mention here the wild variety of grotesque sects, each with its gang of holy men intent on exploiting the superstitions of the populace, that flourish in modern India, but it may be relevant to give a glimpse of the corruption of the old Aryan conception of reincarnation and karma among the most highly cultivated Hindus of the age that followed the rise of Buddhism in India.

    A good example is one of the great works of Sanskrit literature, the Kadambari of Bana (completed after his death, c. A.D.

    650, by his less talented son). It is written in the ornate and alembicated prose that is esteemed as more poetic than verse a mannered and artificial style that reminds one of Euphuism, but paradoxically also reminds one of the German style of Kant, for, given the incomparable lexical and syntactical suppleness of Sanskrit, it can be said of Bana, as it was of Kant, that he often dives into a sentence and comes up, several pages later, with the verb in his mouth.

    The Kadambari is a work that was accessible only to the most highly cultivated readers. 6 The story opens at the court of a famous king and dramatist, Sudraka, whose very name shows that he was not a true Aryan. (He cannot have been a Sudra, but he probably was a hybrid like Dumas, his father s Aryan blood mingled with that of a woman of lower race.) To him comes a Candala, a maiden of wondrous beauty, although she belongs to the very lowest and most despised caste. 7 (Don t worry: you will eventually discover she is the goddess Lakshmi in disguise.) She presents to the king a learned and eloquent parrot, who, after composing verses in the king s honor, narrates a long and intricate romance, inset with subordinate stories, which is the body of the work but need not be outlined here. The wise parrot s discourse causes the veil of ignorance to fall from before the king s eyes, and he learns of his earlier incarnations on earth and, at the behest of the disguised Lakshmi before she ascends to heaven, he dies and eventually discovers that he is really Lord of the Night, Regent of the Moon. His terrestrial sufferings have atoned for the moral lapse that brought upon him the curse that sent him to earth, so he rejoins his favorite wife and wins Kadambari, the maiden whom he especially loves and long desired in vain.

    The three thereafter dwell in his lunar orb, together with their friends and associates, but from time to time revisit the two terrestrial kingdoms that belong to them. You will not need to be shown how drastically this story departs from the basic simplicity and rationality of the Aryan doctrine of karma that I outlined above. I have mentioned it expressly to show how the pure doctrine of karma can survive contamination by notions of deities who intervene in earthly affairs, incarnate divinities, and even the mystical efficacy of curses. 8 That should make us cautious in criticizing modern adaptations of the doctrine that are designed for popularity today.

    The concept of a transmigration of souls is, as I have said, native to our race. It reappeared frequently in the literature of the Nineteenth Century (e.g., in two of Edgar Allen Poe s most memorable short stories or Theophile Gautier s Avatar ). Langdon Smith spontaneously saw the parallel between metempsychosis and biological evolution in his one well-known poem, When you were a tadpole and I was a fish, In the Paleozoic time.

    In our century, the concept has been popularized by the memories of Bridey Murphy, Joan Grant, Taylor Caldwell (Mrs. Marcus Reback), and others. The doctrine, furthermore, is susceptible of a kind of proof.

    Most literate persons read in their youth vivid tales set in ancient or transcendentally exotic cultures, such as Ryder Haggard s She , Flaubert s Salammbo , Georg Ebers Der Kaiser , Merejkowski s Tutenchamon auf Kreta , Maseras Ildaribal , Pierre Louys Aphrodite , or any of a hundred others. Such stories, set in a panorama of a vanished civilization, make a deep impression on the minds of youthful readers, but fade from the conscious mind in subsequent decades. As the readers, especially if they are female, approach or enter middle age, their youthful impressions can be recalled in hypnosis; they may spontaneously mistake them for memories of a past incarnation, and they will almost certainly do so, if they have been prepared for a past life regression by a skilled hypnotist.

    There should, therefore, be a large and active market for a new religion based on metempsychosis and karma, now that Mme. Blavatsky s Theosophy is quite worn out. It is not easy, however, to estimate the potential of Reincarnation, Incorporated.

    The forty pages of its tabloid, half of them written by one man, are chiefly devoted to glowing descriptions of how wonderful it is to be a New Age Activist, and they have comparatively little to say about a specific metaphysical doctrine. One principal theme is a vehement but entirely justified polemic against the Jesus-jerks of the Moral Majority and New Christian Right, who are so lavishly promoted by the Jews boob-tubes and have already excited such mindless fanaticism that one of the chief hokum-peddlers has set himself up as a candidate for the Presidency, and the Revolutionary Tribunal in Washington has shown ominous signs of coming to a working agreement with the crude communism of early Judaeo-Christian cults. One can only applaud the polemic, which gives the new religion a present utility.

    The bits of doctrine that one can gather from obiter dicta scattered through the forty pages indicate that the basic doctrines of karma have been incorporated in an odd mishmash. The sect teaches acceptance of the world as it is, and that is good, but then we encounter a blob of Christian sentimentality in the strange affirmation that the Law of Grace supersedes the Law of Karma All your positive and loving thoughts and actions go to cancel out your stored-up bad karma. Now this directly contravenes the basic doctrine, according to which sentiments and thoughts have no effect in themselves, and actions are all that count.

    The word karman means an act, deed, and is in some writings taken as an antithesis to belief and the kind of thought that does not result in physical action. Thus karmanurupa may designate what is in accord with a constant action or function, such as a chemical reaction, as well as the conduct and fate of a man that are in accord with his actions in a previous life. It is the latter conception, of course, that is fundamental to the religio-philosophical doctrine that takes its name from karman .

    Then we are told everyone is here on earth to fulfill their sic dharma and to resolve their karma by rising above fear and learning to express unconditional love. I am not sure what this means. Dharma is duty, propriety, justice, and hence the prescribed conduct of a man (or woman) in the social status and position to which he (or she) has been born.

    Fulfilling those obligations faithfully advances one spiritually; violation of that duty will result in rebirth in a lower and more unpleasant status. It is the dharma of a slave to serve his master loyally; the dharma of a soldier, to slay the enemies of his king; and the * dharma of a king (as is so clearly stated in the famous Arthasastra ), to be merciless toward criminals and subversives, and to root them out, even by using a corps of agents provocateurs. There isn t a word about bubbling with love, conditional or unconditional.

    The New Age Activists, we are told, will be an army of people armed with love and they will replace repression and fear with peace and light. So we end with more of the old buncombe. Such pie may be served in the sky, but it will never be found on earth, and it is a great disservice to arouse an appetite for an imaginary confection.

    I suppose this nonsense was put in to stimulate the glands of compulsive do-gooders. I refrain from commenting on the two-page spiel by a certain Joseph Goldstein, who twice assures us that Sexual misconduct can most easily be understood as refraining ! from those actions of sensuality which cause pain and harm to others. If he means what he says, he should laud the famous Marquis de Sade, who was most emphatically not guilty of such misconduct.

    What is most disturbing is that Reincarnation, Incorporated, carries with it a whole passel of fakirs and mystery-mongers, all eager to perform magic if you cross their palms with silver. One female will bang a Tibetan gong (probably made in Brooklyn) to help you remember your past lives in Tibet and to facilitate the rising of the Kundalini. I forbear asking about her qualifications, but in my quite limited reading in the sources, if memory does not deceive me, it was implied that only males have a kundalini , a cute psychic snake that issues from the sexual organs, climbs up the spine, and enters the brain to fill it with transcendence.

    There are psychics who will read your destiny from tea leaves, from quartz crystals (giving you crystal energetics ), from the palms of your hands, just as they used to do in the tents of the old carnivals. International authorities will teach you how to raise your vibrational level and will introduce you to spirit guides, just waiting to act as your unseen (but not unpaid) cicerone and show you the sights of spookland; how to have fun in trances, even if you don t know what you are doing; how to work up enough psychic ability to remember at least three of your past lives; and how to get such a big dose of awareness that you will be attuned to the awesome power that guides the universe and make love s psychic dimensions work for you. Top parapsychologists will teach you how to have extra-sensory perception and nurture your ESP ability, to the astonishment of your friends. (That should be lots of fun, but my guess is that any card-shark could teach you more about stacking a deck of cards and would do it for less.) And to complete the show, there are astrologers all over the lot, and all of them have got computers now and can tell you with scientific accuracy just what the planets, including Pluto and, I suppose, the larger asteroids, such as Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas, are going to do to you tomorrow.

    One wizard, who has the same address as Reincarnation, Incorporated, will, for only $16.00, jiggle his IBM System 36 computer for you and give you a print-out to bring energy to each part of your personality and, you know, a big computer like that just couldn t make a mistake. Now I am sure that some prospective customers will be repelled by some or all of those side-shows and turn away from the main tent, and others will be displeased by the somewhat inept collocation on page 9 of the liberal leadership, New Age practitioners, homosexuals (estimated at over 40 million) as three groups, presumably equally precious, who will be run into Nazi death camps, if the awful Fascists get control after the impending collapse of this ruined and bankrupt country. What I do not profess to know is what percentage of potential customers will be alienated by such ingredients in the mishmash.

    The potentiality of Reincarnation, Incorporated, furthermore, is delimited by the fact that if a new religion is to attract multitudes, it must exhibit a great novelty and seem to be radically new. It must differ drastically from all religions in vogue when it is introduced. The new cult, however, offers only crambe repetita , warmed-over cabbage.

    The chatter about love and higher consciousness and transcendental values that Theosophy peddled in its hey-day, when such figments of the imagination differed attractively from the dreary quibbles of Christian theology, are now stale and tedious; they are offered today by a hundred competing sects and with only slight variations. To give a specific example: What does Reincarnation, Incorporated, offer that is not also offered by the Stelle Group, which I mentioned obiter in Liberty Bell , August 1984, p.

    13? The differences are only in the trimmings of the worn-out garments.

    If a new religion based on metempsychosis and karma is to command wide adherence, it must offer some doctrine that is not now tediously familiar to everyone who has gone shopping in the salvation-marts. In sum, then, I am inclined to believe that the new religion is perhaps fatally flawed as it comes from its makers, and I should suppose that it has little chance of becoming more than just another weird cult for people who want to believe whatever is incredible. But when I remember the jumble of inconsistent and even antithetical ideas in all of the most popular cults in India, of which the best is illustrated by the Kadambari , I prudently refrain from categorical predictions about what Weishaupt s marvellous mind of man cannot be made to believe.

    Footnotes 1. Schopenhauer drew inspiration for much of his philosophy from the fifty Upanisads that he read in the Latin translation by Anquetil Duperron (Strassburg, 2 vols., 1801-1802), of which he said ( Parerga , II, 185), It has been the most elevating reading which (with the exception of the original text) there can possibly be in the world. It has been the solace of my life, and will be of my death. ) 2.

    When one cites Sanskrit nouns and adjectives, one does not give the nominative singular, as in Greek and Latin, but the special base, or pausa, form that is used in dictionaries and in grammatical treatises, from which the inflected cases are derived.) 3. The stages of transition from the Vedas to the doctrine of the later Upanisads is obscure, but one conjecture, drawn from the term dvija ( born again ), applied only to Aryans, is that originally only Aryans were thought capable of reincarnation, while black-skinned Dravidians and apes were thought to perish like all other lower mammals. That was a biologically wholesome attitude, and an historian may regret that it was superseded by formulation of the complete scheme of spiritual evolution called karma.

    By another conjecture, one regarding the origin of the caste system, one can suppose that the civilized white race that preceded the Aryans in the Indus Valley was included among the born again.

    4. I have given a concise, perhaps too concise, summary of Hindu religions and religious philosophies in Appendices A, B, and C to my translation of the Mrcchakatika (Little Clay Cart) ; cf. Appendices D, E, and L.

    The essentials can be learned from any good reference work.) 5. In a very early article, written with Spenglerian fatalism, I wrote: We need not be astonished that Hindu skepticism enjoyed only a relatively brief existence: no malism was ever more than transitory, for in philosophy, as in daily life, men are naturally cowards and optimists. Skepsis always consumes itself; it is a brilliant flame that, like a magnesium flare, bursts forth for a moment in the tenebrous night, and then vanishes, leaving the darkness more impenetrable than ever.

    According to Spengler, gerontic civilizations enter a period of second religiosity before they die; we may now have reached that stage. Other and perhaps better explanations are possible, such as the observed decline of the level of intelligence in proletarian and multiracial societies, or the necessary effect of a civilization that contravenes the innate instincts of our species. (I am thinking of an extremely important article by Alan McGregor that will appear in a coming issue of the Mankind Quarterly; I plan to consider it in connection with the phenomena of sexual perversion.) 6. If you have sufficiently mastered Sanskrit to read the Mahabharata or the Kathasaritsagara without difficulty, you will find that reading Bana is like breaking trail in three feet of snow.

    There is an English translation by C. Mhttp://worldlink.stormfront.org:8080/read?27619,20. Ridding (1906), which I have not seen.

    Aside from the inimitably ornate and poetic diction, Bana s work has a considerable charm in its sensitivity to the beauties of nature, but the late Arthur Berriedale Keith, the foremost authority on Sanskrit literature, was certainly right in saying that it will seem fantastic, uninteresting, and tedious to readers who have no settled belief in metempsychosis.

    7. The offspring of a white woman of the highest primary caste by a brown-skinned male of the lowest is the result of miscegenation so monstrous that he (or she) is particularly accursed. The descendants of such persons are Candalas; they are legally dead and must carry rattles to warn of their approach so that decent persons can avoid the loathesome sight.

    They serve as executioners and porters of corpses, since they cannot be more polluted than they are by birth. They are, however, morally superior to Englishmen and Americans, who commit the heinous crime of eating beef and will therefore be reborn as pigs or worse.

    8. The parrot is an estimable young man who was reborn as a parrot because he was cursed, not by a holy man as is so common in Hindu story, but only by a maiden whom he had wearied with protestations of love.

    This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine.

  • A review of Debarred Theatre Company's, The Barred Debarred Theatre Company is truly one of a kind made up entirely of actors, producers, directors and stagehands with first-hand experience of the British justice system. Their first production, The Barred at Chelsea s Royal Court Theatre is beyond immersive; combining satire as sharp as a knife and fraught, love-stricken relationships mimetic of the Bard himself, don t excuse the pun. The play effortlessly merges private paternal relationships with a more public, politicised backdrop of punitive prison; the writer, Dean Stalham may just be the new David Hare.

    He explores the one-step-forward-two-steps-backward volatility of life on a council estate, the crime-committing Catch 22; to prosper through malefaction or to remain trapped by the seemingly impenetrable class ceiling. This is the story of Daniel who is imprisoned wrongly at the hands of his own father and daughter. The play begins simply; a conversation on a park bench between grandfather and granddaughter.

    The fairly mundane setting juxtaposes the tension shared between the two characters as they discuss their incarcerated family member, trapped at their expense. Without a proper set, the actors are dependent only on the words to conjure their situation, which is hardly an effort considering the play s mellifluous script. Stalham is a literary architect; he constructs characters with foundations as solid as the prison walls he abhors, building, layering and perfecting minute details, until Daniel, the protagonist, is made with an almost tangible soul.

    Daniel grew up on a crime-fuelled council estate and, as he sits alone in his cell, he reminisces about the time his father stole an ice cream van and fed the whole community. Cosy memories soon mutate into a more painful understanding of his father s criminal profligacy. He grasps the opportunity to explore what brought him to this cold, dark, damp-ridden cell, rewinding, re-living his childhood.

    He has known only violence and criminal activity as a form of expression, but in prison, his pen is his greatest weapon. He writes poetry. To begin with, Daniel writes with caution, and certainly without any intention to soothe his battered soul.

    He is coached and cajoled by a well-to-do writer in residence and realises the value of art as a form of universal communication. Through words, Daniel relinquishes his sense of betrayal. His pen acts as a hammer to chip away at the concrete class ceiling that has previously suffocated him and his family.

    Perhaps Stalham s eye for detail, his touching story telling of a man more afraid of artistic expression than the law, is reflective of his own personal experience. First and foremost, Stalham is a father of five. In this play, the father-daughter bond feels shatterproof and is further strengthened by Daniel s unenviable situation.

    Daniel writes his poetry for Holly, just as Stalham writes, directs and paints to support his children. Before becoming one of the most encouraging and truthful writers of our time, Stalham, like Daniel, once lived a Gangster s Paradise ending up in three top security prisons. He has served his time, and is now an advocate for art as rehabilitation in prisons, championing his charity Art Saves Lives.

    Although written from personal experience, Stalham still seems to make his themes universal and utterly relatable. The self-professed company known for stretching the boundaries of traditional theatre, is also familiar with the justice system. Each one of them is looking to be debarred from the theatre world after run-ins with the Police in one way or another.

    The actors, therefore, offered unrivalled experience and in turn connected on a personal level with the plights of their respective characters. Andrew Paul s representation of Daniel was a tasteful testament to a man undone by failure and fear occasionally dissembled by a hard-man fa ade. Paul wore the character like a second skin; his performance was almost flawless.

    Mr Mac, played by Gerry Knoud, is both loathed and loathing; a prison guard who has seen too much violence and too abhorrent crimes to feel emotional attachment to his inmates. In his eyes, Daniel s pen is only useful as a shank to harm other prisoners, rather than a weapon to fight inequality on the outside. Stalham and Knoud made Mr Mac relatable to the audience, which was pivotal to the play s success.

    When using a play as a platform for social commentary, it may be difficult to portray the other side of the argument with sincerity. Knoud followed Stalham s brief, ensuring this was a balanced and educative piece of theatre. This enlightening play didn t need flamboyant staging or over-the-top lighting; the lyricism of the words and the strength of the acting was more than enough to make the story utterly hypnotic, dragging the audience on its rattling roller coaster with it.

    This is not a play for Vinnie Jones or Guy Ritchie; this is a story of familial bonds almost too broken to break and of the healing connectivity of art and literature.

    The Barred is a social commentary with a heart and one of the most important plays of our time.

    For more information follow @Debarredtheatre on Twitter About these ads 1 References ^ About these ads (wordpress.com)

  • A Secure and Resilient Communication Infrastructure for ...Abstract This thesis provides the design and implementation of a secure and resilient communication infrastructure for decentralized peer-to-peer networks.

    The proposed communication infrastructure tries to overcome limitations to unrestricted communication on today's Internet and has the goal of re-establishing unhindered communication between users.

    With the GNU name system, we present a fully decentralized, resilient, and privacy-preserving alternative to DNS and existing security infrastructures.

  • A Spa Treat: Relax and be pampered in Barnham Broom's luxury ... Relax and be pampered in Barnham Broom s luxury Spa Leave the world outside and enjoy some wonderful treatments in Barnham Broom s luxury spa. The spa is open to everyone, so whether you live nearby, staying in the hotel or visiting the area, indulge yourself for a few hours of relaxation. The wonderful range of holistic massage and beauty treatments will leave you feeling radiant and refreshed.

    Barnham Broom offer an extensive range of facials, massages, body wraps, hand and nail treatments, tanning and make up applications, as well as some wonderful holistic treatments to soothe body and mind such as Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candles. The team of spa therapists are highly qualified and have years of experience, so you know you re in good hands. Before commencing any treatment they ll talk to you about what you re looking for and they ll tailor their approach to ensure the perfect treatment for you.

    The Spa at Barnham Broom is a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. With five spacious treatment suites, each with their own private shower facilities that are finished to an impeccably high standard. Making sure they provide the best spa treatments also means using the highest quality spa products.

    They ve selected ranges from ESPA, St Tropez, Mii and Jessica to use for all treatments for their unsurpassed luxury and fantastic results. With a range of spa packages available for day and overnight spa breaks, The Spa at Barnham Broom is perfect for a relaxing break, a special occasion or a gift for a loved one. Call The Spa direct on 01603 757545 to book your appointment.

    We are situated at the Barnham Broom Hotel, Honingham Road, Norwich NR9 4DD Treat yourself to a Spa Break: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-breaks 1 Treat yourself to a Day Spa: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/day-spa-packages 2 Treat yourself to some me-time: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa 3 Check out our monthly special offers: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-offers 4 Barnham Broom Luxury Spa Related References ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-breaks (www.barnham-broom.co.uk) ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/day-spa-packages (www.barnham-broom.co.uk) ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa (www.barnham-broom.co.uk) ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-offers (www.barnham-broom.co.uk)

  • A talk by textile artist Polly Binns 2nd Feb 2016 The Norfolk Contemporary Craft Society is pleased to announce another lecture celebrating the Francis Cheetham Legacy A talk by textile artist Polly Binns Personal Perspectives 7pm on Tuesday 2 nd February 2016 At Norwich and Norfolk Community Arts Martineau Memorial Hall, 21 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BN www.norcaarts.co.uk/contact-us.html 1 Tickets on the door 5 3 to NCCS Members and Friends A glass of wine or soft drink included www.norfolkcraft.co.uk 2 Textile artist, Polly Binns, considers why and how we become the artists we are.

    Polly talks about her work inspired by the tidal landscape of North Norfolk in relation to her artist family background and career in HE education and arts advisory work.

    advert Bars4U licensed bar services Related References ^ www.norcaarts.co.uk/contact-us.html (www.norcaarts.co.uk) ^ www.norfolkcraft.co.uk (www.norfolkcraft.co.uk)

  • A WEEKEND OF VARIED EMOTIONS A WEEKEND OF VARIED EMOTIONS Last weekend was a mixture of frustration (to put it mildly in one case), disappointment, encouragement and excitement for our teams as summarised below. Ladies 1sts . The team laboured to a deserved 4-1 win at a cold Weybread over bottom-placed Ipswich.

    Emma Lee-Smith put them ahead in the first half only for a lively Ipswich to equalise after the break. The game was then transformed when seemingly out of the blue Abby Gooderham fired home one of the goals of the season with a superb reverse stick shot from the edge of the circle. Susan Wessels then converted a penalty corner before Abby set up Susan for a simple tap-in after another piece of individual skill.

    With time running out Abby seemed destined for a deserved second goal only for the umpire to blow for the end of the game with the ball about to roll into the unguarded goal! The team remains in fourth place and this coming Saturday is away to Maidenhead (1.30). Ladies 2nds.

    There was further frustration for the team when they conceded two early goals away to St Albans 2nds following decisions which on another day might have gone in their favour. But they went on to battle hard combined with some excellent hockey and they got a deserved late goal when Kara Kilbourn deflected home at a penalty corner. With this 2-1 defeat the team need to win at least two of their last three games (starting at home this Saturday against Maidstone (2.00) to have any chance of avoiding relegation.

    Ladies 3rds . After their 6-0 away win over Pelicans 2nds (with goals by Sarah Legg 2, Millie Preece 2, Katie Ogden and Mia King) and the draw for the 4ths the team now lead their league by three points from the 4ths who have a game in hand. Katie Woollatt was MOTM.

    This Saturday Lucy Field and her team are at home after four successive away games when they host third-placed UEA 2nds (3.30). Ladies 4ths . After five wins on the trot the team had to be content with a 1-1 home draw against a gritty Norwich City 2nds.

    Laura Tibbenham put them ahead in the first half after considerable City pressure and City hit back with a scrappy goal after the break for a deserved equaliser. Despite these two dropped points Treacle Griffin and her team can still win the league but they have a tricky away game with fourth placed Norwich Dragons 3rds (11.30) this Saturday who drew last weekend after coming up against the resolute defence of lowly Evergreens. END OF SEASON SENIOR AWARDS EVENING including Buffet & Disco SATURDAY 19 MARCH, APOLLO CLUB, HARLESTON Arrive 7.30pm Awards 8.00pm Taxis 12.00am.

    Dress: Smart Tickets (which must be purchased in advance) are 20.00 and are available from clubhouse bar or from Jackie and Kevin Ridley 01379 854697 or 07815 199803. Please come to help make this evening both enjoyable and successful. Ladies 5ths .

    Two weeks ago in a re-arranged away game the team went down 6-3 to Watton 2nds but they were determined there would be no repeat at home and they ran out comfortable 4-0 winners. Imi Meynell-Anderson and Alice Evans-Hendrick put them 2-0 up at half time and skipper Jose Tibbenham made the game save with a couple later in the game. Fourth place is still attainable by the team but they will need to keep winning including at home to UEA 3rds on Saturday (10.15).

    Ladies 6ths . It was good to see the team earn a deserved point at home in a 2-2 draw with Evergreens 2nds. Ellie Fawkner gave them a first half lead and after Evergreens fought back to take the lead Ellie popped up with the equaliser with five minutes to go in an end to end match.

    This Saturday they are away to Norwich Dragons 6ths (3.15). Ladies 7ths . With a scheduled 5.30 start away to Norwich City 7ths the team knew they were in for a late finish.

    In the event with a delayed start they eventually came off the pitch at 7.20! After starting with ten players they lost Jane Collins through injury. Nevertheless they put up in a strong performance eventually losing 3-0.

    This week they are at home to Pelicans 3rds (12.15). Girls Development . Manager Sandra Elliner was obliged to select a very young side to play Pelicans with several players unavailable as they were playing the next day and with four playing for the 6ths.

    After a good game Pelicans came out on top winning 2-0. This Saturday the team is away to Yarmouth (10.00) whom they beat 5-0 in the middle of December. Men s 1sts.

    They just had to win their home match on Sunday with Teddington to keep alive their very slim national league survival hopes but it wasn t to be sadly as they went down 5-3. Myles King (with his first national league goal) and Ben Wright (with a penalty stroke conversion) had given the team the boost of a two-goal lead. Teddington hit back just before the interval and the game was transformed early in the second half with Teddington scoring three times in four minutes.

    Myles then scored again to give Magpies some hope but seeking an equaliser Magpies were caught on the break and the visitors, for whom it was good see out-on-loan Carl Sitch playing against his brother Leigh, scored again to win 5-3. This Sunday the team play their last home game of the season when they host Cambridge City at the changed time of 12 noon. Men s 2nds .

    Skipper Lawrence Baynes and his team were looking to build on their fine away win over Spalding when they took on fellow-strugglers Cambridge Univ 2nds at Weybread. It was soon clear they were in for a tough game and it was good to see Sam Moore and Richard Ling playing for Magpies for whom Thomas Ridley was in sparkling form. After a keen struggle the game seemed to be heading for a goalless draw but the students struck with five minutes to go.

    This spurred Magpies on even further and Thomas gave them a deserved equaliser. While now off the bottom of the league Magpies will need to win at least two of their last four games to avoid relegation starting hopefully away to Felixstowe on Saturday (2.00). Men s 3rds .

    The team knew they were in for a tough game against league leaders IES 2nds despite beating them at home 5-1 earlier in the season. They conceded two sloppy goals early in the game and after getting to half time without further damage they let in another soon after.

    3-0 down soon came 4-0 but third-placed Magpies hit back with late goals by Jake Sewell and skipper Matt Brand to lose 4-2. With three games left promotion is still a possibility for Magpies but they will need to beat Norwich City 4ths at home on Saturday (1.45) to have a realistic chance.

    END OF SEASON SENIOR AWARDS EVENING including Buffet & Disco please see above Men s 4ths . After their fine win over IES 3rds the previous week the team took a big step to avoiding relegation when they beat IES 4ths 1-0 away to move up to 5th place in their league. Their goal came in the last minute through Ali Williamson with his first for the club in thirteen years after he beat three players in the circle.

    What a goal! But they are still not completely safe although a win on Saturday at home to North Norfolk 2nds (12.00) would do the trick. Men s 5ths .

    They were up against league leaders Bury St Edmunds 4ths in the last game at Weybread by which time I have to confess I had sought the warmth of the clubhouse and with it an excellent meal thanks to the Ladies 1sts. Andy Caston twice brought his team level before Bury pulled away to lead 5-2. Lewis Belsey then scored to make the final score a respectable 5-3.

    On Saturday they are away to Thetford Town (2.30) who like them are in mid-table comfort. Men s 6ths . Eric Davy s team continues to amaze!

    Their 2-1 home win over Norwich Dragons 5ths was their seventh in their last eight games with the other ending in a draw. They were a goal down at half time before Eric got the equaliser (although this was incorrectly challenged in the clubhouse by jealous team-mates!) after Jon Wells had created the penalty corner. With seven minutes to go and with an appreciative roar from the spectators Richard Chopper Allcock fired home the winner after a shot from Roger Kent had come back off a post.

    The prospect of promotion for the team remains a concern (!) but they have three demanding games remaining including away to Norfolk Nomads on Saturday (2.30). Boys Development . While father Andy was scoring a brace for the 5ths sons Tom and Jake Caston were scoring the four goals by which the Dev team won 4-0 away to Pelicans.

    Tom went one better than his father scoring three times while Jake had to be content with one. The team, which does not have a game this week, is now back on the top of their league two points ahead of Norwich Dragons (having played a game more) who they play away on Saturday week. Mixed.

    The team is at home to Norwich City on Sunday (2.00) in the 3rd round of the EH Trophy. U18 Girls. The team had the frustration of their mini-bus breaking down on their long trip to play Neston South Wirral on Sunday in the quarter-finals of the EH Plate.

    They then had the further frustration of losing 1-0 through a late goal. But to their credit they honoured the fixture. U16 Girls.

    Frustration mixed with bewilderment (and something stronger) must have be the emotions of the team and their supporters when after beating Cambridge City 2-1 and drawing 1-1 with hosts Leicester in the regional finals their game against Worcester was called off with ten minutes to go when they were leading 8-0 (with Abby Gooderham scoring a remarkable seven goals). The reason being that it says in the rules no team may lose by more than eight goals. This meant our team lost out to Leicester on goal difference of two after Leicester had surprisingly beaten a strong looking Cambridge City 8-0.

    U16 Boys. They had drama of their own at the regional finals in Canterbury drawing 3-3 with Teddington after being three up with six minutes to play. They then came from two down to draw 2-2 with Old Loughtonians before losing 3-1 to Canterbury.

    U14 Girls. They missed out on reaching their regional final when they lost 3-2 away to Norwich City. They recovered from 3-0 down with goals by Grace Collison and Georgie Cantrell and were pressing for the equaliser at the final whistle.

    U14 Boys. The team is through to the Midlands regional final on goal difference after Norwich Dragons beat Bury St Edmunds 3-1 on Sunday. U10/U12 Boys and Girls.

    Congratulations to our four A teams who have qualified for the East Finals to be held at Weybread over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 16/17 April after their exciting successes in the Norfolk Championships at Pelicans HC on Sunday. The U10 Girls finished as champions while the other teams came second. This coming Sunday they will be joined by our B teams, who had their own event at Weybread, when they all compete in the Norwich Dragons Minis.

    Finally, a remarkable record at Weybread last Saturday when on the sand-based pitch there was a member of the Davy family playing in all four games for Magpies, namely Louise (10.45 for the 5ths), Katie (12.15 for the Development), father Eric (1.45 for the 6ths) and Louise and Julie and mother Marie (3.15 for the 6ths). Best of luck to all our teams this weekend. Please see the website for the full list of fixtures.

    With kind regards Mike Denham MDenham975@aol.com 1/3/16 www.magpies-hockey.co.uk web site hosted and managed by IceniPost.com 1 2 advert Barnham Broom Winter Golf Offers Related References ^ www.magpies-hockey.co.uk (www.magpies-hockey.co.uk) ^ IceniPost.com (icenipost.com)

  • A$AP Rocky & A$AP Twelvvy Respond To SpaceGhostPurrp ... Cleveland rapper Chxpo's "Cookin Yams" song was released by SpaceGhostPurrp 1 today (January 5) as a diss to A$AP Rocky 2 and A$AP Yams 3 . SpaceGhostPurrp feuded with members of the A$AP Mob 4 , including A$AP Rocky, through the 2010s and continued his disses towards the group on Twitter with the song's release. "BMB DEATHROW WILL END THEY CAREER AFTER THIS TWEET I WILL DROP THIS DEMONIC ASS SONG BY @ CHXPO DA MINISTER AS HE DESTROY YAMS CARTI & ROCKY," SpaceGhostPurrp wrote before he tweeted the link to the song. A$AP Twelvvy 5 wrote to Chxpo after the track was released. "hey what's up bro I'm n nyc if you ever looking for me," the Mob member writes. "Dis nigga said ' hey whats up bro ' like i aint bin saying fuck his dead niggas since they bin dien," Chxpo responds, regarding A$AP Yams, who died in 2015 of a drug overdose 6 . "I aint yo bro n ight was tha address?

    Ill be there sooner than later." SpaceGhostPurrp has a conversation with Chxpo about his strained relationship with A$AP Rocky. " @ MJRUNSHIT23 all @ asvpxrocky do is drain yo sauce he a punk im salty you ever blessed that whore bitch with your presence # CookingYams," Chxpo says. "It's cool cause we just gone keep fucking all his hoes and smoking his dead niggas," SpaceGhostPurrp responds. Yesterday (January 4), SpaceGhostPurrp made a few more posts blasting the A$AP Mob on Twitter. "If you go to Florida reppin ASAP you gone get yo ass beat," the Miami rapper writes in one of the posts. A$AP Rocky responded when a fan threatened to have the Harlem, New York rapper cut off SpaceGhostPurrp's Internet. "LMFAO #TWEETLIKEYAMS," A$AP Rocky writes.

    Listen to "Cookin Yams" and view tweets from SpaceGhostPurrp, Chxpo, A$AP Rocky and A$AP Twelvvy below: References ^ SpaceGhostPurrp (hiphopdx.com) ^ A$AP Rocky (hiphopdx.com) ^ A$AP Yams (hiphopdx.com) ^ A$AP Mob (hiphopdx.com) ^ A$AP Twelvvy (hiphopdx.com) ^ died in 2015 of a drug overdose (hiphopdx.com)

  • A17 crash causes delays for King's Lynn passengers This website and its associated newspaper adheres to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. If you have a complaint about editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then contact the Editor by clicking here 1 . If you remain dissatisfied with the response provided then you can contact the IPSO by clicking here 2 .

    Fenland Citizen provides news, events and sport features from the Wisbech area.

    For the best up to date information relating to Wisbech and the surrounding areas visit us at Fenland Citizen regularly or bookmark this page.

    References ^ clicking here (www.fenlandcitizen.co.uk) ^ clicking here (www.ipso.co.uk)

  • A47 closed between King's Lynn and Swaffham after crash ... The A47 between King s Lynn and Swaffham has been closed following a serious collision at East Winch this morning (Wednesday).

    A car and a lorry were in collision near the Carpenter s Arms pub at around 11.15am.

    Emergency services are at the scene

  • Aangirfan: 'POLICE COVER-UP OF CHILD MURDERS' Lawrence McLean, one of the many children sexually abused while in the care of Suffolk County Council. One of Michael's abusers was the influential social worker Peter Righton. 'Darren' says that, as a child, he was taken to child abuse parties at London's Dolphin Square flats. He says that a girl apparently died at a VIP party.

    On 13 September 2015, it was reported that the police are to drop their investigation into this case. This could suggest that MI5 and MI6 have ordered the police to shut up. Dolphin Square flats, linked to MI5 and MI6.

    According to a report by James Gillespie of the Sunday Times 1 , detectives have referred Darren's son to social services. Darren says that the the teenage girl who died disappeared into what was known as the 'medical room' at a flat at Dolphin Square. Darren says the child abuse gang included a senior Conservative politician.

    Darren claims that the child abuser Peter Righton was involved in the death of a man in his 30s on the Thornham Magna estate in Suffolk. 'Murder at Thornham Magna': 'Darren' relives harrowing scene. 2 / Paedophile linchpin Peter Righton 'carried out sadistic murder' 3 . Peter Righton Darren says: 'My allegations are true, I have no reason to lie to anyone. "I've never made any money from speaking out and neither would I want to. I told the truth in the belief that there would be justice.' Police drop VIP sex murder ring inquiry | The Sunday Times / dailymail. 4 5 A TOP Conservative Member of Parliament apparently 'murdered the young girl at the orgy' according to 'Darren'.

    Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl 6 './ Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl 7 '. This is the fourth child reportedly murdered by the child abuse ring which included government ministers and a famous TV comedy actor. 'Darren' is the third witness to come forward. The girl was reportedly murdered at London's Dolphin Square flats, home to members of the UK security services and cabinet ministers.

    Dolphin Square flats in London Darren says: "I witnessed a senior Tory politician go into 'the medical room' with a girl who I know was 15. "This was a bedroom containing a hospital-type bed with shackles, gimp masks and a tiled, washable floor. "She was 15 and in care... "I never saw her leave that room; in fact I never saw her again." Peter Righton Darren says he was driven to the child-sex orgies by Peter Righton, a former government adviser. Darren says: "This Tory cabinet minister always insisted I should be presented to him with ladies' underwear on... "I was spanked with a bamboo cane that he brought with him, which was painful. I was then sexually abused. "He liked boys to dress up in lacy women's underwear..." ...

    SIMON GIPPS-KENT; PETER ARNE; SPOOKS 8 ... Darren says he was forced to give oral sex to a famous TV comedian. Darren refers to a young boy "dressed up in tight leather shorts" taken into "the medical room" by senior Conservative politician and some other men.

    Darren says: "I met him afterwards and he told me he had suffered humiliation too vile to describe and was then beaten up." The top politicians are usually child abusers, under the control of Mossad, the CIA and MI5, reportedly. Continued here: Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl 9 ' Peter Righton. During the investigation into the UK government adviser Peter Righton, correspondence was uncovered relating to a top pedophile ring in Gozo and Malta.

    Sweden and Norway were also mentioned in the letters. When Michael was first taken into care by Suffolk Council, he refused to perform a sex act on a visitor to the place where he was staying. As a punishment, he was locked in a cupboard for 32 hours.

    On finally being released, he was sexually assaulted. In the children's care home, a number of uniformed police officers abused the children. Children who refused to have sex were beaten.

    POLICEMAN CLEARED OF CHILD RAPE / PEDOPHILE RING IN PRIME MINISTER'S HOME? 10 11 'Michael' says he was abused around the country as a child while in the Suffolk care system. As a child, Michael lived for a time on a country estate in Suffolk where he was sexually abused by Peter Righton, a top adviser to a previous Conservative government. Suffolk: 'I was abused by paedophiles around the country 12 .. "One of Michael's abusers was the influential social worker Peter Righton, who is associated with Suffolk." Henniker ran the Islington /Suffolk Project - a scheme for disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk.

    Henniker has links to MI6 and the Royal family. At one time Michael was, reportedly, forced to live in "slave" conditions on Lord Henniker's estate. The Thornham Magna Estate was where sexual abuse by Peter Righton and Charles Napier 13 and child murder by Peter Righton, has been alleged to have taken place, under the cloak of an educational and recreational centre for disadvantaged children. 14 .

    Peter Righton is associated with Malta. Michael was trafficked around the country by his male foster carer. Michael was taken to north Wales where MI5 reportedly ran child brothels in children's homes such as Bryn Estyn.

    Michael was taken to London where MI5 reportedly ran child brothels. Suffolk Michael was sent to live with the male foster carer in mid-Suffolk for eight months. His foster carer "was a nasty man, violent man - certainly connected to Islington. "Under the guise of a children's holiday fund for deprived children, we would travel." Michael said they travelled together to Plymouth, Sussex, Islington , Wales, Birmingham, Leeds and Cromer.

    Michael says "I was taken to Wrexham ." Wrexham is associated with Lord McAlpine, former treasurer of the Conservative Party, the chief party of child abuse, reportedly. Michael says: "From a very young age they had been filming things." Child abuse videos, whether made in Hampstead or in Ukraine, reportedly make vast sums of money for the Powers-That-Be. A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said it was aware of Michael's case and was currently looking into various allegations he has made.

    However, there are attempts being made by the authorities to discredit 'Michael'. Michael says that Suffolk council "conspired" to have him "declared mentally ill, and consistently ignored his complaints of sexual abuse." Council documents refer to Michael having a "dissociative personality disorder". This is contradicted by a consultant psychiatrist who assessed Michael.

    This psychiatrist, who works for the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust, said "no history of mental illness has been found" and that Michael "showed no features of mental illness". Darren Thornham @DarrenCSAS "I am just so so terrified of all police now after witnessing one kill a girl in an abuse ritual as a child." 15 St George's is the military boarding school in Suffolk where Derek Slade was headmaster. The Mail on Sunday ( The paedophile and the law chief. 16 ) told us about: 1.

    Derek Slade , who, on 6 September 2010, got a 21 year jail sentence for abusing 12 boys, aged eight to 13, between 1978 and 1983. The abuse took place at St George's a 'military' boarding school in Suffolk. Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer , who has been linked to child abuse rings.

    2. Derek Sawyer , who reportedly helped Slade set up a false identity, after Slade had received an earlier conviction for child abuse in the 1980s. Derek Sawyer is former leader of Islington Council.

    He is now chair of the London Region Courts Board. He has been chairman of numerous bodies involved in London's probation service and justice system. Derek Sawyer (Mail on Sunday - The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster ... 17 ) Sawyer and Slade set up International British Educational Projects.

    This allowed Slade, using a false passport, to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh. Sawyer was leader of Islington Council in 1992. At that time it was revealed that child abusing paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of Islington's children s homes.

    Islington council barred an inquiry from naming names. There were no arrests in the UK. Sawyer says he was unaware Slade had given him false information.

    Reportedly, Sawyer helped set up Anglemoss, the company behind St George's School. The school took children from 'the lower ranks' in the Armed Forces. One pupil from the school reported that: "He was broken physically and mentally by the headmaster within 72 hours of arriving at the school.' "He was eventually made to take part in midnight feasts , dinner parties for Slade's male friends, where the boys were sexually abused." In 1983, someone blew the whistle.

    But, the Government inquiry was a whitewash. Slade remained a school governor. Aangirfan: PETER RIGHTON - MURDER 18 aanirfan.blogspot.com/2015/03/ peter - righton -murder.html 4 Mar 2015 - 'Murder at Thornham Magna': ' Darren ' relives harrowing scene Paedophile linchpin Peter Righton 'carried out sadistic murder'.

    Lawrence ... Aangirfan: 'YOUNG GIRL MURDERED' BY UK MP; MK ... 19 aanirfan.blogspot.com/.../young-girl-murdered-by-uk-mp-mk-ultra.html 11 Jan 2015 - Darren says: "I witnessed a senior Tory politician go into 'the medical room' ... Darren says he was driven to child-sex orgies by Peter Righton , ...

    Aangirfan: ELITE SEX; SUFFOLK - UPDATED 20 aanirfan.blogspot.com/2015/05/elite-sex-suffolk.html 22 May 2015 - https://twitter.com/ darrencsas ... Peter Righton and his partner lived at Lord Henniker's home in Eye in ... Darren Thornham @ DarrenCSAS aangirfan: PEDOPHILE RING IN PRIME MINISTER'S HOME? 21 aangirfan .blogspot.com/.../pedophile-ring-in-prime-ministers-home.html 24 Oct 2012 - In 1992, Peter Righton was convicted of importing child pornography from Holland. ...

    aangirfan .blogspot.com/2012/10/thatchers-people.html. You've visited this page 4 times. Last visit: 03/03/15 PETER RIGHTON - MURDER | Aangirfan 22 angirfana.blogspot.com/2015/04/ peter - righton -murder.html 5 Apr 2015 - 'Murder at Thornham Magna': ' Darren ' relives harrowing scene Paedophile linchpin Peter Righton 'carried out sadistic murder'.

    Lawrence ...

    References ^ Sunday Times (www.thesundaytimes.co.uk) ^ 'Murder at Thornham Magna': 'Darren' relives harrowing scene. (www.google.co.uk) ^ Paedophile linchpin Peter Righton 'carried out sadistic murder' (www.google.co.uk) ^ Police drop VIP sex murder ring inquiry | The Sunday Times (www.thesundaytimes.co.uk) ^ dailymail. (www.dailymail.co.uk) ^ Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl (www.google.co.uk) ^ Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl (www.google.co.uk) ^ SIMON GIPPS-KENT; PETER ARNE; SPOOKS (www.google.com) ^ Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl (www.google.co.uk) ^ POLICEMAN CLEARED OF CHILD RAPE (aangirfan.blogspot.com) ^ PEDOPHILE RING IN PRIME MINISTER'S HOME? (aangirfan.blogspot.com) ^ Suffolk: 'I was abused by paedophiles around the country (www.google.com) ^ where sexual abuse by Peter Righton and Charles Napier (www.exaronews.com) ^ and child murder by Peter Righton, has been alleged to have taken place, under the cloak of an educational and recreational centre for disadvantaged children. (www.exaronews.com) ^ Darren Thornham @DarrenCSAS (twitter.com) ^ The paedophile and the law chief. (www.dailymail.co.uk) ^ The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster ... (www.dailymail.co.uk) ^ Aangirfan: PETER RIGHTON - MURDER (aanirfan.blogspot.com) ^ Aangirfan: 'YOUNG GIRL MURDERED' BY UK MP; MK ... (aanirfan.blogspot.com) ^ Aangirfan: ELITE SEX; SUFFOLK - UPDATED (aanirfan.blogspot.com) ^ aangirfan: PEDOPHILE RING IN PRIME MINISTER'S HOME? (aangirfan.blogspot.com) ^ PETER RIGHTON - MURDER | Aangirfan (angirfana.blogspot.com)

  • About Lorne | Lorne Green Lorne has served for thirty years as a diplomat in some of the most troubled parts of the world including in war zones in Europe and South Asia. He was in charge of the Canadian Embassy in the former Yugoslavia during a period of conflict in the 1990s and previously served in Pakistan during a war with India. When he retired from the diplomatic service he became Secretary General of the World Nuclear Transport Institute in London for a further eleven years.

    Although Canadian by background, Lorne is a British citizen and whilst often serving overseas, he has maintained a home in West Norfolk for more than thirty years.

    He and his wife, Valerie, were married in Snettisham near Hunstanton over forty years ago and two of their three children were born in the county.

  • About one month to go for businesses to enter Spirit of Enterprise ... BUSINESSES have just over one month left to enter a prestigious annual awards scheme which aims to celebrate and raise the profile of successful businesses across the Great Yarmouth borough. The Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2015 is organised by enterpriseGY, Great Yarmouth Borough Council s business support service, and is a chance for top-performing businesses of all sizes, sectors and ages to step into the spotlight. Interest in the prestigious awards scheme has been growing since entries opened on Tuesday, June 23.

    Businesses have until 4pm on Friday, September 11 to put themselves forward in the various categories. It is free-of-charge to enter and finalists will be profiled in a supplement in the Great Yarmouth Mercury, with winners appearing in a further supplement. The winner of each category, plus the winner of the overall 2015 Business of the Year Award, will be revealed at a glittering awards ceremony, at the Town Hall on Friday, November 20.

    For the first time, applications can be filled out and submitted online at www.soea.co.uk 1 via a new online entry system, which makes it quicker and easier for businesses to enter multiple categories. There is also a new category for 2015, Great Family Owned Business. Each award is backed by a local organisation.

    Sponsors choose the winner in their category from three finalists shortlisted by a local independent panel or the category sponsor themselves, and also benefit from publicity at the ceremony and in the newspaper supplements. The main sponsor is local chartered accountants, Lovewell Blake LLP, which will choose the 2015 Business of the Year from the winners of the other categories. The categories are: Business of the Year sponsored by Lovewell Blake LLP Great Manufacturing/Engineering Business sponsored by Great Yarmouth College Great New Business sponsored by Itron Great International Growth sponsored by GYB Services Ltd Great Investment in Young People sponsored by Subsea Technology and Rentals Great Business Growth sponsored by the Great Yarmouth Mercury Great Business Idea sponsor TBC Great Community Contribution sponsor TBC Great Customer Service sponsored by Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area Great Family Owned Business Birketts Cllr Graham Plant, the council leader, said: The awards scheme, now in its eighth year, has grown in stature year-on-year and is a fantastic showcase of businesses of all sizes, sectors and ages from across the borough, and of the strength of the local economy.

    There is now just over one month left for the many successful businesses across the borough to take up this fantastic opportunity to showcase themselves on a very public platform. Several entries have already come in and the new online application system makes it quicker and easier than ever before to enter multiple categories. We always have great feedback from both the entrants and sponsors, with last year s awards ceremony considered the best yet.

    So if you think you could win a category or even be crowned the 2015 Business of the Year, make sure you submit the entry form by Friday, September 11. Businesses and potential sponsors seeking more information can visit www.soea.co.uk 2 or call Sally Pearson, enterpriseGY programme development officer, on 01493 846632. Notes: The Spirit of Enterprise Awards is the centrepiece of a two-year programme of enhanced activities by enterpriseGY, supported by the Coastal Communities Fund, which aims to create and safeguard more than 260 jobs, address seasonality and raise the perception of Great Yarmouth to that of the Enterprise Town for Business Growth and Job Creation .

    enterpriseGY, based in the Novus Centre, at The Conge, Great Yarmouth, is a joint borough council- and CCF-funded programme for businesses in Great Yarmouth offering business support, business advice and training for start-up businesses and existing businesses. The Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) aims to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by awarding funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs. Since the start of the CCF in 2012, grants have been awarded to 145 organisations across the UK to the value of 71million.

    This funding is forecast to deliver 9,184 jobs and help attract around 115million of additional funds to coastal areas.

    The Big Lottery Fund is delivering the CCF on behalf of UK Government and the Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    advert Monarch Catering Services, Norfolk, Suffolk Related References ^ www.soea.co.uk (www.soea.co.uk) ^ www.soea.co.uk (www.soea.co.uk)

  • absolute body conditioningABSOLUTE BODY CONDITIONING | PERSONAL TRAINING | SPECIALISING IN VIIT & HIIT FITNESS Jul 27, 2015 Personal Training in your home to achieve your goals Introductory offers available including body composition analysis & initial testing Tailor made programs to suit you 1-2-1 or small group sessions For more information or to book an appointment: call Lisa on 07787 279597 Visit my Facebook Page 1 at Absolute Body Conditioning ABC H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) KS Xtreme (H.I.I.T) Armageddon Training (Variable Intensity Interval Training) Circuit Training (V.I.I.T) Kettlebell Training (V.I.I.T) Beccles Sports Centre Monday Evenings 6.15-6.45 pm The Dojo at the old Chaucer Club, Bungay Wednesday Evenings 6.30-7.00 pm Friday Mornings 9.30-10.00 am Related About the author Nigel Bedingfield is the editor of Iceni Post and Director of imajaz limited This site uses cookies, would you like to continue?Yes I'm happy to proceed 🙂 More info please? 2 References ^ Facebook Page (www.facebook.com) ^ More info please? (icenipost.com)
  • Access to Music Norwich somewhereto workshops 22 October 2014 SYCO Entertainment in association with somewhereto_ invite local young people in Norwich to showcase their skills and be mentored by professional talent scouts somewhereto_ are co-hosting tailored workshops and open auditions to help develop artist evolution somewhereto.com 1 - 22 October 2014 | 4pm 9pm Access to Music Norwich, EPIC, 114 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JD - Working in association with regional delivery partners Creative Arts East, somewhereto_ will be co-hosting an evening of workshops and open auditions with SYCO Entertainment (Simons Cowell s TV and Music Production Company) , giving local undiscovered talent the opportunity to meet with industry professionals. somewhereto_ is a UK wide youth project delivered by Livity and funded by a 7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund to support its nationwide expansion to 2016. Helping 16-25 year olds access free spaces in their communities, to launch and develop creative and enterprising projects.

    Open to 16-25 year olds , on Wednesday 22 October 2014 from 4pm 9pm somewhereto_ in association with SYCO Entertainment will co-host workshops and auditions at Access to Music Norwich to help young people develop key industry skills. Top Talent Producers at SYCO Entertainment, are donating their free time and expertise to somewhereto_ as industry mentors (recently hosting workshops during summer of somewhereto_), offering advice and insight to young people pursuing careers in entertainment. Whether their talent is singing, dancing, playing instruments or juggling objects, the day is designed to help young people establish best practices, boost confidence and develop artist evolution.

    Local young people are invited to submit interest at elly@somewhereto.org 2 where they can sign up to the workshop and be given the incredible chance to perform in front of professional talent scouts.

    Speaking ahead of the event, Elly Wilson, regional delivery partner for somewhereto_ in the East of England, says: This is such an exciting event to take place locally in Norwich, giving young people from the Eastern Region a great opportunity to showcase their talents and gain confidence in the field they love. - www.creativeartseast.co.uk 3 MIKE DANIELS Trailer Sales 01986 893025 Related References ^ somewhereto.com (somewhereto.com) ^ elly@somewhereto.org (icenipost.com) ^ www.creativeartseast.co.uk (www.creativeartseast.co.uk)

  • Accused rapist's firm still on duty – Trinidad News Accused rapist s firm still on duty By CAROL MATROO Friday, October 23 2015 DESPITE a public demand by nurses of the St James Medical Centre, for the government to terminate the services of a security firm after a security guard attacked and raped a nurse at the centre last week, nothing has been done and the security company is still on the job at the medical facility. This was revealed by Gwendolyn Loobie-Snaggs, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) on Wednesday evening during a candlight-vigil held to show solidarity with the nurse who was raped and her colleagues who continue to demand that the security firm be changed. Loobie-Snaggs said that the nurse who was beaten and raped is upbeat and doing physically well since the incident.

    It was reported that the nurse who had been on overtime duty, was about to get into her car at about 5.30 pm on October 14 when she was stopped by the security officer who was on duty at the facility. The guard later dragged away the woman and raped her. On Monday, the 20-year-old security guard appeared in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates Court on Monday, to answer the charge.

    Loobie-Snaggs said she remains concerned about the safety and welfare of the nurses at the St James centre especially since the security firm which employed the accused rapist, is still contracted to provide security at the compound. The candle light vigil was held on Wednesday evening at the St James Health Centre. Loobie- Snaggs said while she could not recall such an incident happening before at that institution, there have been breaches in security, but never a rape.

    Nursing personnel gathered together on Wednesday to show solidarity with their colleague who had been assaulted. The nurses held hands and prayed. Relatives of the rape victim were also present.

    Nurses here at the facility are still a bit jaded, they still feel hurt because you still have the presence of the same security company, so when they see the uniform, they feel uncomfortable and they are still concerned about their safety, Loobie-Snaggs said. She added that the TTRNA met with Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh this week to discuss security issues at the centre. Loobie-Snaggs said officials of the security firm have been in contact with the rape victim and also with the association, expressing their regret about the incident.

    They empathised quite a lot to the nursing personnel for what has happened.

    They said they were doing all that they could to ensure that such a situation never happens again.

  • Active Norfolk: Get in Gear The Tour of Britain is ComingActive Norfolk: Get in Gear The Tour of Britain is Coming Aug 13, 2015 Active Norfolk The Tour of Britain is Coming! & Other News Please click on preview image below to view newsletter in a new window: iceni post advert AAlways wanted to learn a martial art?

    Then Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club!

    It s never too late, we teach both the young and the not so young Related About the author Nigel Bedingfield is the editor of Iceni Post and Director of imajaz limited This site uses cookies, would you like to continue?Yes I'm happy to proceed 🙂 More info please? 1 References ^ More info please? (icenipost.com)

  • Activist called to court for Flint water crisis Facebook post ...A Kalamazoo man sentenced to probation for crawling into an Enbridge pipeline as an act of civil disobedience will face a judge this month after a social media post critical of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's handling of the Flint water crisis resulted in an alleged violation. Christopher G.

    Wahmhoff, 37, will face Judge John Hallacy in Calhoun County Circuit Court on Feb.

    22 after a comment on Facebook was cited as "threatening behavior" by his probation officer in a show cause affidavit. Two years ago, Wahmhoff was found guilty of felony resisting police and misdemeanor trespassing after he slid on a skateboard into an Enbridge Inc. replacement pipeline under construction near Marshall on June 24, 2013 and stayed there 10 hours 2 in protest of the company's expansion of a recently ruptured oil pipeline.

    The incident prompted a large police response and resulted in a suspended two-month jail sentence, probation and restitution payments to fire and sheriff's departments that responded to the situation. On Jan.

    27, Wahmhoff advocated for Gov. Snyder's arrest on Facebook by sharing and commenting about a friend's post regarding Snyder's hiring of a public relations firm 3 amid escalating public scrutiny on the state's handling of an ongoing drinking water contamination crisis in the city of Flint.

    Wahmhoff wrote: "so when ya'll are ready to march in and take his ass accross (sic) the street ,, I have my torch, I got warm socks.. I'm waitin on ya'll.." Those words were quoted in a show cause affidavit filed Jan.

    28 by probation officer Michelle Haidl, who wrote Wahmhoff "displayed threatening behavior on social media (Facebook) when he responded to a posting pertaining to the Governor Of Michigan hiring two public relations firms in lieu of hiring engineers to restore the infrastructure to provide clean water for Flint." Haidl also cited Wahmhoff for failure submit a court-ordered DNA testing sample and pay $4,301 in restitution owed to Marshall Fire Department, Fredonia Fire Department and the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department. Wahmhoff says he's currently appealing the restitution payment order and "I they took a DNA swab when I was arrested, so I thought I was covered." Gov.

    Rick Snyder announces a request for $30 million in the 2016-17 state budget as a refund to Flint residents for water bills from April 2014 to April 2016 in relation the the Flint water crisis during a press conference at the Flint & Genesee County Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Feb.

    3, 2016 in downtown Flint.Jake May | MLive.com " I don't think this comes from the county," he said. "It comes from the same state that poisoned Flint, destroyed Detroit and didn't do things well here with the Kalamazoo River spill ." Wahmhoff's protest was triggered by the Enbridge 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill, in which 843,000 gallons of heavy diluted bitumen spilled into a river tributary from the company's Line 6B, resulting in a $1.21 billion cleanup tab 4 and $75 million settlement over what's called the largest inland oil spill in U.S. history. Wahmhoff spent his 35th birthday lodged deep inside the pipeline, which was being laid as an expanded replacement to the one that burst three years prior.

    Police made small talk and fanned-in fresh air during the 10-hour nonviolent protest, which forced the company to shutdown construction for the day. He went on trial 5 after a Michigan Appeals Court judge reversed a circuit court dismissal of a resisting and obstructing police charge. He is part of the group MI CATS, or Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands, others members of which have been arrested for interrupting pipeline construction.

    Before the pipe stunt, he was arrested during an Occupy Kalamazoo protest 6 in 2012. Afterwards, he ran unsuccessfully as a Green Party candidate 7 for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Gary Peters.

    Wahmhoff said his Facebook post was a call for Snyder's arrest, not a call for violence against the governor (as others, like singer Cher 8 , have done) . The governor's office, in the Romney Building, is across the street from the Lansing Police station. "My torch" was a reference to the clich d angry mob of citizens carrying torches and pitchforks which, he said, was meant to represent citizen-led dissent. "I thought it was a common cultural reference," he said. "But, maybe not." Nancy Costello, a Michigan State University professor and director of the school's First Amendment Law Clinic, said Wahmhoff has a strong argument that his Facebook post is Constitutionally protected political speech, not "incitement" speech that is rallying a lawless mob to immediate action. "It's targeted speech at the governor, but he's talking about getting a torch and pitchfork. That doesn't really happen anymore," Costello said. "It's hyperbole.

    It's exaggeration. It's not something to be believed." "Clearly, he's criticizing the government," she said . But, not surprisingly, it may not be that clear cut.

    As a probationer 9 , Wahmhoff is subject to additional restrictions on his behavior.

    Michigan general probation guidelines stipulate a convicted person "must not engage in any assaultive, abusive or threatening behavior." The Calhoun County Probation Office referred comment to the Michigan Department of Corrections. "It's not specifically for him, but it was something decided he needed to have as part of his supervisory conditions," said MDOC spokesperson Chris Gautz.

    Wahmhoff called the situation "a measurement of how lost the state of Michigan is." A protest outside the Battle Creek courthouse is planned on his hearing date. 1 References ^ http://www.mlive.com/flintwater/ (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2013/06/kalamazoo_man_protesting_enbri.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2016/01/report_gov_snyder_hires_public.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2014/11/2010_oil_spill_cost_enbridge_1.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2014/04/enbridge_pipeline_protester_wi.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2012/09/two_arrested_during_first_nigh.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2014/01/chris_wahmhoff_man_who_protest_1.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2016/01/pop_singer_cher_calls_for_gov.html (www.mlive.com) ^ http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2014/12/enbridge_pipeline_protester_ch.html (www.mlive.com)

  • Activist Post: S.C.

    Police Chief and City Manager Oppose Rounding ...Amanda Warren Activist Post 1 With the simultaneous, coordinated crackdown on those who are homeless - and criminalizing feeding the homeless that has exploded across over 50 cities 2 nationwide in the last two years - it almost makes one wonder if they will suddenly just start to disappear.... A city council plan in Columbia, South Carolina broke open when it was learned that the city manager and police chief seemed appalled and said they didn't go along with the actions, wanting to do things "the legal, proper way." What was the plan and what makes it a human rights violation that has the manager and chief concerned? City council members voted unanimously on August 13 that homeless people could no longer loiter, sleep, or eat in the downtown streets.

    Their choices? Get arrested or go to a remote shelter. Extra police would be needed to patrol and carry out either task.

    The plan is already complete with an urgent Emergency Homeless Response report 3 . And that report includes information about hauling the homeless away in transport vans to an already stationed shelter with workers, phone number for townspeople to report "the person in need," an officer stationed to control foot traffic, public feeding moved there, more foot patrol officers for the city to keep out the homeless - oh, and the homeless can't walk off the premises 4 ! If they want to leave, they must get permission, set up an appointment and be shuttled by a transport van.

    A patrolman will guard the road leading in to make sure homeless don't wander off downtown. Ex-prisoners will be shuttled there unless someone picks them up from the county jail. No foot traffic allowed - only shuttle van arrival.

    But what if someone in the city only looks homeless? Will people sitting and eating get harassed and questioned on their living status? Interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago said: Homelessness is not a crime.

    I ve got to have the legal right (to question or take anyone into custody). We can t just take people to somewhere they don t want to go. I can t do that.

    I won t do that. The State reports 5 : Interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago said his department cannot transport homeless adults to the riverfront shelter to get services nor can police tell them they would be charged with a nuisance offense should they refuse.City manager Teresa Wilson said that neither she, Santiago nor City Council has agreed to transfer any police officers to enforce laws that prohibit loitering, trespassing or other public nuisance offenses in the 36-block Main Street financial and retail district. I think there are some misconceptions out there that police are going to go out there and scoop up the homeless.

    We want to make sure we re doing things the legal, proper way. Santiago said police policy prohibits not filing a charge for volunteering to accept services. That s basically cutting a deal.

    It s basically coercion. The plan was spearheaded by Councilman Cameron Runyan who doesn't understand the criticism 6 : We don t think there is any (constitutional) violation. This is not about hurting people.

    It s about helping them. But we re not going to allow them to live on our streets anymore.There are people who are going to resist it. It s unfortunate that we re going to have to give them some tough love.

    Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2013/08/17/2926212/columbia-homeless-plan-draws-heated.html#storylink=cpyWhat is the basis for such "tough love"? More and appealing commerce ... to help with homelessness.

    Business owners had legitimate complaints, but the urgency of the counterforce is questionable. It is considered by the report: An acute emergency in the heart of the city that is having a highly detrimental impact upon the commerce community, downtown neighborhoods and the perception of safety and quality of life in the capital cityHowever, a town with people calling in tips to round up the homeless in what is essentially a concentration camp with no foreseeable exit, police patrolling on the lookout, transport vans filled with people, and questioning residents on living status might resemble a dystopian nightmare that isn't quite appealing to tourists or residents. And the shelter only holds 240 people but there are over 1,500 homeless in the Columbia area - what now, City Council?

    Shoot them into outer space? Advocate groups are talking about filing suit . Unfortunately, it sounds like absent some outcry, Santiago will submit suggestions to manager Wilson and she will present recommendations at next month's meeting.

    That spells compromise - how much of a compromise would be necessary in order to prevent indefinite detention of the homeless?

    7 Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2013/08/17/2926212/columbia-homeless-plan-draws-heated.html#storylink=cpy In a parallel universe, the homeless attempt to clean up the streets: Related Activist Post Article: Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding the Homeless on Public AND Private Property 8 Read other articles by Amanda Warren Here 9 Sources: '; var input_id = '#mc_embed_signup'; var f = mce_jQuery(input_id); if (ftypesindex=='address') input_id = '#mce-'+fnamesindex+'-addr1'; f = mce_jQuery(input_id).parent().parent().get(0); else if (ftypesindex=='date') input_id = '#mce-'+fnamesindex+'-month'; f = mce_jQuery(input_id).parent().parent().get(0); else input_id = '#mce-'+fnamesindex; f = mce_jQuery().parent(input_id).get(0); if (f) mce_jQuery(f).append(html); mce_jQuery(input_id).focus(); else mce_jQuery('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').show(); mce_jQuery('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').html(msg); } } catch(e) mce_jQuery('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').show(); mce_jQuery('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').html(msg); } } References ^ Activist Post (www.activistpost.com) ^ over 50 cities (theeconomiccollapseblog.com) ^ report (www.columbiasc.net) ^ can't walk off the premises (thinkprogress.org) ^ reports (www.thestate.com) ^ criticism (www.thestate.com) ^ filing suit (www.thestate.com) ^ Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding the Homeless on Public AND Private Property (www.activistpost.com) ^ Amanda Warren Here (www.activistpost.com)