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Universal Airplane Seat Belt Extender – Adds 11 – 60 cm – Safety Tested, E4 Certified

  • Adjustable and adds 11 to 60 cm to the airplane seat belt’s length
  • Fits over 99% of commercial airplanes (not guaranteed to fit in 100%)
  • The only product SAFETY TESTED & APPROVED! With a label noting min. 1360 kg break strength.
  • Comes with FREE Carrying Case & Owner’s Card!
  • Fly in safety and comfort! Get Your Extender today!

You won’t have to ask flight attendants for an extender ever again. Never worry that the airline won’t have an extender for you – you will have your own!

Just like the belts on the plane, the Airplane Seat Belt Extender is professionally sewn and made with an original airplane belt buckle for maximum safety. They are adjustable and can add up to 60cm to the airplane’s seat belt length.

This seat belt extender isn’t just useful for adults but for children’s car-seats as well. If you travel with kids, you can use this extender to make sure that their car seat fastens securely into the airplane seat.

All extenders come with an Owner’s Card and a Carrying Case to keep your extender safe and compact. Put the Extender and Card in the Carrying Case, drop the Case in your bag and you’re ready to fly!

The Type A Airplane Extender fits 99% of airplanes including:

– Air Canada
– AirFrance
– AirTran Airways
– Alitalia Airlines
– American Airlines
– British Airways
– Cathay Pacific Airways
– Continental Airlines
– Delta Airlines
– Frontier Airlines
– JetBlue Airways
– KLM Royal Dutch Airline
– Lufthansa Airlines
– Qantas Airways
– Singapore Airlines
– Swiss International Air Lines
– US Airways
– United Airlines
– Virgin America Airlines
– Virgin Atlantic Airlines

… and more…

– AirEuropa
– Austrian Airlines
– Blue1 Airlines
– BMI British Midland Airways
– Emirates Airline – Finnair
– Iberia Airlines
– Spanair
– TAP Air Portugal

Please note that these extenders are not affiliated with any airline, and airlines reserve the right to refuse use of anything other than what they provide.

Universal Airplane Seat Belt Extender – Adds 11 – 60 cm – Safety Tested, E4 Certified

List Price: £9.44 Current Price: £9.44

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