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The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 11th November, 2015 at the Scout HQ.,
Cromer Rd, Beeston Regis commencing at 7pm.
1a. To receive and consider apologies
1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items

To approve the minutes of meeting held 14/10/15.
3 .

Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
C.Allen 80.00, (bus shelter cleaning),P.Bullimore 272.70,(net salary),
HMRC 43.20 (tax on salary), West Runton Scouts 25.00 (hire of hall),
P.Bullimore 44.45, (admin exps), Information Commissioner 35.00 (Reg fee),
Secret Gardens 130.00 (grass cuts), Royal British Legion 25.00 (wreath).

(a) To note decisions/information received from NNDC/NCC since last meeting
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed
(c) Talk/update re Affordable Housing by Hastoe Housing Association.
(d) To note/consider an appeal re refusal of 13 Holiday Chalets at Priory Maze.
(m) To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.
6. Highways/Footpath matters.
(a) Update re Highways Partnership Scheme & vehicle activated signs
(b) To note deadline for registration of historic public rights of way.

Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)

To further consider future use of PC land (Daisy Green).
9. To note Norfolk CC s consultation on Budget cuts.
10. Local Council Award Scheme & Governance
(a) To receive update re LCAS and consider/adopt the Communication & Engagement Policy, Council Action Plan, Health & Safety Policy, Disciplinary/Grievance Procedure, and Training Policy. (SG)
(b) To agree resolution required for LCAS Foundation level application

To receive update from Hooke Charity re purchase of Defibrillator

To further consider the 800th Anniversary of the Priory
13. To receive reports from District & County Councillors

Police Report /Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act.
15. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)

Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters)

To confirm date of next meeting & future agenda items.
Note: Parish Council Surgery at 6.45pm Clerk 5/11/15. (822864)
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Norfolk Security

Norfolk Security – Your Security Is Our Business


Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour for First Time June 27 and June 28 2015

The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 is heading for Gorleston-on-Sea beach.

The Great Yarmouth Classic will be played for the first time in Gorleston, on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28.

Great Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTABIA) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council are responsible for bringing the tournament to Gorleston, with 4000 funding from GYTABIA securing the 11th consecutive Great Yarmouth Classic.

Spectators will watch the event in a free 150-seater grandstand sited on the beach next to Centre Court, sponsored by local seafront businesses: The Cliff Hotel, JayJays at the Beach, Marina Bay Caf , Marine Amusements, The Pier Hotel and The Yacht Shop.

Twenty-four teams of top-class UK beach volleyball players will compete for both men s and ladies doubles titles, with play starting at 9am each day.

The finals will begin just after lunch on Sunday.

David Marsh, Interim Chairman GYTABIA said: Securing high profile events like the Volleyball England Beach Tour is central to the work of GYTABIA.

We are absolutely delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic is making its debut on Gorleston s wonderful sandy beach.

We would also like to thank the seafront businesses for their support in helping provide the grandstand for spectators.

Further to a site visit to the beach, Alex Chevau from SideOut Ltd, the company who are organising the event with Volleyball England said: This is one of the best beaches on the tour.

I m delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic will be held on such an amazing beach with such high quality sand, I can t wait to get on court!

The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 kicks off in Skegness, followed by Gorleston-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare and Weymouth, culminating in the finals at Margate.

For more information about the Volleyball England Beach Tour see

For more information about Greater Yarmouth see



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Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour


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Norfolk Security – Your Security Is Our Business

Social Security Simplified: The Complete Guide To Understanding Social Security (Social Security, Social Security Simplified, Social Security Disability)

Social Security Finally Simplified For The Everyday Person – Explained In Laymen Terms

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Social Security Simplified: The Complete Guide To Understanding Social Security (Social Security, Social Security Simplified, Social Security Disability)

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