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Suzanne Obenshain rolls out huge endorsement list for National …

Conservative Republican leader Suzanne Obenshain rolled out her endorsement list today for her campaign for RNC Virginia Republican National Committeewoman. This list included Elected Officials, State Central Committee Members, and Party Activists.

*Unit Committee Chairs:

  • Accomack County Wesley Edwards
  • Alexandria City Chris Marston
  • Allegheny/Covington Benjamin Snedegar
  • Arlington County Matt Wavro
  • Augusta County Georgia Alvis-Long
  • Bath County Jay Trinca
  • Bland County Adam Kidd
  • Botetourt County Jeff Stritesky
  • Bristol County Kevin Corbett
  • Buena Vista/Lexington/Rockbridge Roger Jarrell
  • Charles City County Connie Warner
  • Charlotte County Peggy Armentrout
  • Charlottesville Barbara Null
  • Chesterfield County Donald Williams
  • Clarke County Andrew Nicholson
  • Culpepper County Chuck Duncan
  • Craig County Jordan Labiosa
  • Danville County Betsy Young
  • Dickinson County Gary Hall
  • Dinwiddie County Dean McCray
  • Emporia/Greensville John Kinsey
  • Essex County Dave Rector
  • Fairfax City Becky Stoeckel
  • Fairfax County Matt Ames
  • Falls Church Ken Feltman
  • Franklin County Brian Hamilton
  • Fredericksburg Michael Hirsh
  • Galax County Brandon Broyles
  • Giles County Mae Midkiff
  • Halifax County Pat Barksdale
  • Hampton County Carl Anderson
  • Hanover County Nancy Russell
  • Harrisonburg County Mac Nichols
  • Henry County W. C.


  • Hopewell County Brandon Howard
  • Isle of Wight Bill Coburn
  • King George County Ray Duncan
  • King William County John Breeden
  • Lee County Jason Grace
  • Lexington Roger Jarrell
  • Lunenburg County Mike Hankins
  • Manassas City Sharon Ashurt
  • Madison County William Harvill
  • Mecklenburg County R. Wallace Hudson
  • Middlesex County Patty Wheeler
  • Montgomery County Mel Huber
  • Nelson County Carlton Ballowe
  • New Kent County Mark Daniel
  • Newport News Cliff Dunn
  • Norfolk County Tom Cherry
  • Northumberland Dean Sumner
  • Page County Parker Gochenour
  • Prince George County Wayne Cunningham
  • Radford Alex Davis
  • Rappahannock County Angela Deavers
  • Richmond City Davis Reynolds
  • Roanoke County Dave Suetterlein
  • Rockingham County Donna Moser
  • Scott County John Kilgore, Sr.
  • Shenandoah County Craig Orndorff, Acting
  • Smyth County Adam Tolbert
  • Spotsylvania County David Ross
  • Staunton County Matt Fitzgerald
  • Suffolk County Stephen Trent
  • Sussex County Vernon Teall
  • Tazewell County Wanda Lowe
  • Virginia Beach Ken Longo
  • Warren County Stephen Kurtz
  • Washington County John Seaborn
  • Waynesboro City Ken Adams
  • Williamsburg Lori Goldstein

State Central Committee Members:

  • Chris Marston
  • Pete Snyder
  • Curtis Colgate
  • Barbara Tabb
  • Jack Wilson
  • Lynn Tucker
  • Wendell Walker
  • Fred Gruber
  • Mark Kelly
  • Adam Tolbert
  • Jo Thoburn
  • Allen Webb
  • Terry Wear
  • Kasha Nielsen
  • Dan Webb
  • Jackson Miller
  • John Cosgrove
  • Kevin Gentry
  • Juanita Balenger
  • Al Aitken
  • Robert Watson
  • Allen Webb
  • Roger Miles
  • Carl Anderson
  • Cheryl Hargrove
  • Kishore Thota
  • Janet Riddick
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Steve Trent
  • Bill Flanagan
  • Carol De Triquet
  • Renee Maxey
  • Clara Wheeler
  • Georgia Alvis-Long
  • Jane Ladd
  • Doug Rogers
  • Marie Quinn

Elected Officials:

  • Congressman Rob Wittman
  • Congressman Scott Rigell
  • Congressman Randy Forbes
  • Congressman Robert Hurt
  • Congressman Bob Goodlatte
  • Congressman Morgan Griffith
  • Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
  • Senator Emmett Hanger
  • Senator Bryce Reeves
  • Senator Bill Carrico
  • Senator John Cosgrove
  • Senator Dave Suetterlein
  • Senator Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant
  • Senator Richard Stuart
  • Senator Ben Chafin
  • Senator Steve Newman
  • Senator Jill Vogel
  • Rich Anderson
  • Dickie Bell
  • Rob Bell
  • Kathy Byron
  • Kirk Cox
  • Todd Gilbert
  • Nick Freitas
  • Terry Kilgore
  • Steve Landes
  • David LaRock
  • Jimmie Massie
  • Israel O Quinn
  • Jackson Miller
  • Todd Pillion
  • Will Morefield
  • Michael Webert
  • Del. Tony Wilt

Grassroots Activists:

  • Laura Alcorn, Henrico
  • Joan Wilkins, Goochland
  • Lois Paul, Rockingham
  • Kristie Proctor, Hanover
  • Heather Cordaso, James City County
  • Ed Levine, President of VCDL
  • Alice Butler Short, Fairfax
  • Janet Welty, Rockingham
  • Dean Welty, Rockingham
  • Ashley Myers, Richmond
  • Nicole Riley, Richmond
  • Ruth Anderson, Board of Supervisors, Prince William
  • Garth Wheeler, Middlesex
  • Cathy Gillespie, Alexandria
  • Ed Gillespie, Alexandria
  • Paula Kallay, Spotsylvania
  • Nancy Stone, Rockingham
  • Susan Oliver, Lynchburg
  • Ben Dessart, Richmond
  • Anne Reeves, Spotsylvania
  • Leah Holloway, 3rd District
  • Donna Holt, Richmond
  • Barbara Roller, Augusta
  • Larry Roller, Augusta
  • Julie Coggsdale, Midlothian
  • Kaylene Seigle, Harrisonburg
  • Dan Cullers, Rockingham
  • Jared Walczak, Arlington
  • Jean Gannon, Powhatan
  • Audrey Jackson, Chesterfield
  • Sandy Liddy Bourne, Alexandria
  • Cole Trower, Elkton
  • Shirley Forbes, Chesapeake
  • Judi Lynch, Midlothian
  • Anne Gentry, Fairfax
  • Jim Cohen, Virginia Beach
  • David Bartholemew, Virginia Beach
  • Jerry Kilgore, Henrico
  • Frank Atkinson, Hanover
  • Wes Fisher, Harrisonburg
  • Kate Gaziano, Charlottesville
  • Trixie Averill, Roanoke
  • Nancy Dye, Roanoke
  • John Tucker, Madison
  • Charlotte Homer, Page
  • Matt Homer, Page
  • Jesse Lynch, Salem
  • Gary Byler, Virginia Beach
  • John Sloop, Harrisonburg
  • Chad Green, York
  • Shaun Kenney, Fluvanna
  • Melissa Kenney, Fluvanna
  • Mike Meredith, Harrisonburg
  • Rollin Reisinger, Fairfax
  • Matt Colt Hall, Roanoke
  • Chris Obenshain, Chesterfield
  • Chip Muir, Richmond
  • Pam Brown, Norfolk
  • Juliana Comer, Richmond
  • Barry Isenhour, Richmond
  • Dean Longo, Newport News
  • Patricia Cowan, 1st District
  • Marty Hall, Chief of Staff for Will Moorefield
  • John Salm, Northampton
  • Laura Logie, Rockingham
  • Jeanette Kraknak, Arlington
  • Chaz Haywood, Rockingham
  • Tim Phillips, Loudoun
  • John Fredericks, Chesapeake
  • Alma Jackson, Fairfax
  • Anne Fredericks, Chesapeake
  • Anna Lee, Fairfax
  • Linda Pellegrino, McLean
  • Jay McConville, Fairfax
  • Chris Leavitt, Arlington
  • Susan Allen, Arlington
  • Chuck Slemp, Wise
  • Phil Cox, Fairfax
  • Courtney Malveaux, Henrico
  • Jack Morgan, 9th District
  • Rebecca Johnson, Bland
  • Caleb Cruey, Tazewell
  • Mike Honaker, Pulaski
  • Patricia Phillips, Loudoun
  • Ursel Huber, Goochland
  • Reeva Tilley, Hanover
  • Harry Armbruster, Elkton
  • Susan Weeks, Goochland
  • Margaret Godsey, Hanover
  • Richard Trower, Rockingham
  • Irma Topper, Goochland
  • Virginia Habansky, Hanover
  • Dennis Driver, Rockingham
  • Art Bachman, Goochland
  • Sandra Paulus, Hanover
  • Tom Van Auken, Chesterfield
  • Nancy Flippen, Hanover
  • Mark Hodges, Rockingham
  • Stan Corn, Goochland
  • Kris Daniels, Hanover
  • Joan Hughes, Harrisonburg
  • Mike Caudill, Goochland
  • Nancy Stone, Harrisonburg
  • Nancy Jett, Hanover
  • Susan Newton, Goochland
  • Doug Farmer, Madison
  • Jean Nelson, McGaheysville
  • Joan Wilkins, Goochland
  • Nancy Hazzard, Hanover
  • Nick Collette, Hanover
  • Todd Garber, Rockingham
  • John Myers, Goochland
  • Fred Eberly, Rockingham
  • Pat Peterson, Hanover
  • Karen Ogendo, Goochland
  • Jeff Roadcap, Rockingham
  • Sue Armbruster, Elkton
  • Janine Woods, Hanover
  • Richard Mondale, Rockingham
  • Fran Sadler, Hanover
  • Sharon Posey, Harrisonburg
  • Wayne Hazzard, Hanover
  • Brenda Haas, Rockingham
  • Beth Croxton, Chesterfield
  • Jon Ritenour, Rockingham
  • Canova Peterson, Hanover
  • Martha Floyd, Rockingham
  • Nathan Miller, Bridgewater
  • Bill Kyger, Bridgewater
  • Jacob Neff, Bridgewater
  • Julia Pilpenko, Harrisonburg
  • Vicki Barb, Rockingham
  • Lowell Barb, Rockingham
  • Pablo Cuevas, Rockingham
  • Kate Obenshain, Winchester
  • Elaine Cuevas, Rockingham
  • Dewey Ritchie, Rockingham
  • Jesse Lynch, Salem
  • Mac Obenshain, Salem
  • Brisco Dellinger, Rockingham
  • Tommy Moser, Rockingham
  • Former Senator Ralph Smith
  • Susan Valentine, Fairfax
  • Julie Eskeli, Newport News
  • Tucker Davis, Montgomery
  • Gerrie Smith, Fairfax
  • Emily O Quinn, Bristol
  • Kevin Hazzard, Goochland
  • Tony Pham, Henrico
  • Theresa Speake, Fairfax

Her opponent, political newcomer to Virginia Cynthia Dunbar, has received the endorsement of some elected officials and State Central Members.1 At the same time, Ms.

Dunbar has the endorsement of the current RNC Committeewoman Kathy Hayden.

There was a brief kerfuffle last night after this original list was published, with RPV Chairman John Whitbeck sending out an email to his entire list telling people he had not endorsed anyone, despite his name being included in the list. Obenshain sent out a correction email this morning confirming that Whitbeck did not agree to allow his name to be used.

However, the Obenshain endorsement list shows that Suzanne not only has the campaign structure to win, but the overwhelming grassroots support to win. This list is impressive, to say the least.

There are names from all over the state and in every faction of the of the Republican Party of Virginia. Mrs. Obenshain also has a huge majority of support from Virginia GOP heavyweights, including 7 of the 8 Republican members of Congress, Ed Gillespie, Susan Allen, and Pete Snyder, all who stand out on this list.

Not to mention the hundreds of local activists across the political spectrum.

The election for National Committeewoman will held at the RPV Convention in Harrisonburg on April 30th.


  1. ^ elected officials and State Central Members. (

Findmypast weekly update adds Norfolk Parish Registers and more

Look at the huge list of parishes in Findmypast’s new browse collection of Norfolk parish records and you’ll see there’s a bonus, quite a few parishes from East Suffolk. There are more than 5,300 pages of baptism, marriage, bans registers and burial records from Church of England parishes.
Acle, Alburgh, Aldborough, Alderford, Anmer, Arminghall, Ashby (Suffolk), Ashby St Mary, Ashill, Ashmanhaugh, Attleborough, Attlebridge, Aylmerton, Aylsham, Baconsthorpe, Bagthorpe, Bale Alias Bathley, Banningham, Barford, Barmer, Barney, Barnham Broom, With Bickerston, Kimberley & Carleton Forehoe, Barningham Town Alias Winter, Barton Turf, Bawburgh, Bawdeswell, Bedingham, Beeston Next Mileham, Beeston Regis, Beeston St Lawrence, Beetley, Beighton With Moulton, Belaugh, Bergh Apton, Bessingham, Besthorpe, Bexwell, Billingford With Thorpe Parva (Near Diss), Binham, Bintry, Bittering Parva, Blakeney, Blickling, Blo Norton, Blofield, Blundeston With Flixton, Bodham, Bodney, Bradwell, Bramerton, Brampton, Brandiston, Brandon Parva, Bressingham, Brettenham, Bridgham With Roudham, Briningham & Briningham Benefice, Brinton, Brisley, Briston, Brockdish, Brooke, Broome, Brunstead, Burgh Castle, Burgh Next Aylsham, Burgh Parva, Burlingham St Andrew, Burlingham St Peter, Burnham Norton, Burnham Overy, Burnham Sutton & Burnham Ulph, Burnham Thorpe, Burnham Westgate, Burston, Buxton, Bylaugh, Bylaugh & Foxley, Caister By Yarmouth, Caistor St Edmund With Markshall, Cantley, Carbrooke, Carleton Forehoe With Crownthorpe, Carleton St Peter, Carlton Colville, Castle Acre, Catfield, Cawston, Claxton, Cley Next The Sea, Cockley Cley, Cockthorpe, Colby, Colkirk With Oxwick, Colney, Coltishall, Colton, Congham, Corton, Costessey, Coston, Cranwich With Didlington & Colveston, Cranworth With Letton, Crimplesham, Cringleford, Cromer, Crostwick, Crostwight, Crownthorpe, Denton, Denver, Deopham With Hackford, Dersingham, Dickleburgh With Langmere, Didlington With Colveston, Dilham, Diss, Ditchingham, Docking, Downham Market With Bexwell, Drayton, Dunton With Doughton, Earlham St Mary & Earlham With Bowthorpe, Earsham, East Barsham, East Beckham With West Beckham, East Bilney, East Bradenham, East Carleton, East Dereham, East Harling, East Lexham, East Raynham, East Rudham, East Ruston, East Walton, East Winch, East Wretham With West Wretham, Easton, Eaton (St Andrew & Christchurch), Ellingham, Elsing, Fakenham, Felbrigg, Felmingham, Felthorpe, Feltwell, Field Dalling, Filby, Fincham, Fishley, Forncett St Mary, Forncett St Peter, Foulden, Foulsham, Foxley, Framingham Pigot, Freethorpe With Wickhampton, Frenze, Frettenham, Fring, Fritton (Norfolk), Fritton (Suffolk), Fulmodeston With Croxton, Garboldisham, Garveston With Thuxton, Gateley, Geldeston, Gillingham, Gisleham, Gooderstone, Great Bircham With Bircham Newton & Bircham Tofts, Great Cressingham, Great Dunham, Great Ellingham, Great Fransham, Great Hautbois, Great Hockham With Little Hockham, Great Massingham, Great Melton, Great Plumstead, Great Ryburgh, Great Snoring, Great Walsingham, Great Yarmouth Borough, Great Yarmouth, St Nicholas With St Peter, St John, St Andrew, St James, St Paul & St Luke, Gresham, Gressenhall, Guist, Gunthorpe, Gunton (Suffolk), Gunton With Hanworth, Hackford Near Wymondham, Hackford With Whitwell, Hainford, Halvergate With Tunstall, Hanworth, Happisburgh, Hardingham, Hardwick, Hargham, Harpley, Haveringland, Hedenham, Helhoughton, Hellesdon, Hellington, Hemblington, Hempnall and The Hempnall Group Of Parishes, Hempstead By Holt, Hempstead With Eccles and Lessingham, Hempton, Hemsby, Herringfleet, Hethel, Hethersett, Hevingham, Heydon With Irmingland, Hickling, Hilborough, Hilgay, Hindolveston, Hindringham, Hingham, Hockwold Cum Wilton, Hoe, Holkham, Holme Hale, Holme Next The Sea, Holt, Honing, Hopton, Horningtoft, Horsey, Horstead, Houghton , On The Hill, Houghton St Giles, Houghton-Next-Harpley, Hoveton St John, Hoveton St Peter, Hunworth, Ickburgh, Illington, Ingham, Ingoldisthorpe, Intwood With Keswick, Irstead, Kelling, Kenninghall, Kessingland, Ketteringham, Kettlestone, Kimberley, King’s Lynn, St Margaret With St Nicholas, Kirby Cane, Kirkley St Peter & St John (Suffolk), Kirstead With Langhale, Knettishall, Lammas With Little Hautbois, Langford, Langham, Larling, Lessingham, Letheringsett, Limpenhoe & Southwood, Litcham, Little Cressingham, Little Dunham, Little Ellingham, Little Fransham, Little Massingham, Little Melton, Little Plumstead, Little Ryburgh, Little Snoring, Little Walsingham, Loddon, Longham, Lound, Lowestoft, St John, Lowestoft, St Margaret, Ludham, Lyng, Marham, Marlingford, Marsham, Matlaske, Mattishall Burgh, Mautby, Melton Constable, Methwold, Metton, Middleton, Mileham, Morley St Botolph With St Peter, Morningthorpe With Fritton, Morston, Morton-On-The-Hill, Moulton St Mary, Mundford, Mundham, Mutford, Narborough, Narford, Neatishead, Necton, Needham, Newton By Castle Acre, Newton Flotman, North Barningham, North Barsham, North Creake, North Pickenham, North Runcton, North Walsham, North Wootton, Northrepps, Northwold, Norwich, St Andrew, Norwich, St Augustine, Norwich, St Benedict, Norwich, St Clement & St Edmund, Norwich, St Etheldreda, Norwich, St George Colegate, Norwich, St George Tombland & St Simon & St Jude, Norwich, St Giles, Norwich, St Gregory, Norwich, St Helen, Norwich, St James With Pockthorpe, Norwich, St John De Sepulchre, Norwich, St John The Baptist At Maddermarket, Norwich, St John Timberhill With All Saints & St Michael At Thorn, Norwich, St Julian, Norwich, St Lawrence, Norwich, St Margaret & St Swithin, Norwich, St Martin At Oak, Norwich, St Martin At Palace, Norwich, St Mary Coslany, Norwich, St Mary In The Marsh, Norwich, St Michael At Plea, Norwich, St Michael Coslany & St Martin At Oak, Norwich, St Peter Hungate, Norwich, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich, St Peter Southgate, Norwich, St Saviour, Norwich, St Stephen, Norwich, St Swithin, Old Buckenham, Old Catton, Old Hunstanton (St Mary’s), Old Lakenham (St John With All Saints), Ormesby St Margaret With Scratby, Ormesby St Michael, Oulton (Suffolk), Overstrand, Ovington, Oxborough, Oxnead, Oxwick, Pakefield, Panxworth, Pentney, Plumstead By Holt, Potter Heigham, Pulham St Mary Magdalene Alias Pulham Market, Pulham St Mary The Virgin, Rackheath, Ranworth, Reedham, Reepham With Kerdiston, Repps With Bastwick, Reymerston, Riddlesworth With Gasthorpe, Ridlington, Ringland, Rockland All Saints With St Andrew, Rockland St Mary With Hellington, Rockland St Peter, Rollesby, Roudham, Roughton, Roydon Near Diss, Roydon Near Lynn, Runhall With Coston, Runham, Runton, Rushall, Rushford, Rushmere, Ryston With Roxham, Saham Toney, Salhouse, Salle, Salthouse, Saxlingham By Holt, Saxlingham Nethergate With Saxlingham Thorpe, Scarning, Sco Ruston, Scole, Scoulton With Wood Rising, Sculthorpe, Sea Palling, Sedgeford, Seething, Sharrington, Shelton With Hardwick, Shereford, Shernbourne, Shimpling, Shipdham, Shotesham, All Saints, Shotesham, St Mary & St Botolph With St Martin, Shouldham, Shouldham Thorpe, Shropham, Sisland, Skeyton, Sloley, Smallburgh, Snetterton, Snettisham, Somerleyton, South Creake, South Lopham With North Lopham, South Lynn, All Saints, South Pickenham, South Raynham, South Walsham, St Lawrence With St Mary, South Wootton, Southacre, Southburgh, Southery, Southwood, Sparham, Spixworth, Sprowston & Beeston St Andrew, Stalham, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanhoe With Barwick, Starston, Stibbard, Stiffkey, Stockton, Stody, Stoke Ferry, Stokesby With Herringby, Stratton St Mary, Stratton St Michael With St Peter, Stratton Strawless, Strumpshaw, Suffield, Surlingham St Mary & St Saviour, Sustead, Sutton, Swaffham, Swafield, Swainsthorpe, Swannington, Swanton Morley With Worthing, Swanton Novers, Swardeston, Syderstone, Tasburgh, Tatterford, Tattersett, Taverham, Thelveton, Themelthorpe, Thetford, St Mary, Thornage, Thornham, Thorpe Abbotts, Thorpe Episcopi, Thorpe Hamlet, Threxton, Thrigby, Thurgarton, Thurning, Thursford, Thurton, Thuxton, Thwaite St Mary, Tibenham, Titchwell, Tittleshall With Godwick, Tivetshall St Mary & St Margaret, Topcroft, Trimingham, Trowse, Tunstall, Tunstead, Tuttington, Twyford, Upper Sheringham, Upton With Fishley, Wacton, Walcot, Warham, Waterden, Watton, Waxham, Weasenham All Saints & Weasenham St Peter, Welborne, Wellingham, Wells Next The Sea, Wendling, West Barsham, West Bilney, West Bradenham, West Dereham, West Harling, West Lexham, West Lynn, West Raynham, West Rudham, West Somerton, West Tofts, West Winch, Westacre, Westfield, Weston Longville, Westwick, Weybourne, Whinburgh, Whissonsett, Whitwell, Wickhampton, Wicklewood, Wighton, Wilby, Winterton With East Somerton, Witton (Near North Walsham), Wiveton, Wood Dalling, Wood Norton & Swanton Novers, Wood Rising, Woodbastwick, Woodton, Worstead, Wramplingham, Wretton, Wroxham, Wymondham, Yaxham, Yelverton With Alpington Also this week:
– over 27,000 records of British Army schoolchildren and schoolmasters 1803-1932, students and staff members at the Royal Military Asylum (RMA) in Chelsea or the Royal Hibernian Military School (RHMS) in Dublin.
– nearly 10,000 records for Royal Hibernian Military School admissions 1847-1932 pertain specifically to students enrolled at the Royal Hibernian Military School in Dublin, Ireland.
– over 92,000 new articles and two brand new titles in the Irish Newspaper Update.

The new titles are the Missionary Herald of The Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Tyrone Constitution.

The Irish newspaper collection now contains 74 different titles from all over Ireland and over 9.2 million articles covering 231 years of Irish history (1719-1950).

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Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour for First Time June 27 and June 28 2015

The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 is heading for Gorleston-on-Sea beach.

The Great Yarmouth Classic will be played for the first time in Gorleston, on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28.

Great Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTABIA) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council are responsible for bringing the tournament to Gorleston, with 4000 funding from GYTABIA securing the 11th consecutive Great Yarmouth Classic.

Spectators will watch the event in a free 150-seater grandstand sited on the beach next to Centre Court, sponsored by local seafront businesses: The Cliff Hotel, JayJays at the Beach, Marina Bay Caf , Marine Amusements, The Pier Hotel and The Yacht Shop.

Twenty-four teams of top-class UK beach volleyball players will compete for both men s and ladies doubles titles, with play starting at 9am each day.

The finals will begin just after lunch on Sunday.

David Marsh, Interim Chairman GYTABIA said: Securing high profile events like the Volleyball England Beach Tour is central to the work of GYTABIA.

We are absolutely delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic is making its debut on Gorleston s wonderful sandy beach.

We would also like to thank the seafront businesses for their support in helping provide the grandstand for spectators.

Further to a site visit to the beach, Alex Chevau from SideOut Ltd, the company who are organising the event with Volleyball England said: This is one of the best beaches on the tour.

I m delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic will be held on such an amazing beach with such high quality sand, I can t wait to get on court!

The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 kicks off in Skegness, followed by Gorleston-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare and Weymouth, culminating in the finals at Margate.

For more information about the Volleyball England Beach Tour see

For more information about Greater Yarmouth see



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Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour


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