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Attleborough & Thetford Weekly Crime Summary 4 Jan 16 …

Police are once again reminding all residents of the importance of crime prevention and to use the close it, lock it, check it system for home security, double checking that windows and doors are properly secured to help prevent burglary.

Christmas presents such as new electricals, jewellery and cash are attractive pickings for burglars and a large proportion of burglaries continue to be committed by offenders walking into unlocked houses or climbing through open windows.

Increase or freeze police element of Council Tax have your say from today

Norfolk s Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Bett will soon have to decide whether to increase or freeze the policing element of Council Tax and he wants to know what you think. The Commissioner has today launched a public consultation, which will run throughout January, on whether the police precept should rise by 2pc (an average of 4 per year) or be frozen. Stephen said: The announcement from the Government around police funding was welcome but that does not mean Norfolk Constabulary is out of the woods; far from it.

The Government has said that police funding will be protected but that s on the assumption that PCC s increase the policing element of the Council Tax by 2% each year.

There are, of course, still major financial pressures on the force as they carry the burden of past funding cuts, and the demands on our police continue to increase and crucially, to change.

There is an unprecedented surge in demand in areas such as rape, serious sexual offences and child sexual exploitation as people feel more confident to come forward. Cybercrime is another area of serious growth for the constabulary and an expensive one.

Her Majesty s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) says Norfolk Constabulary is doing an outstanding job in managing its efficiencies, but there is much more to do.

Before I make any decisions on whether to raise the precept I want to hear people s views. I will be consulting throughout January and would urge people to have their say.

Each year the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is responsible for setting the policing element of the Council Tax and is responsible for consulting with the public for their views.

The consultation will run until January 29. You are able to have your say by visiting . There are also opportunities to come and have your say in person:

Public meetings

Wednesday 13 January at 6.30pm in The Council Chamber, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2SF

Monday 18 January at 12noon in the Assembly Room, Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, Kings Lynn, PE30 5DQ

Police Connect Please be aware that due to the introduction of new software, a reduced service continues to be provided by Police Connect.

The full service will be resumed as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

News, appeals and information can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.norfolk.police.uk2

Message from Chief Inspector Paul Wheatley


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Attleborough & Thetford Neighbourhoods – Update

Weekly crime summary 21 December 2015

Norfolk Police urge communities to think about home security and extend the gift of safety to vulnerable people this Christmas

Police in Norfolk are asking residents to give the gift of safety this Christmas, by looking out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours, in addition to thinking about their own home security.

At this time of year some people may feel more vulnerable as it gets darker earlier and they may feel more confined to their homes, having less interaction with family, friends and neighbours.

By taking the time to check on the welfare of someone you know that may be in that situation you can give them the reassurance that they are not alone and help to make them feel safe.

Checking that they have good home security measures and procedures in place will help make them less likely to be a victim of crime. This includes ensuring that they have adequate physical security such as robust door and window locks and that they routinely keep them secured.

Police are reminding all residents to use the close it, lock it, check it system for home security, double checking that windows and doors are properly secured to help prevent burglary.

With the festive period approaching Norfolk Police also want to remind residents not to advertise their homes to thieves by leaving their property in darkness.

A house left in total darkness is an advertisement that the property is empty, Leaving a light on is effective in making burglars think twice. It may be worth investing in timer switches which can be fitted to lights and radios, especially if you are planning on being away over the festive period.

Do also make sure that ladders or tools are not left insecure in your garden as these can be used to break into a property.

Lastly, do of course double check that all your doors and windows are properly locked.

Police rely heavily on information from members of the public about crimes being committed.

Officers continue to encourage everyone to remain vigilant to suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods, reporting anything they see or hear that seems out of place and help our communities to have a safe, crime-free Christmas.

If you believe a crime is in progress you are asked to call the police immediately on 999.

For less urgent matters call 101.

Police Connect

Please be aware that there will be no weekly Police Connect updates over the Christmas period, however, any urgent issues will still be communicated.

Weekly updates will return from the week commencing 4 January 2016.

News, appeals and information can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.norfolk.police.uk1


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Residents encouraged to come out and watch the Tour of Britain in …

Residents are being encouraged to line the roadsides as the Tour of Britain cycle race returns to the county after a three year absence on Saturday September 12.

Starting with an event at Fakenham Racecourse, followed by a ride through Fakenham town centre before the race officially starts nearby, the race will finally finish in Ipswich some 141 miles away.

Active Norfolk, Norfolk County Council and Adnams are working together to bring the Tour of Britain back to the region on Saturday September 12.

The return of the race to the county is also made possible by the support of Breckland Council, Broadland District Council, North Norfolk District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council.

Paul Smyth, Chairman of Norfolk County Council s Communities Committee, said:

The Tour of Britain is the UK s biggest free to watch live sporting event and it is great that the race is returning to Norfolk. The route crosses much of the county so there are plenty of opportunities for people to see top-class athletes at work.

Whilst we expect the race to draw huge crowds in Norwich, ours is the only East of England race stage and many communities along the course have planned events which should attract local support.

This international event will boost Norfolk s profile and economy, and will hopefully encourage more people to experience the health and fitness benefits of cycling too. So let s give the riders a welcome to Norfolk they will remember.

Estimated times that the race will reach certain points along the route are outlined below.

As the race progresses periods of time are given as arrival times will depend on rider speeds.

Quickest time based on 46kmph speed, slowest at 38kmph.

  • Fakenham Racecourse 10am start.
  • Neutral lap through Fakenham Hempton Road, Bridge Street, Holt Road.
  • A1067 official race start on the A1067 near Guist, then through Guist at 10.15.
  • A1067 past Twyford at 10.21.
  • A1067 through Foxley at 10.25.
  • Onto Foxley Road through Bawdswell, using The Street at 10.29.
  • Onto B1145 Reepham Road all the way to Reepham between 10.36 and 10.40.
  • Through Reepham using Church Hill, Norwich Road between 10.36 and 10.41, New Road, then Cawston Road between 10.38 and 10.43.
  • B1145 to Cawston.
  • B1145 through Cawston between 10.45 and 10.52.
  • B1145 into Aylsham using Penfold Street between 10.52 and 11, and Norwich Road between 10.53 and 11.01.
  • A140 heading in the direction of Norwich.
  • Past Hevingham between 10.58 and 11.07.
  • King of the Mountain stage on the A140 before Stratton Strawless between 10.58 and 11.08 and finishes after Stratton Strawless.
  • Past Hainford between 11.02 and 11.13.
  • Past St Faiths between 11.05 and 11.16.
  • Holt Road between 11.11 and 11.24, Cromer Road passing Norwich Airport.
  • Aylsham Road between 11.13 and 11.26.
  • St Augustines (against the one way system) between 11.16 and 11.29.
  • Pitt Street (against the one way system) between 11.16 and 11.30
  • St Crispins roundabout and along Barn Road.
  • Grapes Hill between 11.17 amd 11.31.
  • At Chapelfield Roundabout the race turns down Cleveland Road, then along Gaol Hill between 11.18 and 11.33.
  • Gentlemans Walk between 11.18 and 11.33.
  • Rampant Horse Street and Theatre Street between 11.19 and 11.33.
  • Chapelfield Roundabout then down Earlham Road between 11.22 and 11.37.
  • Watton Road between 11.25 and 11.40.
  • Hethersett Lane (past NCFC training ground) between 11.26 and 11.42.
  • Norwich Road toward Hethersett.
  • Through the village on Queens Road between 11.31 and 11.48, Great Melton Road, High Green, then out of the village on Melton Road
  • Into Wymondham on Cock Street between 11.40 and 11.59.
  • Town Green (against the one way system) between 11.40 and 12.00, then Market Street.
  • Fairland Street (against the one way system) between 11.41 and 12.00.
  • London Road between 11.42 and 12.01.
  • Sutton Lane, Wymondham Road, Chapel Road past Spooner Row between 11.47 and 12.07.
  • Bunwell Road and then Besthorpe Road into Attleborough between 11.55 and 12.17.
  • Station Road between 11.57 and 12.19.
  • Buckenham Road and Attleborough Road into Old Buckenham between 12.02 and 12.26.
  • Crown Road between 12.03 and 12.27.
  • Past Quidenham between 12.10 and 12.36.
  • Quidenham Road, Church Road, The Street past Bridgham and then past Brettenham.
  • Kilverstone Road toward Thetford.
  • Norwich Road into Thetford between 12.32 and 13.03.
  • Grove Lane between 12.34 and 13.05.
  • Melford Bridge Road, Castle Lane, Nuns Bridge Road, and out of Norfolk on the Bury Road between 12.37 and 13.09. Heading toward Elveden.

To help ensure the race takes place safely the route will be closed to traffic just before the lead cyclist reaches that point. Around 30 police motorbikes will be used to enforce a rolling road closure, which will be lifted once the last race support vehicle has passed.

It is possible the roads will be closed for several minutes or up to 20minutes depending on how spread apart the cyclists are.

The Grapes Hill / Chapelfield Rd Roundabout will be closed for a little longer as the event crosses this junction to enter and exit the city centre.

More time is also needed for the one way system to clear ahead of the competitors.

It is hoped the overall closure duration will not last more than 20minutes.

This will also be the case in Wymondham and Attleborough where the town centres will be closed for about 20minutes to allow the one way systems to clear.

Parking restrictions will also be in place in small sections of Reepham, Cawston, and on Earlham Road in Norwich.

For localised route maps and lists of events happening across Norfolk visit

Motorists wanting to avoid the race are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the route and race timings and use alternative roads, where possible.