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It’s Health and Safety Gone Mad!: 1001 Crazy ‘Safety Crimes’

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Thank God all of us are being kept safe from harm. Thanks to the 2008 Health and Safety (Offences) Act, what was once a mere mishap is today classified as a ‘crime’. Yes you heard it, you, too, may soon be a criminal if you misplace your stepladder! It’s hard to image the unbearable risks that our predecessors faced. It’s a miracle that the British population is still alive and thriving after 1000 years! How many realise the criminal dangers of baggy swimming trunks, or the draconian risks we face queuing for concert tickets? Even swallowing great handfuls of yew tree leaves can prove hazardous. Let your post delivery operative scratch themselves on your rosebush and you may face a whopping fine or a term in jail. Say hello to the slip-free, risk assessed totally crazy world of Britain in the 21st Century.

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It’s Health and Safety Gone Mad!: 1001 Crazy ‘Safety Crimes’

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