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Rupert Moss-Eccardt selected to fight Liz Truss

Hundred Foot Washes, Welney. Photo courtesy of Bob Jones. Some rights reserved -

The Wisbech Standard reports1:

The Liberal Democrat contender to challenge Conservative MP Liz Truss for her south west Norfolk seat has been revealed.

Experienced campaigner Rupert Moss-Eccardt will be the Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for the constituency.

He came second in south west Norfolk at the last general election, and has been a county councillor and stood as the Lib Dem candidate for police and crime commissioner in Cambridgeshire.

He grew up in Welney and still has family there, and went to secondary school in Downham Market.

A security consultant, Mr Moss-Eccardt has also worked in medical research and at the University of Cambridge.

Liz Truss is herself a former Liberal Democrat, having been an active member of the student wing and making a very lively speech in favour of abolishing the monarchy at the 1994 Brighton conference which was notable for debating both the monarchy and drugs, with Paddy Ashdown at once storming off, er leaving promptly for a meeting with a Baltic ambassador.

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