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Breckland Audio

Located on the Norfolk / Suffolk border, we offer a select range of Class A valve amplifiers, Turntables, CD Players and high sensitivity loudspeakers selected for quality, performance and value.

Breckland Audio products offers expert, impartial advice on all aspects of audio.

On permanent demonstration, listen before you buy:-

  • Revolver Replay Turntable
  • Puresound P10 Phono, T10 step up transformer
  • Puresound L300 line level pre-amplifier
  • Puresound A8000 CD Player
  • Puresound A30 & A10 integrated Class A amplifier
  • Living Voice Avatar II / Heco Celan XT / Revolver loudspeakers

Demonstrations by appointment only Tel: +44 (0)1842 755170

email: [email protected]1

revolver replay turntable


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