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Four New Manchester Police Officers Sworn In

And while it’s important to get dangerous people off the street, he said the department wants its officers to set the example for the community, to be that person who reaches out to that mentally ill or elderly person who hasn’t spoken to anyone in a week and who is lonely. The city’s newest officers are: Ryan J. Boynton, 26, who grew up in Florida and is a graduate of Dunedin (Fla.) High School, Class of 2005.

He earned a bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice from Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., in 2009. He most recently was a police officer with the Douglasville, Ga. Police Department.

He and his wife Staci are expecting their first child soon. Matthew G. Brown, 22, is a graduate of Manchester Memorial High School, Class of 2009.

He earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice in 2011 from New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord and a bachelor of science degree in finance and economics this year from Southern New Hampshire University.

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