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  • A Norfolk Schoolboy's Memories of W.W.II | joemasonspage I was born on December 3 rd 1928, so World War II came upon me at the age of ten until I was fifteen. I was fortunate that I lived first in the quiet market town of Harleston until October 1942 and then in the village of Methwold until 1946. At Harleston I attended the Junior School until I progressed to Bungay Grammar School.

    Living at Methwold I attended Downham Market Grammar School. I left there at the age of fifteen in July, 1945. By early 1939 every household in the country had received a booklet on how to be ready for war.

    Even cigarette cards carried air raid precautions. These we collected and swapped at school. There were plans for the distribution of air raid shelters to homes in areas most likely to be hit by bombs.

    Air raid sirens were erected. Gas masks were issued and special smaller ones for babies. The gas masks were in almost square boxes on strings.

    Very soon mothers were making covers for them. We had to take them everywhere with us and periodically we had to practice wearing them at school. They would smell very rubbery and were claustrophobic to wear, the visors steaming up.

    On 1 st September 1939 war with Germany seemed imminent and many thousands of children, some with parents, were evacuated from London and boroughs, many of them to Norfolk. I was friendly with one boy who lodged with the butcher at the top of London Road. He didn t stay long; many preferred the risk of bombs to the oddities of the countryside.

    There were two girls who lodged in a big house (the old school perhaps) opposite Redenhall church. I cycled home with them once from the swimming pool at the river, Wells Lane I think. They were friendly with another girl Dawn C.

    At 11.15a.m. Sunday, 3 rd September 1939 war was declared on Germany. The government had advised the safest rooms were those in the centre of the houses.

    My mother and I had single beds in the sitting room which was central. I don t know where my father slept. Everything was rationed, ration books were issued to every household and each had to register with their local shop.

    The ration books came into use the following year. At school, to support the war effort, we were encouraged to knit scarves for merchant seamen probably one plain one pearl in navy blue mine finished six feet long! In 1940 each person was allowed 4 ounces of butter, 12 ounces (345 gr) of sugar, and 4 ounces of ham or bacon each week.

    As the war progressed there was even less. Everything was sold on surrender of coupons. In Dad s garden up Station Road there were copious quantities of rhubarb.

    Mum made jam and it was rhubarb with everything. How I hated it. Marjorie L from next door told me the daughter of the previous sergeant had peed on the rhubarb so that probably put me off.

    Mum would save the sugar rationing to make jam. We had our own jars but when mine was going down quickly I would pinch some of Dad s. As well as the food rationing there was a blackout which meant no light was allowed to show from within buildings, prevented by blankets or special screens or similar hung over the inside of doors and windows.

    Windows were taped to prevent damage from flying glass, among other Air Raid Precautions published in a special Government booklet issued to all premises in the country. Vehicle lights were dimmed with masks, coal was rationed as were sweets. Mum would scrape butter onto rounds of bread and then scrape it off again.

    I used to love sandwich loaves of bread. I could eat nine or ten rounds. I looked for air holes which would get filled with butter.

    I liked Sunday tea when Mum would get out her best tea service which was pink and the edges trimmed with gilt. I wonder what happened to it ? Sometimes we would have tinned salmon which I enjoyed soaked in vinegar.

    On one occasion I was ill and my mother was so pleased that she was able to obtain a few bananas for me from the local greengrocer. This was wintertime and the bananas had come from the Canary Isles. On another occasion she was able to buy a few tomatoes.

    I didn t think about it at the time but they had to come by ship over many, many sea miles, running the gauntlet of German U Boats. I was in the choir at St. John the Baptist church in Harleston.

    During the long sermons I used to pass the time by drawing aircraft and air battles on the white pages of the prayer and hymn books, inspired by the Battle of Britain fights. When my voice broke I was designated to pumping the organ. There was a long passage beside the organ, the wall being covered in whitewash.

    I soon got busy covering all this space with my drawings. Often it meant I forgot why I was there until I noticed the organ was getting precariously low on air which meant I had to pump furiously to get the weight back down again. Soon after we had moved to Harleston a bathroom and toilet were fitted into the box room above the kitchen.

    Mum s contribution to the war effort was to invite the grand-daughter of a couple living up our lane to use our bathroom when she came home on leave from the WAAFs ( Women s Auxiliary Air Force.) Denis and I would g o off on our cycles, usually on Saturdays, armed with my copy of Bacon s Cyclists Map of Norfolk. We would find churches and try to get into their towers but we weren t lucky very often. However on this map I marked the locations of Army camps and airfields which would have been a boon to enemy spies!

    At the beginning of the war there was a big Government campaign to Dig For Victory encouraging the growing of vegetables at home. A local builder allowed my friend Alan to have an allotment on the field at the rear of Alan s home. It was from here on Saturday, 23 rd July, 1940 we saw in the distance German planes apparently dropping bombs on Pulham Airfield, The Germans did try unsuccessfully to destroy it.

    It had been an R.A.F. Station during W.W.I. first in 1915, and it had been the home of R 33 and R 34 airships.

    Today the village sign proudly depicts the R 34 at its moorings. On that occasion in 1940 the Germans dropped sixteen high explosive bombs but there were no casualties. There were several other raids and the big hanger was hit on one occasion.

    On another occasion German bombs were dropped into a field just passed Frank Spurgeon s premises at Mendham Lane and killed two ponies. I didn t see it happen but saw the bomb craters the next day. I wrote a little essay about it but my teacher was not impressed.

    Soon after the war started our head teacher, Mr. Rhodes, volunteered for the army. I don t know what happened to him.

    A Mr Pilch took over. He didn t like me because my father had told him off for riding his bike without lights. He seemed to take a delight in taking it out on me in petty ways!

    I didn t have to put up with him for long because it must have been in the September, 1940, I started at Bungay Grammar School. At Bungay there were air raid shelters to which we had to hurriedly retreat when the siren went off. The shelters were damp and smelly.

    Sometimes a teacher would try to give a lesson. Other times we would sing morale building war-time songs. The other side the pub next door was a large house occupied by a doctor Maidment.

    There was great excitement when his daughter married an army officer by the name of Vickers. Mum and I watched them from a front bedroom window drive off to go on their honeymoon in a large open topped car. One wartime memory is of a captured German Messerschmitt fighter plane being put on display just into the entrance of Harleston Recreation Ground.

    The object was to boast public morale. Quite distinct in my memory now is the sickly sweet smell of the engine oil. Some of the local boys spent a long time unsuccessfully trying to remove parts for souvenirs.

    On one occasion a German Dornier bomber crashed in a field at Starston. One of the crew, the pilot, was killed. He was buried at Starston church until after the war when his remains were moved to Germany.

    The other crew member was locked up in the cells across the yard at the back of our house. I was never allowed to see any prisoner. My mother or the Constable s wife had to provide meals for the prisoners.

    A most vivid memory in my mind is of one night in October 1941. I was asleep in bed. I was eleven years old I was awakened by the loud roar of aeroplane engines.

    Quickly looking out of my bedroom window I saw a Wellington bomber go past, very low and a ball of flames. The next day I learned it had crashed in a field up Jays Green, a little past our school. It had come down with such force it was almost fully buried into the soil.

    All the crew perished . On yet another occasion Denis and I were near the drill hall, getting walnuts off a tree just outside someone s gateway. A twin-engined German bomber came over so low we could see the crew inside looking down at us.

    We were both very frightened and hurried home on our bikes but nothing untoward happened. It was in 1941 that Sergeant Stanley George Kybird was killed while flying a Spitfire fighter plane in France. He was from the Elveden branch of the Kybird family.

    One vague memory I have is just once having a ride in a Bren gun carrier. I think an Army sergeant took us. His wife was staying with friend Alan A s family at Candlers Lane.

    I remember seeing my first Americans. They were coloured and very smart. This was at Harleston market place.

    They were employed helping with the construction of the airfields in the vicinity, and there were many. Laings carted the gravel. Early in the war the American air force was known as the USAAF Army Air Force but later it got shortened to USAF.

    When they first flew from Hardwick it was the 310 Bomb Group ( Nick named Ted s Travelling Circus ) using B 26 Mitchell medium bombers. They were at Hardwick from September until November, 1942. Alan A and I would cycle there and throw sticks up at them as they took off but of course they were too high for us to hit them.

    Denis L, the boy from next door, and I would go exploring. For some reason we were attracted to a little copse of the lane at the bottom of Needham hill. Here we found a ground covering layer of certain commodities left behind by Americans after interludes with some of our local girls.

    Unfortunately some of the girls were left with more permanent reminders of these occasions, two in particular! Placed around the town were a number of pillboxes from which, with the necessity, soldiers or Home Guard troops could fire on approaching Germans. This of course did not happen.

    However, these pillboxes provided cover for all sorts of illicit past times. In the case of Alan A and myself, we had surreptitious smokes in one at the top of Mendham Lane. Pillboxes were rapidly constructed at the beginning of the war, in 1940 and 1941, constructed of brick or concrete, with concrete tops.

    They had one entrance and slits in the six or eight sides to fire from. Inside they smelled damp and musty, some flooded. For many years after the war one was on the beach at Happisburgh, having fallen down when some of the cliff collapsed.

    It is probably still there. On an occasion Dad took me in his car along the road at Flixton towards Bungay. On a previous occasion there had been dozens of tanks hidden in the trees.

    On this second occasion the tanks had gone but there were some wooden structures left and hanging in one was an Army shut knife a treasure I had for some time. On occasions we would go to visit my mother s parents at Heath Cottage, about a mile Norwich side of Holt. Bren gun carriers would practice on the heath.

    One I understand is buried in the bog there across the lows. Just down the road near the top of Edgefield Hill was a searchlight camp. I remember well how the searchlight beams would sweep the skies.

    Sometimes I was able to hear the boom boom of Ack Ack guns practising at Weybourne. A light aircraft would tow a target behind it. I have read that Churchill once inspected soldiers of the Cambridgeshire Regiment on the Heath.

    This was in 1940 when he was checking on our Coastal Defences. Similarly we would visit my father s parents at Thetford. I remember watching the trains from a back bedroom window.

    The house at Vicarage Road was fairly close to and overlooked the railway lines. More than once I saw a train towing thirty or more tanks on flat trucks, heading south towards London. On one occasion we went to Bury St.

    Edmunds to do some Christmas shopping. I had been given my Christmas present by my grandfather a new ten shilling note. In a bookshop I saw a book all about the British Army costing seven shillings.

    This I had to have although I knew the ten shillings was intended to go into savings. Was I in trouble over that ! It was here I first saw American Air Policemen on large Harley Davidson motor cycles patrolling the town.

    They were so smart with white helmets, hence the nick-name Snowdrops! In October, 1942 we moved to Methwold when Dad was promoted to Inspector. He was issued with a white steel helmet and a revolver.

    These I only saw once. I wasn t too happy about the move at the time as it meant a change of school and friends. I was much happier when I learned it was a mixed school!

    The school was at Downham Market which meant a twelve mile bus journey each way.. The bus would take us past the airfield at Bexwell, just outside Downham. Here we would see bombers, Stirlings and Lancasters being loaded up with bombs.

    Some of the planes we saw had been badly damaged by German fighter planes or anti aircraft fire over Germany during the night raids. Two airmen from this station were posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. One was Flt Lt Aaron who was pilot on a bombing raid over Turin and was seriously wounded by flak from German guns but managed to get his plane home safely.

    He died soon after. The second V.C. Was in August, 1944 .

    Sq Ldr Bazagette was pilot of a Lancaster from 635 Squadron, a pathfinder squadron. He managed to mark their site rocket storage facilities in France. His aircraft was set on fire and on crash landing exploded.

    He and his crew were killed. During the war 170 aircraft were lost from this airfield we just did not realise the full significance of what we saw. At one time Mosquito fast light weight bombers made of wood also flew from there.

    Once the American Air Force came to the area, it was not long before some of the girls were coming to school with chewing gum, cigarettes, badges and some eventually married Americans, including two sisters. Because of the war the corridors round the inner quadrangles were lined with brick walls to give some protection against bomb blast. Fortunately they were never put to the test although when an air raid siren sounded we had to file into the corridors.

    School dinners were produced on economy lines but we never went hungry. There were rumours of horse meat and whale meat but we still consumed it with relish. For some meals we had luncheon meat.

    This was sliced so thinly to make it look more.! We had a lot of stewed apples and custard the apples coming from the Head Master s trees. He would also sell them to us for one penny each, also sweets.

    About this time British Restaurants were set up in various towns, the object being to provide basic meals cheaply. There was one in Downham Market, communal kitchens set up by the Ministry of Food as non-profit making. Meals were sold at a fixed price of 9d (just under 4p) and no meal of more than 3 courses for 5 shillings (25 p).

    I did sample these on two occasions when I had gone to play football on a Saturday and then had to wait some hours for the bus home. I believe it was on Thursday evenings, I and two friends would cycle to Mundford because the fish and chip shop there did fritters and chips on that night. This was a speciality.

    There was little fish available. I remember along roads through the forestry there would be signs warning about incendiary bombs and butterfly bombs. The butterfly or anti personnel bombs were first used in this country in 1940 against Ipswich.

    They were lethal within a radius of 33ft. Several would be dropped together by the Germans. We would also find bundles of aluminium foil in strips dropped by German planes.

    They were used as a counter measure against radar and first used by the Germans in 1943. We also used the same method, called Windows. About 1943 there were soldiers of the Eighth Army (the Desert Rats) camped in the area.

    I learned from some of them a few choice words in Italian. I also learned enough of their experiences in the desert to give a talk to my class at school. On the bus ride to school sometimes we passed Italian prisoners or war working in the fields and we would call out these choice words from the bus windows.

    Many of these Italians were billeted in a large house near the church in Stoke Ferry. They were easily recognised because they had round patches on their brown clothing. Some Italian prisoners of war were billeted at the army camp at Cranwich and some of our school girls living in Methwold would walk along the road towards Mundford to flirt with them.

    The Desert Rats were in the area training in readiness for D.Day on 6 th June, 1944. For a brief spell some Canadian troops were billeted in Methwold Drill Hall. Dad would have to break up fights at the pubs.

    On 26 th May, 1943 the King and Queen came to visit Methwold airfield and my father was present as he was responsible for civilian policing. He kept very quiet about it and I didn t know until after the war. At one time airmen of the Royal Dutch Naval Air Service were stationed at Methwold.

    Their uniform was a very smart dark blue. This was in 1943 and they flew B25 Mitchell light bombers I believe of the 320 (Netherlands) Squadron. The front of our house overlooked the flight path and I often watched the comings and goings from a spare bedroom window.

    It was on the 3 rd of May, 1943 when Squadron Leader Leonard Trent 1 (later awarded the V.C. and D.F.C.) flew out from Methwold with twelve Ventura aircraft of 487 Squadron, Royal New Zealand Air Force on a fateful raid. Their target was Amsterdam power station.

    I saw them go out and later only one return, the rest having been shot down. Since the war I have been able to read that S/Ldr Trent was one of those shot down and he and his navigator were held prisoners of war. He was involved in the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III when 220 R.A.F.

    Prisoners planned to escape via a tunnel. He managed to get through the tunnel but was found by the Germans nearby and surrendered. He remained a prisoner until the end of the war.

    There is now a Ventura Close in Methwold. Didlington Hall has some war-time memories for me. I and a couple of friends would cycle from Methwold and fish in the River Wissey off a road bridge.

    American airmen from Bodney would walk that way, I think this was about July, 1943. They were very generous, giving us sweets, chocolate cigarettes, also fishing line and hooks We would see our friends for a while and then no more. At that time it did not occur to us they may have been shot down or killed in their missions.

    On part of the estate was a watermill which breached the river. We used to swim in the mill-pond and were sometimes joined by Americans. One convinced me a quick way to have a suntan was to put vinegar onto my body.

    It did give me a tan but friends at school wouldn t sit near me because I smelled like a fish and chip shop, my mother wondered were the vinegar was going ! In December, 1943 I was given an autograph album as a birthday present which I started using straight away and I still have it. It contains entries not only from school friends but also servicemen.

    One is by a Group Captain Yarde who was commanding officer at Methwold. He took the salute of a parade through Methwold High Street for Salute the Soldier week on Sunday 14 th May 1944. My father wasn t very pleased that I was audacious enough to ask for it.

    It was during this savings campaign there was a drawing competition at Downham. I did a drawing of the badge of the King s Own Scottish Borderers and won first prize. I was presented with a fifteen shilling savings certificate in Downham Town Hall by Lady Ruth Fermoy who died in 1993 aged 85.

    Once I saw an RAF Meteorological balloon slowly come down to land in a field opposite the Cock public house corner. I told Dad and went with him and P.c. Albert S to hold it until RAF personnel arrived.

    Albert was my hero. He always had time for me when Dad was elsewhere. Once he showed me some copies of Mein Kampf (My Struggle) Hitler s story seized from a German sympathiser living in the Methwold fens.

    They were stored in one of the cells. It was in May, 1945 many Indian soldiers who had been captured by the Germans in the North African Desert Campaigns and held prisoners of war were flown back to England in Operation Exodus from Bari, Italy. In this operation altogether something like 72,500 ex P.O.W.s were flown back to England in 23 days.

    Lancaster bombers of 149 Squadron, Methwold, played their part in this. Many Indian soldiers were billeted in the area round Methwold and Northwold, in the camps which had been used by the Desert Rats before D Day. The Indians were fattened up before the long journey back to India.

    It is worth noting that of all the aircraft which flew from Methwold during the war 43 were lost by being shot down or crashing, of these 25 were Venturas, 6 Stirlings and 12 Lancasters. The Methwold Lancasters also took part in Operation Manna in which food supplies were dropped to starving civilians in Holland. The first flight in this operation was from Methwold on 29 th April and the plane named Bad Penny .

    The American Air Force did similar flights and named their operation Chowhound . The village sign now depicts an aircraft in flight over a ploughing scene and the church. There is a Roll of Honour in Methwold church, a page being turned each day.

    Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon I would cycle to one of the camps, either at Didlington or Lyndford. I had made many friends of different creeds and castes among the Indian soldiers and enjoyed the challenge of making myself understood. I drank pint mugs of tea, oddly with a pinch of salt.

    Sometimes I was given a chapatti with an egg stolen from the local farmer, or jam. I also went to the camp cinema and watched Indian films and learned a smattering of Urdu also how to write my name and address in Sanskrit. Cigarettes were plentiful albeit rather rough.

    One make, Victory, was like sawdust. We would often see a lady from Methwold who wore very bright red lipstick cycling out to the Indian camps on her old bike to offer some home comforts I expect! A British army officer, Leslie Ball, was billeted at the Hall and wrote a lovely book called Heron Lake.

    He wrote about the wildlife on the lake. We used to get to the lake from near the water-mill. One of the very early paintings I did from life was of the lake.

    The hall overlooked the lake and there was an open air swimming pool. On one occasion we went for a swim there but there was green algae on the surface. Nearer to the time of Operation Overlord D Day General Sir Miles Dempsey had his headquarters at the hall.

    He became commander of the 2 nd Army in Europe from 26 th January, 1944 to 8 th August, 1945. My memory of D Day Tuesday, 6 th June, 1944 was hearing the roar of very many bomber planes and looking up to see the sky full of American Fortresses and Liberators. On one occasion my father took me there or it could have been Lyndford Hall.

    I think it was to a courts-martial but as usual I wasn t told! I do remember having lunch in this very large hall sitting among American Air Force officers. As a constant reminder of the Desert Rats, what they did in the war and their presence in the Mundford area there is a Cromwell tank on a raised plinth beside the road from Brandon to Swaffham.

    Parts of the 7th Armoured Division, prior to D Day, were stationed at the camp at Cranwich. For some reason unknown to me my father had an invitation to go to their camp to see a show by a branch of ENSA (Entertainments National Services Association). He took me along and we sat on the front row.

    Many well-known entertainers visited camps of H.M. Forces. I have no idea who were in this particular show but we enjoyed it.

    As there were so many airfields in the area plane crashes were inevitable. As soon as we boys had heard of a crash we would be off on our bikes looking for souvenirs, parts of aircraft or live ammunition. We would pull out the steel ends to get at the thin strips of cordite.

    These we lay out in a line and set fire to them just for the fun of it. Once we went to a crash site where two American bombers had collided in mid-air, fell to the ground and both crews killed. We wanted to have a look but there was an American Air Force policeman on guard and he had a gun.

    He told us to clear off. We told him it was our country and we could do what we liked. He wasn t impressed and became threatening so we left in a hurry.

    We never gave a thought to the fact that a plane crash meant the loss of life and In the case of an American bomber as many as ten men. On the evening of V.J. Day victory in Japan I was staying with my parents in Thetford.

    There were celebrations near Castle Hill. I went there and found some of my Indian friends. They introduced me to an Indian V.C.

    His name was Singh. He gave me his autograph which I had on a scrap of paper for many years after. Unfortunately like many things with the passage of time it got lost as did many of my souvenirs like badges from different countries.

    I still have a small silk handkerchief also a large print of a painting of loads of cotton on carts in Northern India which were given to me by my Indian friends. Having left school in July, after a short holiday I started work at Barclays Bank at Brandon. There was still a heavy presence of both American and British army.

    Officers would come into the bank paying money into various accounts and one of the lady staff was in much demand for dates and some mornings would stagger into work after a particularly late night! These are my memories of World War Two when I was a schoolboy. I have added some information after research to explain some happenings but apart from these the rest are genuinely from my memories.

    Bas Kybird, 83 years Drayton, April, 2012 References ^ Leonard Trent (

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    References ^ UK Probate Valuation Service (

  • Apple iCloud scam warning Earlier today I got an email ostensibly from Apple, which told me that my iCloud ID was facing deletion because I had not confirmed it. The email read: You ve not yet confirmed your iCloud ID redacted and it s now pending removal from all associated services. Apple Account: redacted Customer ID: a 7-figure number, redacted just in case it s real To comply with mandatory EU regulation and to confirm your details, we need to fully certify your Apple ID.

    You can do this by visiting Apple Store with a valid form of ID or electronically as long as all the information you have provided is valid. To complete this online please proceed to login below. We apologize for any inconveniences that may result from this process however we are required to confirm your details because of recent changes in Know your Customer EU regulations.

    Regards, Apple Support I actually clicked the link, and was about to enter my password, but clicked around some of the links (the website is made up to look like Apple s own). Some of them led to the Apple website but others were dead links. I then did a WHOIS search on the domain and discovered that the IP address was French, and that the same IP address ( also had two other domain names associated with it, one of them beginning paypal-protects .

    The fake iCloud domain is registered to a woman in Redenhall, Norfolk, England; the paypal-protects domain is registered to a woman in Weybridge, Surrey. I just contacted the woman in Norfolk and she recalls following a link in a similar email, but balked at entering her credit card details. Clearly, entering her Apple ID was useful enough for them.

    I m normally wise to scam emails, but they nearly got me with this one.

    They are looking for identities to steal and other people s money to spend.

    If you get an email that looks like it s from Apple, make sure the links are to (Twitter knows the website is a scam address, as it would not publish a tweet containing it.) Possibly Related Posts:

  • Avon & Somerset Constabulary and PCC engage with the community Our UK office is based in Bristol, and given our business, we are more aware than most people of innovative engagement activities in our area. One organisation consistently impresses us with the way it reaches out to our local community. Avon and Somerset PCC and Constabulary make it easy for citizens in their catchment area to get in touch and have their say on policing and safety issues in the city.

    A&S Constabulary's 'Police Pod' in Bedminster A&S Constabulary are highly visible in the area. They regularly set up Police Pods and Cop Shops mobile drop in centres where citizens can call in and discuss crime in their area on a one-to-one basis. Empty shops and mobile offices are used to house these policing surgeries, which are located in high traffic areas, such as supermarket car parks and shopping centres.

    A&S Constabulary and PCC use Citizen Space 1 to gather opinions on issues such as public order 2 , police funding 3 and the overall policing budget 4 . The online consultation software allows them to reach a larger group of people than they could with public events or local cop shops. A&S Constabulary uses Citizen Space to engage online Besides the comprehensive information provided on the Avon & Somerset Constabulary website 5 , citizens are also able to sign up for email alerts 6 about any crime issues that take place in their local area.

    Additionally, Avon and Somerset PCC Sue Mounstevens sends out an informative email about local policing issues and priorities. The organisation also uses Facebook 7 and a variety of Twitter 8 accounts to engage with people. These channels are used to provide minute by minute updates on crime in the area, plus overall information and news about events.

    They regularly use hashtags to create conversations around specific topics. Additionally, A&S Constabulary uses YouTube 9 to share information about specific crimes and criminal activities. Using these methods, Avon & Somerset Constabulary and PCC are able to reach a wide cross-section of people across their catchment area.

    With a mixture of online touchpoints and offline events and drop in opportunities, people of all ages and economic backgrounds can keep abreast of what s happening in the area and keep in touch with the organisation.

    References ^ A&S Constabulary and PCC on Citizen Space ( ^ Avon and Somerset Constabulary public order consultation ( ^ Avon and Somerset Constabulary police funding consultation ( ^ Avon and Somerset Constabulary police budget consultation ( ^ A&S Constabulary website ( ^ sign up for email alerts ( ^ A&S Constabulary Facebook ( ^ A&S Constabulary on Twitter ( ^ A&S Police on YouTube (

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  • Babai i tre fëmijëve e pranon: Sulmova seksualisht kalin | Gazeta ... Nj baba i tre f mij ve pritet t d nohet nga gjykata n Britani, pasi e pranoi se kishte sulmuar seksualisht nj kal . Alan Blackman, 31 vje , hyri n nj stall m 6 gusht dhe sulmoi seksualisht kalin. Pasi kreu aktin seksual, ai u largua, por e fiksuan kamerat e siguris .

    Kafsha u gjet i plagosur dhe kishte nevoj p r trajtim tek veterineri. Policia publikoi fotot e Blackman n rrjetet sociale, n p rpjekje p r ta gjetur. Por fillimisht Blackman u p rgjigj duke th n se nuk ishte ai, pasi po spekulohej.

    Muajin e shkuar ai pranoi akuz n.

  • Breckland District - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Breckland District From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Breckland District Non-metropolitan district Breckland shown within Norfolk Sovereign state United Kingdom Constituent country England Region East of England Non-metropolitan county Norfolk Status Non-metropolitan district Admin HQ East Dereham Incorporated 1 April 1974 Government Type Non-metropolitan district council Body Breckland Council Leadership Leader & Cabinet ( Conservative ) MPs George Freeman Elizabeth Truss Area Total 399.7 sq mi (1,035.1 km 2 ) Area rank 16th (of 326) Population (2011 est.) Total 131,000 Rank 160th (of 326) Density 330/sq mi (130/km 2 ) Ethnicity 98.5% White Time zone GMT ( UTC0 ) Summer ( DST ) BST ( UTC+1 ) ONS code 33UB (ONS) E07000143 (GSS) OS grid reference TG018081 Website Breckland District is a local government district in Norfolk , England . Its council is based in East Dereham . Breckland District derives its name from the Breckland landscape region, a gorse covered sandy heath of south Norfolk and north Suffolk .

    The term Breckland is ancient, and is found as early as the 13th century in the form Brakelond . History Breckland District was formed on 1 April 1974 by the merger of the Borough of Thetford , East Dereham Urban District , Swaffham Urban District , Wayland Rural District , Mitford and Launditch Rural District , and Swaffham Rural District . Composition The district is entirely parished, and is made up of 113 civil parishes .

    At the time of the 2001 census , the district had an area of 1,305 km 2 (504 sq mi), with a population of 121,418 in 50,715 households.

    1 The district contains the following civil parishes: Ashill , Attleborough Banham , Bawdeswell , Beachamwell , Beeston with Bittering , Beetley , Besthorpe , Billingford , Bintree , Blo' Norton , Bradenham , Brettenham , Bridgham , Brisley , Bylaugh Carbrooke , Caston , Cockley Cley , Colkirk , Cranwich , Cranworth , Croxton Didlington , Dereham East Tuddenham , Elsing Foulden , Foxley , Fransham Garboldisham , Garvestone , Gateley , Gooderstone , Great Cressingham , Great Dunham , Great Ellingham , Great Hockham , Gressenhall , Griston , Guist Hardingham , Harling , Hilborough , Hockering , Hoe , Holme Hale , Horningtoft Ickburgh Kempstone , Kenninghall , Kilverstone Lexham , Litcham , Little Cressingham , Little Dunham , Little Ellingham , Longham , Lynford , Lyng Mattishall , Merton , Mileham , Mundford Narborough , Narford , Necton , New Buckenham , Newton by Castle Acre , North Elmham , North Lopham , North Pickenham , North Tuddenham Old Buckenham , Ovington , Oxborough Quidenham Riddlesworth , Rocklands , Rockland St Peter , Roudham and Larling , Rougham Saham Toney , Scarning , Scoulton , Shipdham , Shropham , Snetterton , South Acre , South Lopham , South Pickenham , Sparham , Sporle with Palgrave , Stanfield , Stanford , Stow Bedon , Sturston , Swaffham , Swanton Morley , Thetford , Thompson , Tittleshall , Tottington , Twyford Watton , Weasenham All Saints , Weasenham St. Peter , Weeting-with-Broomhill , Wellingham , Wendling , Whinburgh and Westfield , Whissonsett , Wretham Yaxham References ^ Office for National Statistics & Norfolk County Council (2001). Census population and household counts for unparished urban areas and all parishes .

    Retrieved 2 December 2005.

    External links Diss Express - website of local newspaper covering part of district Coordinates : 52 38 N 0 59 E / 52.633 N 0.983 E / 52.633; 0.983 Retrieved from " " Categories : Breckland Local government in Norfolk Non-metropolitan districts of Norfolk Local government districts of the East of England Hidden categories: Articles with OS grid coordinates

  • British time trial preview (Aug 13-14) British time trial preview in association with Parker International logo Can Julian Jenkinson defend his National 12-hour title against a list of challengers headed by twice champion and competition record holder Andy Wilkinson? Jenkinson (, who covered 292.49 miles for victory 12 months ago on his way to taking the British Best All-Rounder crown, is last away in a field of 91 for Sunday's championship on a Prees-based course in Shropshire. Wilkinson (Port Sunlight Wheelers), who won his first title in 1996 before returning to win again in 2009, starts ten minutes earlier while those hoping to upset the party include Andy Bason, second in each of the last two years, and his Team Pedal Revolution clubmate, former BBAR Nik Bowdler.

    Multi-champion Michael Hutchinson (In-Gear Quickvit RT) returns to the V718 course in East Yorkshire, where he set his competition record of 17-57 last year, for Saturday's Bridlington CC 10 which has attracted a full field of 120 riders plus reserves. The challengers include Kevin Dawson (, James Gullen (Teamwallis CHH) and Richard Meadows, now racing for Velo 29, while Wendy Houvenaghel (Bikechain Ricci) will be hoping for the right conditions to challenge her women's competition record of 19-50. Hutchinson, Houvenaghel and women's national champion Julia Shaw ( 1 ) head for South Wales the following morning for Merthyr CC's 25 on the fast Glynneath course.

    A total of 180 riders line up in the main and overflow events. Olympic pursuit champion Rebecca Romero (XRT-Elmy Cycles) is last off in Pendle Forest CC's 10 on Saturday evening on the L1015 course at Levens, in Cumbria, where Nick Shaughnessy (Science In heads the male entry. Event organiser Barry Charlton is first off in Lyme Racing Club's 25 on the A50-based Blythe Bridge course, in Staffordshire, on Saturday and could well be at the top of the final leaderboard on past form.

    Scott Westwood (Walsall RCC), Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) and Jon Surtees (Team Swift) are likely challengers. Seven days after setting a new best for 50 miles of 1-40-08, Scott Povey ( returns to Etwall as scratchman in Derby Mercury RC's 25 which also has a full field of 120 riders and reserves. Nick Dwyer (Lewes Wanderers CC), Richard Prebble (Motorpoint) and Steve Walkling (VC St Raphael) head the field for Sunday's a3crg 25 at Greatham, Hampshire, the fifth round of the Flying Hamster Series.

    Top names in Bedfordshire RCC's charity 25 at Tempsford on Sunday morning are evergreen Ian Cammish (Planet X RT) and Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers). Cammish rides after an early-morning start on Saturday in the VTTA East Anglian 10, at Redenhalls, Norfolk, where he comes up against Nino Piccoli (Team Pedal Revolution). Keith Murray (Ferryhill Wheelers), Richard Meadows and Harry Armstrong (Berwick Wheelers) are top seeds for Cramlington CC's 10 on Sunday at Widdington, Northumberland.

    This weekend's top events Saturday, August 13 Lyme RC 25m - Blythe Bridge, Staffs (course J5/8), 2pm Derby Mercury RC 25 - Etwall, Derbyshire (course A25/11), 5pm Coventry CC 25 - Princethorpe, Warwickshire (course K10/25P), 2pm Bridlington CC 10 - Newport, East Yorkshire (course V718), 2pm Pendle Forest CC 10 - Levens, Cumbria (course L1015), 6pm Sunday, August 14 RTTC National 12-Hour Championship - Prees, Shropshire (course D12h/1), 6am Yorkshire CF 100 - Topcliffe, Thirsk, North Yorkshire (course V275), 6am Merthyr CC 25 - Glynneath, South Wales (course R25/3L), 9am A3crg 25 - Greatham, Hampshire (course P881r/25), 7am Reading CC 25 - Padworth, Berkshire (course H25/1), 7am Related links Cycling Weekly's Time Trial News section 2 References ^ ( ^ Cycling Weekly's Time Trial News section (

  • Bungay, Bridge Street Pumpkin Night 2007 - Iceni Post Bridge Street Pumpkin Night 31st October, 2007 6.00 to 9.30pm In 2004 a young farmer with a passion for pumpkin growing realised that he had cultivated a large number of excess pumpkins. Gathering his friends together and arming themselves with assorted deadly weapons, they set out to carve the pumpkins into fantastical shapes and donated them to 16th-century Bridge Street in Bungay. Each house had a lighted pumpkin placed outside on the evening of 31st October (Halloween) for people to come and enjoy.

    From this light-hearted concept the Bridge St Feasts and Festivals association was born and Pumpkin Night this year will have its 4th birthday. As trick-or-treating younger children in other parts of the town had been pelted with eggs by older louts in previous years it was decided to close the road to traffic enabling children (both young and old) a secure environment to enjoy a few hours of innocent fun. No entrance fee will be charged as it is simply a social and community venture .

    We encourage visitors to dress up in clothes suitable for the occasion and prizes will be given for the most original costumes and trick-o- treats. In 2006 the oldest child was 86 years and the youngest a few weeks old. There will be Face Painting by the Mini Monsters Creepy Crawly Roadshow from 6 7.30 and the highlight of the evening at 8pm a performance of the Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Dance down Bridge Street.

    The Chequers Pub as usual will offer hospitality for the older witch and wizard. Children are also invited to enter their own carved pumpkins on the night to be judged by the Wicked Witch . Look also at the shop windows in town as there will be a prize for the best Halloween Window in the Sponsor a Pumpkin competition.

    This is an event for everyone said Deirdre Shepherd one of the organisers and is for the whole of the community of Bungay and beyond and we look forward to seeing you on this spookiest of nights.

    So put the date in your diary and come and enjoy some community fun.

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  • Car Park (Broad Street) | Redenhall with Harleston Town Council Car Park Notice 1 References ^ Car Park Notice (
  • Cctv Uk Horse | cctv products Oct 23, 2015 Alan Blackman, 31, was traced following a CCTV appeal after the animal was found will be sentenced today after he admitted sexually assaulting a horse . with snow and Arctic winds could be the UK's coldest on record He was caught on CCTV moments before the attack and police quickly circulated would assist the court Judge Stephen Holt Today he admitted having sex with the poor horse as he appeared via video link at Norwich Crown Court. Judge Stephen Holt AJ Horseboxes are your One Stop Shop for all your horsebox needs New Builds, Conversions, Repairs & Parts.

    Welcome to PC Horse Transport. The Equi-Trek Sonic Horse Box is built on a brand new Peugeot 3500kg chassis fitted with the latest 2.2HDi diesel engine which Visit Horsemart now to view hundreds of horses and ponies for sale, plus everything equestrian including horse equipment and equestrian services. However, several countries hope to launch a program to reform the UN Security Council.

    The reforms are not going to be in Russia s favor. A touchstone has already been thrown through the "Trojan horse" of the China, USA, UK and France. Oct 23, 2015 A married father of three caught on CCTV sexually assaulting a horse in an attack lasting more than an hour has been jailed in Britain.

    Viral "news story" claims health inspectors found human meat and horse meat in the . Scam postings offer CCTV video footage of a roller coaster accident at CCTV cameras in the UK surveillance and the loss of privacy. The UK has more CCTV cameras per head of population than any other country in the world.

    Neighbour Surveillance 1 ODESSA It was lunch time in the middle of an October day in the 3600 block of Maple in Odessa. The homeowner came home for his lunch break at noon and noticed something. "When he walks in, he sees a shadow, something catches his eye and Oct 7, 2015 Britain has become The campaign against excessive use of surveillance cameras in the UK. Visit our anti-cctv for news and info such as the National CCTV Strategy.

    Campaigning against Manchester Horse is your local horse resource. Manchester Horse is the essential local information resource for the Greater Manchester equestrian community and Complete Home Security System Discounts 2 In Beijing, where residents often deal with winter smog, the government has blanketed the streets with bold-typed signs urging moderation while the subway system has rolled out the city are offering 50 percent Car Security Alarm System Works Most any type of security system will help give you a discount, but the Oct 23, 2015 intercourse with a horse in Redenhall, Norfolk after a CCTV appeal. with snow and Arctic winds could be the UK's coldest on record Horse watch equestrian security cctv cameras alarmsFarm security systems and horse watch security cameras and remote alarms for horse owners and equestrian centres.

    Wireless surveillance and alarms for References ^ Neighbour Surveillance ( ^ Complete Home Security System Discounts (

  • Cheap Car Hire Withersdale Street Suffolk The best hotels in Suffolk, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels and cheap hotels near the historic town of Bury St Edmunds. Read full expert review The Westleton Crown is a Suffolk hotel offering a relaxed atmosphere, modern bedrooms Key info: Great for children of all ages ; Car essential; Some pets are This semi- detached cottage is set in the Suffolk village of Withersdale Street and sleeps All Saints, Mendham and St Mary Magdalene in Withersdale Street. are advertised at the Church, on the village notice board in the car park, and in Five Alive magazine The bus is also available for private hire (14 passengers + driver).

    Halfway Garage, (Vic's Auto Repairs), Mendham Lane, Redenhall 01379 854331 Car rentals are pretty cheap down there, so I d advise renting a car Alias is on Rivington one block east of Suffolk st and Le Tableau is on 5th between A and B. Both have great simple French-inspired menus, with entrees around $18. Key info: Beach / lakeside relaxation; Great for children of all ages ; Car .

    This semi-detached cottage is set in the Suffolk village of Withersdale Street and According to forecasters, Britain has just embarked on a long-awaited let s be honest, its beaches are terrible) but it did have endless sunshine, cheap hotels, bargain booze and the sense of sophistication conferred by the very act of taking Cheap Car Hire Pont-tyweli Carmarthenshire 1 A car accident is affecting traffic in Pont Tyweli near Llandysul. The crash took place near the Pont Tyweli roundabout at around 10.50am but the road is still open to traffic. Police and paramedics are in attendance.

    A spokesperson for Dyfed Powys Police Car Hire Carmarthen Cheap Car Rental Carmarthen Wales from Car Hire Suffolk with Cheap Van Rental Thrifty Car Rental UKSuffolk car hire with Thrifty Car Rental. Cheap car hire in Suffolk with low cost van rental. Suffolk Law School was founded in Boston in 1899 and has been A few weeks later, Dick received a call at his residence in St.

    Johns Manor in Jersey. A strongly accented voice says she is the Rwandan ambassador for the United Kingdom and Cheap Car Hire Mill End Hertfordshire 2 Licensed Private Hire Operator in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire Tudors Cars including smart private hire firm in Chorleywood and Rickmansworth . Barnet Van Hire in Barnet, London LONDON S PREMIER VAN HIRE & CAR HIRE SERVICE.

    We have provided van and car hire services from our Barnet depot in North Bristol Minibuses ~ Coach hire in Cheap Car Hire Freckenham Suffolk 3 Car Rental Suffolk: Save up to 60% | ExpediaIf you're in search of a cheap car rental in Suffolk, Virginia suiting all your needs, look no further than our selection of vehicles right here on Expedia.

    From large Compare prices from leading car rental providers with TravelSupermarket find Car hire in Ipswich will References ^ Cheap Car Hire Pont-tyweli Carmarthenshire ( ^ Cheap Car Hire Mill End Hertfordshire ( ^ Cheap Car Hire Freckenham Suffolk (

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  • Divorce Lawyer: Rutherford County Tn Divorce Lawyers Rutherford County Drug Court. with co-morbidity are marital separation and divorce, track Step 2 Add a dual diagnosis component to the TN Protection & Advocacy training for lawyers and judges Propose to the criminal justice system planning a dual diagnosis training ... View This Document 1 I County School Br. (1964) TN: Considerations of stare decisis are at acme in cases involving property and contract rights, it s interpretation becomes a fine art that lawyers and judges are better at interpreting than legislatures. ...

    Get Content Here 2 Uploads From DataSphereVideos Http:// VA Benefits, Landlord/Tenant Law, Criminal Law, Social Security Disability, Family Law, Divorce, Child Support We are in our tenth year of serving Middle Tennessee and our offices are conveniently located in Rutherford County. ... View Video 3 4 Status Report To The General Assembly Served from each county, These events are presented free to lawyers who agree to accept pro bono cases. Number of .

    Counties . Counties . Case Clients Served.

    divorce clinics in Shelby and Tipton Counties, provided forms and guidance to persons ... Fetch Content 5 6 The Journal of East TN History, #63 Old Lawyers Never Die Wesley R. Asinof The Hogan Family of Hogansville TN County Court Loose Papers; Vol.

    XXII Northampton, Rutherford, Sampson, Warren, Reel 43 Edgecombe Co.: A Brief History Alan D. Watson Hugh Buckner Johnston 1963 Coweta Co, General ... Fetch Document 7 8 Lisa M Preparing for Your Divorce, seminar (office) (1997); Your Insurance Needs Presentations made as Secretary of the Young Lawyers' Counsil of the Louisiana State Bar Association.

    Noel C TN/1981. TIPS Member: Yes. Areas of Expertise: Consumer Law, Corporate Law ...

    Fetch Full Source 9 10 File Of McKeown Information The (Nashville, TN) Title: Area Catholics weigh options to fight abuse. Author: BRIAN LEWIS. Date: July 24, 2002.

    Section: Main News. Page a Nashville Catholic who works as a warrant officer for the Davidson County Sheriff's Department, Lawyers for both sides had agreed to keep ... Document Retrieval 11 12 Descendants Of Thomas F SMITH - Pearls Of Yesteryear ...


    22 Aug 1970, Nashville, TN; m. (1) Mae Dixon; m. (2) Charlotte Hogan, 19 Nov 1932. More About Wilbur Smith and Charlotte Hogan: Marriage Divorce: Jun 194334 Marriage: 18 Jun 1939, Etowah she heard he and his wife were lawyers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Children of Leveart SIMS and ...

    Get Doc 13 14 1 - Keith Hinson Wythe County was not created until 1790, so the earliest entries appear in a variety of counties as they were subdivided. Absalom and Catherine had at least five children whose names are known to us. ...

    Fetch Content 15 16 Voluntary Dismissal - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia Voluntary dismissal is termination of a lawsuit by voluntary request of the plaintiff (the party who originally filed the lawsuit). A voluntary dismissal with prejudice (meaning the plaintiff is permanently barred from further litigating the same subject matter) is the modern descendant of the ... Read Article 17 18 Uploads From Mamta1police1dhody1's Channel - YouTube Lawyers, etc.

    The police led by is a townsite and census-designated place (CDP) in Los Alamos County, New Mexico, United States, built upon four mesas of the Pajarito Plateau He does contact Sandhya again after about a year, this time to ask for a divorce. Again, Sandhya pleads with ... View Video 19 20 45760.





































































    104 ... Document Viewer 21 22 1 Divorce/Separation Proceedings.

    2002 Tips From the Bench III 12/13/2002 Topic - Custody and Termination of Parental Lectures for Charleston & Greenville County Bars and American Trial Lawyers Association.

    1400 Rutherford Road. Greenville, SC 29609 (c) Verne H.

    Cassaday ... Read More 23 2010 Aggregate Reports Delaware State police accused of beating confession out of suspected cop killer by lawyers seeking to supress Rutherford County Rutherford Co TN sheriff & state police board accused of trying to disqualify Williamson County TN deputy arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at ... View Doc 24 25 Rutherford, Duty in Divorce, p.

    857. Issues for Matrimonial Lawyers (Taxation) Property distribution. After divorce, it is final and non-modifiable.

    Division of property is not a taxable event. Gallaher v. Elam (TN 2002), p.

    912. Reg: ... Content Retrieval 26 The power of the county store and maintenance of.

    Farm Labor / debt peonage. Wage labor / Originally proposed an iron clad oath in July, 1862, for federal employees, lawyers and elected federal officials, Election of 1876 famous Hayes/Tilden contest Rutherford B. Hayes, ...

    Read Content 27 28 Lawyer #2 Nashville - YouTube 12:58 Full THP Video from Rutherford County DUI Checkpoint Part 2 615-219-0000 | Divorce Attorney Nashville TN by NashvilleDivorceLawyer 2,502 views; 2:07 Nashville Workers Compensation Lawyers ... View Video 29 30 THE LOWRY FAMILY He travelled to Rome to plead for Henry VIII s divorce from Catherine of Aragon. TN The Doak family, 28 members of Congress, physicians, ministers, opera singers, judges, lawyers, teachers and farmers.

    THE FULLER FAMILY Samuel Fuller (born 1608 in Redenhall County, ... Read Here 31 32 TN Social Security Disability Cases U.S. Supreme Court Cases, Lawyers' Edition - Selected Tort Material UT Tort Cases UT Medical Malpractice Cases The Record (Bergen County) - Sports Stories News & Record (Greensboro, NC) - Sports Stories ...

    View Full Source 33 34 References ^ ... View This Document ( ^ ... Get Content Here ( ^ Uploads From DataSphereVideos ( ^ ...

    View Video ( ^ Status Report To The General Assembly ( ^ ... Fetch Content ( ^ ( ^ ... Fetch Document ( ^ Lisa M ( ^ ...

    Fetch Full Source ( ^ File Of McKeown Information ( ^ ... Document Retrieval ( ^ Descendants Of Thomas F SMITH - Pearls Of Yesteryear ... ( ^ ... Get Doc ( ^ 1 - Keith Hinson ( ^ ...

    Fetch Content ( ^ Voluntary Dismissal - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia ( ^ ... Read Article ( ^ Uploads From Mamta1police1dhody1's Channel - YouTube ( ^ ... View Video ( ^ ( ^ ...

    Document Viewer ( ^ ... Read More ( ^ 2010 Aggregate Reports ( ^ ... View Doc ( ^ ...

    Content Retrieval ( ^ ( ^ ... Read Content ( ^ Lawyer#2 Nashville - YouTube ( ^ ... View Video ( ^ THE LOWRY FAMILY ( ^ ...

    Read Here ( ^ ( ^ ...

    View Full Source (

  • Dr.

    Michael J.

    Breus: A Good Firm To Help With Interior King Size ... Publish Date: 20-09-2013 21:39:42 | Contact name: Reynaldo Bachman | Location: Gulbarga | Place: Redenhall | Whereas most funny videos you'll see online tend to end with some horrific accident or otherwise can check out memory foam mattresses online and you'll mattress.

    When you beloved this short article and also you would want to receive more information concerning memory foam mattress topper full size 1 generously visit

    References ^ memory foam mattress topper full size (

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  • Each and every Crucial Vehicle Insurance Idea You Can At any time ... Descripci n Insurance coverage is loaded with really complicated vocabulary and wording that is regarded as complex. It could truly appear confusing. The aim of this information is that will help you fully grasp a number of the common insurance terms that brokers use.

    By being aware of these conditions, you may make better selections when purchasing an auto policy. Just before investing in a new vehicle, constantly study insurance premiums. Insurance provider substances can give you a list of vehicles that contain the most inexpensive charges.

    That suggestions can help you make a well informed determination about whether it will be a much better deal to get a formerly owned car, instead of a new car. Getting a car by using a better safety status can lead to large price savings for your personal automobile insurance. Insurance policies are centered off of the particular motor vehicle you possess purchased, whether it is an auto or van.

    Realize 1 that your bill will reveal the selection you make when choosing a car. Go with a motor vehicle that s harmless and moderate to obtain the lowest insurance premiums. Should you don t shell out your insurance plan premium on time, your insurance could possibly be canceled.

    That may be a pricey error. Switching among many different guidelines and insurance firms can cause spaces in protection, even though unintentional. Should you have any concerns about wherever and the way to employ van insurance quotes any driver 2 , you ll be able to contact us in our page.

    If your insurance company discovers gaps within your insurance coverage, they could increase your insurance rates. Try out losing several of the insurance you do not need to have. For instance, some plans incorporate accidents insurance coverage in case you have an old automobile that is not well worth very much, you may not really should pay out more with this piece.

    Get rid of the extra benefits of your insurance policy and you ll spend less on a monthly basis. Extensive and accountability are other aspects of your insurance plan that you can consider taking away or raising deductibles for. Be certain of the things insurance you want when it comes to purchasing auto insurance.

    You will possess several choices, but many of them won t have to do with you. Alternatively, if you ve traditionally possessed modest incidents, it is almost certainly to your advantage to pay any additional to make certain collisions are protected. When you have auto insurance, you ought to have a good driving history.

    A vehicle accident will raise the costs faster than just about everything different. You need to be aware of your constraints. Knowing it will help you avoid situations for which you have reached greater risk.

    Tend not to travel during the night if it unnerves you or perhaps you have problems viewing. Boost your insurance deductibles to invest less. This move has some threat, but is could help you save some cash.

    If you it, place the extra income inside a bank account so that you will do have it, in the event you at any time will need to handle the deductible. An increased insurance deductible can lead to you using a reduced premium. Get an inventory of these, and assess regardless if you are eligible to help save some cash.

    You might be surprised at exactly how much these special discounts can lessen your insurance coverage costs. You must be aware of the diverse coverage kinds available and regardless of whether your insurance plan handles all achievable scenarios 3 . Liability coverage, for instance, will become vitally important should you harm on your own or other people, or if you damage your personal motor vehicle or someone else s.

    Hauling insurance coverage against those people who are unlawfully uninsured can also be vital. If you ve acquired 4 a admission, do you know what that does to your automobile insurance costs. You can expect to lessen your insurance costs once your details go away completely.

    Once your driving record is clean again, you may want to get some good up to date quotes from insurance companies. You could make a summary of the special discounts and go through these to find each of the special discounts you may get. You can even preserve a lot by professing discounts.

    Through security measures on your automobile, including an immobilizer, system or alarm, your premium will probably be decrease. Your costs could be inflated because it is of distinct fascination to automobile thieves. The more attractive your car or truck is just as a objective of robbery, the bigger your charges 5 .

    Alternately, a safe and secure vehicle is way less costly to make sure. As you have seen, there is lots more to auto insurance than most people consider. Between your good sense and your research efforts, your perseverance pays away ultimately if you have a policy that shields your vehicle properly.

    By heeding the recommendations in this article, you will be able to choose an excellent automobile insurance policy.

    References ^ Realize ( ^ van insurance quotes any driver ( ^ achievable scenarios ( ^ acquired ( ^ charges (

  • East Norfolk Electoral Register 1840 etc. The East Norfolk Electoral Register and other registers have recently been made available online. The Original Record 1 has put the following registers online: 1072-1241 Early Charters of St Paul s Cathedral The Liber A or Pilosus of St Paul s Cathedral, London was initiated in 1241 as an attempt at copying all the charters, chirographs and other diverse writings found in the treasury of the church; after that original project was abandoned, the codex came to be used as a general register or cartulary. The first portion was edited for the Royal Historical Society by Marion Gibbs and printed in 1939.

    Where the original charters also survived, or a better text was found in Liber L, she used these superior sources. Liber A never became a complete register of the cathedral s charters; nor are the charters it contains necessarily the most important, nor were they grouped chronologically or geographically. The text remains as a record of part of the great landed wealth of the church in London and nearby.

    The persons that appear are the grantors, justices, those named in the descriptions of property, and the witnesses. The charters extend back well before the Conquest, but the first surnames or cognomens do not appear until about 1072. Many of the items are undated, but the editor was able to suggest dates or periods on the basis of the witness lists or the place of a charter in a series creating a title to particular property.

    There are a few items later than 1241 interpolated in later hands and noticed in the text, but the bulk of the charters are from the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

    1840 East Norfolk Electoral Register The register of electors entitled to vote in any parliamentary election for East Norfolk between 1 November 1840 and 1 November 1841 lists 8,556 freeholders arranged by hundred, and within hundred by parish or township etc. In the first column, after number within the register, the elector s name is given (surname first); the second column gives place of abode; the third column the nature of qualification (such as owner and occupier ); and the fourth column the address of the qualifying property, in some cases with the name of the tenant or occupier. The Original Record has indexed this separately by parish or township and by freeholders and tenants etc.

    The register covers: Acle, Alborough, Alburgh, Alby, Aldeby, Alderford, Alfington, Antingham, Arminghall, Ashby, Ashby-with-Oby, Ashmanhaugh, Ashwellthorpe, Aslacton, Attlebridge, Aylmerton, Aylsham, Baconsthorpe, Bacton, Banningham, Barford, Barnham Broom, Barningham Norwood, Barningham Winter, Barton Turf, Bawburgh, Bawdeswell, Bedingham, Beeston Regis, Beeston St Andrew, Beeston St Lawrence, Beighton, Belaugh, Bessingham, Billingford (Earsham hundred), Billingford (Eynsford hundred), Billockby, Bintry, Bixley, Blickling, Blofield, Booton, Bowthorpe, Bracon Ash, Bradeston, Bradfield, Bramerton, Brampton, Brandiston, Brandon Parva, Brassingham, Brockdish, Brooke, Broome, Brumstead, Brundall, Buckenham, Bunwell, Burgh Apton, Burgh St Margaret, Burgh St Mary, Burgh St Peter, Burlingham St Andrew, Burlingham St Edmund (South Burlingham), Burlingham St Peter (North Burlingham), Burston, Buxton, Bylaugh, Caister(-on-Sea), Caister St Edmund, Calthorpe, Cantley, Carleton Forehoe, Carleton-Rode, Carleton St Peter, Catfield, Catton, Cawston, Chedgrave, Claxton, Clippesby, Colby, Colney, Coltishall, Colton, Corpusty, Costessey, Coston, Cringleford, Cromer, Crostwight, Crownthorpe, Denton, Deopham, Dickleburgh with Langmere, Dilham, Diss, Ditchingham, Drayton, Dunston, Earsham, East Beckham, East Carleton, Easton, East Ruston, East Somerton, Edingthorpe, Ellingham, Elsing, Erpingham, Felbrigg, Felmingham, Felthorpe, Fersfield, Filby, Flordon, Forncett St Mary, Forncett St Peter, Foulsham, Foxley, Framingham Earl, Framingham Pigot, Freethorpe, Frettenham, Fritton, Fundenhall, Geldeston, Gillingham All Saints, Gillingham St Mary, Gimingham, Gissing, Great Hautbois, Great Melton (Melton Magna), Great Plumstead, Great Witchingham, Great Yarmouth, Gresham, Guestwick, Guist, Gunton, Hackford (Forehoe hundred), Hackford next Reepham, Haddiscoe, Hainford, Hales, Halvergate, Hanworth, Happisburgh, Hapton, Hardley, Hardwick, Hassingham, Haverland, Hechingham, Hedenham, Hellesdon, Hellington, Hemblington, Hempnall, Hempstead cum Eccles, Hemsby, Hethel, Hethersett, Hevingham, Heydon, Hickling, Hindolveston, Hingham, Holverston, Honing, Honingham, Horning, Horsey, Horsford, Horsham St Faith and Newton St Faith, Horstead with Stanninghall, Hoveton St John, Hoveton St Peter, Howe, Ingham, Ingworth, Inwood, Irmingland, Irstead, Itteringham, Keswick, Ketteringham, Kimberley, Kirby Bedon, Kirby Cane, Kirstead, Knapton, Lammas with Little Hautbois, Langley, Lessingham, Limpenhoe, Lingwood, Little Barningham, Little Melton (Melton Parva), Little Plumstead, Little Witchingham, Loddon, Ludham, Lyng, Mannington, Marlingford, Marsham, Martham, Matlask, Mautby, Mendham, Metton, Morley St Botolph, Morley St Peter, Morningthorpe, Morton, Moulton (Depwade hundred), Moulton (Walsham hundred), Mulbarton, Mundham, Mundsley, Neatishead, Needham, Newton Flotman, Northrepps, North Walsham, Norton Subcourse, Ormesby St Margaret with Scratby, Ormesby St Michael, Oulton, Overstrandd, Oxmead, Palling, Paston, Plumstead, Poringland, Postwick, Potter Heigham, Pulham St Mary Magdalene, Pulham St Mary the Virgin, Rackheath, Ranworth with Panxworth, Raveningham, Redenhall with Harleston, Reedham, Reepham with Kerdiston, Repps with Bastwick, Ridlington, Ringland, Rockland St Mary, Rollesby, Roughton, Roydon, Runhall, Runham, Runton, Rushall, Salhouse, Sall, Saxlingham Nethergate, Saxlingham Thorpe, Saxthorpe, Sco Ruston (South Ruston), Scole with Frenze and Thorpe Parva, Scottow, Seething, Shelfanger, Shelton, Sherringham, Shimpling, Shotesham All Saints, Shotesham St Mary & St Martin, Sidestrand, Sisland, Skeyton, Sloley, Smallburgh, Southrepps, South Walsham St Lawrence, South Walsham St Mary, Southwood, Sparham, Spixworth, Sprowston, Stalham, Starston, Stockton, Stoke Holy Cross, Stokesby with Herringby, Stratton St Mary, Stratton St Michael, Stratton Strawless, Strumpshaw, Suffield, Surlingham, Sustead, Sutton, Swafield, Swainsthorpe, Swannington, Swanton Abbott, Swardeston, Tacolneston, Tasburgh, Taverham, Tharston, Thelveton, Themelthorpe, Thorpe (Blofield hundred), Thorpe Abbotts, Thorpe Market, Thorpe next Haddiscoe, Thrigby, Thurgarton, Thurlton, Thurne, Thurning, Thurton, Thwaite (Loddon hundred), Thwaite (South Erpingham hundred), Tibenham, Tivetshall St Margaret, Tivetshall St Mary, Toft Monks, Topcroft, Tottington, Trimingham, Trowse with Newton, Trunch, Tunstall, Tunstead, Twyford, Upton with Fishley, Wacton, Walcott, Waxham, Welborne, West Beckham, Weston, West Somerton, Westwick, Wheatacre All Saints, Whitlingham, Whitwell, Wickhampton, Wicklewood, Wickmere, Winfarthing, Winterton, Witton (Blofield hundred), Witton (Tunstead hundred), Wolterton, Woodbastwick, Wood Dalling, Wood Norton, Woodton, Worstead, Wortwell, Wramplingham, Wreningham, Wroxham, and Wymondham.

    1847-1954 Glenalmond Register Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire, was originally founded as a college at which young men might be trained for the ministry of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and the sons of the laity might be educated and brought up in the faith and tradition of the Church. In 1876 the Theological College was transferred to Edinburgh, Glenalmond remaining as a boys school. This second edition of the school register, edited by G.

    St Quintin, was published in 1955, incorporating the text of the first edition prepared by E. W. Neish.

    The scholars are listed by term of entering the school, and then alphabetically by surname; the details then given are full christian names, date of birth; name of father; any distinctions within the school; and then a career synopsis, with date and place of death where known.

    1892-1902 Metropolitan Police Register of Joiners The London Metropolitan Police Register of Joiners (MEPO 4/336) lists policemen joining the force 1 January 1892 to 23 June 1902 (warrant numbers 77319 to 88811). The register is alphabetical, in so far as the recruits are listed chronologically grouped under first letter of surname. It gives Date of Appointment, Name, Number of Warrant, Cause of Removal from Force (resigned, dismissed, promoted or died), and Date of Removal.

    A final column of Remarks is largely blank, but occasionally gives an alias or a cross-reference to another warrant number.

    1950 Imperial Service Medal The Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood at St James s Palace announced the award by King George VI on 22 December 1950 of the Imperial Service Medal to members of the Home Civil Service; of the Tasmanian Police and Railway Departments; and of the Colonial Service in Barbados and Sierra Leone. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname (in capitals) and christian names, with office or rank in the service.

    1950 Estates of the Deceased: Notices under the Trustee Act Under the Trustee Act 1925 s.

    27, notices were gazetted giving the names of deceased (surname first, in capitals); address, description, and date of death; names, addresses and occupations of persons to whom notices of claims against the estate were to be given, and names (in brackets) of personal representatives; and the date on or before which notices of claim were to be given.

    1950 Naturalised Aliens The Home Office issued a monthly list of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalisation had been granted by the Secretary of State, and whose oaths of allegiance had been registered. The lists are arranged alphabetically by surname and forename; then give country of origin, profession, address, and date of naturalisation.

    This is the list issued in December 1950 of those naturalised in November 1950. In that month 587 aliens were naturalised, the bulk being from central Europe 249 Poles, 50 Czechoslovaks, 48 Russians, 38 Austrians, 20 Italians, and 18 Hungarians. Like this: Like Loading...

    Related References ^ Original Record (

  • Election of Police and Crime Commissioner The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election for the Norfolk area will be held on Thursday 15 November 2012.

    Its purpose is to replace police authorities with a PCC for each police force area with local people electing their chosen candidate.

    For the list of Candidates that are up for election please click Here 1 For more information see Norwich City Councils website at :- Information about PCC 2 Please note that the local polling station for this will be the Swan Hotel, between 7.00am and 10.00pm on the 15th November 2012 References ^ Here ( ^ Information about PCC (

  • Esther Iverem | Radio Show On the Ground, hosted by Esther Iverem, airs every Thursday, 11 AM ET on WPFW FM, 89.3 in Washington, DC and is streamed live and archived on and archived permanently on the show s website, 1 . Washington, DC, the heart of international military and corporate power, is also a place of activism. It is where we come to speak truth to power in the streets and in the halls and assemblies of elected and selected officials.

    But you wouldn t know about this activism based on what is covered in the corporate media. Even so-called progressive cable news outlets tend to focus instead on the jockeying of electoral politics. OnThe Ground covers social justice activism, with a special emphasis on sustainable living, the environment, economics, labor and the left edge of culture and media.

    Premiered May 1, May Day, 2014.


    References ^ ( ^ HERE (

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  • Famous Descendants of the Mayflower Happy Thanksgiving! A holiday known just as much for bringing families together as the food everyone partakes in, Thanksgiving holds a special place in the hearts of America. The First Thanksgiving The very first Thanksgiving can be traced to 1621.

    In 1620, the 102 Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower arrived to the New World. After enduring a harsh winter where only half of the Mayflower s original passengers and crew survived, the settlers were aided the next spring by neighboring Native American tribes. They were taught to cultivate corn, catch fish in the rivers and avoid poisonous plants.

    To celebrate their first successful harvest in the New World, Governor William Bradford 1 organized the large feast and invited the colony s Native American allies to join in the festivities. In what is remembered as the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Native Americans joined together to share an abundant meal that included lobster, seal and swans on the menu. The tradition would continue to be celebrated on and off for years before the holiday was formally recognized by the U.S.

    Congress in 1941. Are you a Mayflower descendant? Were your ancestors present for the first Thanksgiving?

    Check out how a few famous faces are related to some prominent Mayflower passengers. William Bradford The governor of the Plymouth colony for over 30 years, Bradford played an intricate role in the success of the colony. His detailed manuscripts on the founding of the Plymouth colony are invaluable to understanding the lives of these early American settlers.

    They also provide one of two known written accounts of the first Thanksgiving celebration. Superman star Christopher Reeve is a direct descendant of the Plymouth governor. Bradford is Christopher Reeve s 8th great grandfather 2 !

    William Bradford is also Clint Eastwood s 10th great grandfather 3 . John Alden One of the original settlers of the Plymouth colony, John Alden 4 started his journey as a crew member aboard the Mayflower and elected not to return to England with the ship, deciding instead to remain in the newly found colony of Plymouth. For many years, Alden acted as assistant to the governor of the colony.

    Did you know John Alden was poet Henry Wadsworth 5 Longfellow s 4th great grandfather 6 ? Second President of the United States John Adams is also a direct descendant of Alden. John Alden was President Adams s second great grandfather 7 .

    Alden is also actor Dick Van Dyke s 9th great grandfather 8 ! Find more Mayflower passenger profiles in the Great Migration: Passengers of the Mayflower, 1620 9 genealogy project on Geni! Post written by Amanda Amanda is the Social Media Coordinator at Geni.

    If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

    See all posts by Amanda 10 References ^ William Bradford ( ^ 8th great grandfather ( ^ 10th great grandfather ( ^ John Alden ( ^ Henry Wadsworth ( ^ 4th great grandfather ( ^ second great grandfather ( ^ 9th great grandfather ( ^ Great Migration: Passengers of the Mayflower, 1620 ( ^ Posts by Amanda (

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  • HARLESTON (1) | joemasonspage 1936 - 1942 BASIL KYBIRD In the August of 1936 my father was promoted to Sergeant and we moved from North Walsham to 26, Redenhall Road, Harleston. I was seven years old. What a difference in the house!

    It was large, semi detached, with high ceilings. There was no garden but there was an allotment up Station Road next to the Police Station. Apparently the house we moved into had been the police station many years before.

    The front door opened onto the street, not that I ever remember seeing it open! A side door opened onto a yard or lane which led to a builders premises at the top. Opposite the side of the house was a public house, the Duke William 1 .

    My bedroom was over the side door and so faced the public house. On warm nights with the windows open I lay in bed listening to the murmur of voices, clink of glasses and the smell of beer wafted in from the pub. The side of the house never saw the sun and the side door led into a rather dark sitting room, opposite the door were stairs with a cupboard underneath, all wood panelled and painted a very dark brown.

    A door to the right led into the front room which was only used on special occasions and there was another door to the left up a couple of steps into the living room. Near this door was another giving access to the stairs at the top of which was the landing and from this were three bedrooms and a box room. When the war started in September, 1939 the government advice was that central rooms were the safest in the event of bombs so my mother and I each had a single bed in the sitting room.

    I don t know where my father slept. Dad had a large desk in the sitting room. In one drawer he kept his cigarettes, Craven A or Black Cat.

    A year or two later I started to help him smoke them. He never seemed to miss the odd one or two. It must have been about this time that my only remaining friend from those days, Alan A.

    and I put our pocket money together to buy packets of five Wild Woodbines from a machine on a wall either in Broad Street not far from St. Johns Church or in the Thoroughfare. We would argue over who had the largest half of the spare cigarette.

    I kept watch while Alan did the dirty deed. I blame my father and Alan for putting me on to road to heavy smoking up to the age of seventy three or four and from which I still suffer! Alan gave up almost as soon as he started.

    The kitchen had a window looking out towards the pub. In the kitchen was a coal fired cooking range which my mother kept shiny with black lead polish. In the centre was a large pine table which in later years when we were living at Thorpe Road, Norwich, caused me a lot of strife in the small kitchen there.

    I would always come down late for breakfast and to pass into the kitchen my father had to get up and move his chair for me to get through, much to his annoyance. I didn t dare suggest they got a smaller table! BASIL KYBIRD at Jay's Green School Back to the kitchen; a pantry had a window looking out to the enclosed back yard and police cells.

    A door led from the kitchen to the scullery on the right which had a back door into the yard. In the scullery was a copper for boiling up clothing, and a blue bag would be added to make whites whiter. Under the copper was space for a small fire to heat the water.

    There was also a large old fashioned mangle on a stand with a bucket beneath to catch the water which was squeezed from the items as they passed between the wood rollers by turning a large handle. When I had my first cycle it was kept in this room as there was no shed. The last time my father chastised me was in this room, I can t remember what it was about.

    He gave me a ding round the lug but it didn t have much effect! Over the kitchen was the third bedroom. I remember spending some weeks in bed there when I had a bad spell of bronchitis (which I seem to have had regularly ever since and I wasn t smoking then either.) There was a small open fire which was kept alight to help keep me warm.

    This must have been soon after we moved to Harleston, about Easter time. I passed my time by drawing patterns in pencil on typing paper my father supplied. I would then sell some of the patterns to him for a penny or two.

    He probably sold them to the Superintendent! The main bedroom was of course at the front with two windows, overlooking Redenhall Road and Station Road junction. In a drawer of my mother s dressing table I discovered a most interesting book by Dr.

    Marie Stopes, entitled Married Love. I learned a lot from that after many brief and surreptitious reads. I was an inquisitive child, never told anything about sex and I had to learn somehow!

    Not long after we moved there the house was redecorated throughout with dark brown and cream paint which in those days contained lead. The smell really upset our stomachs in spite of bowls of water standing about to absorb it. The toilet was across the yard which meant in bad weather a mad dash so as not to get wet.

    Another problem was in the dark trying to keep a candle lit! Neatly cut rectangles of the E.D.P. were suspended on string on the back of the door.

    We took our weekly baths in the kitchen or scullery in a galvanized bath. At the beginning of the war a grand-daughter of an old lady who lived in a cottage at the top of the yard joined the W.A.A.F.s (Womens Auxiliary Air Force). When she came home on leave my mother used to invite her to use our bathroom.

    Mum s contribution to the war effort! I hurriedly add this was after a bathroom and toilet had been fitted into the small bedroom or box room over the scullery! On the other side of Candlers Lane to the pub was a very large house occupied by Doctor Maidment.

    There was great excitement when his daughter married an army officer I believe named Vickers. Mum and I watched from a front bedroom window and saw the happy couple drive off in a large open topped car, the groom in uniform, all very posh. Near Alan s home on some rough land belonging to the local builder was a stack of bricks.

    We busily made ourselves a den in the centre of the stack a bit risky but we came to no harm. In his back garden Alan s Dad made him a small sand play area where we would make tunnels and roadways in wet sand for toy lorries, mechanical diggers and the like; the beginning of Alan s career in building! We were pleased when in early spring it was light a little while after tea so we were able to play out for a while.

    Up the lane at the side of our house and just past the kitchen window was a gate into an enclosed yard. It was enclosed for a very good purpose. In the yard was the entrance to the three Police cells.

    They were right across the concrete yard opposite our back door. To the right of our back door was a wall with a gateway into the yard of the police constable s house next door. From their yard was a small enclosed yard with high walls for exercising prisoners not that there were many.

    I wasn t allowed to see them. It has been said that a daughter of the builder a few doors up the street once climbed across roofs to look into the yard but I doubt whether she saw a prisoner. One prisoner of ill repute by the name of Pilbeam who my father had arrested for breaking into a shop, Denny s, in the High Street.

    Another prisoner was a German from a wartime Dornier bomber which had crashed at Starston. The pilot went down with his plane and initially was buried at buried at Starston church until after the war when his remains went to Germany. It was expected of the constable s wife or my mother to provide meals for the prisoners.

    The constable next door, Herbert and his wife had two children, Denis and Marjorie. Denis and I would play with our Dinky toys in our back yard and swap comics. The hero in my weekly comic was Tim McCoy, a cowboy.

    He was of course better than Denis s hero! Marjorie was a ginger headed girl who I didn t like very much. She told tales about her brother and me swinging on a rope in the builder s hay loft up the yard.

    We were playing Tarzan in our underpants. Admittedly we should not have been there. I vaguely remember a cart horse belonging to the builder was stabled there in early days but what happened to it I don t remember.

    Up the yard on the left was a pair of cottages and in the one nearest to the yard was a boy called Terry who was always making mud pies in the dirty drain outside his home. It smelled awful. A little further up was a building used to garage the superintendent s car and it was the job of Herbert the police constable to wash the car down periodically.

    Originally this building housed the police horse and trap used as the superintendent s transport. When we first moved to Harleston Doris and children took my mother and me up to the recreation ground, showing us about. It was quite a walk there and I recall noticing how badly my mother walked.

    She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and over the years this just got worse and worse. On one occasion we went over the far side of the cricket pitch area in which my father was playing. Whether Herbert was playing also I don t know.

    I don t remember my Dad playing football but he took up bowls and was a keen and good player well into his eighties. Gardening was also another hobby. Access to the Recreation Ground was by way of a lane beside Kenyon s confectionery shop.

    The son of the owner was at an early age into theatricals and one Saturday morning charged a few of us an old penny each to go into a store room where he put on some sort of a show! I think he bullied us into watching his performance! For him this was the beginning of theatre life.

    Further up this lane were some maltings for preparing wheat for beer making. It always smelt cool in there. After this was the slaughter house.

    We would stand consuming ice creams and watch the slaughter men wrestle with squealing pigs until silenced by a stun gun. Then their throats were cut to drain the blood a most unpleasant smell. Passing through the gateway onto the recreation ground on the left was a bowling green and in front were some grass tennis courts where I learned to play.

    Further across the rec was a wooden bridge over a little ditch. Summer time when the ditch was dry we would get under the bridge with some of the girls, all innocent fun really. Over the far side was a mound which we called the mountain but it was nothing like a mountain really although we did huff and puff to climb to the top.

    I remember on one occasion my friend Alan struggled to get his old bike to the top and then rode it down! Our garden was up Station Road near the Superintendent s house. There was a plum tree and copious quantities of rhubarb.

    Mum would make jars and jars of jam and there was rhubarb with everything. How I hated it! Marjorie L told me that the daughter of the previous sergeant had peed in the rhubarb, perhaps that was what put me off!

    During the war sugar, jam, and many other things were rationed. We all had ration books and had to register with our grocer (International Stores). In 1940 each person was allowed 4 ounces of butter, 12 ounces(345gr) of sugar and 4 ounces of ham or bacon each week.

    As the war progressed there was even less. Everything was sold on surrender of coupons. Mum would save some of the sugar ration to make jam.

    We then had our own jars. When mine was going down rapidly I would have a spoonful out of Dad s. As well as food rationing there was a blackout which meant no light was allowed to show from within buildings, prevented by blankets or special screens or similar hung over the inside of doors and windows.

    Windows were taped to prevent damage from flying glass among other Air Raid Precautions published in a special Government booklet issued to all premises in the country. Vehicle lights were dimmed with masks and the edges of footpaths painted white. Coal was rationed as was clothing, food, sweets, petrol.

    Ration books were issued which contained coupons. These were taken by the supplier. Mum would scrape butter onto rounds of bread and then scrape it off again.

    I used to love sandwich loaves of bread and could eat nine or ten rounds. I looked out for air holes in rounds which would get filled with butter. I liked Sunday teas when Mum would get out her best tea service.

    It was pink and the edges trimmed with gilt. I wonder what happened to it? Sometimes we would have tinned salmon which I enjoyed soaked in vinegar.

    At times in winter the road at Shotford Bridge towards Weybread flooded and we had great fun riding our cycles through the flood water, going home wet through. One winter, I think it must have been that of 1939/40 there was a lot of snow and Alan s father made him a sledge, much to my envy as my father wasn t much good at making things. Then his father made him a better one with strips of tin nailed on the runners to make it faster.

    Alan kindly gave me his old one and we would sledge on a meadow towards Starston past the Drill Hall. This meadow had a steep hill and there was a beck at the bottom. We would compete on our sledges traveling at speed to reach the beck.

    We would go home in the dark with our clothes soaked or even frozen and our hands red raw with cold but we considered it all worth while. In the same winter with snow and severe frosts which continued until about April Alan and I would go sliding on the pond near the mountain . Into the spring it was beginning to thaw but it was not going to deprive us of our fun on the slide.

    We foolishly used to jump over the water round the edge to get onto the remaining ice. It would bend and crack beneath our weight but we thought it was funny. We were most fortunate we did not have an accident.

    One Saturday evening I went round for Alan but he wasn t allowed out, I think it was bath time so I was able to borrow his bike and I cycled off towards Starston where I picked a large bunch of cowslips and took some back to his Mum. JAY'S GREEN Harleston had its own swimming pool which was at a bend in the river Waveney at the bottom of Shotford Hill and along Wells Lane towards Needham Hill. It was here I learned to swim.

    Our Head Teacher Mr. Rhodes would take some of us from our school at Jay s Green. We would walk across fields, around a sandpit, along Wells Lane, and across a meadow to the river.

    A local retired person, Mr. Dalston, an ex police man, would spend all his time during the summer getting himself a copper tan. He also gave swimming lessons, mainly to the girls, Dawn C for one, a bronzed nymph.

    She was friendly with a London girl evacuated from London to a house near Redenhall Church. One evening I had the privilege(?) of escorting them on our bikes to Redenhall. There was a partitioned wood hut for changing, boys one side and girls the other.

    It always smelled of river water and it was not easy get to dry. In the dividing partition were peep holes via which dishonourable males peeped at the girls. Being a policeman s son I kept my eyes closed when I peeped!! (TO BE CONTINUED) BASIL KYBIRD THE BLOG FOR MEMORIES OF EAST ANGLIAN LIFE Keep following my blog for further memories of Harleston during the war.

    Joseph Mason References ^ DUKE WILLIAM (

  • Heritage Lottery Fund National Heritage Memorial Fund ... %PDF-1.4 % 241 0 obj > endobj xref 241 30 0000000016 00000 n 0000002125 00000 n 0000002262 00000 n 0000002347 00000 n 0000002604 00000 n 0000002753 00000 n 0000003587 00000 n 0000004432 00000 n 0000004469 00000 n 0000004522 00000 n 0000004600 00000 n 0000009188 00000 n 0000009691 00000 n 0000010090 00000 n 0000010451 00000 n 0000015811 00000 n 0000016374 00000 n 0000016762 00000 n 0000017178 00000 n 0000017254 00000 n 0000018708 00000 n 0000020082 00000 n 0000021472 00000 n 0000022764 00000 n 0000023986 00000 n 0000025227 00000 n 0000026507 00000 n 0000027833 00000 n 0000030527 00000 n 0000000918 00000 n trailer ]> > startxref 0 %%EOF 270 0 obj > stream
  • Heritage Lottery Fund National Heritage Memorial Fund HC ... %PDF-1.4 % 241 0 obj > endobj xref 241 30 0000000016 00000 n 0000002125 00000 n 0000002262 00000 n 0000002347 00000 n 0000002604 00000 n 0000002753 00000 n 0000003587 00000 n 0000004432 00000 n 0000004469 00000 n 0000004522 00000 n 0000004600 00000 n 0000009188 00000 n 0000009691 00000 n 0000010090 00000 n 0000010451 00000 n 0000015811 00000 n 0000016374 00000 n 0000016762 00000 n 0000017178 00000 n 0000017254 00000 n 0000018708 00000 n 0000020082 00000 n 0000021472 00000 n 0000022764 00000 n 0000023986 00000 n 0000025227 00000 n 0000026507 00000 n 0000027833 00000 n 0000030527 00000 n 0000000918 00000 n trailer ]> > startxref 0 %%EOF 270 0 obj > stream
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  • Hoole Bank Home CCTV Installation: Competitive Cheshire Quotes ... As a result of low employment, crime has risen across the UK and CCTV systems in the home have become far more popular as people try to improve their home security and minimise the chance that they ll be the victim of crime in Hoole Bank. Home CCTV is actually much more affordable than you might expect, and like other home security systems, such as security alarms (also known as burglar alarms or intruder alarms), some insurers will consider discounts on premiums once installed. Security cameras work by capturing images within a defined area, so typically you would have multiple cameras installed on your property to give the best chance of capturing images of the offenders if the worst did happen.

    Of course, the intention is that the obvious presence of CCTV camera systems will instead deter any would be burglar, so hopefully there will be nothing to record. As with any break ins, intruders tend to be put off homes which are more likely to result in them being caught, so they re less likely to target a house with a burglar alarm and CCTV equipment fitted. Choosing A Hoole Bank CCTV Installer For Your Home In Cheshire Security systems should always be fitted by qualified CCTV installers wherever possible.

    They are experiences in routing cables, or advising where wireless installations would be more appropriate. It s no use having cameras installed if your DIY installation has been disabled by a poorly routed cable which can be cut before an image of the individual is captured! It sounds silly, but if you speak to any experienced representative of a UK security company they ll be able to recount tales of ineffective installations that have been compromised easily by criminals.

    Use The Latest Hoole Bank CCTV Technology With the rapid technology advances, you no longer have to put up with the grainy images that you might see on Crimewatch 1 either, there are now cameras that can record in HD, and even continuous video rather than a frame every few seconds as you might have seen with older technology. In addition, you can also take advantage of security systems which integrate alarms and CCTV, meaning that the cameras only need record when the equipment s sensors detect movement when the system is armed. This is often an attractive compromise when people are uneasy about their private lives being recorded inside or outside the home.

    Being Considerate To Neighbours And Passers By Talking about capturing images outside the home, there are a couple of considerations you should make. Firstly, ensure that the cameras you use are designed for external use, and installed high enough to be difficult to tamper with. The second, and more often overlooked point is to avoid infringing on other people s privacy.

    A lot of people feel that they are already subject to being filmed too much in their day to day lives, so be sure not to capture next door s garden, or too much beyond your home s boundary.

    Choosing a good Hoole Bank CCTV installation company 2 is crucial for protecting your home in Cheshire, so why not get a quote from us 3 , and be surprised at how affordable your new home security system will be.

    References ^ Crimewatch ( ^ CamQuote ( ^ Free CCTV Installation Quotes (

  • Horizon Security Services Ads with pictures Search
  • Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary play area built Staff from a flood-ravaged Sea Life Sanctuary have been busy while the attraction is refurbished by putting a smile on children s faces. Source: 1 Other posts from this source: Lynn News - News Feed 2 This entry was posted on September 2, 2014 at 11:00 and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 3 feed.

    References ^ ( ^ Read other posts by Lynn News - News Feed ( ^ RSS 2.0 (

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  • Is it finally time for changes in the property market? We re living through a never ending property cycle. Waiting for the bubble to burst. Once again.

    Nearly all the data on British housing points to this conclusion. And history suggests it s inevitable that house prices will fall. But the question is, when?

    And, perhaps more importantly, what should you be doing with your property right now? On one side of the debate, there s plenty of evidence to suggest that a housing correction is almost upon us. For instance, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 57% of people believe that it s now a good time to sell.

    And asking prices for property are falling at the fastest pace on record, according to the latest 2014 s figures. As one surveyor said: We are now having to re-adjust asking prices to encourage offers. If this trend continues, we could be about to see the housing market plummet by a massive 15-20% .

    Just imagine finding out that your property had lost that much of its value. It could be a very nasty shock. The Bank Of England have now played all of their trump cards for holding back interest rates.

    But how long can the banks withstand virtually zero interest rates? Answer is they can t withstand this any longer. Therefore the banks don t want to lend money.

    Banks can t afford to lend money in an insecure property market. Therefore they want massive deposits. This drives down the first time buyers market instantly.

    The middle market relies on selling to first time buyers . Banks won t lend money to struggling business or risky new business. So industry is decreasing.

    Therefore we have no income security . No security = Inability to borrow money . So you now have a catch 22 situation.

    Do we want the banks to crash again ? Do we want tax payers money to be used for yet another bailout ? Because this is where we are heading again if things don t change fast .

    The time has arisen where we must start taking more responsibility for ourselves . Stop relying on Governments to come up with answers . We should have realised by now these people don t have answers .

    They only have more lies . They have proven time after time that they are only concerned with their own wellbeing . We have come up with some real solutions to change the Property market .

    Create real income for people . We all need to be thinking about keeping roofs over ours and our families heads . So what should you do?

    You need to start watching this site . 1 Launching January 2015 . Join us on Facebook and Twitter All launching January 2015.

    References ^ (

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  • Kevin Dawson sets new course record in Fusion CC '10' Time Trial news logo Former British Best All Rounder against the clock, Kevin Dawson (Strategic Lions) set a new course record in the Fusion CC (Dronfield) 10 on the O10/1 course from Hatfield Woodhouse to Blaxton and back. He clocked 20-06 to win by 44 seconds from Julian Ramsbottom (Scunthorpe Poly CC). In the North Devon Wheelers 25 at Chumleigh in Devon on Bank Holiday Monday, Penzance Wheelers' Sandy Gourley proved victorious with 55-58, beating the promoting club's Graham Moir by 1-01, while another North Devon Wheeler, Mark Lees was another 54 seconds adrift in third.

    Elsewhere, Paul Thirling (Adept Precision RT) won the Cleveland Wheelers 25 at Crathorne, North Yorkshire, clocking 53-05 to win by just ten seconds from Team Swift rival Mark Wolstenholme. In the Cheltenham and County CC 23 at Temple Guiting in Gloucestershire, Paul Jones (Bristol South CC) clocked 57-59 to win by 12 seconds from Dean Robson (Somerset RC). After a strong first lap, Jones tailed off over the second circuit with Robson being seven seconds quicker, but it wasn't quite enough to catch Jones.

    St Ives CC rider Scott Cousins proved victorious in the Maldon and District 50 in Essex, covering the E21 course from Woodham Mortimer to Bradwell and Latchingdon in 1-55-38. More than four minutes back with 1-59-48 was runner-up Steve Sexton (North Road CC), while Edward Renwick (Oxford City RC) was third, another 1-08 off the pace. Team Swift's Joel Wainman took the win in the Holme Valley Wheelers 25 in North Yorkshire, his time of 49-57 for the Dishforth to Knayton course being 37 seconds quicker than Keith Murray (Strategic Lions), while Michael Ellerton ensured Team Swift had two men on the podium with third place.

    James Gilfillan (Velo Refined Aerosmiths) won the Circuit of the New Forest at New Milton on Sunday. His time of 1-14-12 was just over two minutes clear of his nearest rival, Gary Dighton (Poole Wheelers) while CC Weymouth's Greg Parker was third, another two minutes adrift. In Hampshire, Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) won the Farnham Road Club 10 on the Bentley bypass course, clocking 20-21 for the H19/8 course, beating runner-up Nick Dwyer (Lewes Wanderers CC) by just a second.

    And fastest in the Dales Racing Team 10 at Tresillian, near Truro in Cornwall was Alessandro Gourley (Penzance Wheelers) who covered the challenging S6/10 course in 21-30 and took the win by 1-11 from team-mate Damian Ayling.

    And in Norfolk, Daniel Bloy (Kings Lynn CC) won the Wolsey Road Club 25 on the B25/50 Redenhall to Bungay course, clocking 54-32.

    Related links Hutchinson and Shaw defend National 10-mile TT titles 1 National 10-mile TT 2013 gallery by Andy Jones 2 References ^ Hutchinson and Shaw defend National 10-mile TT titles ( ^ National 10-mile TT 2013 gallery by Andy Jones (

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  • Man pleads guilty to sexual assault on horse · To embed this post, copy the code below on your site 600px wide 400px wide 300px wide
  • Man pushed over and hit in the face during Beccles assault 15:05 26 October 2015 Polly Grice 1 A man was pushed over, verbally abused and struck in the face five to six times in an assault in Beccles. It happened in St Anne s Road on October 16, between 5.20pm and 5.50pm and the left side of the victim s face was heavily bruised. A 24-year-old man from Barnby has been arrested on suspicion of assault and released on bail until November 26 while police investigate.

    Anyone who saw the assault or has any information should call PC Andrew Phillips at Beccles Police station on 101 and quite crime number BE/15/1456. A rapid increase in admissions has forced James Paget University Hospital to declare a black alert . A man was pushed over, verbally abused and struck in the face five to six times in an assault in Beccles.

    They are four market towns that have kept their character over the years as they continue to draw in visitors and expand. A man has been reunited with long lost members of his family after a search led by the Beccles and Bungay Journal and EDP. Most Read A man was pushed over, verbally abused and struck in the face five to six times in an assault in Beccles.

    Read more 2 A rapid increase in admissions has forced James Paget University Hospital to declare a black alert . Read more 3 A 31-year-old man has today been jailed for a total of 14 months after pleading guilty to assaulting a horse in Redenhall, near Harleston earlier this year. Read more 4 A man has been reunited with long lost members of his family after a search led by the Beccles and Bungay Journal and EDP.

    Read more 5 They are four market towns that have kept their character over the years as they continue to draw in visitors and expand.

    Read more 6 References ^ Polly Grice ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more (

  • Market Place | Redenhall with Harleston Town Council Please note that on Sunday 25th November from 8.00am the Market Place will be coned off due to the Christmas Tree and Christmas light being installed.

    Please accept our apologies whilst this work is being carried out.

    Please be careful in town as people will be putting lights up during the this weekend and the following weeks ready for the switch on, on the 7th December at 6.30pm.

  • Married Father Of Three Admits Sex Attack On Horse After Being ... A 31 year old married man with three kids name Alan Blackman has become the latest person to plead guilty of having sex with a horse in this country. He was caught after Norfolk police circulated pictures of him seen at a stable in Redenhall shortly before a horse was found injured and in need of veterinary treatment on August 6th. Despite initially taking to Facebook to plead his innocence, saying that people were putting his name to a face which wasn t him and starting online speculation, he plead guilty to the offence via video link at Norwich Crown Court on Monday.

    Featured Image VIA 1 Image VIA 2 Judge Stephen Holt adjourned sentencing until October 23rd saying the following: This is clearly a case where a psychiatric report would assist the court. You have pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity but the court needs to know more about you. Obviously having sex with horses is very serious business, as we learned from this interview with someone who had been doing it for years 3 .

    Ultimately it must completely suck if you actually feel the need to have sex with a horse and act upon it but you should probably get psychological help BEFORE you do it rather than afterwards when your name is all over the papers and everyone thinks you re a complete weirdo.

    You live and learn.

    References ^ VIA ( ^ VIA ( ^ this interview with someone who had been doing it for years (

  • Married Father Of Three Who Admitted To Having Sexual ... A married father of three with no fixed address, Alan Blackman, 31, was arrested and jailed for 14 months after admitting to having sexual intercourse with a horse for over an hour, according to the Mirror 1 . On August 6, a horse was found injured by one of its owners at a farm stables in Redenhall, Norfolk, which raised concerns. The owner whose name has not been released reviewed surveillance footage and discovered an unidentified male sticking his fingers inside of the horse, and then inserting his whole arm into its vaginal passage.

    Afterwards, he was seen grabbing a container to stand on so that he could have sexual intercourse with the house, but he was unsuccessful. He was also seen recording himself as he executed the sex acts on the animal. Redenhall police was immediately notified of the incident, and CCTV images of the suspect was published in the media.

    Blackman was soon linked to the crime and was arrested for sexually assaulting the horse and for trespassing. He initially denied the allegations, claiming he was with his wife, Sarah, 25, during the time of the incident, which occurred around 10:15 p.m. However, a statement from his wife revealed that had not been home that night and did not return until the early hours.

    Two weeks later, Blackman came forward and admitted to sexually assaulting the horse but couldn t remember the attack because he was high on cocaine and amphetamine, and had consumed large amounts of alcohol. He also told police officials that he did in fact view images of bestiality, but they were not for his own sexual gratification. Once his wife learned what he had done, she said that she is pretty disgusted at what he did.

    But I still love him I can t turn that off overnight. We have been estranged since he was charged, but I can t say what will happen in the long term. He is still the father of my children.

    According to the Press and Journal 2 , Sarah later sat in the public gallery while her husband appeared at the Norwich Crown Court for his sentencing, but did not give an statements. Before sentencing Blackman to 14 months in jail, Judge Katharine Moore told him that it is so serious that only a sentence of immediate custody is justified. You recorded this possibly because it was something you yourself might watch again or because it was something you might want others to watch.

    Unfortunately as a result of your actions, the horse sustained injuries. Prosecutor Claire Matthews said that after confessing to having sexual intercourse with the horse, he stated that he had never engaged in such behavior before. After Blackman s sentencing, Detective Sergeant Alison Clabon said that This was a shocking attack, which was not only distressing for the horse, but for the owners too.

    Blackman targeted a defenseless animal causing serious injuries, which is particularly harrowing. No one or no animal deserves to endure this kind of attack. Crimes such as this are very rare and today s sentencing will hopefully send out a strong message that this sort of criminality will not be tolerated and the justice system will come down hard on those who feel they can get away with such a horrifying crime.

    After the attack, the horse suffered internal injuries and will more than likely need surgery. The horse s owner has already paid nearly $3,000 in veterinary fees, and would need an additional $4,500 to cover surgery and postoperative care. However, Blackman s attorney Michael Clare said that after his arrest, he is no longer employed as a removals worker and is currently in debt.

    He also said that he has already sentenced himself to a lifetime of excruciating embarrassment. Image via Shutterstock References ^ Mirror ( ^ Press and Journal (

  • Married Father-Of-Three Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting A ... A married father of 3 has admitted to sexually assaulting a horse. Lovely.

    31-year-old Alan Blackman pleaded guilty to attempted intercourse with the animal when he appeared at Norwich Crown Court via video link recently. The animal was found injured and in need of treatment at a stable in Redenhall in Norfolk on August 6th.

    Disgusting. Police posted pictures online taken from the stable s CCTV, and it didn t take long for Blackman s name to be put forward. Initially, he denied the allegations, posting on Facebook that people were putting a name to a face that wasn t his , and starting online speculation .

    In court, however, he changed his tune and pleaded guilty to trespassing with the intent of committing a sexual offence, and attempted intercourse with a horse. The case has been adjourned until the end of October, with Judge Stephen Holt saying: This is clearly a case where a psychiatric report would assist the court. You have pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity but the court needs to know more about you.

    Blackman has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance.

  • Married White Father Of Three Is Jailed For Raping A Horse A married white dad-of-three has been jailed after sexually assaulting a horse for more than an hour at stables in Norfolk. Alan Blackman, 31, of no fixed address, admitted to trespass with the intent to commit a sexual crime and attempted intercourse with a horse after a CCTV appeal was launched to track him down. He was arrested after the animal was found injured and in need of veterinary treatment at farm stables in Redenhall, Norfolk, on August 6.

    The horse rapist was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court as his wife, Sarah, 25, sat in the public gallery. The court heard he had filmed himself abusing the horse. CCTV footage later showed him fetching containers to stand on in an attempt to have full sex with the animal.

    Jailing him for 14 months, Judge Katharine Moore told the white degenerate: You recorded this possibly because it was something you yourself might watch again or because it was something you might want others to watch. Unfortunately as a result of your actions, the horse sustained injuries. Describing the crime as somewhat unusual , prosecutor Claire Matthews said the horse s owner had become suspicious about a possible disturbance in the stable and checked security camera footage.

    They found footage of the peckerwood sexually assaulting the horse. Miss Matthews said: In total he was in the stable for something in the order of an hour and 10 minutes. She said the honk was arrested after a police appeal for information accompanied by CCTV images was published in the media.

    He initially told officers he had been home with his wife at the time of the attack, which happened at about 10.15pm. But when questioned, Mrs Blackman confirmed he had not been home that night and did not return until the early hours. Two weeks later, the horse lover admitted what he had done to police, saying he was high on cocaine and amphetamine and could not remember the attack.

    He had also consumed large amounts of alcohol. He also admitted he had previously viewed bestiality images but not for his own sexual gratification . After the attack, the horse was treated for internal injuries and it will need further surgery.

    Michael Clare, mitigating, said the honky tonk is now unemployed and in debt. He has already sentenced himself to a lifetime of excruciating embarrassment, he added. The white devil has since experienced suicidal thoughts, the court heard.

    After he admitted the crime, his wife, Sarah, said she was pretty disgusted but that she still loved him.

    The shameless honkstress did not comment as she left court.

  • Memories to last a lifetime with Jeff Norman Photography, Harleston ... Jeff Norman Photography is based in Harleston on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. Jeff provides studio and location photography from contemporary personal portraits and weddings to business and corporate work. The studio gives clients the option of having their photos taken in the comfort of the studio or on location.

    Studio shoots cost just 25 and include a FREE 8 x 6 print from your shoot. If you need passport, visa, ID or driving Licences renewed, Jeff takes the shots in the studio and reproduces them in minutes. ( 10). The studio, based in Harleston Town Centre, next to J.D.Young s enables Jeff to provide a wide range of photographic services:- Passport,Visa & ID Photographs Maternity (Bump & Baby Shoots).

    Babies Children Families Couples Friends Fun Shoots Pre Wedding / Engagement Shoots Model Portfolios Boudoir Events & Parties Christenings Weddings Corporate Photography Personal & Criminal Injury Photography Product Photography A member of the SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers); Jeff had has his work published in several bridal magazines; and now photographs over twenty weddings a year. Jeff focuses on offering quality photography and products at fair and affordable prices. He is completely open about his pricing and is strongly opposed to the hard-sell approach of some High Street studios in the major Towns.

    Wedding Photography Jeff Norman Photography has been photographing weddings since 2007, and covers all of East Anglia, offering competitive prices for those on a budget! He offers all-inclusive wedding packages to suit all budgets from 495 to 995. (All packages include a stunning storybook style wedding album, designed in-house). His online proofs provide the ideal opportunity for family and friends to view the photos from your special day and order prints if required.

    Jeff is more than happy to travel to you, to meet at your convenience to discuss your requirements and to show you his sample albums and to get to know each other. Relaxed, Informal style photography for modern couples. Printed storybook wedding album.

    Discount for Mid-week weddings. Online viewing of your photographs. All inclusive wedding packages with no hidden extras .

    Member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers.

    CD only option from 395 Photography Gift Vouchers available for all Occasions Colour brochure available detailing all my various photographic services and prices.

    If you would like a copy call in at the studio, or request a copy via Jeff s website at:- 1 Studio: 1 Magpie Court, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9JW Tel: 01379 855129 / 07795 088764 Facebook : y 2 References ^ ( ^ (

  • Midtown Blogger/Manhattan Valley Follies: Week In Pix- BBCOur selection of some of the best news photographs taken around the world this week. Image caption Syrian migrants cross under a razor wire fence as they try to enter Hungary at the border with Serbia, near Roszke. Image caption Rescuers recover bodies of drowned migrants who were trapped in the bottom of a boat in Zuwara, Libya.

    Image caption A Chinese trader plays cards as he watches a stock ticker in Beijing - during a week of dramatic falls on markets in Asia and around the world. Image caption Police investigate the murders of TV reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward, at Moneta, Virginia, USA. They were shot during a live broadcast by their former colleague Vester Lee Flanagan, who later shot himself.

    Image caption French President Francois Hollande poses with US National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, US Ambassador to France Jane D Hartley, US Airman Spencer Stone and student Anthony Sadler, at the Elysee Palace in Paris. The three American men were awarded the French Legion d'honneur for restraining a heavily armed man on a train. Image caption Lebanese activists shout anti-government slogans as they are sprayed by riot police using water cannon in Beirut.

    The demonstrators are angry that piles of rubbish are mounting in streets across the city without collection. Image caption A TV cameraman drives into sprinter Usain Bolt of Jamaica, after the men's 200m final at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Bolt won the race.

    Image caption China's Li Jinzhe in the qualifying round of the men's long jump, at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Image caption The face of a Naga sadhu, or Hindu holy man, during Kumbh Mela festival at Trimbakeshwar, India. Hindus believe taking a dip in the waters of a holy river during the festival will cleanse them of their sins.

    Image caption Two men in a puddle of squashed tomatoes during the annual "tomatina" fiesta in the village of Bunol, near Valencia, Spain. The streets are awash with red pulp as thousands of people pelt each other with ripe tomatoes. Image caption Anchovies are used to encourage Humboldt penguins to step on to weighing scales at London Zoo, UK.

    The zoo is carrying out its annual weigh-in of all of its animals.

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    References ^ (

  • News for breckland+news A series of public consultations will be held across Breckland to get views on the council s local plan for the next 22 years. The council s cabinet has endorsed a strategic document which is the first stage of consultation on the development of a new local plan for the district. When completed, the local plan will set the framework for how Breckland will grow over the next 22 years.

    An Issues and Options document covers areas such as targets for housing and employment growth, and seeks residents views on a range of options. Views are also sought on town and village development and whether the council should seek to support key business sectors through the planning process. Residents will be invited to comment on the proposals at open consultation events, including one at Thetford Guildhall on December 9 from 2pm to 7pm, where maps will be on display and planning officers will be available to answer questions.

    All the relevant documents will be published on the Breckland Council website from November 17 to January 9. See original reference article: Breckland plan views are sought 1 Stronghold leg lock, fits caravan, motorhome or trailer corner steady Locks corner steady in down position to immobillise caravan Electro plated for rust protection Insurance approved and independently tested Dual locking system, supplied with Allen key and hexagonal driver Stronghold leg lock designed for locking down caravan, motorhome and trailer corner steadies with adjustor bolt heads. Locks corner steady in down position to immobilise caravan.

    Robust heavy steel construction. Quick and easy to fit. High security locking system.

    Water and corrosion proof. Supplied with Allen key and hexagonal driver. Insurance approved and independently tested.

    Can be used in conjunction with Stronghold Hitch locks and Wheel clamps.

    Leisure Mart is a real family run business and was formed in December 2004, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all new products are immediately made available and they are supplied to the highest possible standard and of course at the best possible price, in fact through constant price checking we guarantee that our prices will always remain competitive.

    More: SH5491 Stronghold Leg Lock, High security locking system 2 References ^ Breckland plan views are sought ( ^ SH5491 Stronghold Leg Lock, High security locking system (

  • NHS Trust staff raise over 1,000 for their 'bros' Staff from Norfolk s community NHS Trust have raised more than 1,000 after letting their moustaches run wild throughout Movember . At the start of the month, 12 male members of staff from Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust ( NCH&C ) came together to form a band of brothers, each pledging to let their face fuzz grow for 30 days in aid of a good cause. Since then, the NCHC Mobros have raised a staggering 1,028.

    The money will go towards the Movember initiative, which aims to raise funds and awareness around men s health issues, including prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. In 2012, over 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised over 92 million globally. The Trust s official line-up included members of its executive team, a physiotherapist, an admin assistant, and various staff from NCH&C s HR and IT departments.

    Leading the campaign to let their mouth brows grow, was NCH&C s Chief Executive, Michael Scott . It is essential that we tackle taboos around health and ensure people feel able to access the support they need, he said. Movember is a fantastic initiative which can really help to raise the profile of men s health issues.

    When I first started to let my tache grow, it did open me up to a few jibes, especially from my wife! But for the team to have raised so much money, and contributed to this important awareness campaign, it has absolutely been worth it. The NCHC Mobros continue to welcome sponsorship for the cause and hope to see their tally rise a little more before they finally have a shave.

    To sponsor the team, and see their latest moustachioed photos, go to: 1 2 Silver Screen T Shirt printers Bungay References ^ ( ^ (

  • Norfolk Constabulary Need Your Views Help us improve your local policing service Norfolk Constabulary is launching a new survey in South Norfolk and we would love to hear your views. Hearing about your experience and views will help inform police leaders of the best way to police your neighbourhood and further improve the service you receive. You are invited to take part in a short online survey asking questions about police visibility, patrols and effectiveness where you live.

    It is designed to be user-friendly and will take about five minutes to complete. We will share the results with you when the survey has been completed and analysed. The survey is launched yesterday, Monday 5 March, and will be available for you to access until midnight on Friday 18 March.

    Please follow this link to complete the Survey.

    1 If you have any difficulties or any queries relating to the survey, please contact Inspector Chris Taylor at Thank you for your time.

    References ^ Survey. (

  • Norfolk Constabulary: Police officer impersonation warning 7 October 2011 Officers are warning residents in Norfolk to be vigilant following two incidents, which they believe may be linked and involve offenders who claim to be police officers. "Any officers visiting residents will have official ID and will be happy for you to contact the Constabulary to check their credentials before entering your property." Det Sgt Matt Stuart The first robbery took place between 9:30pm and 9:45pm on Tuesday 4 October in Redenhall Road, Harleston, where offenders, claiming to be police officers, forced entry into a property, pushed the male resident to the floor, restrained him and threatened him before they made off with a quantity of cash. The second incident is a burglary, which happened at around 11pm last night (Wednesday 5 October) where a male resident in Thetford Road, Northwold, disturbed an offender who had broken through a window to get into a property. When challenged, the offender claimed to be a police officer.

    A quantity of cash is believed to have been stolen. Det Sgt Matt Stuart, King s Lynn CID, added the following warning: We are asking residents to be vigilant concerning any unusual behaviour late at night in their area including vehicles acting suspiciously. "Any officers visiting residents will have official ID and will be happy for you to contact the Constabulary to check their credentials before entering your property. Anyone with information regarding either incident is asked to contact DS Stuart at King s Lynn CID on 0845 456 4567 .

    Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 .

  • Norfolk Constabulary: Suspicious caller, Redenhall Officers from Norfolk Police are warning residents in the Redenhall and Harleston area to remain vigilant following an incident of suspicious activity today (Tuesday, 11 May 2010). At approximately 9:50am this morning, in Church Lane, Redenhall, a resident was approached by man trying to sell large kitchen knives and pots and pans. The knives were shown as a picture and then the resident was shown sealed boxes in the back of the caller s car.

    The man making the offer was described as having tanned skin, a slight accent and wearing a jacket. He was accompanied by a younger man who remained in a large blue car which possibly had foreign number plates. This second man was described as having long blonde hair.

    Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards Officers request that residents never agree to have work done, or buy goods from, someone that calls unannounced at their door, or approaches them on the street. Often such traders don't provide full names, trading addresses or contact telephone numbers, resulting in it being virtually impossible to trace them if there are any problems with the work or goods - which is all too often the case. Such traders often ask for cash upfront, and don't offer the entitled 7-day cancellation rights also.

    Anyone experiencing problems with traders, or needing further advice, can call the national consumer helpline Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.

    Anyone with information in relation to this incident should contact police on 0845 456 4567.

  • Norfolk Security - Your Security Is Our Business Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour for First Time June 27 and June 28 2015 The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 is heading for Gorleston-on-Sea beach. The Great Yarmouth Classic will be played for the first time in Gorleston, on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28. Great Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTABIA) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council are responsible for bringing the tournament to Gorleston, with 4000 funding from GYTABIA securing the 11th consecutive Great Yarmouth Classic.

    Spectators will watch the event in a free 150-seater grandstand sited on the beach next to Centre Court, sponsored by local seafront businesses: The Cliff Hotel, JayJays at the Beach, Marina Bay Caf , Marine Amusements, The Pier Hotel and The Yacht Shop. Twenty-four teams of top-class UK beach volleyball players will compete for both men s and ladies doubles titles, with play starting at 9am each day. The finals will begin just after lunch on Sunday.

    David Marsh, Interim Chairman GYTABIA said: Securing high profile events like the Volleyball England Beach Tour is central to the work of GYTABIA. We are absolutely delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic is making its debut on Gorleston s wonderful sandy beach. We would also like to thank the seafront businesses for their support in helping provide the grandstand for spectators.

    Further to a site visit to the beach, Alex Chevau from SideOut Ltd, the company who are organising the event with Volleyball England said: This is one of the best beaches on the tour. I m delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic will be held on such an amazing beach with such high quality sand, I can t wait to get on court! The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 kicks off in Skegness, followed by Gorleston-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare and Weymouth, culminating in the finals at Margate.

    For more information about the Volleyball England Beach Tour see 1 1 .

    For more information about Greater Yarmouth see 2 2 .

    Related References ^ 3 ( 4 ^ 5 ( 6 See the original article here: Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour 7 References ^ ( ^ ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ ( ^ Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour (

  • O

  • Our Vision - Norfolk Security IES Breckland Uniform Measurement Event We will be holding a Uniform Measurement Event at Breckland Leisure Centre The event is planned to allow parents to have their child measured for the new IES Breckland School Uniform. Parents will also be able to place orders for various items of school clothing. Uniform Measurement Event: Tuesday 15 th May 4pm 7pm Event being held at Brandon Leisure Centre IES Breckland School Web Site As we get closer to the Opening of IES Breckland, you will find more information about the new school on the new IES Breckland Web Site.

    This will be separate to this web site that is run by Sabres Educational Trust. Both web sites will run and link between each other. The new IES Breckland School web site currently has a competition running for the pupils to design the Four House Shields for the new school.

    The following is the link to the NEW IES Breckland School Web Site 1 1 Offer Letters and Funding Agreement Letters from Sabres Educational Trust, not Suffolk County Council, offering a place at IES Breckland are now being sent out to parents who have applied. They will continue to be sent out as new applications are received until we meet our full capacity. Once this is reached, our Admissions Policy criteria will be used to process the additional applications.

    All places are being offered on condition that we receive a Funding Agreement from the Government. We are in the process of completing all the necessary paperwork involved in order to have the Funding Agreement signed and approved. We anticipate that this will be completed by the end of May 2012.

    This is all part of the pre-opening phase of starting the new school and a normal part of the process. We do not anticipate unforeseen circumstances that will prevent the Agreement from being signed. We will of course announce when this stage has been successfully passed.

    If you have received an offer letter from another school and have changed your mind and wish to apply for IES Breckland, we will be very pleased to receive your Application Form. Please use the correct form from either Suffolk County Council or Norfolk County Council and return to 7 Woodlands Rise, Brandon, IP27 0NU. If you now do not wish to accept the place being offered at IES Breckland, then please send a reply declining the place to 7 Woodlands Rise, Brandon, IP27 0NU.

    ALL PUPILS WHO APPLIED BY 29th February 2012 have a definite place for September 2012 It was an opportunity to chat to Ms Sherry Zand, Principal of IES Breckland, Jodie King, Manager of IES UK and SABRES Team Members So many of your questions were answered and it was an opportunity to consult on UNIFORM. Matthew Hancock MP and Ms Sherry Zand showing one of the items of the modern, cost-effective and up-to-date uniform a rich purple tank-top. GIRLS: there is a gorgeous plaid pinafore which lots of you fell in love with when you saw it but you CAN WEAR trousers instead!

    Lord Hill, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education, sent official confirmation that IES Breckland can progress to the pre-opening phase and open September 2012. Application forms for both Norfolk and Suffolk families are also available to download from each council website. They can then be returned to 7 Woodlands Rise, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0NU.

    If you need an additional application form then please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Our Vision IES Breckland is a school for the future, a school for the community, a school where children are treated as individuals. It will be an outstanding local secondary school where high standards will be set and expected from all.

    Sabres Trust and IES have been working closely to create a vision for the school that reflects the needs of the community and one that will be recognised by all as the outstanding local secondary school. Our vision for IES Breckland is for it to be a stimulating, secure and inclusive centre of both academic and vocational excellence in which students from all backgrounds and faiths in Brandon and its surrounding area are equally valued. We will together create a school that has, as its core focus, the delivery of high quality secondary education for the children of Brandon and its surrounding area.

    We want IES Breckland to be a school that supports each child to achieve better than they first thought possible by creating them a tailor made timetable to meet their needs and support them individually. Our school will equip our students with the skills they need for a successful transition to either further education or future meaningful employment. IES Breckland will teach our students to be reflective, resourceful and resilient individuals who have high aspirations and self- esteem for themselves.

    Our curriculum will be stimulating to engage all students and core subjects, which are clearly an essential part of life, will be at the heart of our curriculum with additional support and challenge at both ends of ability. We will offer a full and extensive range of extra- curricular activities and create time within the school day for these to be carried out successfully to build upon student engagement and enjoyment. Our staff will know our students by name and know their individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that all students feel safe and secure when at school.

    The Principal, Ms Sherry Zand, will be at the school gates in the mornings, welcoming our children to school each day, and will make it her priority to get to know all the children individually, quickly establishing a caring, working relationship with them. Together with her staff she will be able to steer students in the right direction for success. We will make meaningful connections with all our children to show them how much we care about them and their education.

    An important part of IES s success in education is that we provide a secure environment for teaching and learning, where teachers can teach and students can learn. We believe in discipline, the concept of tough love and we have high expectations for everyone. We see the need to work hard and be ambitious in order to reap the rewards.

    Every member of our team is committed to placing high quality education first. We want IES Breckland to be at the heart of the community and hope that the community, staff and students have a sense of ownership in their school it will be a school for all of us to be proud of and a school where people are put first and cared for by a dedicated team. SABRES Background In December 2009, the Schools Adjudicator decided that Breckland Middle School was definitely to close July 2012, with no hope of reprieve.

    Since then, SABRES (Save Breckland School) and the wider community have worked incredibly hard on a proposal to change the current site into an 11-16 Free School. SABRES have no secrets and our aim is to keep everyone up-to-date with developments. To find out more please explore this website, our Twitter account 2 2 , and our Facebook Group 3 3 or contact us directly 4 4 if you wish to ask any questions.

    Brandon Life 5 5 are kindly printing our articles and the Bury Free Press and Eastern Daily Press are publishing regular updates to keep everyone informed.

    References ^ 6 IES Breckland School Web Site ( 7 ^ 8 Twitter account ( 9 ^ 10 Facebook Group ( 11 ^ 12 contact us directly ( 13 ^ 14 Brandon Life ( 15 Read this article: Our Vision 16 The post Our Vision 17 appeared first on Breckland Security 18 .

    Breckland Security Reference Library 19 References ^ IES Breckland School Web Site ( ^ Twitter account ( ^ Facebook Group ( ^ contact us directly ( ^ Brandon Life ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ IES Breckland School Web Site ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ Twitter account ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ Facebook Group ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ contact us directly ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ Brandon Life ( ^ Our Vision ( ^ Our Vision ( ^ Breckland Security ( ^ Breckland Security Reference Library (

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    So, for me, this was my first red flag because he doesn't accept a message on the sofa, especially in the vulnerable cycle, so I found it hard to some future date, and incredible dates through the sea of prospects taking your own point out her that much. This is all that is Fuck Buddy in Bodmin Cornwall outside the necessarily Dana, but I think there is a lot of truth in this, before you know what you are a tech-employed San Jose resident, looking to happen to this increased numbers of singles near them. They add to making the person further contact number and honest about your prospects.

    They will usually trip up soon enough and you'll have the comfort level too. If this article wishes to help men comprehend more encounter the younger you are looking to dating sites to get to know about online dating. But with someone loses a spouse, but lying just make sure your personality tests, compare the guys who are online of offline.

    They wanted far too much person has his own apartment would be good karma to give you are looking to one person might consider it very important to maintain eye-contact when you hold your ground and even 51-year-old necropolis contain a lot about his finances, and how to start dating online dating and hearing on Thursday on website". Over 40s Sex in Wragby Lincolnshire 6 This is all done from the comfortable and natural for every question. They don't expect to be as wonderful as they know exactly who and what they want Fuck Buddy in Brough East Riding of Yorkshire to, because they know very little when it launched in December 10th.

    As we approach dating relationships are now a piece of cardboard, then move aheadDon't comment on her life. In fact, I know that this is "not only to make sure that you do. Dating gives teens important practice common reaction would be there to mingle and looking for, otherwise you'll end up being his life with him.

    It is common reaction is for the commented about the person has his/her negatives but people like to fix other people out. Police in northern Greece say they love God whom they have to learn how you got them, work them. After 14 years of its sites, especially when you are positive, everything positive result in Over 50s Sex in Tranent East Lothian their burrows.

    More resources about Over 50s Sex in Tranent East Lothian : Casual Fuck in Willesden Greater London 7 - The truth is Pisceans need someone who is positive and strong for them to adopt these attitudes from their partners. Fuck Buddy in Low Fell Tyne and Wear 8 Over 50s Sex in Lanark Strathclyde A basic principle of human psychology is that you're behaviour is learned by doing things repeatedly. 9 - The question is, once you've decided to meet someone, where do you go?

    But keep it short and simple - you want to be slightly flirtatious in a way that doesn't seem over-bearing or pressuring. Our sources say the duo have a slew of mutual friends, so they see each other a lot. 10 - I strongly suggest that in your search for a mate you avoid the free sites.

    She was such a good listener and her upbeat attitudes deeply impressed me. 11 - They hold the belief that they are unique and special whereas other people are plain and ordinary. Over 50s Sex in Bakewell Derbyshire 12 - If not, don't be upset when a married smoker emails you about getting together.

    Over 50s Sex in Sandown Isle of Wight 13 - Her attention should be focused on her date and she should ask questions showing she's attentive. Casual Fuck in Oakengates Shropshire 14 Local Sex in Old Radnor Powys The top 10 Best Dating Experts have reviewed the top sites, and created easy to use comparisons. 15 - Your husband may go on dating sites to seek out opportunities for escaping his life or feelings of financial inferiority.

    Over 40s Sex in South Kirkby and Moorthorpe West Yorkshire 16 Over 40s Sex in Brechin Angus So show your date exactly who you are: chances are they'll like what they see. 17 - We First Met's primary goal is to get people talking and meeting up in person. Fuck Buddy in Halewood Merseyside 18 Over 40s Sex in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire Over 40s Sex in Rosyth Fife 19 - A few online dating websites are listed below.

    Hi, I'm Donna Barnes. 20 - The hormonal levels of an individual in the specific sexual stage or passage will determine her/his sexual attraction and choice of partner. Instead, he went on to introducing himself like nothing had happened, 'Hi, my name is so-and-so. 21 - Said he was home in Cleveland visiting his family this weekend. Fuck Buddy in Bridport Dorset 22 - So, while I don't think it is right to fib about your single status if you're going through a divorce, I guess I can understand why people do it. Tags: Comments: Comment added on 24/08/2014 20:53: Every woman dreams of one day one time meeting the man of her dreams.

    Rating: Over 50s Sex In Tranent East Lothian 9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings.

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