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Business school pops up in Reading 0

Business school pops up in Reading

The PopUp Business School (PBS) has chosen to visit Reading 1 this year to stimulate entrepreneurial activity. The project involves cooperation between a team from BBC Business News and the local authority. However, other partners, like Jobcentre Plus are involved in the initiative.

Pop-up events of different types can benefit from the use of promotional drinkware or promotional pens. Simon Paine, one of the founders of PBS, said: We specifically want to meet people who find it harder to start. People who are fed up with the daily grind and want to try something new.

Business has changed so much that there are more possibilities than ever to get an idea off the ground, even if you haven t got any money. One idea is that people can make a profit from doing something which they like. This is seen as a positive alternative to continuous welfare dependency.

The PBS for Reading was planned to be hosted within the Oracle. Journalists from the BBC envisaged interviewing people at the start of a week and at the conclusion of it. They thought this would be an interesting way of recording the experiences and ideas of ordinary participants in the school.

Alistair Fee, the business correspondent for BBC South, opted to take part in the scheme. The ethos of the week was reinforced by the planning of workshops on particular topics. One of the workshops was reportedly a guide to free website construction.

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Fiesta Studios Grows Up 0

Fiesta Studios Grows Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Multimedia Studio in Fort Wayne, IN FORT WAYNE, IN. March 7, 2016 FIESTA STUDIOS LLC, locally owned multi-media studio in Northeast Indiana famous for internet videos such as EATING A DURIAN FRUIT 1 , which was featured worldwide on television program Outrageous Acts of Science on DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL, today unveiled a plan to expand their talents both globally and locally. Fiesta Studios, which boasts over 1 million hits on YouTube, launched their brand new website fiesta-studios.com 2 which hosts nearly all of the videos created by the studio, totaling over 75 and growing.

The website, which aims to be the new home for all Fiesta Studios news, videos, social media, blog posts and podcasts, is expected to grow exponentially as marketing efforts and production value are the new focus of the Fort Wayne studio. Andrew Miller, who founded Fiesta Studios over ten years ago, announced a brand new partnership with two highly experienced professionals who, as he put it, will one day make Fiesta Studios a household name. Amir Hussain joins Fiesta Studios as Sound Director.

Hussain, who has worked with over 200 artists worldwide in mixing, mastering and creating vocal effects for all genres of music, eagerly awaits the exciting challenges this medium will provide. Hussain, who owns Amir acle Records 3 and has two pending music albums releasing this year, also brings 15 years of related experience in the field with him. Joey Leal, who joins Fiesta Studios as Video Effects Creative Director, brings with him 16 years of Multimedia expertise, including 3D modeling, animation, graphic arts, computer-generated Special Effects, video editing, title sequence animation and website development.

Leal, who graduated in 2004 from the University of Advancing Technology, also co-owned a pre-visual architecture firm named Visescape in Scottsdale, AZ, for four years. Andrew Miller s over 14 years of video experience include directing, writing, editing, sound design, acting and producing, in countless projects including national television commercials while working in the industry in Chicago. Along with the new partners and new website, Fiesta Studios also has expanded web presence on Twitter 4 , Instagram 5 , YouTube 6 and Facebook 7 .

Fiesta Studios will build upon its history of entertainment videos and expand outward both into existing markets and new markets as the company grows. ### References ^ EATING A DURIAN FRUIT (fiesta-studios.com) ^ fiesta-studios.com (fiesta-studios.com) ^ Amir acle Records (amiraclerecords.com) ^ Twitter (twitter.com) ^ Instagram (www.instagram.com) ^ YouTube (www.youtube.com) ^ Facebook (www.facebook.com)

Public school guard arrested for drug abuse 0

Public school guard arrested for drug abuse

KUWAIT: A public school security guard was arrested abusing drugs on the school premises in Saad Al-Abdullah along with two school students, said security sources, noting that one of the students managed to flee while the other was arrested. Commenting on the case, the Ministry of Education stressed that an investigation was in progress to determine whether this was an individual case or the suspect had other accomplices in other schools. Direct purchase The direct system of purchasing vegetables and fruits the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) had been urging co-op boards to adopt aims at achieving food security with competitive prices and high quality products, Undersecretary Dr Mutar Al-Mutairi stressed.

Speaking during MSAL s fourth meeting to adjust the co-op sector s working systems, Mutairi stressed that it would be the auditors task to follow up daily records of direct purchases from main local outlets and that any violations would be punishable by as far as dissolving co-ops boards of directors.

Road project The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Assistant Undersecretary dor Road Engineering Affairs Ahmad Al-Hassan announced commencing work on a project to build and maintain road and bridges linking Sabah Al-Ahmad City and Khairan at a total cost of KD 45.75 million.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi