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French Hotel Turns Away Royal Family 0

French Hotel Turns Away Royal Family

By Jordi Lippe-McGraw March 11, 2016 VIP status couldn t help Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry score a room at this five-star hotel. Being a member of the royal family 1 comes with some pretty good perks including the ability to stay at some of the nicest places in the world. But a notable title couldn t help Prince William, Kate Middleton, or Prince Harry score a hotel room at Le H tel Marotte 2 in Amiens, France, this June.

The manager of the property, Olivier Walti, told local paper Courrier Picard 3 that the French Foreign Ministry contacted them in January about booking suites for the famous threesome s trip to the area this summer, but couldn t accommodate them despite the six-month notice. The Foreign Ministry has contacted us in January to see if we were able to accommodate the royal family on the occasion of the Somme commemorations, said Walti. We had to decline the offer.

It is impossible. We are already booked solid. We would not tell people who have booked with us for months and who have already paid for their stay, sorry, but the royal family is coming, we will have to cancel.

It s just unthinkable ethically. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and other dignitaries are scheduled to be in Somme from June 30 and July 1 to commemorate those who died in the 1916 battle. This is an important commemoration and they are honored to be taking part on behalf of The Queen and the Government, a spokesman from Kensington Palace 4 said.

The five-star property would have been ideal for the royal trio s stay, as it s the only luxury property situated close to the battlefields, features contemporary furnishings, a security gate, and houses a lounge, coffee shop and tea room all for about $300 a night.

Could an Airbnb 5 be in the royals future?

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Sergio Aguero has 'a lot more years in Europe', says Manuel … 0

Sergio Aguero has 'a lot more years in Europe', says Manuel …

Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini believes Sergio Aguero could still have a long future at the club. The prolific Argentina striker was quoted this week saying he intends to return to boyhood club Independiente when his current contract at the Etihad Stadium expires. The 27-year-old, who has scored 128 goals for City since his 38million arrival in 2011, is committed to the club until 2019.

City were understood to be keen to discuss new terms and Pellegrini, although he himself is leaving in the summer, thinks that could yet happen. Pellegrini said: “Sergio knows why he wants to do it. It’s difficult to talk about what will happen in two or three years more because players change their minds. “Maybe he can be happy to return to Argentina but Kun has a lot more years here in Europe.” Pellegrini’s main focus is the short term and pulling City back into the title race.

City are playing catch-up in the Barclays Premier League after an inconsistent season but ended a run of three successive defeats with a comprehensive victory over bottom side Aston Villa last weekend. They sit fourth, trailing leaders Leicester by 10 points with a game in hand, heading into this weekend’s fixtures but are used to coming from behind. They did so to take the crown in 2012 and 2014 and Pellegrini wants to lead another charge.

The Chilean, who takes his team to struggling Norwich on Saturday, said: “We don’t depend just on the work we can do. We cannot have the same points as Tottenham and Leicester if they win all their games. “But if they win the title (we need to make sure) it’s because they win all their games and not because we couldn’t win ours. “We’ll focus on trying to win at Norwich and we’ll see the way the other teams manage the pressure between now and the end of the season. “The most important thing is that we don’t have margin of error. We need to win our games.” After last week’s 4-0 defeat of Villa, City will be expected to similarly brush aside a Canaries team that have collected just one point from their last nine games to slip into the bottom three.

But, speaking at his pre-match press conference, Pellegrini said: “When you must play against teams in relegation positions it is always very difficult because they don’t have much to lose. “They must try to win their points, especially at home, so I’m sure we will find them a very difficult team. It will be a very tough game if we want to win the three points.” The trip to Carrow Road, for which City will be without Yaya Toure, comes at the start of another critical week. City face Dynamo Kiev in the second leg of their Champions League last-16 tie on Tuesday and then host rivals Manchester United next Saturday.

Pellegrini said: “It is very important because if we win the next two games in the Premier League the pressure will be more on the other teams. “If we can get to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time of course that will be another important achievement. “I hope that we will do that but we must start thinking just about Norwich.”

The 'Falsely Accused' Strike Back. 0

The 'Falsely Accused' Strike Back.

Close to the Canadian border, in a small township called Watton 1 , two unassuming Christian folk, Lale and Joan Roberts, had brought up their three daughters. It was the sort of community where nothing much ever happened. They may yet prove to make history.

Lale and Joan s younger daughter has Down s syndrome. I shall call her Lily not her real name. They had an older daughter still living at home that I shall call Katie again not her real name.

Seven years ago, Lale and Joan discovered that Katie, then aged 17, had been engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with a family friend . This deeply conservative couple 2 sought professional advice from the Salmi Christian Counselling Service in the human form of Kathryn Salmi, a licensed professional counsellor. Katie went off to live with family friends not the family friend mentioned before, but a couple who were members of another church.

Within a short time of counselling beginning with Kathryn Salmi, Katie allegedly remembered that her father had been physically and sexually abusing her since the age of five supported by her new counsellor, Katie confronted her parents with these allegations and also pointed out that she had a deeply vulnerable younger sister, Lily, still being cared for by her parents, who she was sure was being similarly abused. Kathryn Salmi reported her account of Katie s allegations to the Department of Human Services (child protection) and also to the Michigan State Police. Life was never going to be as simple as making homespun native art 3 out of twigs again for the Roberts.

Investigators found no evidence that Lily, the younger child, was being or had been, physically or sexually abused. The third child, older than Katie gave evidence that: She described her parents as fundamentalist Christians who hold strong beliefs and practice discipline that she felt was emotionally and physically abusive, but she nevertheless stated that she did not believe that her father would hurt L or K. She also stated that she never observed anything that could be characterised as sexual abuse in the home.

The investigator ultimately determined that it was unnecessary to take any action. Police officers also investigated and reviewed K s allegations, but no charges were brought against Lale or Joan Roberts. I have highlighted the word investigated because there was a major flaw in this investigation Katie had turned 18 in the following weeks, an adult, and thus they couldn t force either the counsellor to reveal her notes of the recovered memory sessions with Katie, nor physically examine Katie to ascertain whether she was still a virgin.

However , the allegations had been made before Katie was 18 and not reported until she became an adult some weeks later, thus violating child protection law. Mr and Mrs Roberts sued Kathryn Salmi, the counsellor, for inducing false memories in their daughter: After Salmi improperly implanted, or reinforced false memories of physical and sexual abuse, Lale and Joan maintained, K severed all ties with her parents, investigators subjected them to civil and criminal investigations, and the community become aware of the allegations. In fact the Robert s local Pastor barred them from their church, adding that their youngest daughter, Lily, could no longer attend music recitals apparently the pianist was a strong proponent of repressed memory therapy, which he promoted through books on Satanic ritual abuse .

The local court ruled that the therapist was not liable in tort for damages caused to a third party by her actions and/or treatments. The Roberts appealed and the Court of Appeal overturned the lower court. Now on April 6th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments to determine whether a therapist is liable for damage caused to third parties by the choice of therapies employed by licensed therapists.

To get this far has cost the Roberts many tens of thousands of dollars and Mrs Roberts has ambitiously embarked on a law degree. I wish her well. She is crowd funding to help pay for this 4 .

Needless to say, the Roberts totally refute the allegations made against them and not a shred of evidence has ever been produced to support those allegations the issue is not whether the allegations were or could have been true, but: The court will consider whether a mental health professional has a duty of care to third parties who might foreseeably be harmed by the use of techniques that cause a patient to have false memories of sexual abuse. The transcripts of the original hearings can be found here 5 and here 6 for those interested in following the case more closely. It will be a case worth watching.

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