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News: Buckinghamshire news updates from across the region 0

News: Buckinghamshire news updates from across the region

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Have your say on policing issues in Aylsham 0

Have your say on policing issues in Aylsham

Police commissioner candidate Lorne Green will be joining a team of local Conservative Party activists in Aylsham Market Place on Saturday (March 12) to find out residents concerns and views on policing in the area. Lorne has compiled a 60-second survey which he is taking around the county, the answers to which will help form his campaign and future work as the Police and Crime Commissioner should he be successful in May. He will be joined by Keith Simpson MP and hopefully Chloe Smith and Brandon Lewis.

Lorne is the Conservative candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. His aim is to improve efficiency and bring the force s technology into the 21 st century. I am going to work very hard to fight crime and stop young people from entering a life of crime, he said.

Mr Green was Canadian diplomat for 30 years, and served in embassies around the world, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania. Lorne s roots in Norfolk go back at least 240 years when the first of his ancestors to leave these shores for the new world set out from Attleborough as part of the British Army sent to quell the American Revolution. Although he served in the Canadian diplomatic service for 30 years, Lorne and his wife Valerie were married in Snettisham more than 40 years ago, have owned a home there for 33 years, two of their three children were born in Norfolk and educated in Norfolk schools.

Lorne was in charge of the Canadian Embassy in Yugoslavia during its period of bloody conflict. He has served on delegations to the United Nations in New York, four years at NATO headquarters in Brussels as part of the Nuclear Planning Group, and for three years was assigned to the Canadian Defence Ministry, with a staff of military and civilian officers, as Director of Nuclear and Arms Control Policy. Subsequently, for 11 years he was Secretary General of the World Nuclear Transport Institute in London.

Over a long career Lorne has dealt with some of the gravest safety and security issues. He has worked shoulder to shoulder with uniformed services and has enormous respect for them. Importantly, throughout his career Lorne had to work hard, and patiently, through listening, and negotiating, to find compromise and consensus among often very opposed interests.

This experience and these attributes equip him to be an effective Police and Crime Commissioner. .

Teen girl bound by duct tape during NC home invasion, police say … 0

Teen girl bound by duct tape during NC home invasion, police say …

RALEIGH, N.C. Raleigh police are investigating a home invasion that happened Sunday afternoon on Glade Aster Court in northeast Raleigh. Authorities say a 17-year-old girl was found by her mother, tied up in a closet.

Family members said the girl was at the hospital Sunday night with her mother, but that they are OK. The teen was taken to the hospital after police say two men broke into the back door of the house and tied her up using duct tape. The teen s mother talked about what happened.

I find her in the closet taped to a chair on the floor like somebody just threw her in there and closed the door, said the mother, who requested she not be identified. The shaken mother was recounting how she says she found her 17-year-old daughter after a reported home invasion. Raleigh police say they responded to the home around 3:30 p.m.

They tell us two men forced their way into the house through a back door while the teen was home alone. The door to the back is open and it s kicked down, like the screen is on the ground, the mother said. The teen s mother says her daughter Facetimed a friend while duct taped to a chair, and was also able to send text messages, saying her hands were tied and there were robbers with a gun.

The mother also says her daughter had no clothes on when she was found, and said the men forced themselves on her. It s beyond scary, it s horrifying. I mean they took her clothes and she was in the closet.

I mean nobody ever want to walk in on their child like that, the mom said. Police say the girl was not injured, but was taken to the hospital. They also say it is unclear if anything was taken from the home.

The two suspects were described as two white men in their early to mid-20s. One of the intruders was described as tall with long, curly hair and wearing a Dr. Pepper t-shirt.

The other intruder was simply described as short.