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Breckland Security covers Watton and offers a complete range of security services delivered by our team of professional, fully licensed and vetted guards. The security services available include static security officers, manned security guards, mobile security patrols and key holding alarm response all specially tailored to local areas like Watton.

Plus our services are available across a range of industries including the corporate sector, retail outlets, construction sites and one-off events. Breckland Security emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to providing bespoke security services differentiates us from other organisations operating in the sector.

If you are interested in acquiring our services or have any questions relating to the different aspects of security offered by Breckland Security, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • 10 Best Calendar Apps Wave is a free calendar app for Android 1 and iOS 2 devices that covers the bases with a wide variety of features. On the calendars end, Wave comes with a variety of view modes, from hard and fast agenda and list views to overarching daily, weekly and monthly modes. Event creation is a snap (with provisions for programming recurring events), and the app syncs with a variety of calendars such as Google, Facebook, and Exchange, as well as Google Tasks.

    Users can add tags, attachments, take advantage of the built-in invitation manager, and even push event notifications to wearables such as Android Wear and Apple Watch.

    References ^ Android (downloads.tomsguide.com) ^ iOS (itunes.apple.com)

  • 11th February – Deaths & Events in Northern Ireland Troubles ... Key Events & Deaths on this day in Northern Ireland Troubles 11 th February Monday 11 February 1974 Thomas Donaghy Margaret McErlean Two Catholic civilians were shot (one died immediately, one died on 18 February 1974) as they arrived for work in Glenville Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim. They were killed by the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), a covername used by the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). Monday 11 February 1980 Joseph Rose Winston Howe Two Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) officers were killed in a land mine attack at Rosslea, County Fermanagh.

    Sunday 11 February 1986 An off-duty RUC officer and a Catholic civilian were killed in an Irish Republican Army (IRA) gun attack on the Talk of the Town bar in Maguiresbridge, County Fermanagh. Tuesday 11 February 1992 John Major, then British Prime Minister, and Peter Brooke, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, held meetings with the leaders of the main political parties in Northern Ireland to discuss the security situation. Friday 11 February 1994 The Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), a cover name (pseudonym) used by the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), carried out gun attacks on the homes of two Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) members.

    In one attack the son of one SDLP member was shot and wounded. James Molyneaux, then leader of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), said that the Downing Street Declaration (DSD) had failed and that an internal settlement for Northern Ireland should now be sought by the British government. Tuesday 11 February 1997 Kevin McNamara, a former Labour Party Northern Ireland spokesperson, and Seamus Mallon, then deputy leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), called for a new appeal for Danny McNamee who received a 25 year sentence in 1987 for Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb making offences.

    Roisin McAliskey An International Urgent Alert was issued by Amnesty International on the case of Rois n McAliskey who was six months pregnant and was imprisoned pending a decision about extradition to Germany. Thursday 11 February 1999 A new report on the death of Patrick Finucane, a Belfast solicitor who had represented a number of Republicans, claimed that there was collusion between Loyalist paramilitaries and British security forces in his death on 12 February 1989. More than 1,100 lawyers signed a petition calling for a independent judicial inquiry into the killing.

    The appeal for the inquiry was also supported by Amnesty International. Friday 11 February 2000 Assembly and Executive Suspended Peter Mandelson, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, suspended the 72 day-old power-sharing Executive and restored Direct Rule of Northern Ireland from Westminster as of midnight. The move followed reports from the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD) that it had received no information from the IRA as to when decommissioning will start.

    Sunday 11 February 2001 The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) uncovered a bomb factory in a block of flats in a Loyalist area of north Belfast. A significant amount of explosives and component parts for making pipe-bombs were seized during raids of three flats in Ross House in the Mount Vernon area. Police later linked the find to the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).

    The home of a Catholic family was damaged in a pipe-bomb attack in north Belfast. The device was thrown at the back of the house shortly before 1.30am. A number of windows were smashed and a door was damaged.

    The people inside the house, two men and a woman, escaped injury. The attack was carried out by Loyalist paramilitaries Monday 11 February 2002 There were disturbances in the Arthur Bridge area of the Whitewell Road, north Belfast, at approximately 7.00am (0700GMT). The trouble began following reports of fireworks being thrown from the Loyalist White City area towards the Nationalist Longlands estate.

    Police arrested a man and a boy from the Longlands estate. There had been rioting in the same area on Saturday evening (9 February 2002) and Sunday evening (10 February 2002). A man (26) was shot in both ankles in a paramilitary punishment attack in Kilrea, County Derry. A gang of four men broke into the victim s house and beat him with iron bars before shooting him. The attack took place in front of the man s wife and two young daughters.

    Solicitors representing most of the families of those killed on Bloody Sunday (30 January 1972) lodged an application in the High Court in Belfast to challenge the decision of the Inquiry to allow police witnesses to be screened when giving evidence. See Bloody Sunday 1 Geraldine Finucane the widow of Pat Finucane, a Belfast solicitor killed on 12 February 1989, criticised the British government for a delay in considering her appeal for an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband. In November 2001 John Reid, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, announced that an international judge would be appointed to decide if an independent public inquiry into her husband s death was necessary. However this decision was criticised as a delaying tactic by the government. John Reid, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, travelled to Washington, United States of America (USA), for meetings with members of the Bush administration.

    During a media briefing he called on Sinn F in (SF) to take up its seats in the Northern Ireland Policing Board (NIPB): The whole community has to take its part and its responsibilities in supporting that police service and that includes Republicans. Remembering all innocent victims of the Troubles Today is the anniversary of the death of the following people killed as a results of the conflict in Northern Ireland To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die Thomas Campbell To the innocent on the list Your memory will live forever To the Paramilitaries There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, but nothing worth killing for.

    11 People lost their lives on the 11th February between 1974 1993 11 February 1974 Thomas Donaghy, (16) Catholic Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) Shot as he arrived at his workplace, Abbey Meat Packers, Glenville Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim.

    11 February 1974 Margaret McErlean, (18) Catholic Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) Shot as she arrived at her workplace, Abbey Meat Packers, Glenville Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim. She died 18 February 1974.

    11 February 1975 Christopher Mein, (25) Protestant Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA) Relief milkman. Shot on his milk round, Galbally, Cappagh, County Tyrone. Regular milkman intended target.

    11 February 1978 Mary Smyth, (71) Catholic Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Killed in bomb attack on her home, Oldpark Avenue, Belfast.

    11 February 1978 Michael Scott, (10) Catholic Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Killed in bomb attack, while in relative s home, Oldpark Avenue, Belfast 11 February 1980 Joseph Rose, (21) Protestant Status: Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA) Killed in land mine attack on Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) mobile patrol, Lisnaskea Road, near Rosslea, County Fermanagh.

    11 February 1980 Winston Howe, (35) Protestant Status: Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA) Killed in land mine attack on Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) mobile patrol, Lisnaskea Road, near Rosslea, County Fermanagh.

    11 February 1986 Derek Breen, (29) Protestant Status: Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA) Off duty. Shot together with barman while in Talk of the Town Bar, Maguiresbridge, County Fermanagh.

    11 February 1986 John McCabe, (25) Catholic Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA) Barman. Shot together with off duty Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) member while at his workplace, Talk of the Town Bar, Maguiresbridge, County Fermanagh.

    11 February 1987 Nigel Watton, (18) Protestant Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Shot near his home, Ballybogey, near Ballymoney, County Antrim.

    11 February 1993 Thomas Molloy, (32) Catholic Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Shot at his home, Derrymagown Road, near Loughgall, County Armagh.

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    Related References ^ Bloody Sunday (belfastchildis.wordpress.com)

  • 1950s Sitting Room will Help Patients with Dementia A hospital day room has been completely transformed into a 1950s sitting room to help patients with dementia at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. A retro tv, clock, mirror, wireless, sideboard and other furniture from the era when Elvis and Cliff ruled the pop charts have taken the room back to a time that will help patients relax and reminisce. The 12,000 transformation was the idea of staff who have set about fundraising and been helped by a 10,000 donation from David Mackie from Norfolk s Ivy Child Trust.

    Welcoming Fifties style turquoise wallpaper that meets strict infection control guidelines is topped with a mock picture rail. Three birds fly on a wall in formation and a pin board shows Norfolk photos from the era, there is even an effect that looks like a real fire. The room also has books, football programmes, catalogues and leaflets from the era as well as games like draughts, dominoes the Beetle game and the Amazing Robot.

    1950s day room A DVD player means patients can watch old news reels and historic events from when Princess Elizabeth became Queen, Churchill was Prime Minister, James Dean died and Lego bricks were invented. Vintage cups and saucers for tea parties complete the look to help stimulate conversations with patients in their 80s and 90s. As most of the patients are in their nineties the hope is that those with dementia will feel that the room looks familiar and will help spark memories and conversations.

    It will also provide a relaxing place for relatives to talk to staff or patients. The project was supervised and designed by Hospital Art s Co-ordinator Emma Jarvis who said, We really wanted to create a 1950 s feel to the room but had to ensure it met all the correct regulations and was able to provide up to date facilities with the look of the 1950 s. I am so glad that all the hard work has paid off and that our patients will get joy from being in this dayroom .

    Deputy Sister Julie Payne who started the fundraising said For patients with dementia familiarity makes their stay better. The patients love it. It s the only room like it in the hospital and we re so proud of it.

    Louise Cook Fundraising Manager said, This is just one of a number of dementia projects which require charitable funding across the hospital.

    The more we can help fund projects which can support and provide a relaxed environment the better it is for our patients.

    We are incredibly grateful to our staff and all those who have fundraised for this project to take place

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  • 2 New Gotham Season 2 Trailers: Bad Can Be Beautiful First up, a very arty new trailer for Gotham 1 season two 2 which will be detailing The Rise Of The Villain . This one features close-ups of a statue of the villains and almost seems like the dark flipside of the closing credits of Avengers: Age Of Ultron or that Justice frieze in the police HQ in The Flash . Barbara Kean was one of the weak links of season one of Gotham, as the writers struggled to seem to know what to do with her (other than make her an alcoholic move) until, late on, they suddenly worked it out: make her a nutter.

    So, surprisingly, she looks like she could be one of the most interesting elements in season two, as this new trailer shows.

    Gotham season two starts in the States in 21 September and will follow soon after in the UK on Five.

    Gotham Season 2 Premier Pics 3 Another New Gotham Season 2 Trailer: The Monsters Are Coming 4 Ben McKenzie Confirms When We ll See Batman On Gotham 5 Awesome New Villain-Packed Gotham Season 2 Trailer 6 Gotham Announces A Female Version Of Villain Firely For Season 2 7 Filed in: Entertainment News , Entertainment News / Movies / Tv , Movies & Tv , Tv Tags: Batman , DC , Gotham , Gotham Season 2 , superheroes 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 References ^ Gotham (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ season two (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Permanent Link to Gotham Season 2 Premier Pics (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Permanent Link to Another New Gotham Season 2 Trailer: The Monsters Are Coming (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Permanent Link to Ben McKenzie Confirms When We ll See Batman On Gotham (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Permanent Link to Awesome New Villain-Packed Gotham Season 2 Trailer (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Permanent Link to Gotham Announces A Female Version Of Villain Firely For Season 2 (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Entertainment News (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Entertainment News / Movies / Tv (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Movies & Tv (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Batman (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Gotham (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ Gotham Season 2 (www.mcmbuzz.com) ^ superheroes (www.mcmbuzz.com)

  • 2013 Farmers Weekly Young Farmer finalists revealed Hard work, simple solutions and precision application make this year s three innovative Young Farmer of the Year finalists seem like they ve been in the industry for years. Will Frazer reports Rupert Major Castle Hayes Farm, Tutbury, Staffs Rupert Major has brought a level of management and leadership to a family dairy business, unprecedented for someone so young. Determined to be able to competitively produce milk and make good profits at world prices he has developed a military-style farming operation.

    In 2005 Rupert returned home from New Zealand to start the process of taking over the family business. His enthusiasm and meticulous approach to managing the farm s succession means he has now taken over nearly all aspects of farm management. The business witnessed wholesale changes under this new leadership.

    The arable side was closed down, 164ha of arable land sown out in long-term grass leys and large amounts of machinery sold off. Ninety 3ha paddocks were fenced and tracks, feeders and water troughs were installed across the farm. Thus he started the process of growing the herd of 200 dairy cows to the 500-strong herd it is today.

    These were bold decisions to be taken so early in his farming career but they were all based on Rupert s analysis of the numbers, which showed that dairy farming would make five or six times the profit of the arable enterprise. He is yet to be proved wrong. The cows are Jersey cross Friesians and while small and low- yielding, they are easy calving and can efficiently convert grass to milk.

    The average 500kg cow produces 400kg of milk solids, which makes these animals effective money-making machines. FARM FACTS 283ha of tenanted pasture with four full-time employees Milking herd of 500 Jersey cross Friesians, with 175 heifers, 180 calves and 14 bulls 280 sows, 1,700 finished pigs, 1,400 weaners, plus 120 ewes and 50 Simmental suckler cows Average yield of 5,000 litres a cow a year off 500kg of concentrate. Has increased Comparable Farm Profit from 8p/litre to 12p/litre in four years Rupert benchmarks his business with the local discussion group The Turf Accountants using comparable farm profit.

    The focus is on growing output of milk solids a hectare, rather than the more conventional output a cow. This is achieved through rearing more cows, increasing the quality of milk constituents, stock sales and of course a stringent management regime. The result has been an increased profit of 327/ha and milk volume sold up from 1.46m litres to 2.32m litres over the course of five years.

    Rearing heifers as efficiently as possible is what fuels the farm s propensity for growth, and the focus is on a herd that reproduces as efficiently as possible. "We have very little reproductive intervention as we don t want to breed from cows that aren t naturally fertile," he says. A 60% conception rate at first service demonstrates these cows are well trained in all the essential aspects of life. "These are low-maintenance 4x4 machines, not Formula One racing cars," he says. Youngstock rearing is one of Rupert s main strengths, with an active weighing, sorting and regrading process ensuring smaller animals get the attention required to keep them up to speed with the rest of the herd.

    Optimising a calf s ability at an early age to be a very efficient converter of feed to liveweight gain is vital for Rupert and he aims to get 1.4kg of liveweight gain a day. Calves are reared outdoors so that they learn to graze from day one, which ensures they are eager for grass when they enter the milking herd. But it s not only the cows that need to be top graziers the farm staff do, too. "Grassland management is the most important thing we do and I ensure we and the cows both have excellent grazing habits," he says.

    A plate meter is used to build a grass wedge online but that is just the start. Written notes are recorded everyday, with Rupert drilling himself and the herdsmen on being able to forecast future grass growth based on previous experiences. Behind the levels of management Rupert has instilled lies a very successful team of staff who benefit from the work-life balance Rupert has introduced. "This isn t a treadmill dairy farm, we have real focus at different times of the year, giving the flexibility to pursue other interests outside of farming," he says.

    And it s not just the team on the farm he has influenced. Every year he hosts a group of final-year agriculture students from Newcastle University and regularly takes on placements from local agricultural colleges. Having overseen wholesale changes on the farm and a rapid growth of the herd and the business, Rupert s focus for the immediate future is on consolidation and technical improvement to increase the value of the business. "The next three years will see no farm change, just farming free from distraction," he says.

    Jonathan Skinner Rokeles Hall, Watton, Thetford, Norfolk Jonathan Skinner is a grafter. When he greets us he s already been up since 2am delivering a batch of turkeys and quickly explains the need to start early to reduce stress on the birds in the summer heat. At 24 years of age, it s instantly clear this is a young man who is incredibly intimate with his business.

    Jonathan started farming six years ago when he went into partnership with his mother to start a small mixed arable, poultry and sheep farm. Having lost the family farm when his grandfather passed away at an early age, Jonathan seized the opportunity to purchase 121ha, which came on the market just before he was about to start studying agriculture at university. "We were so lucky to get on the land ladder at that time before land prices really escalated. It would have been completely prohibitive," he says.

    At university he had his work cut out running the farm and weekends weren t spent in university bars but sat on the combine or plotting new ventures and expansion of the business. In six years Jonathan has doubled the size of the home farm and increased the amount of land farmed by 500%. He s now farming 435ha on three different sites alongside a large contract rearing poultry enterprise.

    Seven miles down the road two ex-Bernard Matthews poultry sheds form the basis of his poultry business. He is one of Gressingham Foods largest contract poultry rearers, offering "bed and breakfast" to bronze and white turkeys and white pekin duck. The bronze turkeys are his "cream crop" and are produced to Freedom Food standards, with birds spending at least half their time outdoors.

    It s an "all-in" system, taking 35,000 birds into three sheds and removing them in batches over the course of two to three weeks. They are marketed to Tesco, Sainsbury s and Waitrose for the Christmas market. FARM FACTS One full-time staff member, three part-time and one student 435ha of combinable crops, sugar beet and vining peas Large "bed and breakfast" contract poultry-rearing enterprise with Gressingham Food At the heart of the business lies 435ha of light arable land on which Jonathan grows eight different crops.

    Sugar beet (81ha), wheat (71ha), barley (45ha) and oats (17ha) have all been part of the farm s rotation for many years. But Jonathan was determined the land could be doing better and diversified his crop base further. Oilseed rape (87ha), triticale (17ha), vining peas (28ha) and rye (18ha) on contract with Ryvita were all added to the rotation. "It s all swings and roundabouts but I really believe that growing a broad spectrum of crops reduces our risks," he says.

    In the past year he has more than doubled the gross margin of his crops by getting on top of disease control, the additional sale of straw and a better marketing strategy. With the extra crops and more land, Jonathan s machinery store is in large part to thank for such a rapid expansion of the business. He started out with a 12m sprayer and three-furrow plough before building up to the busy machinery workshop he has today.

    The machinery is supported by a growing contract farming business, which again is all managed by him. Aware of the limits of his light land, he ensures all the poultry muck is put back on the land and has even started trading resources with other farmers, recently exchanging straw for pig muck with a farmer in another part of the country. In his short tenure there has been a marked increase in biodiversity on the farm, with some arable land reverted to wild meadow.

    Ponds, beetle banks and skylark plots are dotted around the farm and have had a visible affect. For Jonathan, relationships with the local community are just as important as his relationship with the land. While he likes to do much of the work himself, he takes on part-time labour from around the local area in order to support jobs in the community.

    Grass margins of up to 12m around the perimeter of the farm are there to encourage walkers and riders from the area to make use of the countryside. And it s not just the public who come; he has hosted more than 40 visits to the farm from DEFRA, vets and other industry experts. Looking to the future, at the forefront of his mind is transitioning the B&B poultry enterprise into a "day-old-to-dead" facility, to pursue his ambition to make turkey more than a seasonal fixture on the British menu.

    Richard Tucker Ditchetts Farm, Tiverton, Devon If farming were as simple as Richard Tucker makes it look with his 200-dairy-cow enterprise, then people would be knocking down the door to get a foothold on the farming ladder. Energy, ambition and new ideas are the characteristics that the farming industry enjoys from young farmers, and Richard has demonstrated them all with remarkable simplicity and control."I have the underlying belief that farming should be kept as simple as possible, with fewer decisions to make and therefore fewer things to get wrong," he says. A year s placement during college in a fresh produce business taught him the value of a vertically integrated business and since returning home he s been applying this business model to milk production."My philosophy is to convert grass to milk," he says.

    And contrary to the majority of the UK dairy industry, he s not interested in high yields; all Richard wants is the highest margin a litre. Since joining the business in 2008, his focus has been on intensifying the farming system, reducing calving spread and growing more grass a hectare. His breeding of Jersey cross Friesians has paved the way for growing the milking herd from 140 to more than 200 cows in the past few years.

    FARM FACTS 151ha of tenanted pasture Spring block-calving milking herd of 200 Jersey cross Friesians with 140 followers Milk yield of 4,500 litres a cow a year off less than 500kg of concentrate and has grown Comparable Farm Profit from 3.54p/litre in 2010 to 9.39p/litre in 2012 With a target weight of 500kg a cow, he s a firm believer that bigger isn t always better. For Richard, cows in calf are the bricks and mortar of the business and a conception rate of 65% to first service shows his cows are in sublime condition. The farm produces an average yield of 4,500 litres a cow a year, with 4,100 litres coming from forage off his own farm.

    And that brings us to his next passion grass.Walking around the farm it s easy to see that Richard is as fond of his grass leys as he is of his cows. Pointing out the different varieties he s got at the moment on a preferential trial (which means the winner is whichever the cows eat the most of), he s able to identify the number of days growth and how long before the paddock sees its next rotation.In 2012, the cows were consuming an average 12.2t of DM of grass a hectare, compared with 11t back in 2011 and compared with the national average of 10.3t. Spending time and money looking after his soils to ensure the nutrient base is able to support grass growth is one of Richard s primary concerns.Seed-beds are aerated with a slitter to help improve the soil structure and the ryegrass pastures are rotated with fodder beet which the cows are outwintered on.

    Fertiliser is applied variably across the farm according to nutrient balance using a new precision spreader. All the paddocks are plate metered producing a grass wedge, which drives his feed budgeting for the year and allows him to keep purchase of concentrate feed to a minimum. The cows mob graze across the milking platform in 12-hour rotational slots with an average 30-day rotation between paddocks.While Richard s focused approach to keeping things simple and controlling costs is what defines his own business, his appetite for collaboration in the wider industry reveals a different side.

    His parents were founder members of the "Grass Masters" discussion group, which he attends once a month and benchmarks the performance of his business Supporting the next generation of farmers takes a lot of his energy. A demonstration of where milk comes from at the school where his girlfriend teaches resulted in the school looking at making agriculture a permanent fixture on the syllabus. And it s this interest in future farmers that has ultimately driven his approach to the family farm in the past six years." My aim is to build a sustainably profitable business with a work-life balance that will inspire other people into agriculture," he says.Like lots of dairy farmers, he doesn t want to spend his whole life in the milking pit and he knows that s very achievable.

    He s already exceeding his planned business growth rate of 16% a year, putting him on track for his ambition of a 2m business by 2020."The development of a business that is highly profitable at a time when milk is undervalued and with a cost base that has minimal exposure to commodity markets is what I consider my biggest achievement," he says. "Demonstrating strong, forward-thinking technical and business leadership skills, Richard, Rupert and Jonathan are really grasping their opportunity and leading the way as the next generation of farmers"

  • 2013: The End of Local Government as We Know It? With 2012 now in the rear view mirror, one thing is for certain - it was a year of great change for local authorities . A process of evolution has been ongoing for several years now as major budget cuts have forced councils to adapt or die (without wanting to put too fine a point on it). Furthermore, the necessity of offering the same (or more) for less is not going to go away any time soon.

    Those circumstances would be difficult enough alone, but public sector management has to find politically and socially acceptable solutions in the face of very public scrutiny. What one might consider the most efficient solution (indeed, the only solution) may not be welcomed with open arms by the people at large. With the above in mind, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to explore some of the high-profile stories of 2012 and look to what can be done to maintain or increase service delivery (whilst reducing cost) in 2013.

    2012 in Review One would be forgiven for considering strategic commissioning in 2012 as a year of bad press. It began in earnest with the news that Edinburgh Council had overturned plans to commission a major contract 1 just weeks after a preferred contractor had been appointed. Mitie 2 , the one-time provider, were unsurprisingly displeased with the drastic about turn: This process has been going on for almost two years and if there was a presumption against outsourcing, it should have been made clear at the beginning of the process thereby saving the council and all bidders considerable time and money. ( Source 3 ) The change of heart was due to Labour and Scottish National Party councillors uniting against the proposed contract, and the event gave birth to fears that other councils would follow suit in avoiding strategic commissioning.

    That would not be the last high-profile local authority commissioning story of the year but the greatest outsourcing failure of 2012 was without a doubt the Olympics/ G4S 4 fiasco . The self-proclaimed world s leading security company was unable to provide the full 10,000 trained guards as contracted and forced the British government to draft soldiers to fill the void. This most public of failures provided a nation with plenty of reasons to distrust the practice of outsourcing.

    In October strategic commissioning was dealt another blow with the announcement that Cornwall Council s planned 300m outsourcing contract with BT was to be put on hold 5 . This took place just a week after the former council leader, Alec Robertson, lost his job after a vote of no confidence. Although Cornwall Council and BT would later agree a reduced partnership 6 , the writing seemed to be on the wall for any council looking to outsource - beware the public and political backlash .

    Richard Cornelius, the leader of Barnet Council, learned that lesson the hard way. On November 6th he survived a vote of no confidence 7 over the proposed 1bn One Barnet outsourcing contract. This time it transpired that opposition came from both political opponents and colleagues alike 8 .

    What This Means for Delivering Better Services at a Lower Cost The above is merely a snapshot of the many outsourcing controversies that made headlines through 2012, but the message is clear strategic commissioning can be a dangerous practice perhaps more politically than in terms of the risk of failure. However, it remains a viable solution to an extremely difficult problem. Councils will have even less money in 2013 than they did in 2012 how can they be expected to maintain statutory services and retain non-statutory services when possible?

    Strategic commissioning is a solution (or perhaps the solution), as Labour Party councillor Sir Albert Bore explains in the context of Birmingham City Council s plans for 2013: With the above said, let s take a look at the three elements that are required in order to succeed in commissioning public sector services.

    1. Prioritising and Optimising Services Some of the easiest budget cuts are to be found in the streamlining and reduction of services. It is a sad fact that most councils simply cannot afford, under any circumstances, to maintain their level of service across the board in 2013.

    The priority must be on building efficiencies in the most important services and giving careful consideration to the reduction of non-essential services. Although it might not intuitively seem possible, it is possible to maintain the net output of mandatory services whilst reducing costs. For instance, changing user behaviour is one area that offers major benefits.

    A good example of this in action would be encouraging citizens to be more responsible in their recycling practices in order to reduce waste management costs. Innovative thinking is likely to be the cornerstone of any council s budgetary success in 2013.

    2. Commissioning Effectively Whilst outsourcing may not always be politically popular (due to the potential loss of local jobs amongst other factors), it offers a genuine opportunity to cut costs whilst maintaining or even improving service levels.

    In our experience there are two particular areas in which local authorities struggle: Aligning business outcomes with contract terms and contracting effectively A recognition of one s rights and the provider s duties If an outsourcing contract clearly identifies quantifiable goals that accurately represent a council s desired outcomes and the council understands that the provider subsequently has a duty to deliver, one can be optimistic of a beneficial outcome. In addressing the two areas above we recommend the following free white papers: The 5 Steps to Successful Strategic Commissioning 9 Strategic Vendor Responsibilities 10 3. Managing the Political and PR Environment At the moment one could put the argument forward that both politicians and communities are shooting themselves in the foot in their vehement opposition to strategic commissioning.

    After all, it is arguably often the only viable solution to a big problem . In reality, an acceptance of the reality of required change is necessary, and pro-outsourcing councillors need to persuade their peers and constituents accordingly. The process of change is often rejected under the guise of protecting jobs or an existing bundle of services, which on the face of it makes perfect sense.

    Communities don t want to see jobs going elsewhere (especially in the current economic climate), and without wanting to sound too cynical, objecting to the loss of local jobs is an easy (and effective) strategy for opposing politicians to adopt. The key is in building consensus and providing politicians with the required resources to sell constituents on strategic commissioning. Politicians need to persuade the people that the potential loss of local jobs is the lesser of two evils when compared with a drastic reduction in service provision and/or bankruptcy of the council.

    Conclusion 2013 is a year of opportunity for local authorities. Although the public sector is operating under extremely austere conditions, the huge pressure of delivering more for less should be taken as a chance to drastically improve service efficiency. Doing so will certainly not be easy.

    The technical issues cannot be overstated, but nor can the political and PR environment.

    Getting public buy-in is the first step ensuring that the service is then commissioned and managed effectively follows.

    Creative Commons image courtesy of Sprengben 11 References ^ Edinburgh deals blow to outsourcing (www.ft.com) ^ Mitie (www.mitie.com) ^ Source (www.ft.com) ^ G4S (www.g4s.us) ^ Cornwall Council Puts BT Outsourcing Deal On Hold (www.techweekeurope.co.uk) ^ Cornwall Council agrees reduced partnership with BT which will still deliver savings and create jobs in Cornwall (www.cornwall.gov.uk) ^ Barnet council leader survives confidence vote (local-government.governmentcomputing.com) ^ Barnet's 'easyCouncil' plan unravels as more Tories oppose cuts and privatising (www.guardian.co.uk) ^ The 5 Steps to Successful Strategic Commissioning (www.bestpracticegroup.com) ^ Strategic Vendor Responsibilities (www.bestpracticegroup.com) ^ Sprengben (www.flickr.com)

  • 3

  • 360 Business Networking comes to Watton The Breckland View Connecting Communities 360 Business Networking have announced that following the successful launch last year in Dereham the group is now coming to Watton, and are inviting local business to the first meeting on 9th September the Broom Hall Country Hotel, we will meet at 7:15 and be finished by 9am.

    Subsequently we will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, dovetailing nicely with the 1st and 3rd Fridays when the Dereham branch meet

  • 5

  • 5 Family Tickets East Anglian Game & Country Fair The 2015 East Anglian Game & Country Fair will take place on Saturday the 25 th & Sunday the 26 th April, at The Norfolk Showground, Norwich. Iceni Post has teamed up with the East Anglian Game & Country Fair to provide you with the chance to win one of five family tickets. The Five entries drawn out of the hat were from: Beccles x 2, Kings Lynn, Stowmarket, & Great Yarmouth Entry closing date was 31st March 2015 But you still have time to Save Money by Booking in Advance!

    Advance Discounted Ticket Prices Adult 13.00 Children 5-16 Years 5.00 Family (2 Adults & 3 Children 5-16yrs) 36.00 Under 5 s Free A 2 booking fee applies per transaction. (Closing date for advance discounted tickets 20/04/15) If you would like to speak to one of our team about tickets, camping or membership please feel free to call us on 01263 735 828 or email info@ukgamefair.co.uk 1 The East Anglian Game & Country Fair is an annual two day, family event set in glorious parkland at the Norfolk Showground, Norwich. We welcome world class events and attractions to the Norfolk Showground each year. Whether it s watching the main arena or countryside arena displays, seeing the forestry village with cutting and pole climbing competitions, joining in with your dog at the K9 Aqua Dog pool, shopping at the 300 tradestands or relaxing with a glass of bubbly at the members enclosure.

    We hope you will find something for the whole family to enjoy at the show, including your dog. Visit our show events and attractions pages online to view a selection of the fantastic displays on offer at the Game Fair. www.ukgamefair.co.uk 2 See more details about the fair here 3 advert We can promote your business 4 every week on the Iceni Post!

    Related References ^ info@ukgamefair.co.uk (icenipost.com) ^ www.ukgamefair.co.uk (www.ukgamefair.co.uk) ^ East Anglian Game & Country Fair, April 25th & 26th 2015 (icenipost.com) ^ business (icenipost.com)

  • 50 Christmas Trees in a Church, Dickleburgh – The Winners 2015 ... Annie Chapman with the Ladies Tractor Road Run tree The 12th annual 50 Christmas Trees in a Church at All Saints Dickleburgh, drew to a close on Sunday, December 6, with the prize-giving for the 23 most popular trees voted by visitors to the festival. Ladies Tractor Road Run (for Cancer Research UK s breast cancer appeal) was the winner in the adult category for their tree decorated with tiny pink bras. Susan Whymark Funeral Service came second with an amazing dress tree and Culrose Residential Care Home were third with their gingerbread themed tree.

    1st Dickleburgh Rainbows, with Harleston District Girl Guiding s plastic bottle tree.

    1st Dickleburgh Rainbows, who combined with Harleston District Girl Guiding, won the children s category with their fabulous plastic bottle tree, displaying Christmas messages of hope. Harleston CE VA Primary School came second with their Hands of Hope tree and Burston Community Primary School was third with their gingerbread house tree. The Nick Arnull Plate, for the most innovative tree, was shared by Susan Whymark Funeral Service and 1st Dickleburgh Rainbows with Harleston District Girl Guiding.

    The Christmas Tree festival has raised 2,000 for EACH (East Anglia s Children s Hospices) and a donation will also be made to Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Oncology Department, with residual funds being retained by the Benefice of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams. Rowena Roskelly, one of the festival s organisers, said: We have had an excellent week. I would particularly like to thank all the volunteers who helped set up the church and look after visitors throughout the Christmas Tree festival.

    Thanks also go the local organisations and businesses who contributed such a superb collection of decorated trees; many congratulations to all the winners. This has been the last 50 Christmas Trees in a Church at Dickleburgh, although some of the volunteers are thinking about running something different in the church during Advent 2016. For more information about 50 Christmas Trees in a Church , including the full list of winners, see www.50christmastrees.com 1 .

    Related References ^ http://www.50christmastrees.com Ctrl+Click or tap to follow the link (www.50christmastrees.com)

  • A

  • A Music of Grief, Classical Music and The First World War ... - IceniPost This year s Wymondham Music Festival music lecture by Dr Kate Kennedy is A Music of Grief, Classical Music and The First World War .

    The lecture is free to attend and starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 June, at Fairland Church Centre.

    The event is supported by Rotary Club of Wymondham and Fairland United Reformed Church.

  • A Spa Treat: Relax and be pampered in Barnham Broom's luxury ... Relax and be pampered in Barnham Broom s luxury Spa Leave the world outside and enjoy some wonderful treatments in Barnham Broom s luxury spa. The spa is open to everyone, so whether you live nearby, staying in the hotel or visiting the area, indulge yourself for a few hours of relaxation. The wonderful range of holistic massage and beauty treatments will leave you feeling radiant and refreshed.

    Barnham Broom offer an extensive range of facials, massages, body wraps, hand and nail treatments, tanning and make up applications, as well as some wonderful holistic treatments to soothe body and mind such as Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candles. The team of spa therapists are highly qualified and have years of experience, so you know you re in good hands. Before commencing any treatment they ll talk to you about what you re looking for and they ll tailor their approach to ensure the perfect treatment for you.

    The Spa at Barnham Broom is a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. With five spacious treatment suites, each with their own private shower facilities that are finished to an impeccably high standard. Making sure they provide the best spa treatments also means using the highest quality spa products.

    They ve selected ranges from ESPA, St Tropez, Mii and Jessica to use for all treatments for their unsurpassed luxury and fantastic results. With a range of spa packages available for day and overnight spa breaks, The Spa at Barnham Broom is perfect for a relaxing break, a special occasion or a gift for a loved one. Call The Spa direct on 01603 757545 to book your appointment.

    We are situated at the Barnham Broom Hotel, Honingham Road, Norwich NR9 4DD Treat yourself to a Spa Break: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-breaks 1 Treat yourself to a Day Spa: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/day-spa-packages 2 Treat yourself to some me-time: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa 3 Check out our monthly special offers: www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-offers 4 Barnham Broom Luxury Spa Related References ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-breaks (www.barnham-broom.co.uk) ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/day-spa-packages (www.barnham-broom.co.uk) ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa (www.barnham-broom.co.uk) ^ www.barnham-broom.co.uk/spa-offers (www.barnham-broom.co.uk)

  • A talk by textile artist Polly Binns 2nd Feb 2016 The Norfolk Contemporary Craft Society is pleased to announce another lecture celebrating the Francis Cheetham Legacy A talk by textile artist Polly Binns Personal Perspectives 7pm on Tuesday 2 nd February 2016 At Norwich and Norfolk Community Arts Martineau Memorial Hall, 21 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BN www.norcaarts.co.uk/contact-us.html 1 Tickets on the door 5 3 to NCCS Members and Friends A glass of wine or soft drink included www.norfolkcraft.co.uk 2 Textile artist, Polly Binns, considers why and how we become the artists we are.

    Polly talks about her work inspired by the tidal landscape of North Norfolk in relation to her artist family background and career in HE education and arts advisory work.

    advert Bars4U licensed bar services Related References ^ www.norcaarts.co.uk/contact-us.html (www.norcaarts.co.uk) ^ www.norfolkcraft.co.uk (www.norfolkcraft.co.uk)

  • “A taser is not a toy” say police as 14-year-old arrested over injury to ... To embed this post, copy the code below on your site 600px wide 400px wide 300px wide
  • A WEEKEND OF VARIED EMOTIONS A WEEKEND OF VARIED EMOTIONS Last weekend was a mixture of frustration (to put it mildly in one case), disappointment, encouragement and excitement for our teams as summarised below. Ladies 1sts . The team laboured to a deserved 4-1 win at a cold Weybread over bottom-placed Ipswich.

    Emma Lee-Smith put them ahead in the first half only for a lively Ipswich to equalise after the break. The game was then transformed when seemingly out of the blue Abby Gooderham fired home one of the goals of the season with a superb reverse stick shot from the edge of the circle. Susan Wessels then converted a penalty corner before Abby set up Susan for a simple tap-in after another piece of individual skill.

    With time running out Abby seemed destined for a deserved second goal only for the umpire to blow for the end of the game with the ball about to roll into the unguarded goal! The team remains in fourth place and this coming Saturday is away to Maidenhead (1.30). Ladies 2nds.

    There was further frustration for the team when they conceded two early goals away to St Albans 2nds following decisions which on another day might have gone in their favour. But they went on to battle hard combined with some excellent hockey and they got a deserved late goal when Kara Kilbourn deflected home at a penalty corner. With this 2-1 defeat the team need to win at least two of their last three games (starting at home this Saturday against Maidstone (2.00) to have any chance of avoiding relegation.

    Ladies 3rds . After their 6-0 away win over Pelicans 2nds (with goals by Sarah Legg 2, Millie Preece 2, Katie Ogden and Mia King) and the draw for the 4ths the team now lead their league by three points from the 4ths who have a game in hand. Katie Woollatt was MOTM.

    This Saturday Lucy Field and her team are at home after four successive away games when they host third-placed UEA 2nds (3.30). Ladies 4ths . After five wins on the trot the team had to be content with a 1-1 home draw against a gritty Norwich City 2nds.

    Laura Tibbenham put them ahead in the first half after considerable City pressure and City hit back with a scrappy goal after the break for a deserved equaliser. Despite these two dropped points Treacle Griffin and her team can still win the league but they have a tricky away game with fourth placed Norwich Dragons 3rds (11.30) this Saturday who drew last weekend after coming up against the resolute defence of lowly Evergreens. END OF SEASON SENIOR AWARDS EVENING including Buffet & Disco SATURDAY 19 MARCH, APOLLO CLUB, HARLESTON Arrive 7.30pm Awards 8.00pm Taxis 12.00am.

    Dress: Smart Tickets (which must be purchased in advance) are 20.00 and are available from clubhouse bar or from Jackie and Kevin Ridley 01379 854697 or 07815 199803. Please come to help make this evening both enjoyable and successful. Ladies 5ths .

    Two weeks ago in a re-arranged away game the team went down 6-3 to Watton 2nds but they were determined there would be no repeat at home and they ran out comfortable 4-0 winners. Imi Meynell-Anderson and Alice Evans-Hendrick put them 2-0 up at half time and skipper Jose Tibbenham made the game save with a couple later in the game. Fourth place is still attainable by the team but they will need to keep winning including at home to UEA 3rds on Saturday (10.15).

    Ladies 6ths . It was good to see the team earn a deserved point at home in a 2-2 draw with Evergreens 2nds. Ellie Fawkner gave them a first half lead and after Evergreens fought back to take the lead Ellie popped up with the equaliser with five minutes to go in an end to end match.

    This Saturday they are away to Norwich Dragons 6ths (3.15). Ladies 7ths . With a scheduled 5.30 start away to Norwich City 7ths the team knew they were in for a late finish.

    In the event with a delayed start they eventually came off the pitch at 7.20! After starting with ten players they lost Jane Collins through injury. Nevertheless they put up in a strong performance eventually losing 3-0.

    This week they are at home to Pelicans 3rds (12.15). Girls Development . Manager Sandra Elliner was obliged to select a very young side to play Pelicans with several players unavailable as they were playing the next day and with four playing for the 6ths.

    After a good game Pelicans came out on top winning 2-0. This Saturday the team is away to Yarmouth (10.00) whom they beat 5-0 in the middle of December. Men s 1sts.

    They just had to win their home match on Sunday with Teddington to keep alive their very slim national league survival hopes but it wasn t to be sadly as they went down 5-3. Myles King (with his first national league goal) and Ben Wright (with a penalty stroke conversion) had given the team the boost of a two-goal lead. Teddington hit back just before the interval and the game was transformed early in the second half with Teddington scoring three times in four minutes.

    Myles then scored again to give Magpies some hope but seeking an equaliser Magpies were caught on the break and the visitors, for whom it was good see out-on-loan Carl Sitch playing against his brother Leigh, scored again to win 5-3. This Sunday the team play their last home game of the season when they host Cambridge City at the changed time of 12 noon. Men s 2nds .

    Skipper Lawrence Baynes and his team were looking to build on their fine away win over Spalding when they took on fellow-strugglers Cambridge Univ 2nds at Weybread. It was soon clear they were in for a tough game and it was good to see Sam Moore and Richard Ling playing for Magpies for whom Thomas Ridley was in sparkling form. After a keen struggle the game seemed to be heading for a goalless draw but the students struck with five minutes to go.

    This spurred Magpies on even further and Thomas gave them a deserved equaliser. While now off the bottom of the league Magpies will need to win at least two of their last four games to avoid relegation starting hopefully away to Felixstowe on Saturday (2.00). Men s 3rds .

    The team knew they were in for a tough game against league leaders IES 2nds despite beating them at home 5-1 earlier in the season. They conceded two sloppy goals early in the game and after getting to half time without further damage they let in another soon after.

    3-0 down soon came 4-0 but third-placed Magpies hit back with late goals by Jake Sewell and skipper Matt Brand to lose 4-2. With three games left promotion is still a possibility for Magpies but they will need to beat Norwich City 4ths at home on Saturday (1.45) to have a realistic chance.

    END OF SEASON SENIOR AWARDS EVENING including Buffet & Disco please see above Men s 4ths . After their fine win over IES 3rds the previous week the team took a big step to avoiding relegation when they beat IES 4ths 1-0 away to move up to 5th place in their league. Their goal came in the last minute through Ali Williamson with his first for the club in thirteen years after he beat three players in the circle.

    What a goal! But they are still not completely safe although a win on Saturday at home to North Norfolk 2nds (12.00) would do the trick. Men s 5ths .

    They were up against league leaders Bury St Edmunds 4ths in the last game at Weybread by which time I have to confess I had sought the warmth of the clubhouse and with it an excellent meal thanks to the Ladies 1sts. Andy Caston twice brought his team level before Bury pulled away to lead 5-2. Lewis Belsey then scored to make the final score a respectable 5-3.

    On Saturday they are away to Thetford Town (2.30) who like them are in mid-table comfort. Men s 6ths . Eric Davy s team continues to amaze!

    Their 2-1 home win over Norwich Dragons 5ths was their seventh in their last eight games with the other ending in a draw. They were a goal down at half time before Eric got the equaliser (although this was incorrectly challenged in the clubhouse by jealous team-mates!) after Jon Wells had created the penalty corner. With seven minutes to go and with an appreciative roar from the spectators Richard Chopper Allcock fired home the winner after a shot from Roger Kent had come back off a post.

    The prospect of promotion for the team remains a concern (!) but they have three demanding games remaining including away to Norfolk Nomads on Saturday (2.30). Boys Development . While father Andy was scoring a brace for the 5ths sons Tom and Jake Caston were scoring the four goals by which the Dev team won 4-0 away to Pelicans.

    Tom went one better than his father scoring three times while Jake had to be content with one. The team, which does not have a game this week, is now back on the top of their league two points ahead of Norwich Dragons (having played a game more) who they play away on Saturday week. Mixed.

    The team is at home to Norwich City on Sunday (2.00) in the 3rd round of the EH Trophy. U18 Girls. The team had the frustration of their mini-bus breaking down on their long trip to play Neston South Wirral on Sunday in the quarter-finals of the EH Plate.

    They then had the further frustration of losing 1-0 through a late goal. But to their credit they honoured the fixture. U16 Girls.

    Frustration mixed with bewilderment (and something stronger) must have be the emotions of the team and their supporters when after beating Cambridge City 2-1 and drawing 1-1 with hosts Leicester in the regional finals their game against Worcester was called off with ten minutes to go when they were leading 8-0 (with Abby Gooderham scoring a remarkable seven goals). The reason being that it says in the rules no team may lose by more than eight goals. This meant our team lost out to Leicester on goal difference of two after Leicester had surprisingly beaten a strong looking Cambridge City 8-0.

    U16 Boys. They had drama of their own at the regional finals in Canterbury drawing 3-3 with Teddington after being three up with six minutes to play. They then came from two down to draw 2-2 with Old Loughtonians before losing 3-1 to Canterbury.

    U14 Girls. They missed out on reaching their regional final when they lost 3-2 away to Norwich City. They recovered from 3-0 down with goals by Grace Collison and Georgie Cantrell and were pressing for the equaliser at the final whistle.

    U14 Boys. The team is through to the Midlands regional final on goal difference after Norwich Dragons beat Bury St Edmunds 3-1 on Sunday. U10/U12 Boys and Girls.

    Congratulations to our four A teams who have qualified for the East Finals to be held at Weybread over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 16/17 April after their exciting successes in the Norfolk Championships at Pelicans HC on Sunday. The U10 Girls finished as champions while the other teams came second. This coming Sunday they will be joined by our B teams, who had their own event at Weybread, when they all compete in the Norwich Dragons Minis.

    Finally, a remarkable record at Weybread last Saturday when on the sand-based pitch there was a member of the Davy family playing in all four games for Magpies, namely Louise (10.45 for the 5ths), Katie (12.15 for the Development), father Eric (1.45 for the 6ths) and Louise and Julie and mother Marie (3.15 for the 6ths). Best of luck to all our teams this weekend. Please see the website for the full list of fixtures.

    With kind regards Mike Denham MDenham975@aol.com 1/3/16 www.magpies-hockey.co.uk web site hosted and managed by IceniPost.com 1 2 advert Barnham Broom Winter Golf Offers Related References ^ www.magpies-hockey.co.uk (www.magpies-hockey.co.uk) ^ IceniPost.com (icenipost.com)

  • A47 closure, A11 crash, train delay - Watton and Swaffham Times 08:09 11 December 2014 Tom Bristow 1 Crash on A11 at Chippenham. Photo: Forest Heath Police/Twitter Forest Heath Police/Twitter The A47 has been partially closed at Swaffham after a manhole collapsed this morning. One lane is closed King s Lynn bound near Swaffham while the damage is repaired.

    There were also minor delays on the A11 southbound this morning following a crash at Chippenham near Barton Mills at around 6.30am. Police said one person suffered minor injuries in the crash and one lane was temporarily closed to allow emergency services through. A breathalyser test showed the driver had some alcohol in their system but was not over the drink drive limit.

    There were also delays on the trains this morning of around 15 minutes on the Norwich to London line. Rail operator Greater Anglia said this was being caused by freight train congestion around Ipswich and an earlier broken down train. They are journeys that hundreds of thousands of people across East Angliia make every year as they commute to work, travel to meet loved ones or enjoy excursions out.

    Like many literary tales this one starts out with our heroes not quite knowing what is in store for them and ending up with the world at their feet. Thirty years of campaigning and traffic headaches have come to an end as the vision of a fully-dualled A11 is finally realised. A little-known part of Norfolk s First World War history which was to be lost through time has been safeguarded thanks to a determined community project.

    References ^ Tom Bristow (www.wattonandswaffhamtimes.co.uk)

  • About Breckland Artists Breckland Artists is a group of professional artists who live and work mainly in the South-West of Norfolk. Currently seventeen strong, it formed in 2002 following participation of the founder members in the Norfolk Open Studios scheme the previous year. The subsequent years saw Breckland Artists reputation for work of the highest standards grow, and it has established itself as one of Norfolk s premier professional groups.

    A major factor in this success must be due to the wide diversity of influences, media and disciplines exhibited by the artists. Painting forms a large percentage of the exhibited work, but ceramics, sculpture, glass, textiles, photography and printmaking feature strongly. The members set high standards for themselves and for the group, and are constantly aiming to raise the bar of creative achievement Breckland Artists hold at least two major exhibitions annually.

    The Summer Show, the group s main showcase, is currently held in the fine space of The Forum in the centre of Norwich. We would be happy to consider applications for membership. Applicants need to demonstrate technical ability and enthusiam for tasks associated with the administration of the group.

    Success is not based solely on how competent an artist is but also on what elements they bring to the group.

    Our aim in exhibiting is to present a collection of work which is diverse but complimentary, this will be considered during the selection procedure.

    If you would like to be considered please email jpegs of your work or your website address to mail@brecklandartists.com 1 References ^ mail@brecklandartists.com (brecklandartists.com)

  • About one month to go for businesses to enter Spirit of Enterprise ... BUSINESSES have just over one month left to enter a prestigious annual awards scheme which aims to celebrate and raise the profile of successful businesses across the Great Yarmouth borough. The Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2015 is organised by enterpriseGY, Great Yarmouth Borough Council s business support service, and is a chance for top-performing businesses of all sizes, sectors and ages to step into the spotlight. Interest in the prestigious awards scheme has been growing since entries opened on Tuesday, June 23.

    Businesses have until 4pm on Friday, September 11 to put themselves forward in the various categories. It is free-of-charge to enter and finalists will be profiled in a supplement in the Great Yarmouth Mercury, with winners appearing in a further supplement. The winner of each category, plus the winner of the overall 2015 Business of the Year Award, will be revealed at a glittering awards ceremony, at the Town Hall on Friday, November 20.

    For the first time, applications can be filled out and submitted online at www.soea.co.uk 1 via a new online entry system, which makes it quicker and easier for businesses to enter multiple categories. There is also a new category for 2015, Great Family Owned Business. Each award is backed by a local organisation.

    Sponsors choose the winner in their category from three finalists shortlisted by a local independent panel or the category sponsor themselves, and also benefit from publicity at the ceremony and in the newspaper supplements. The main sponsor is local chartered accountants, Lovewell Blake LLP, which will choose the 2015 Business of the Year from the winners of the other categories. The categories are: Business of the Year sponsored by Lovewell Blake LLP Great Manufacturing/Engineering Business sponsored by Great Yarmouth College Great New Business sponsored by Itron Great International Growth sponsored by GYB Services Ltd Great Investment in Young People sponsored by Subsea Technology and Rentals Great Business Growth sponsored by the Great Yarmouth Mercury Great Business Idea sponsor TBC Great Community Contribution sponsor TBC Great Customer Service sponsored by Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area Great Family Owned Business Birketts Cllr Graham Plant, the council leader, said: The awards scheme, now in its eighth year, has grown in stature year-on-year and is a fantastic showcase of businesses of all sizes, sectors and ages from across the borough, and of the strength of the local economy.

    There is now just over one month left for the many successful businesses across the borough to take up this fantastic opportunity to showcase themselves on a very public platform. Several entries have already come in and the new online application system makes it quicker and easier than ever before to enter multiple categories. We always have great feedback from both the entrants and sponsors, with last year s awards ceremony considered the best yet.

    So if you think you could win a category or even be crowned the 2015 Business of the Year, make sure you submit the entry form by Friday, September 11. Businesses and potential sponsors seeking more information can visit www.soea.co.uk 2 or call Sally Pearson, enterpriseGY programme development officer, on 01493 846632. Notes: The Spirit of Enterprise Awards is the centrepiece of a two-year programme of enhanced activities by enterpriseGY, supported by the Coastal Communities Fund, which aims to create and safeguard more than 260 jobs, address seasonality and raise the perception of Great Yarmouth to that of the Enterprise Town for Business Growth and Job Creation .

    enterpriseGY, based in the Novus Centre, at The Conge, Great Yarmouth, is a joint borough council- and CCF-funded programme for businesses in Great Yarmouth offering business support, business advice and training for start-up businesses and existing businesses. The Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) aims to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by awarding funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs. Since the start of the CCF in 2012, grants have been awarded to 145 organisations across the UK to the value of 71million.

    This funding is forecast to deliver 9,184 jobs and help attract around 115million of additional funds to coastal areas.

    The Big Lottery Fund is delivering the CCF on behalf of UK Government and the Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    advert Monarch Catering Services, Norfolk, Suffolk Related References ^ www.soea.co.uk (www.soea.co.uk) ^ www.soea.co.uk (www.soea.co.uk)

  • ABPCO AGM reveals new board appointments – Conference News Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 People Also Read The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO) has announced key appointments to the board at its AGM held at The ICC Birmingham. The board, which will see Caroline Windsor and Nicole Leida continue as joint-chairs, welcomes Sarah Fitzpatrick (Conference Partners Ltd) and Therese Dolan (Diabetes UK) to reinforce the focus on the membership balance of agency and in-house PCO members. The inclusion of both Sarah and Therese onto the board has given the association a real boost ahead of what we anticipate being a memorable 2016, said Windsor.

    At the AGM, the announcements were followed by an overview of the 2016 business plan as well as sessions educating members about Trailblazer Apprenticeships and the LivingWage4Events campaign. On behalf of our members and the board, I want to thank Rachel for what was a fascinating glimpse into the challenges she has faced and how we can all relate as event professionals, said Leida. The full board structure is: Caroline Windsor, TFI Group Ltd, joint chair Nicole Leida, National Cancer Research Institute, joint chair Heather Lishman, association director Anthony Hyde, treasurer Rose Padmore, Opening Doors and Venues Therese Dolan, Diabetes UK Sarah Fitzpatrick, Conference Partners Ltd Aileen Crawford, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau Rhodri Thomas, ICRETH at Leeds Beckett University Celia Lloyd, Intelligent Events Ltd Sue Etherington, QEII Centre Clare Beach, Azura Events Ltd Sandra Eyre, ACC Liverpool Noemi La Torre, University of Greenwich Adam Baggs, Soaring Worldwide Jennifer Jenkins, and Michael Foreman both former chairs of ABPCO, have received honorary life memberships in recognition of their contributions to the association.

    For more information about ABPCO visit www.abpco.org.

    Prev Post 1 Virtual and augmented reality evening added to UK Events Week calendar 2 Next post 3 Butlin s Conference & Events inflates event space with new M3 Air domes 4 Related Posts References ^ Prev Post (www.conference-news.co.uk) ^ Virtual and augmented reality evening added to UK Events Week calendar (www.conference-news.co.uk) ^ Next post (www.conference-news.co.uk) ^ Butlin s Conference & Events inflates event space with new M3 Air domes (www.conference-news.co.uk)

  • absolute body conditioningABSOLUTE BODY CONDITIONING | PERSONAL TRAINING | SPECIALISING IN VIIT & HIIT FITNESS Jul 27, 2015 Personal Training in your home to achieve your goals Introductory offers available including body composition analysis & initial testing Tailor made programs to suit you 1-2-1 or small group sessions For more information or to book an appointment: call Lisa on 07787 279597 Visit my Facebook Page 1 at Absolute Body Conditioning ABC H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) KS Xtreme (H.I.I.T) Armageddon Training (Variable Intensity Interval Training) Circuit Training (V.I.I.T) Kettlebell Training (V.I.I.T) Beccles Sports Centre Monday Evenings 6.15-6.45 pm The Dojo at the old Chaucer Club, Bungay Wednesday Evenings 6.30-7.00 pm Friday Mornings 9.30-10.00 am Related About the author Nigel Bedingfield is the editor of Iceni Post and Director of imajaz limited This site uses cookies, would you like to continue?Yes I'm happy to proceed 🙂 More info please? 2 References ^ Facebook Page (www.facebook.com) ^ More info please? (icenipost.com)
  • Access to Music Norwich somewhereto workshops 22 October 2014 SYCO Entertainment in association with somewhereto_ invite local young people in Norwich to showcase their skills and be mentored by professional talent scouts somewhereto_ are co-hosting tailored workshops and open auditions to help develop artist evolution somewhereto.com 1 - 22 October 2014 | 4pm 9pm Access to Music Norwich, EPIC, 114 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JD - Working in association with regional delivery partners Creative Arts East, somewhereto_ will be co-hosting an evening of workshops and open auditions with SYCO Entertainment (Simons Cowell s TV and Music Production Company) , giving local undiscovered talent the opportunity to meet with industry professionals. somewhereto_ is a UK wide youth project delivered by Livity and funded by a 7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund to support its nationwide expansion to 2016. Helping 16-25 year olds access free spaces in their communities, to launch and develop creative and enterprising projects.

    Open to 16-25 year olds , on Wednesday 22 October 2014 from 4pm 9pm somewhereto_ in association with SYCO Entertainment will co-host workshops and auditions at Access to Music Norwich to help young people develop key industry skills. Top Talent Producers at SYCO Entertainment, are donating their free time and expertise to somewhereto_ as industry mentors (recently hosting workshops during summer of somewhereto_), offering advice and insight to young people pursuing careers in entertainment. Whether their talent is singing, dancing, playing instruments or juggling objects, the day is designed to help young people establish best practices, boost confidence and develop artist evolution.

    Local young people are invited to submit interest at elly@somewhereto.org 2 where they can sign up to the workshop and be given the incredible chance to perform in front of professional talent scouts.

    Speaking ahead of the event, Elly Wilson, regional delivery partner for somewhereto_ in the East of England, says: This is such an exciting event to take place locally in Norwich, giving young people from the Eastern Region a great opportunity to showcase their talents and gain confidence in the field they love. - www.creativeartseast.co.uk 3 MIKE DANIELS Trailer Sales 01986 893025 Related References ^ somewhereto.com (somewhereto.com) ^ elly@somewhereto.org (icenipost.com) ^ www.creativeartseast.co.uk (www.creativeartseast.co.uk)

  • Accused abused hospital employee (From Worcester News) HOSPITAL staff were racially abused by a man after he downed prescription drugs with vodka. Andrew Boulter admitted racially aggravated assault when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court. In court, he apologised for repeatedly using a derogatory term towards an Asian security guard at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Wednesday, April 15.

    Police were called to Boulter s home in Tudor Way, Dines Green, Worcester, after a caller reported serious concerns for his safety. When they arrived the officers discovered Boulter had actually taken diazepam and alcohol, said Marie Watton, prosecuting. He was rushed to the hospital A&E department but while there he became aggressive while he was treated and had to be restrained by both medics and security staff, according to Miss Watton.

    Boulter was then escorted out and sat at a bus shelter watched by two hospital security guards. When police arrived Boulter started swearing and was warned about his language. It was then the security guard told them the 38-year-old had been racially abusing him.

    When officers went to speak to Mr Boulter about the allegations, he pointed at the security guard and again racially abused him, said Miss Watton. Boulter was arrested and under interview told officers he had taken more than his usual dose of diazepam washed down with a couple of vodkas , said Miss Watton. Emma Smith, in mitigation said Boulter had objected to being pinned down, adding: Medical staff were trying to treat him but he didn t see it that way.

    He said the words were said in drink and accepts his remarks were hurtful.

    Boulter received an 18-month conditional discharge but was warned by chairman of the bench Paul Vaughan not to come before the court again.

  • Active Norfolk: Get in Gear The Tour of Britain is ComingActive Norfolk: Get in Gear The Tour of Britain is Coming Aug 13, 2015 Active Norfolk The Tour of Britain is Coming! & Other News Please click on preview image below to view newsletter in a new window: iceni post advert AAlways wanted to learn a martial art?

    Then Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club!

    It s never too late, we teach both the young and the not so young Related About the author Nigel Bedingfield is the editor of Iceni Post and Director of imajaz limited This site uses cookies, would you like to continue?Yes I'm happy to proceed 🙂 More info please? 1 References ^ More info please? (icenipost.com)

  • Adam Johnson trial: Girl met footballer for 'kiss and more ... A girl has described how she met footballer Adam Johnson for a thank you kiss and more after he signed football shirts for her. The girl s account was given to police and the video recording of the interview was shown at the player s trial at Bradford Crown Court. Mr Johnson, 28, who has 12 England caps, is accused of two counts of sexual activity with a child.

    The former Sunderland and Middlesbrough footballer denies the charges. The girl, who was aged 15 at the time of the alleged incident, described how the winger was her favourite player. I got a message from Sunderland player Adam Johnson who I d idolised for quite a while, she said.

    Well up for it The girl said that after exchanging messages, she first met up with him on 17 January 2015 when he signed two Sunderland shirts for her. She said the player continued to message her, requesting a thank you kiss . I was well up for it.

    It was a surreal type of thing, she told the police officer. I met up with him again. I gave him his thank you kiss and more, she said.

    Mr Johnson sat in the dock watching the recording of the girl give her account on two large video screens. The court heard her describe how Mr Johnson exchanged WhatsApp messages with her after their first meeting, saying you owe me for this . At the second meeting, in the player s Range Rover, she claimed he said to her: I ve come for my thank you kiss.

    The girl said: I was kissing him for quite a while. He undid the button on my trousers. It took him a while to do that.

    Knew it was wrong The girl then described sexual activity between the pair. Later in the interview, the police officer asked the girl what the player knew about her. She replied he knew her age, her school year and where she sat at Sunderland home matches.

    He asked me when I was 16, she said. Asked how she felt, the girl said: As much as I expected it to happen, I was a bit shocked it had. I sort of knew I had done something wrong.

    It wasn t that I didn t want it or anything. I just knew it was wrong. The jury of eight women and four men was played a second police interview during which the girl described more serious alleged sexual contact.

    She said a sex act happened for three or four seconds during the pair s second meeting in his car, on 30 January last year. The woman police officer asked her how she felt. She said: Not very good.

    I was disappointed in myself. Tried to forget about it When the officer asked her why she did not mention the more serious sexual contact in the first interview, she said that there was evidence on text messages to back up everything else she said, but not this sex act. The girl broke down in tears and asked for a break when she was questioned over a video link by Mr Johnson s barrister Orlando Pownall QC about why she had asked friends to lie about what happened.

    After a short break granted by Judge Jonathan Rose, she said: I wanted to keep him (Johnson) out of trouble. I didn t want to get him in more trouble than he was. I was scared that people wouldn t believe me.

    I didn t want to believe that it had happened. I tried to forget about it. I was trying to live normally.

    At the time I didn t realise it was wrong. I didn t realise what had gone on was wrong. Born in Sunderland, Mr Johnson began his career at Middlesbrough before moving to Manchester City and then on to Sunderland for 10m in 2012.

    The trial continues. The footballer has previously pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one charge of grooming. He was sacked by Sunderland as a result.

    Source By: BBC

  • Agbai Uchechi's Blog: Women Rugby Players Strips Off For Naked ... To support a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity the University of Liverpool women's rugby team strips off for naked calendar. And as expected the calendar sells out pretty quickly. The calenders were sold to support Coppafeel, a charity which teaches women how to check their breasts regularly to detect cancer in the early stage.

    The students kitted off for the third year in a row to raise money for a good cause. The Liverpool ladies team sold 375 copies of the calendar at 10 each and estimate that profits will be more than 2,000 after expenses are taken out. In combination with last years s calendar, which was for Joining Jack, a charity which aims to raise awareness and money to fight DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), they will have raised more than 4,000, reports the Liverpool Echo .

    Eve Watton, 19, a second year English and Spanish student and the captain of the team said: "The calendar really helped the team last year with away matches and equipment as women s rugby league is really under funded. "We couldn't survive without it.

    All the girls are so thrilled to have sold out of our calendar for the second year in a row." "Nobody expected how much publicity it would gain and the support we have received has been really lovely. "We are so thrilled to have raised such a large amount of money for a fantastic charity. "As a team we would like to thank everyone who has bought a calendar and supported us and Coppafeel." See more photos below...

  • Age UK in Breckland | Rocklands All aboard! Age UK Norfolk bus offers advice to older people in rural parts of the county Age UK Norfolk will be touring the south of the county to bring its information and advice services closer to older people and their families in rural areas. The single-decker bus will travel around the Breckland area of south Norfolk parking at various locations, including local garden centres, village halls and Banham zoo.

    Linda Mathews, Information and Advice Manager for Age UK Norfolk, said: We want to make our information and advice as accessible as possible to everyone. The bus will help us to reach older people living in rural locations who may not know about the free services that we can offer them. The bus allows us to take our advice directly to greater numbers of older people which is great news and means we can help even more people in later life in the county.

    There will be two advisers on the bus, who will be equipped to handle queries on anything from paying for care and support to staying healthy. The bus also has a waiting area with seats and refreshments, as well as a private area for more sensitive or confidential conversations. The bus will be parking at various locations across Breckland over the next six months.

    The bus tour is part of the Planning for Later Life programme, set up in partnership with Prudential, with the objective of providing holistic advice to older people. Over the next 3 weeks the bus will be at the following locations: 12 August Stock Ferry Community Centre (morning); Weeting Saxon Pub (afternoon) 17 August St. George Complex, Methwold (morning); Mundford Village Hall (afternoon) 18 August East Harling Youth Centre (morning); Connaught Hall, Attleborough (afternoon) 19 August Hockwold Village Hall (morning); Chequers Pub at Feltwell (afternoon) 24 August Great Hockham Village Hall (morning); Watton Sports Centre (afternoon) 25 August Bressingham Village Hall (morning); Banham Zoo (afternoon) 26 August Stock Ferry Community Centre (morning); Saxon Pub at Weeting (afternoon) Approximate times: morning 10 12:30; afternoon 13:30 15:30.

    For a full list of where the bus is scheduled to be and when, visit www.ageuknorfolk.org.uk 1 or call Age UK Norfolk on 0300 500 1217.

    References ^ www.ageuknorfolk.org.uk (www.ageuknorfolk.org.uk)

  • Age UK Norwich Art Exhibition at largest Norfolk Hospital Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals will be featuring a new art exhibition from Age UK Norwich which aims to capture older people s history in words, pictures and sounds. The exhibition will be on show along the hospital street Level 1, and will feature important moments to promote a better sense of understanding and care. The exhibition showcases five Life Stories created by students from the Jane Austen College who have worked closely with local older people to produce Life Story Scrapbooks.

    BBC Voices trained the pupils in recording skills and alongside the photography and scrapbook display, the public will be able to hear the older people s memories come to life. Emma Jarvis, Hospital Arts Co-ordinator, said: People visit hospitals for a variety of reasons so we provide a wide variety of art for patients, visitors and staff. We are really pleased to be showcasing the work by Age UK Norwich especially as Age UK is of service to both the visitors and patients of our older people s medicines wards and the art is a way of displaying both services available and information.

    Age UK Norwich Chief Executive Susan Ringwood said: The life stories work we do is an important project helping to prevent older people from becoming invisible. If the time comes when their abilities do become impaired, there is a record of who this person once was, what they have done, where they have been. This intergenerational project lasted three months and is just one example of the work Age UK Norwich carries out in the city to help tackle loneliness and social isolation.

    The exhibition is open until the end of April 2016.

    Notes: The Hospital Arts Project at NNUH works on diverse projects with the community, interior design, site specific arts, performances, workshops, exhibitions, events and gardens Is hospital arts charitably funded as a whole? Many of its projects project are funded by grants from organisations and charitable donations.

    For more information visit www.nnuh.nhs.uk/arts 1 www.nnuh.nhs.uk 2 advert Monarch Catering Services, Norfolk, Suffolk Related References ^ www.nnuh.nhs.uk/arts (track.vuelio.uk.com) ^ www.nnuh.nhs.uk (www.nnuh.nhs.uk)

  • Alice's Adventure in Wonderland Ashill Community Centre this ... at Ashill Community Centre on Sunday 20th December 2015 Award winning theatre company Box Tale Soup bring their own special flavour to Ashill Community Centre on Sunday 20 th December , supported by the arts and community development charity Creative Arts East. Alice s Adventures in Wonderland is a magical adventure featuring a cast of just two human performers, a dozen beautifully handmade puppets, and a set that unfolds from a vintage trunk. Join Alice on her journey down the rabbit hole and meet the well-loved characters of her storybook world.

    The show is suitable for ages 10+ and families.

    You can see Alice s Adventures in Wonderland at 2.00pm at Ashill Community Centre on Sunday 20 th December These events are organised in partnership with Creative Arts East with funding by Norfolk County Council and Breckland Council.

    For further information on this and other Creative Arts East events please go to: www.creativeartseast.co.uk/live/whatson.asp or contact Karen Kidman on 01953 713390 or karen@creativeartseast.co.uk 1 2 advert ASD Consultants, Engineering, Architecture, Surveying Related References ^ www.creativeartseast.co.uk/live/whatson.asp (www.creativeartseast.co.uk) ^ karen@creativeartseast.co.uk (icenipost.com)

  • Alumni Officer | News London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine External Relations Location: London Salary: 27,962 to 31,808 Per annum inclusive Hours: Full Time Contract Type: Permanent Placed on: 4th February 2016 Closes: 14th February 2016 Job Ref: ER34 Interview Date: Thursday 25 February 2016 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is a world-leading centre for research and postgraduate education in public and global health. Our mission is to improve health and health equity in the UK and worldwide; working in partnership to achieve excellence in public and global health research, education and translation of knowledge into policy and practice. The School s External Relations Department was established to support the School in the delivery of its mission to improve health worldwide, including building and maintaining strong relationships with the School s alumni.

    We are seeking to appoint an Alumni Officer to be a part of a small but busy and highly effective Alumni team. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills. The successful candidate will also have a methodical, thorough and organised approach and will be experienced at data entry.

    This position requires a proven ability to take initiative, meet tight deadlines, juggle competing priorities and work without close supervision, as well as the diplomatic and persuasive skills to work well in a small and dynamic team. Experience of events management, volunteer management, alumni relations and/or fundraising is also desirable. Applications should be made on-line via our website at http://jobs.lshtm.ac.uk.

    Any queries regarding the application process may be addressed to jobs@lshtm.ac.uk. The supporting statement section should set out how your qualifications, experience and training meet each of the selection criteria. Please provide one or more paragraphs addressing each criterion.

    The supporting statement is an essential part of the selection process and thus a failure to provide this information will mean that the application will not be considered. An answer to any of the criteria such as Please see attached CV will not be considered acceptable. Share this job We value your feedback on the quality of our adverts.

    If you have a comment to make about the overall quality of this advert, or its categorisation then please send us your feedback Advert information

  • An Audience with Lesley Garrett, AUDEN THEATRE Holt At the AUDEN THEATRE Gresham s School Holt Sunday November 22 nd 7.30pm All Seats 25 Box Office Tel 01263-713444 www.greshams.com/Auden-Theatre 1 Join Britain s most popular soprano for a delightful evening of song, reminiscences and chat. Her behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes will give audiences a unique insight into her life on the stage As well as performing with the English and Welsh National Operas, Lesley has recently starred in Carousel and The Sound of Music and appeared on television shows including Strictly Come Dancing and Loose Women. She has also performed with artists as diverse as Michael Ball, Renee Fleming, Andrea Bocelli, Bryn Terfel and Lily Savage.

    A natural effervescent and powerhouse voice Financial Times www.lesleygarrett.co.uk 2 Related References ^ www.greshams.com/Auden-Theatre (www.greshams.com) ^ www.lesleygarrett.co.uk (www.lesleygarrett.co.uk)

  • Anglia Survey & Design ASD Consultants Engineering Architecture Surveying 16A Bridge Street, Halesworth, Suffolk. IP19 8AQ. Tel. (01986) 872250 Fax. (01986) 872228 Anglia Survey & Design (ASD) was formed in 1994 by partner Chris Ward with ASD Architecture Ltd.

    being created in 2006 by Chris and architect Vince Douglas. The ASD group consists of separate firms working together to offer a range of architectural, surveying and civil engineering services for a diverse range of clients from individual householders to large corporations, all based in Halesworth, Suffolk. Here at ASD we pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly and personal service whilst maintaining the highest levels of technical expertise.

    All parts of the ASD group are free to act individually but our close partnering arrangement allows us to offer the efficiencies of an integrated service where required. www.asd-consultants.co.uk 1 ASD Engineering ASD Engineering is a trading name for the engineering arm of Anglia Survey & Design (ASD) based in Halesworth, Suffolk. ASD Engineering is able to offer a wide range of engineering services to suit any development, used individually or in combination.The engineering team are experienced in working closely to ensure that multi-disciplinary projects can be delivered efficiently.

    Whether you are looking for some initial advice on a project or need detailed engineering input, ASD can offer the solution you need to realise your aspirations. For more details click here: www.asd-engineering.co.uk 2 ASD Architecture ASD Architecture is an architectural practice that focuses on providing high quality design from inception through to completion with a particular focus on providing the right design solution for our clients needs and aspirations. ASD Architecture are experienced in a wide range of projects from single dwelling extensions to large scale residential development and from education to industry.

    For more details click here: www.asd-architecture.co.uk 3 ASD Surveys ASD Surveys is a trading name for the survey arm of Anglia Survey & Design (ASD). ASD surveys can be purchased individually or in conjunction with engineering and/or architectural services from ASD Engineering and ASD Architecture. Our strict confidentiality arrangements, however, allow us to operate independently of the other parts of the ASD group.

    Here at ASD surveys we appreciate the value of accurate base data as the foundation for subsequent design work and retain the personal level of service our domestic clients appreciate. Whatever your survey needs, ASD Surveys can provide you with a solution. For more details click here: www.asd-surveys.co.uk 4 ASD Consultants Engineering Architecture Surveying 16A Bridge Street, Halesworth, Suffolk.

    IP19 8AQ.

    Tel. (01986) 872250 Fax. (01986) 872228 Related References ^ www.asd-consultants.co.uk (www.asd-consultants.co.uk) ^ www.asd-engineering.co.uk (www.asd-engineering.co.uk) ^ www.asd-architecture.co.uk (www.asd-architecture.co.uk) ^ www.asd-surveys.co.uk (www.asd-surveys.co.uk)

  • Anglian Potters Selected Members' Exhibition 2015 Anglian Potters Selected Members Exhibition 2nd October 1st November 2015 21 selected members of the Anglian Potters Association will be exhibiting their work at the Ferini ART Gallery during October this year. It is a particularly auspicious time of year to have chosen as the gallery will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Anglian Potters are delighted to be showing work in this beautiful space as they have not exhibited in Suffolk for several years.

    Clay is a most versatile and durable medium, lending itself to the creation of thrown domestic ware, hand-built vessels, sculpture, and even jewellery. The potters and sculptors showing their work in this exhibition represent many disciplines within ceramics, as well as revealing the rich diversity of skills and creativity that exist within Anglian Potters. From Rosemarie Cooke s charming wildlife sculptures, through Susan Cupitt s elegant and spare thrown vessels and Angela Mellor s delicate, transulscent porcelain, to the smoke-fired work of Juliet Gorman, this exhibition has something to appeal to all collectors of ceramics.

    The organisation is long-established and widely respected nationally. It was originally formed in in 1983 to represent all that is best in East Anglian ceramics. It has a thriving membership of over 400, which includes amateur and professional potters, students and supporters.

    Those who choose to apply for selected membership must submit a body of work for inspection by a panel of their peers.

    It is a rigorous process with equal attention being paid to form, process, skill and execution.

    Contact: Ferini ART Gallery Pakefield T 01502 562222 E info@feriniartgallery.co.uk Anglian Potters Selected Members secretary Anja Penger -Onyett E anja.penger@gmx.de 1 2 Notes: The exhibiting potters are as follows: Ray Auker, Deborah Baynes, Harvey Bradley, Murray Cheesman, Rosemarie Cooke, Susan Cupitt, Catherine D Arcy, Peter Deans, Moira Goodall, Juliet Gorman, Helen Martino, John Masterton, Angela Mellor, Stephen Murfitt, Anja Penger-Onyett, Christine Pike, Colin Saunders, Pam Schomberg, Usch Spettigue, Peter Warren Open 11am 4pm Fri/Sat/Sun 27-29 All Saints Road Pakefield Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0JL info@feriniartgallery.co.uk 3 01502-562222 Related References ^ info@feriniartgallery.co.uk (icenipost.com) ^ anja.penger@gmx.de (icenipost.com) ^ info@feriniartgallery.co.uk (icenipost.com)

  • Applecart Theatre - i Am Mark The bold London based storytelling company Applecart is touring the UK this autumn with their show i Am Mark a production that challenges the way we perceive religion and retells one of history s most famous tales. On Wednesday 15 th October they are taking over www.thegarage.org.uk 1 JESUS THE TERRORIST? MODERN MARK COURTS CONTROVERSY the pace of this production is unrelenting, leaving you both challenged and entertained at the finale something that is not easily achieved.

    Henry Austin, The London Economic AN EXPLOSIVE new production casting Jesus as a rebel leader, and featuring a terrorist strapping a bomb to himself, is set to challenge traditional church goers when it opens. Edgy theatre company Applecart claims the controversial modern day makeover of St Mark s Gospel: i am Mark will rid the story of its stuffy religious baggage. Instead they plan to show the Son of God as a revolutionary leader in the dramatic production that features a bomb-laden man counting down the seconds until he blows himself up.

    Artistic director Peter Moreton said: We re treating the story with huge respect but it has often been marginalised by the church. Jesus is subversive and political, which doesn t sit well with the dull and often narrow world of organized religion. He added that their production rid the tale of 2000 years of baggage using fresh and sometimes strong language.

    Storyteller Phil Summers added: For us a theatre in the heart of the city is a far better setting for a story of social unrest and revolution than an old echoing cathedral. This is why they have chosen Norwich! i Am Mark Using a combination of theatre, film, music and comedy they will tell the entire of Mark s Gospel for one night only at the Garage on the 15 th October 2014.

    The production was first performed at the Leicester Theatre in the West End and is touring throughout the UK this autumn during September and October.

    www.applecartlive.org 2 Iceni Post sponsors advert heyday creative event styling 3 we specialise in weddings as we believe they are one of the loveliest moments in life Related References ^ www.thegarage.org.uk (www.thegarage.org.uk) ^ www.applecartlive.org (www.applecartlive.org) ^ heyday creative event styling (www.heydayevents.co.uk)

  • April 28th - Charity Spring Walk and Open Gardens, down Down to the banks of the River Waveney Garden Open Sunday 28th April 2013 10am to 4pm The Olde Coach House, Brockdish, Diss, Norfolk IP21 4JY Garden open in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance, The Big C, Prostate Cancer, Waveney Responders.

    Tombola, Cake stall, Craft stalls, Teas, Refreshments.

    Admission 2.00 Adults Sorry no dogs Cantor s Theatre School Related

  • April 28th - Charity Spring Walk and Open Gardens, down to the ...April 28th - Charity Spring Walk and Open Gardens, down to the banks of the River Waveney - Iceni Post News for Norfolk and Suffolk: News, Events, Art, Theatre, Wildlife, Business, Health and Wellbeing, Sport Apr 18, 2013 Down to the banks of the River Waveney Garden Open Sunday 28th April 2013 10am to 4pm The Olde Coach House, Brockdish, Diss, Norfolk IP21 4JY Garden open in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance, The Big C, Prostate Cancer, Waveney Responders.

    Tombola, Cake stall, Craft stalls, Teas, Refreshments.

    Admission 2.00 Adults Sorry no dogs Cantor s Theatre School Related About the author Nigel Bedingfield is the editor of Iceni Post and Director of imajaz limited This site uses cookies, would you like to continue?Yes I'm happy to proceed 🙂 More info please? 1 References ^ More info please? (icenipost.com)

  • Art Classes with Dawn Pretty Relaxed and informative weekly classes at various venues: Experience how developing your creativity can enhance your enjoyment of life; making even the mundane sight, seem magnificent. Regular weekly classes; payment is in 4 week blocks after trying one single session. Each class has a break with refreshments and cookies.

    Beginners or experienced painters You will receive a warm welcome. MONDAYS: 1.30pm-3.30pm: Bring watercolours or any medium: Stella Peskett Hall Southwold: 10 TUESDAYS 10am-12.30pm: Bring any materials Shadingfield Village Hall: 11 WEDNESDAYS One off workshops: 10.30am-3pm: Various mediums: SEE Events coming up 1 The Cut Halesworth 35 Why not suggest the subject and date you would like, so it may be arranged. THURSDAYS: 1.30pm-4pm: Bring oil or acrylic materials: The Cut Halesworth: 11 THURSDAYS: 4pm-5pm: School aged children: All materials provided: The Cut Halesworth: 10 FRIDAYS: 10am-12.30pm: Watercolours materials are provided The Cut Halesworth: 16 Contact Dawn Pretty to book or discuss.

    Terrified beginners welcome!

    Related References ^ Events coming up (www.dawnpretty.com)

  • Arts Workshops: Saints in the Making: Art festival Saints in the Making A Festival Celebrating Local Life Monday 3 August 2015 Friday 7 August 2015 A new art festival is kicking off in the villages around Lammas and Buxton Aylsham area. Workshops for all. Unless otherwise stated 3 per person per workshop, or 5 where materials are provided.

    Discounted season tickets available for 3 or more workshops (please also see notes at end of programme) Monday 3 August 10-12am Painting with Oils: How to mix colours (1 st of 2) John Rose Lammas Church 10-12am Painting on Silk (1 st of 3) Deb Cousins Badersfield Church 2-4pm Modelling with Clay (1 st of 3) Crispin Clark Buxton Church 6-8pm Oxnead Arts Soiree Art, Music, Entertainment TICKETS 01603 279630 Bishop of Lynn David Aspinall Oxnead Hall Tuesday 4 August All day events at Cawston Church 10-12am Watercolours (1 st of 4) Playing with watercolours Pat Tinsley Lammas Church 10-12am Introducing Craft Workshops Horstead Tithe Barn Caf 10-12am Spirituality Workshop Paul Thomas Aldborough Church 2-4pm Watercolours (2 nd of 4) Colour and Composition Pat Tinsley Lammas Church 2-4pm Letter Carving Sculptor Andy Hibberd Aylsham Church 2-4pm Introducing Bookbinding Chris Sandom Stratton Strawless Church 7-9pm Running a Church Picture Sale Fundraiser Janne Capie Oxnead Church (no charge) Wednesday 5 August 10-2am Beginning on Spinning Brenda Warman Marsham Church 10-12am Play-Doh for Families Christine Clark Buxton Church (no charge) 10 12 am Painting on Silk (2 nd of 3) Deb Cousins Badersfield Church 10 12 am Craft Workshop Sylvia Coward & others Horstead Church 10 4pm Exhibition of Calligraphy Horsford Church 2 4pm Pen and Wash Art Workshop Diana Perowne Brampton Church 2 4pm Modelling with Clay (2 nd of 3) Crispin Clark Buxton Church 2 4pm Craft Workshop Sylvia Coward & others Horstead Church 2 4pm Letter Carving Sculptor Andy Hibberd Aylsham Church 4 6pm Art and Life? Now You re Talking Tim Bennoy Lammas Church (no charge) 7.30 pm Praying with Icons Chris Engleson Coltishall Church (no charge) Thursday 6 August 10-12am Sketching & Watercolours (3 rd of 4) Pat Tinsley Lammas Church 10-12am Craft Workshop Sylvia Coward & others Horstead church 10-4pm Exhibition of Calligraphy Horsford Church 2-4pm Parachuting Teddies Teddy Bears Picnic Horsford Church 2-4pm Pure Poison or Sheer Good Health? The Properties of Plants Sarah Howard Oxnead Hall 2-4pm Making a Necklace Chris Sandom Stratton Strawless Church 2-4pm Working towards Weaving Brenda Warman Marsham Church 2-4pm Craft Workshop Sylvia Coward & others Horstead church 7-9pm Painting in Watercolour (4 th of 4) Pat Tinsley Lammas Church Friday 7 August 10-12am Modelling with Clay (3 rd of 3) Crispin Clark Buxton Church 10-12am Painting on Silk (3 rd of 3) Deb Cousins Badersfield Church 2-4pm Painting with Oils: How to mix colours (2 nd of 2) John Rose Lammas Church 7-9pm Looking Back, and Forward, through Art Tim Bennoy The de Brecy Trust Oxnead Hall Norfolk Knitters Pergola will be on display all week at Marsham church Burgh and Buxton Churches will also host Bargain Picture Sales (50% to venue church & 50% to donor) on Wednesday 5 th and Thursday 6 th from 10am to 3pm.

    Alongside these workshops in churches, the work of some artists will be shown, including Pat Tinsley of Lammas ad Tom Cringle of Buxton, and Norwich-based Gena Ivanov; all at Oxnead Hall see website for more details nearer the time www.dioceseofnorwich.org/news/events 1 scroll down to August Arts Workshops advert We can promote your business 2 every week on the Iceni Post!

    Related References ^ www.dioceseofnorwich.org/news/events (www.dioceseofnorwich.org) ^ business (icenipost.com)

  • As it happened: All the latest news from Coventry and Warwickshire ... BIRTHDAYS: Notable people celebrating their birthday today include: Booker T Jones , soul musician, 69; Neil Young , singer/songwriter, 68; Errol Brown , singer and songwriter, 65; Kevin Ratcliffe , former footballer, 53; Everton celebrate a win in the 1984 FA cup final against Watford: Derek Mantfield, John Bailey, Peter Reid, Andy Gray, Trevor Steven, Neville Southall, Graham Sharp, Gary Stevens, Kevin Ratcliffe and Alan Harper.

    Nadia Comaneci , former gymnast, 52; Mariella Frostrup , TV presenter, 51; Tonya Harding , former figure skater, 43; Anne Hathaway , actress, pictured, 31.

  • Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2015 It s Ask Your Pharmacist Week 9-15 November 2015. Pharmacists across the UK will be reminding the public about the range of services available in local pharmacies, and encouraging them to make appropriate use of NHS services. Often, people make unnecessary trips to the GP or even A&E, when the local pharmacy could help instead.

    Geoff Ray and Balazs Varadi, Pharmacists at Total Health Pharmacy There are around 13,000 community pharmacies across the UK, so for most of us, there s one very close by. In fact, 96% of people can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes by walking or using public transport. Community pharmacists provide rapid access, without appointment to a healthcare professional and now offer a range of clinical and public health services.

    However, while most people go first to their pharmacy for medicines and medicines advice, many don t know about the range of other healthcare services on offer in pharmacies. The NHS is under severe strain and the added pressure of seasonal conditions will make it harder and harder to get an appointment with the GP over the winter period. Your local pharmacy is a good first contact point for advice on many common health concerns.

    Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals and have support teams ready to answer questions and offer knowledgeable advice. Pharmacists are able to deal with a wide range of ailments, as well as offering uniquely accessible advice on maintaining and improving your health. They are also trained to know when a referral to another health care professional is advisable.

    Far from it being a barrier to appropriate treatment, a visit to the pharmacy can save lives. Of course, if you have a life threatening emergency, then the right course of action is to call 999. It s a pharmacist s job to help you get the most out of your medicines and treatments.

    You might be surprised at what pharmacies now offer: personalised medicines advice, help to quit smoking and to maintain good sexual health, treatment for minor ailments, advice on preventing disease. And more. So, it s a package of care not just packets of pills!

    If you need to speak with the pharmacist in private, the majority of pharmacies now have consultation rooms, where you can talk with your pharmacist without being overheard. Ask Your Pharmacist about the range of healthcare services available on your doorstep! Head of Communications at the National Pharmacy Association, Stephen Fishwick, said: The Ask Your Pharmacist initiative helps keep the general public up to speed with what is now on offer on their doorstep in pharmacies a uniquely accessible healthcare professional workforce prepared to deliver expert medicines advice and an expanding list of public health services.

    Geoff Ray from Total Health Pharmacy in Watton said: Your local pharmacy is a good first contact point for advice on many common health concerns. While most people will go first to their pharmacy for medicines advice, many don t know about the range of other healthcare services provided by pharmacies on their doorstep and the level of expertise there. Pharmacists are available without appointment and are able to deal with a wide range of ailments, as well as offering uniquely accessible advice on maintaining and improving your health.

    Ask Our Pharmacist about the range of healthcare services available on your doorstep!

    Total Health Pharmacy is situated opposite Watton Medical Practice at 14 Gregor Shanks Way, Watton, IP25 6FA and is open 7 days a week from 8am until 11pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 8.30pm Saturday and Sunday.

  • Attleborough & Thetford Neighbourhoods Weekly Crime summary 15 Breckland Home Watch Message 22 nd January 2015 This week s Home Watch message draws your attention to the fact that we are still receiving reports of dwelling burglaries. They are sporadic, which makes it difficult for the police to anticipate where the offenders might strike next and plan appropriately. On this basis, this week s message is a plea for you the public to report any suspicious activity, be it persons carrying out random door to door enquiries or sales, vehicles cruising about in areas where the vehicle appears out of place or the behaviour of the persons, which causes suspicion.

    You never know that small piece of information that you provide might just be what leads the police to making effective arrests. Please remember as much detail as you can, a pen and paper by the phone is always a good idea to record what you see whilst it is still fresh. The police are interested in colour, make and model of vehicles and especially the registration number.

    Any description of the occupants and a direction of travel are also valuable. It is worth remembering that statistically in Norfolk you are likely to be burgled not more than once in every 400 years. We still live in a very safe county so please do not be alarmed by this message.

    Together we can address this criminal activity. As always, any concerns or requests for Crime Prevention advice can be requested via 101 which is the same number to use in the event of a non-emergency Please dial 999 in the event of ongoing suspicious activity or a crime in progress. Message from Chief Inspector Paul Wheatley Please note the information contained within the crime summary is information suitable for public distribution and does not include certain categories that may have personal privacy or data protection implications.

    2602/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling WATTON ROAD LARLING NORWICH Between 15 Jan 2015 17:50 and 15 Jan 2015 20:30 Trailer and pressure washer stolen form property.

    3153/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling GRANGE ROAD NEW BUCKENHAM NORWICH Between 20 Jul 2014 18:00 and 15 Jan 2015 14:00 Chainsaw stolen.

    3245/15 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling NEW NORTH ROAD ATTLEBOROUGH Between 17 Jan 2015 10:30 and 19 Jan 2015 17:38 Window damaged.

    2840/15 Theft From A Motor Vehicle EAST HARLING NORWICH Between 17 Jan 2015 12:10 and 17 Jan 2015 12:30 Handbag stolen from vehicle.

    3620/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere MALLOW CLOSE ATTLEBOROUGH Between 20 Jan 2015 17:30 and 21 Jan 2015 07:40 Rattan effect planter stolen 2741/15 Other Criminal Damage RUTHERFORD WAY THETFORD Between 24 Dec 2014 16:00 and 16 Jan 2015 10:00 Two steel posts damaged.

    3608/15 Other Criminal Damage MONKSGATE THETFORD Between 18 Jan 2015 09:00 and 21 Jan 2015 09:00 Wall damaged with paint.

    3522/15 Other Criminal Damage To A Building Other Than A Dwelling BURRELL WAY THETFORD Between 20 Jan 2015 18:30 and 21 Jan 2015 07:45 Window damaged.

    3158/15 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling BRANDON ROAD THETFORD Between 13 Jan 2015 15:00 and 14 Jan 2015 09:00 Football kicked at window causing damage.

    3251/15 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling ST.

    LEONARDS STREET MUNDFORD THETFORD Between 16 Jan 2015 15:00 and 18 Jan 2015 13:00 Eggs thrown at door causing damage.

    3559/15 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling GREEN LANE THETFORD Between 20 Jan 2015 20:00 and 20 Jan 2015 21:15 Stones thrown at window causing damage.

    2617/15 Other Criminal Damage To A Vehicle EARLS STREET THETFORD Between 15 Jan 2014 00:01 and 15 Jan 2014 23:59 Vehicle damaged.

    2678/15 Theft From A Motor Vehicle THETFORD Between 14 Jan 2015 17:00 and 15 Jan 2015 06:03 Red diesel syphoned from vehicle.

    2962/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere STATION ROAD THETFORD Between 17 Jan 2015 16:30 and 17 Jan 2015 19:00 Heater stolen.

    3175/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere SCHOOL ROAD FOULDEN Between 17 Jan 2015 16:00 and 18 Jan 2015 10:00 Royal mail post box stolen.

    3209/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere RUTHERFORD WAY THETFORD Between 16 Jan 2015 16:00 and 19 Jan 2015 09:00 Two roofing vents stolen.

    3538/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere MUNDFORD Between 17 Jan 2015 11:00 and 19 Jan 2015 17:00 Three Royal Mail Post Boxes stolen.

    2648/15 Theft Of Pedal Cycle MILLINGTON COURT THETFORD Between 15 Jan 2015 18:00 and 16 Jan 2015 09:00 Bicycle stolen.

    3036/15 Theft Of Pedal Cycle LONDON ROAD THETFORD Between 17 Jan 2015 23:00 and 18 Jan 2015 01:20 Bicycle stolen.

  • Attleborough & Thetford Neighbourhoods Weekly Crime Summary 7 ... Crime this last week has been low with no burglary dwellings in the Breckland district which is good news. There has been a robbery reported in Thetford where a handbag was grabbed from a female close to the area of Nunn s Bridges. We are currently investigating this offence.

    We are in the middle of the summer holidays and concentrating patrols around areas where anti-social behaviour is reported, although we have not seen any significant increase other than what we would expect for this time of year. There has been two cycles reported stolen in Thetford town centre. Just a gentle reminder that if you are out on your bike to lock it up when you leave it, even for a moment!

    Remember it is always best to place a security mark your property, we offer security marking for cycles at police stations. Please contact your local station on 101 for details. Message from Chief Inspector Porter Please note the information contained within the crime summary is information suitable for public distribution and does not include certain categories that may have personal privacy or data protection implications.

    35420/13 Other Criminal Damage WHITE HORSE LANE ATTLEBOROUGH Between 08 Aug 2013 14:00 and 08 Aug 2013 16:00 Cable leading to two satellite dishes severed by unknown means.

    35508/13 Other Criminal Damage To A Building Other Than A Dwelling WATTON ROAD GREAT ELLINGHAM ATTLEBOROUGH Between 07 Aug 2013 21:00 and 09 Aug 2013 07:30 Unknown person(s) climbed onto village hall roof and damaged tiles.

    36085/13 Other Criminal Damage To A Vehicle SNOWDROP DRIVE ATTLEBOROUGH Between 11 Aug 2013 21:00 and 12 Aug 2013 06:45 Grey/silver paint thrown over the roof, windscreen and bonnet of vehicle.

    35744/13 Theft From A Motor Vehicle KENNINGHALL ROAD BANHAM NORWICH Between 10 Aug 2013 11:00 and 10 Aug 2013 11:15 Mobile phone stolen from vehicle.

    35524/13 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling HOOD WAY THETFORD Between 04 Aug 2013 12:00 and 09 Aug 2013 12:46 Garage broken into and a large amount of fishing equipment stolen.

    36488/13 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling FISON WAY THETFORD Between 14 Jul 2013 15:59 and 13 Aug 2013 09:00 Generator stolen.

    36107/13 Other Criminal Damage To A Building Other Than A Dwelling STANIFORTH ROAD THETFORD Between 08 Aug 2013 18:00 and 09 Aug 2013 07:00 Ground floor window shattered.

    35960/13 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling GLOUCESTER WAY THETFORD Between 11 Aug 2013 13:06 and 11 Aug 2013 16:50 Unknown implement used to force lock on front door causing significant damage to the lock.

    Damage also caused to frame.

    36492/13 Other Criminal Damage To A Vehicle SAXON BANK THETFORD Between 13 Aug 2013 21:00 and 14 Aug 2013 12:00 Front driver s window shattered by a small stone.

    36343/13 Robbery (Personal) THETFORD Between 13 Aug 2013 15:15 and 13 Aug 2013 15:25 Victim approached by unknown male, and had handbag yanked from shoulder.

    35617/13 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere VILLIERS WAY WEETING BRANDON Between 06 Aug 2013 13:00 and 06 Aug 2013 18:00 Wheelie bin stolen.

    36170/13 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere CANONS WALK THETFORD Between 07 Aug 2013 01:15 and 09 Aug 2013 01:30 Garden ornaments stolen from rear garden.

    36294/13 Theft Of Pedal Cycle SCHOOL LANE THETFORD Between 11 Aug 2013 18:00 and 11 Aug 2013 22:00 Secured bicycle stolen.

    36447/13 Theft Of Pedal Cycle EARLS STREET THETFORD Between 10 Aug 2013 21:00 and 10 Aug 2013 22:30 Unsecured bicycle stolen.

  • Attleborough & Thetford Neighbourhoods Weekly Crime Summary 8 ... Breckland Home Watch Message 15 th January 2015 This week s Home Watch message draws your attention to the fact that we are still receiving reports of dwelling burglaries. They are sporadic which makes it difficult for the police to anticipate where the offenders might strike next and plan appropriately. On this basis, this week s message is a plea for you the public to report any suspicious activity, be it persons carrying out random door to door enquiries or sales, vehicles cruising about in areas where the vehicle appears out of place or the behaviour of the persons, which causes suspicion.

    You never know that small piece of information that you provide might just be what leads the police to making effective arrests. Please remember as much detail as you can. A pen and paper by the phone is always a good idea to record what you see whilst it is still fresh.

    The police are interested in colour, make and model of vehicles and especially the registration number. Any description of the occupants and a direction of travel are also valuable. It is worth remembering that statistically in Norfolk you are likely to be burgled once in every 400 years we still live in a very safe county so please do not be alarmed by this message together we can address this criminal activity.

    As always, any concerns or requests for Crime Prevention advice can be requested via the 101 which is the same number to use in the event of a non-emergency Message from Chief Inspector Paul Wheatley Please note the information contained within the crime summary is information suitable for public distribution and does not include certain categories that may have personal privacy or data protection implications.

    1920/15 Burglary Dwelling THIEVES LANE ROCKLAND ALL SAINTS ATTLEBOROUGH Between 09 Jan 2015 15:30 and 12 Jan 2015 10:00 Property entered and items stolen.

    2342/15 Burglary Dwelling with Intent WATTON ROAD WRETHAM THETFORD Between 09 Jan 2015 15:30 and 14 Jan 2015 16:30 Property entered and items stolen.

    1302/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling ILLINGTON ROAD WRETHAM THETFORD Between 08 Jan 2015 17:50 and 08 Jan 2015 18:10 Property entered and items stolen.

    1585/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling THE STREET NORTH LOPHAM DISS Between 08 Jan 2015 21:00 and 09 Jan 2015 19:30 Shed entered and items stolen.

    2058/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling RECTORY ROAD ROCKLAND ALL SAINTS ATTLEBOROUGH Between 12 Jan 2015 19:20 and 12 Jan 2015 21:20 Container entered and items stolen, caravan also stolen.

    2250/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling FEN STREET ROCKLAND ALL SAINTS ATTLEBOROUGH Between 10 Jan 2015 15:00 and 13 Jan 2015 21:15 Shed entered and items stolen.

    2011/15 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling ALEXANDRA WAY ATTLEBOROUGH Between 12 Jan 2015 20:20 and 12 Jan 2015 20:40 Damage to glass panel.

    2309/15 Other Criminal Damage To A Vehicle BOOSEYS WALK NEW BUCKENHAM NORWICH Between 13 Jan 2015 18:45 and 14 Jan 2015 09:15 Paint poured over vehicle.

    2298/15 Theft From A Motor Vehicle HARLING ROAD NORWICH Between 13 Jan 2015 19:00 and 14 Jan 2015 12:00 Number plates missing from vehicle.

    2059/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere RECTORY ROAD ROCKLAND ALL SAINTS ATTLEBOROUGH Between 12 Jan 2015 19:20 and 12 Jan 2015 21:20 Caravan stolen.

    2162/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere WEST HARLING ROAD EAST HARLING NORWICH Between 12 Jan 2015 17:00 and 13 Jan 2015 10:00 Hitch lock on trailer damaged.

    2255/15 Theft Of Motor Vehicle THE STREET BRIDGHAM NORWICH Between 13 Jan 2015 18:00 and 13 Jan 2015 18:30 Trailer and quad bike stolen.

    2072/15 Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling BURRELL WAY THETFORD Between 12 Jan 2015 18:45 and 13 Jan 2015 08:00 Property entered searched and items stolen.

    1811/15 Other Criminal Damage BRANDON ROAD THETFORD Between 10 Jan 2015 17:00 and 11 Jan 2015 09:00 Fence damaged.

    2245/15 Other Criminal Damage to A Dwelling FULMERSTON ROAD THETFORD Between 12 Jan 2015 20:30 and 12 Jan 2015 21:00 Can thrown at property causing damaged.

    1760/15 Other Criminal Damage To A Vehicle KIMMS BELT THETFORD Between 11 Jan 2015 07:20 and 11 Jan 2015 09:00 Four tyres on vehicle slashed.

    2168/15 Other Criminal Damage To A Vehicle YORK WAY THETFORD Between 13 Jan 2015 16:20 and 13 Jan 2015 18:00 Window of property smashed.

    1692/15 Robbery (Personal) SYBIL WHEELER CLOSE THETFORD Between 10 Jan 2015 17:25 and 10 Jan 2015 17:40 Attempted theft of mobile phone.

    2182/15 Theft From A Motor Vehicle JUBILEE CLOSE WEETING BRANDON Between 12 Jan 2015 16:30 and 13 Jan 2015 16:30 Registration plates of vehicle stolen.

    1786/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere VICARAGE ROAD THETFORD Between 10 Jan 2015 19:30 and 11 Jan 2015 10:00 Lavender plants stolen from garden.

    2112/15 Theft If Not Classified Elsewhere FIR ROAD THETFORD Between 13 Jan 2015 03:00 and 13 Jan 2015 07:00 Milk and coolbox stolen from doorstep of property.

    1997/15 Theft Of Pedal Cycle ELM ROAD THETFORD Between 11 Jan 2015 15:30 and 12 Jan 2015 05:45

  • Audio: Brecks FM will be on 106.9 FM November 15, 2015, 4:03 pm Work on the infrastructure to enable Watton Radio to start broadcasting as the community radio station Brecks FM next year is going well. This slideshow requires JavaScript. A drive is currently on to attract funding to help secure the installation of the aerial and software to enable broadcasting to begin.

    It is anticipated that a public meeting will be held early in the new year by the Brecks FM team for local people, businesses and organisations to hear about the radio plans for the future and how the local community can be involved.

    Breckland View reporter and Watton Radio presenter Paul Young went along to the studios in November and brings us this report: Useful weblinks please see below: If you would like more information about Brecks FM or would like to make a donation then please contact: Share this article with your friends:

  • Audio: Cordelia Spence – Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company serve a new and dramatic dish, The Poisoners Pact at The Queen s Hall Watton on Wednesday 28th October at 7.30pm, with support from the arts and community development charity Creative Arts East. The Poisoners Pact Based on true life events at Burnham Market in the 1830s, the play relates the story of the last two women to be hanged in Norfolk. Catherine Frary and Frances Billings were found guilty of murder on several counts, dispatching their hapless victims by mixing arsenic into tasty dumplings, and were publicly hanged for their crimes in 1835.

    Using recipes and songs, the murderesses tell their own story, in what they considered to be simply a matter of Good Housekeeping . Watton Radio presenter Paul Young spoke to Cordelia Spence, Artistic Director of the Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company: You can see The Poisoners Pact at The Queen s Hall, Watton on Wednesday 28th October at 7.30pm. For more information and how you can buy tickets please click on the link here Wayland Festival 1 This event is organised in partnership with Creative Arts East with funding by Norfolk County Council, Arts Council England and Breckland Council.

    For further information on this and other Creative Arts East events please go to www.creativeartseast.co.uk/whats-on/ 2 or contact Karen Kidman on 01953 713390 or karen@creativeartseast.co.uk References ^ Wayland Festival (waylandfestival.org.uk) ^ www.creativeartseast.co.uk/whats-on/ (www.creativeartseast.co.uk)

  • August Music in The Glade: Fairhaven Woodland Garden Norfolk Wherry Brass heads to Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden at South Walsham on Sunday, August 2 2015. Followed by Norfolk Jazz Quartet on Sunday, August 9 2015. Both open-air concerts are in The Glade from 2pm to 4pm.

    Normal garden entry charges apply, adult 6.20, concessions 5.70 and child 3.65, under five free. Norfolk Wherry Brass concert programme is light and varied, appealing to all age groups and includes arrangements of pop songs, TV Theme tunes, hymns and foot-tapping marches. Norfolk Jazz Quartet plays swinging jazz standards and melodic music from the Great American Songbook, performed on a combination of clarinet and saxophone, guitar, bass and drums.

    Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is at South Walsham NR13 6DZ, nine miles east of Norwich, signposted off A47 at B1140 junction, t.

    01603 270449. www.fairhavengarden.co.uk. 1 The garden is open daily all year 10am to 5pm (closed Christmas Day and closes 4pm during the winter), also open Wednesdays until 9pm to the end of August. Free entry to tearoom, gift shop and plant sales.

    There is wheelchair access throughout the garden, including a Sensory Garden and boat trips (additional charge). Visitors requiring special facilities are advised to telephone in advance, mobility scooters available. Dogs are welcome on leads; small charge to cover poop scoop.

    advert We can promote your business 2 every week on the Iceni Post!

    Related References ^ http://www.fairhavengarden.co.uk Ctrl+Click or tap to follow the link (www.fairhavengarden.co.uk) ^ business (icenipost.com)

  • Autumn Colours Tour at Fairhaven Garden Enjoy the spectacular autumn colours at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, South Walsham, with its mature oak and beech trees, on this guided walk on Sunday, November 15 at 11am. Included in the walk is the ancient King Oak, which was a sapling at the time of the Battle of Hastings and its neighbour the Queen Oak. Garden entry is 6.20 adult, 5.70 concessions, 3.65 child (under 5 free), no additional charge for the guided walk.

    Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is at South Walsham, nine miles east of Norwich, signposted off A47 at B1140 junction, www.fairhavengarden.co.uk 1 , t.

    01603 270449. The garden is open daily all year (closed Christmas Day); open 10am to 4pm from November to the end of February, free entry to tearoom, gift shop and plant sales. There is wheelchair access throughout the garden, including a Sensory Garden.

    Visitors requiring special facilities are advised to telephone in advance, mobility scooters available.

    Dogs are welcome on leads; small charge to cover poop scoop.

    Related References ^ www.fairhavengarden.co.uk (www.fairhavengarden.co.uk)

  • Aviation Museum Book Sale and Bricabrac Sale, Flixton Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, nr. Bungay Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum Book Sale and Bricabrac Sale 2015 Sunday 4th to Thursday 8th October and then the 12th to 16th October 10.00 5.00 We shall be holding our Annual Book and Bricabrac Sale at the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton. Free admission.

    Refreshments available.

    Ian Hancock N&SAM Flixton See more on www.aviationmuseum.net 1 MIKE DANIELS Trailer Sales 01986 893025 Related References ^ www.aviationmuseum.net (www.aviationmuseum.net)

  • Aylsham Christmas Tree Festival & MORE A whole host of Christmas Trees will be helping to fill Aylsham Parish Church with colour and a little bit of Christmas spirit at the Church s Annual Christmas Tree Festival which starts on 26 th November 2015. But it s not just Christmas Trees! The Christmas Tree Festival is part of an extended weekend of celebrations, which includes the Town s Lights Switch On and Lantern Procession; A Christmas Craft Coffee Morning with children s activities; the annual Advent Candlelit Carol Service; a special Christmas Craft Market.

    Revd Canon Andrew Beane, the Rector of Aylsham said It is wonderful that the Church will be at the centre of the Town s Celebrations, we are delighted that we will be helping to support nearly 30 local, national and international charities over the weekend. Our Christmas Tree Festival is about promoting the charitable work of lots of different organisations in the town and reminding visitors that at the heart of Christmas is generosity, hospitality, and of course the birth of Jesus. Thursday 26th November 10am- 4pm Christmas Tree Festival open Friday 27th November 10am 8pm Christmas Tree Festival open 5pm Lantern Procession past the Church 6pm Christmas Lights switch on Saturday 28th November 10am 4pm Christmas Tree Festival open 10am 12pm Christmas Craft Coffee Morning Sunday 29th November 10.15am Advent Sunday Service and the lighting of the Advent Crown 11am 4pm Christmas Tree Festival Open 4pm Advent Candlelit Service Monday 30th November 9am 12noon C hristmas Church Market 9am 4pm Christmas Tree Festival Open Tuesday 1st December 10am 8pm Christmas Tree Festival Open The Festival runs from Thursday 26 th December to Tuesday 1st December from 10am to 4pm with late night opening on Friday Admission is free!!!

    www.aylshamparishchurch.org.uk 1 advert Silver Screen T Shirt printers Bungay Related References ^ www.aylshamparishchurch.org.uk (www.aylshamparishchurch.org.uk)

  • Aylsham Country Market celebrates 40th anniversary 40 years of service to Aylsham It s forty years since the first Victoria Sandwich was sold at Aylsham s Country Market! In those days it was known as the WI Market (and many people still call it this) but it subsequently adopted the Country Market banner, part of the nationwide cooperative social enterprise which boasts 300 branches from Penzance in Cornwall up to Ponteland in Northumberland and as far west as St David s in Wales. On 7 th August, Aylsham Country Market will be celebrating its 40 year anniversary with a special morning featuring an array of tasters and special events, all open to the public.

    Held in the Town Hall from 8.30am to noon, there will be an Anniversary Cake, to be ceremoniously cut by one of the Market s founder members, while current members will enjoy a lunch after the Market has closed. On the Friday before these celebrations, 31 st July, youngsters are being invited to the Market to help make paper bunting which will be strung up in the Town Hall on 7 th August . In addition, there will be a fun quiz to take away and bring back with the answers, again on 7 th , with a lovely prize for one lucky winner.

    Nowadays the produce on offer at Aylsham Country Market goes far beyond the Victoria sponges and jars of jam that were the staple of 1970s. These are of course still available but in addition you are likely to find quiches, steak & mushroom pies, carrot cakes and a very recent addition Brazilian dishes, alongside plants, flowers, vegetables and a wide selection of crafts, from greetings cards to knitted goods. One thing that hasn t changed is the commitment to quality, homemade and home produced.

    Whether it s a sausage roll, a piece of fudge, a knitted sweater, a bunch of fuchsias or a cabbage, customers can be assured that they are buying something that s been cooked, crafted or grown at home. If you haven t been before, pop along to Aylsham Town Hall on a Friday morning to find out what the modern Country Market has to offer. You might want to have a cuppa and snack in its popular caf too.

    aylshamcountrymarket.simplesite.com 1 advert ASD Consultants, Engineering, Architecture, Surveying Related References ^ aylshamcountrymarket.simplesite.com (aylshamcountrymarket.simplesite.com)

  • Aylsham Food Festival 2013 Report The Festival Gala Dinner at Aylsham High School, cooked and served to over 100 guests From Breakfast to Dinner, from workshops to demonstrations to musical entertainment and markets, this year s Aylsham Food Festival, organised by Slow Food Aylsham, had everything for those who enjoy their food with a light-hearted touch! Taking full advantage of the impressive Mobile Cooking Academy, on loan from Festival sponsors AEG and temporarily sited at Blickling Hall, the weekend got off to a flying start with a series of workshops for groups of young children from local primary schools. On hand to help were Justin Gardner, catering manager at the Hall, plus Liz Scott in the costume of Cath, her scullery maid alter ego.

    Liz returned the following day, together with two other Blickling Hall volunteers, Bunty Stotts aka Flo the Cook and Malcolm Bird, The Butler who staged a workshop for students from Aylsham High School. The three were followed by local chefs Steve Thorpe, Festival Patron and Head of School at City College Norwich; freelance Derrol Waller; Mark Sayers from the Saracen s Head and Richard Baker from Aylsham s Market Place Bistro. Together they produced a series of demonstration sessions for a drop-in audience, cooking up some fabulous dishes which the audience were invited to taste.

    The demonstrations continued the following day with a return of Steve Thorpe and Derrol Waller, joined by Steve Norgate from The Beechwood in North Walsham and, fresh from directing the previous night s Gala Dinner, Jason Baxter, head of Hospitality & Catering at the High School. Blickling Hall s Catering Manager, Justin Gardner was also on hand, and together with Derrol Waller, took part in a lively Ready, Steady, Cook competition. The Festival Gala Dinner occupied its traditional Friday evening slot when over 100 students at Aylsham High School cooked and served a 5-course meal for more than 100 guests.

    Guest speaker Steve Thorpe, Festival patron and Head of the Hotel School at City College Norwich, praised the youngsters for producing a superb meal of the highest standard. Aylsham Country Market, every Friday morning in Aylsham Town Hall Aylsham Food Festival includes two food markets, the first on Friday morning, Aylsham Country Market, is a cooperative of local home-based producers who offer a range of cakes, biscuits, savouries, vegetables and eggs in addition to a selection of craft goods. Aylsham s FARMA-accredited Farmers Market, held every first and third Saturday of the month, enjoyed a very busy day, extending its hours to take in performances by junk percussion duo, Bang On!

    The duo, who use instruments ranging from wheelie bins to plastic pop bottles, invited everyone to join in their irresistibly rhythmic workshops which were followed by a grand finale performance in Aylsham Market Place, featuring some 80 members of the public. Freelance chef Derrol Waller demonstrating his skills at the AEG Mobile Cooking Academy Family Cooking Workshops were another attraction on Festival Saturday, bringing over 50 children into Aylsham Town Hall, where they were able to make Spring Rolls and exotic Tutti Fruiti Crumble to take home with them. The Big Slow Breakfast has always rounded off Aylsham Food Festival and 2013 was no exception.

    Serving also as the final event in the 5-week Norfolk Food & Drink Festival, the Breakfast saw 120 people sit down to enjoy sausages and bacon from Aylsham s three butchers, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms from Salad Days fruit & veg, croissants from Pye Bakers and homemade bread courtesy of Slow Food Aylsham members. Summing up the 2013 Food Festival, Slow Food Aylsham s Roger Willis said, Pulling together all the different elements of this year s Festival has been a challenging experience, particularly as, for the first time, we were operating from two venues, Aylsham and Blickling. But thanks to the exceptional efforts of all Slow Food Aylsham members, plus back-up from principal sponsors, AEG and J B Postle, and our other supporters, I think we have pulled off the best Festival to date.

    The Cooking Academy vehicle has been a major success, while I think everyone agreed that the Dinner at the High School scaled new heights of excellence. Add in the very popular Bang On! who set the Market Place alight on Saturday, the Kids Cooking Workshops, two very successful markets and the sold-out Breakfast, and I think we can say that we are very satisfied with the result of our efforts.

    Aylsham Food Festival is organised entirely by volunteers from a not-for-profit organisation which I think makes the success all the more remarkable. All we have to do now is decide how we can at least equal that success in 2014! If you would like to join Slow Food Aylsham and get involved in the organisation of the next Festival, email info@foodskillscompany.co.uk 1 for details.

    Green Valley Industrial Supplies References ^ info@foodskillscompany.co.uk (icenipost.com)

  • Aylsham Food Festival's 10th anniversary a great success Aylsham Farmers Market Images supplied by ARP Photography From jugglers to cookery demonstrations and Kids Cooking Workshops to chocolate making, this year s Aylsham Food Festival, organised by Slow Food Aylsham, was sure to provide something for Norfolk foodies! Cookery demonstration kitchen chefs Mary Kemp (left) and Vanessa Scott with compere Steve Thorpe Celebrating its 10 th anniversary, the Festival started on Wednesday 30 September with a talk in the library about Norwich s chocolate history plus a Harvest Lunch in Aylsham parish church which also played host to the next two days of Kids Cooking Workshops. Children from the Aylsham Cluster s primary schools were tasked with making a fresh fruit sponge to take home and this was baked off at the town s Co-op store.

    The Co-op also kindly supplied most of the ingredients for these events which proved very popular with the youngsters. Friday morning featured Aylsham Country Market where samples of the Market s many products were available to taste. Guests at the Gala Dinner (left, nearest the camera is Duncan Spalding, head teacher at Aylsham High School) Friday evening saw the traditional Food Festival Gala Dinner at Aylsham High School.

    Over 110 guests sat down to a splendid 5-course meal which was sourced, prepared, cooked and served by students, led by their Catering Captain Molly Bowyer. Head of the Hospitality & Catering department, Jason Baxter, was overseeing the proceedings with assistance from two local chefs, Alastair Bradshaw, catering manager at the National Trust s Felbrigg Hall and Steve Norgate, head chef at the Beechwood Hotel in North Walsham. Helping front of house was Adam Fields from the Dales Country House Hotel in Upper Sheringham.

    Students taking orders at the Gala Dinner The proceeds of a raffle held during the evening, plus a donation from ticket sales, allowed Slow Food Aylsham to make a donation of over 700 to the Liz Jones Memorial Fund for Children, set up last year in memory of one of the founders of the organisation. Students were presented to the guests at the end of the Gala Dinner After dinner speaker was Chairman of Norfolk Food & Drink Ltd, Sarah de Chair, who spoke warmly of the school and its students, praising the high standard of cuisine and serving skills on display. Thank you so much for inviting me to your dinner this year , she said, It was a wonderful experience and lovely to see first-hand what everyone has been talking about for years.

    Kids Cooking Workshops in the Parish Church took place all day Thursday and Friday Slow Food Aylsham dubbed the penultimate day of the Festival Showcase Saturday . Attracting large numbers of visitors to the town, it featured a wide range of events, from a cookery demonstration kitchen with six top Norfolk chefs, to family cooking workshops, chocolate making, sugar craft and apple pressing. Lighthearted entertainment was provided by Gordon Blur, the juggling chef and Aylsham s One Foot in the Groove jazz band.

    Most of these activities were in the Market Place and Town Hall which also hosted the FARMA-accredited Farmers Market. Family Cooking Workshops in the Parish Church on Saturday Aylsham s Heritage Centre was the venue for a wine tasting on Saturday evening while the following morning saw the traditional finale to Aylsham Food Festival, the Big Slow Breakfast. Some 70 diners sat down to a Full English , prepared and cooked by members of Slow Food Aylsham and friends who, once the last guest had departed, treated themselves to brunch with what was left.

    Juggling chef Gordon Blur performed outside Aylsham Town Hall Aylsham Food Festival has, in its 10-year history, evolved to become one of the town s most important annual events. Chairman of Slow Food Aylsham, Roger Willis, summed it up: We are very proud to be able to present such a popular event which is designed to appeal to the whole community. Our members work extremely hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and this year has been another tribute to their efforts.

    Roll on 2016!

    You can keep up to date with Aylsham Food Festival, supported by Broadland District Council and Norfolk Food & Drink Ltd, at www.slowfoodaylsham.org.uk , via Facebook and Twitter: @aylshamfoodfest advert Gold Star Fencing Bungay Related References ^ www.slowfoodaylsham.org.uk (www.slowfoodaylsham.org.uk)