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Excellent Quality 100 Micron Clear Safety Anti Shatter Glass Protection Window Film Security Window Film 100cm x 1m

  • Self-adhesive comes with a clear backing liner.
  • Stop fading of fabrics and furnishing and gives protection against Impact, Ballistic, and Blast.
  • Prevent glass from shattering also injury cause by glass fragments.
  • Block out 98.99% UV transmission doesn’t block day light.
  • Dispatched in a postal tube to secure from any damage during the transit.

Easy to install, Self-adhesive with a backing liner. Fitting Instruction: These are the tolls you need to apply your window film. A Scissor, A scrapper, A measuring tape, A paper knife, Few drops of washing liquid, Kitchen roll, A spray bottle, A plastic card and A sticky tape. Make sure the scissors and blade you use are sharp enough as new and few drop of any washing up liquid to the water in the spray bottle. You need to ensure that the glass is clean thoroughly before applying the window film, spry the window with the soapy water and use the scraper to remove the any dirt or paint, Squeegee the window working from the top down, then wipe around the edge of the glass with the kitchen roll to remove any dirt. Having measure you window roll the film out on a clean flat surface and cut the film slightly over size using the sharp scissor, remove the backing sheet from the film using two pieces of sticky tapes press the sticky tapes firmly on opposite sides of the film and then pull a part as you will see this removes the clear backing liner and exposes the adhesive spray over the film as you remove the backing sheet making sure that you entirely covered with the soapy water also spray the glass before taking the film to the window making sure that you keep it tort allow the film to flow onto the glass and slide it into position torch any access film into the frame and spray at the back of the film before squeegeeing over it with the plastic card, now work from the top pushing any bubble out to the edges while ensuring that the film does not move then using the sharp knife trim the film using the window frame as a guide take the extra care while cutting the at the corners and peeling away the access film now again spray at the back of the film a second time and squeegee over it to make sure that all water is removed, Finally wipe of any reminding water with kitchen roll from the film and the frame being specially careful around the edges not to lift the film.

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Excellent Quality 100 Micron Clear Safety Anti Shatter Glass Protection Window Film Security Window Film 100cm x 1m

List Price: £12.99 Web Price: £9.99

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