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Anonymous To Expose Horrific Child Sex Ring Within British Royal …

If the system won’t bring the perpetrators to justice, we can always rely on Anon

Last night Anonymous1 members met up in cities around the UK to expose a pedophile2 ring believed to include politicians and members of the Royal3 family, as well as celebrities4 and other well-respected key figures at the highest echelons of society.

Investigations into a child sex ring going back several decades have been ongoing since it emerged that popular children s entertainer Jimmy Savile5 was actually a grotesque predatory pedophile, not to mention a necrophiliac (he had intercourse with dead people). After his death in October 2011, a Pandora s box of horrific allegations was opened into Savile s dark past, and subsequent police inquiries led to the exposure of many famous pedophiles within British society, including allegations against Prince Andrew6. A pedophile ring at the highest levels of the British government has tortured, raped and murdered young boys since at least the 1970s, and in all likelihood continues to do so.

Even the mainstream media7 isn t censoring this information8, but very little is being done to bring the offenders to justice.

Anonymous are angry at the way famous pedophiles have so far been protected by the system, not to mention the lack of an independent inquiry by Parliament and the fact that 114 files pertaining to the abuse have conveniently disappeared9. Anonymous10 hackers claimed to have found specific names and addresses of some of Britain s most well-known child rapists and met last night (aptly, Friday11 the 13th) in Westminster and other areas to tell these people directly that their sick lifestyles will not be allowed to continue. The name given to this is Operation Death Eaters.

As yet, no updates have been posted on what happened during the marches, but Anon12 have promised to publish the names very soon. New information will be posted by True Activist as soon as it is available.

Update 16th February: A video from the London march is now online.

Anon members are interviewed about the cover-up in the video below, and in it they clarify that there will be no vigilante attacks or mob violence; they simply ask the British public to get on board with this campaign for justice for survivors of the heinous crimes committed by some of the UK s most senior figures and household names.

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