Aylsham Plant Hire Extends Use Of Bell ADTs In Its Fleet

Reliability and service have been crucial factors in the decision by Norfolk-based Aylsham Plant Hire to purchase a B25E Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) from Bell Equipment.

The latest machine represents the third Bell ADT in Aylsham s fleet; the company already runs two Bell B25Ds, which were bought back in 2004. The growing confidence in UK construction, leading to an increase in plant hire orders, has led Aylsham to extend its fleet with another machine. For Mark Daniels, Director at Aylsham Plant Hire, having reliable dump trucks is an essential part of the company s offering.

With an increase in construction projects in the region, it means that muck shifting requirements rise too. Our Bell 25Ds have been reliable, so it made sense to stick to a manufacturer who can offer this reliability and excellent customer service. Since the original purchase of the B25Ds, Bell Equipment has launched its E-series next generation ADT.

Regarded as an evolution of its D-series equivalent, the new B25E provides Aylsham with a range of improvements in order to deliver increased production payloads, lower daily operating costs, superior ride quality and uncompromised safety standards. Nonetheless, it retains the key virtues of its predecessor, notably an unrivalled fuel efficiency, with the lowest cost per tonne on the market. It is the similarities as much as the differences that define our latest Bell machine, confirms Mark Daniels.

Rather than change things for change s sake, Bell has kept what worked in this latest design.

As a result, we are happy to use the E-series alongside our existing D-series model, safe in the knowledge that the latter can still perform to a similarly high standard as our latest purchase.

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Aylsham Plant Hire Extends Use Of Bell ADTs In Its Fleet

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