Gorleston residents' concerns rooftop bar plan will 'rob' them of quiet …

13:17 27 February 2015

By Liz Coates 1

Pat Newcomb of Grenfell Court in Gorleston is bitterly opposed to the Cliff Hotel

Pat Newcomb of Grenfell Court in Gorleston is bitterly opposed to the Cliff Hotel’s plans for a restaurant and roof-top terrace yards from her bedroom window.


Old folk living close to Gorleston s Cliff Hotel are holding their hands up against plans to transform its original entrance and add a rooftop bar.

Around 40 people living in 25 housing association flats exclusively for elderly people have put their name to a letter firing off a string of concerns to planners. Under the plans the Cliff Hotel wants to add a glass fronted cafe-restaurant and bar boasting uninterrupted views over the famous sandy sweep. But appalled neighbours claim the scheme – a stone s throw from their bedroom windows – will permanently blight their lives.

Pat Newcomb of Grenfell Court said: It is going to be catastrophic. We are nothing short of alarmed at the prospect. Where the old Cliff Hotel stood in 1915 is now where our flats are.

What they are trying to do is revive something that is not here anymore. We already get a lot of rowdiness on Fridays and Saturdays and we do not want it replicated at 2am. There are two people here that have actually become unwell at the idea.

We have people in their 90s here and this goes beyond inconsiderate. It is wanton disregard for anyone else. Bulldozing the cliff and having a rooftop area is going to rob us of our quiet life.

Keen astronomer Ms Newcomb, 70, a retired teacher, said she moved to Gorleston two years ago for the lovely outlook and peace and quiet, not to live with a pub outside the window she believes will open until 2am. Our lives will be blighted on a permanent basis with the yelping and screaming that will go on after the bar closes as well. We have all objected in the strongest terms to the plans, she added.

The plan involves the original archway entrance 100 years after the grand building it led to burnt down. Daryn Ferguson, general manager at the Cliff, previously said the cafe-restaurant plan would be a nod to the site s rich history, creating jobs and adding to local nightlife. When it opened in July 1898 the Victorian Hotel was the last word in luxury with fairytale turrets and its own stable block.

The parade of shops is in a conservation area and is valued by history buffs. Margaret Ward of Start, an organisation that champions Gorleston s heritage, has written to the council stressing the historic and architectural merit of the shops which were designed by a member of the Cockrill family. Another person has written to planners expressing concern over the loss of seaside bucket-and-spade type retail while broadly supporting the scheme.

Fears have also been raised about the proximity of the carpark directly in front of the planned cafe where cars regularly jostle for spaces close to where families cluster on the narrow pavement.

Conservation officer Ian Hardy said in his response: More character and interest needs to be put into this scheme which is generally to supported.

The borough council is expected to make a decision by March 25.


  1. ^ By Liz Coates (www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk)

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