Norfolk Constabulary: Great Yarmouth Police Cadets

24 February 2015

Police in Great Yarmouth are offering an exciting opportunity
for young people to get involved with their local force.

Great Yarmouth Police Cadets are recruiting new members to come
to their weekly sessions, take part in team building activities and
join in with local community events.

The recruitment is available for 13-16 year-olds who live in the
local area, with the weekly sessions taking place on Thursday
evenings between 7-9pm at Great Yarmouth Police Station.

The courses will give the cadets the chance to learn about areas
of policing including crimes, airwaves (police radios), mental
health, police dogs, anti-social behaviour, diversity and drugs and

Cadets get to tour the Police Investigation Centre in Great
Yarmouth and visit the James Paget Hospital, Great Yarmouth Fire
Station and the Operational and Control Centre in Wymondham.

The group at Great Yarmouth also get to share in team building
activities with police cadets from Thetford and King s Lynn, as
well as assisting with community events.

PCSO Michelle Clarke said: “The police cadet sessions offer an
opportunity for 13-16 year-olds to learn about a range of police
activity, try something new and fun and meet new people.

“The added bonus of becoming a police cadet is that it s not
just a course that you can join recreationally, it is also a great
way for young people to potentially forge a career in the police

Recruitment is open until the end of February and anyone
interesting in becoming a police cadet can get hold of an
application form from Great Yarmouth Police Station, or by emailing
[email protected]1
or [email protected]2.

Forms Returns either via the front office or to either of the two
email addresses.


  1. ^ [email protected] (
  2. ^ [email protected] (

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