Police urge drivers to be vigilant following vehicle thefts in Loddon …

11:43 09 February 2015

Amy Smith 1

Police are warning drivers to be vigilant following two incidents in Loddon.

Police are warning drivers to be vigilant following two incidents in Loddon.

Archant 2012

Police are urging motorists to be vigilant following two thefts from vehicles in Loddon over the weekend.

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The first incident happened between 9.30pm on Saturday and 12.55pm on Sunday in a car park in Church Plain. Offender(s) forced entry to a red Vauxhall Astra by smashing a passenger window and stole a black Apple iPod and a black 10 inch tablet. The second incident happened shortly after 12am on Sunday, when a silver Renault Traffic van parked on Bridge Street was broken into.

Offender(s) smashed a passenger window, causing the alarm to go off, although nothing was stolen. Officers have issued the following advice on vehicle security: Don t leave anything on display in your car.

Take your belongings with you when you leave the car and if you can t lock them in the boot before you start your journey. Fit an electronic immobiliser – this will prevent the car from starting. Fit locking wheel nuts and get an alarm installed.

Consider marking all the valuables that you frequently take in your car. Lock all doors and close the windows and the sun roof every time you leave your car unattended. Keep your car in the garage and if you don t have one always try to park in a well lit open place.

PC Ross Ward from Wymondham Police Station would like to hear from anyone who witnessed these incidents or has information concerning them.

Contact him on 101 or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

At least three vehicles have been involved in a crash on the A146 Loddon Road this evening (Saturday).

Bed blocking is causing further delays at a Norfolk hospital that is already struggling with Accident and Emergency admissions.

They are essential in making market towns in south Norfolk a pleasant and worthwhile experience for visitors and residents eager to spend their money.

Long-serving journalist David Lennard is retiring today after working for newspapers across Norfolk and Suffolk for more than four decades.


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