Residents rally to save Caister public loos

13:36 06 February 2015

By Lauren Rogers 1

Local residents are against the closure of the public toilets at the bottom of Second Aveneue, Caister.

Local residents are against the closure of the public toilets at the bottom of Second Aveneue, Caister.

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Moves to close one of the public toilets in Caiste has been condemned by residents who believe it will damage the region s holiday reputation.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has agreed to pull the chain on funding 12 of its 22 public loos. Over the next six months, it will work with parish councils and businesses to determine if any of the facilities can be taken over. As it stands, some will be shutting.

In Caister, it s not been decided which toilet block will close – but residents have already rallied in a bid to keep the Second Avenue facilities open. Janet Burgess, who has lived in Caister for 20 years, said: If they close them it s going to put people off from coming here, it s as simple as that. People use these toilets all the time in the summer.

We get a lot of people walking from the Haven holiday camp down to Yarmouth and you get families with little ones who come and spend the whole day on the beach. They re not going to come back. Mrs Burgess said there was already a problem with people reliving themselves near the toilet block during winter when it s shut.

She and her neighbours are planning to contact Caister Parish Council about whether the parish could take over the amenity, or whether residents could volunteer to run them. Her son, Sean Burgess, believes closing the public loo was a health and hygiene issue. The toilets aren t the nicest, he said.

But it s a toilet. Without it, you re talking about it being a health issue. Jan Brownsell, who moved to Caister four years ago, added: And what about the fishermen who use the beach?

They can be down here all day and night. It ll affect lot of people. We ve got the free car park here and that brings people.

But as soon as they realise there aren t any facilities, they ll go somewhere else. Resident Charlotte Bacon, 27, said she was concerned about the disabled toilet and said closing that down would impact residents as well as holidaymakers. Acle parish council has not discussed taking over the toilets next to the bridge, which are due to be axed, but members said they would be writing to the borough council to express concern over their closure.

The issue was also raised at a meeting of Winterton Parish Council where beachside toilets are due to be shut.

Is there a way of keeping the toilets open?

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