Norfolk Constabulary: Fakenham scam awareness day

20 April 2015

People in Fakenham will get another chance to get advice on how
to spot a scam this week.

The Fakenham Safer Neighbourhood Team and Barclays Bank have
organised the event between 9am and 1pm on Thursday 23 April and
will offer an opportunity for residents to learn about how they can
best protect themselves from scams, whilst also providing a forum
to discuss scams that they have either received or been caught out

PCSO Robotham, Crime Prevention Officer PC Ian Plews and Dan
Andrews from Barclays will be there on the day at the bank in the
Market Place offering advice.

A scam is usually uninvited (unsolicited). This means it will
come from a company or person you’ve never heard of by:

  • Post – through a letter or promotional leaflet.
  • Email – through a personal or promotional message (‘spam
  • Phone (‘cold calling’).
  • At your door (‘cold calling’)
  • Text message

A scam will:

  • Give extravagant promises – if it sounds too good to be
    true, it probably is.
  • Ask you to pay for something upfront, eg. you have to pay
    a fee to claim a prize.
  • Put pressure on you to make a quick decision, eg an
    investment opportunity will end unless you pay straight away.
  • Ask for bank account details, so they can steal your

How to deal with a scam:

  • If you receive emails or letters about a scam, don’t
    reply – even to say no.

    Once scammers get a reply, they will send
    more unwanted messages.

  • Don’t give out any personal details like your address or
    ‘confirm’ details like your bank account number over the telephone
    or in response to an email.
  • If you answer the door to a salesperson, ask to see their

    Do not feel pressured into signing or agreeing anything on the

    Take the paperwork away to read.

Residents who cannot attend the awareness day, but would like
more crime prevention advice can call the Fakenham Safer
Neighbourhood Team on 101 or go to

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