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About Vanguard Funds

This Book Provides You The Ultimate Roadmap To 401k Investing. It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Using a 401k, and IRA, or Even Your Personal Trading Account.

You’ll Find Out About The Most Proven And Powerful Techniques To Grow Your Personal Wealth For Retirement.

These Techniques Have Been Battle Tested And Verified By Investors Big And Small.

Ted Sorensen Has Field Tested Each And Every Technique. He Has Proven That Even A Broke “B” Average College Student Can Make Tremendous Gains Not Only Avoiding The Worst Damages Of The 2009 Great Recession.

By Using These Techniques Ted Sorensen Has Navigated the Market Achieving An Equity Portfolio Worth Over 1,100 In Only 5 Years Using Nothing Normal Income Making Massive Capital Gains.

If He Can Do It, Anyone Can Do It.

“About Vanguard Funds” Teaches You How To Start Investing No Matter What Your Risk Tolerance Is, And No Matter What Starting Capital You Have. The Most Important Part Of Investing Is The Right Knowledge.

“About Vanguard Funds” Distills The Essential System To Create Wealth For You And Your Family.

You Will Learn Secrets On How To Start Building 401k Wealth Using Only 0 A Month. And How To Turn That Saving Into A Nest Egg You Can Live On.

No More Worrying About Retirement. No More Confusion About What Funds To Be Invested In. “About Vanguard Funds” Teaches You To Take The Most Important Steps To Long Term Success.

Whether You Are Thinking Of Investing Using a 401k, or an IRA, or a Roth 401k, or Roth IRA, This Book Is The Ultimate Companion On Your Journey To Retirement.

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About Vanguard Funds

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