Personal safety course

07 May 2015

Norfolk Constabulary will be offering a free course for women
who want to feel more confident about their personal safety in

Police in Thetford will be teaming up with local personal safety
expert Liz Clark on Saturday 16 May 2015 to give classes in
personal safety and protection to women who have been affected by
or a victim of crime or simply feel vulnerable or unsafe.

Liz will be sharing her advice on how to feel safe, whether out
and about, travelling to and from work or in the home, having been
a victim of crime herself many years ago.

The free course takes place between 10am and 3pm, with bookings
being taken on a first-come first-served basis.

Inspector Rebecca Cant said: “Norfolk remains one of the safest
places to live in the country but that doesn t mean people don t
sometimes still feel unsafe, whether they re inside or outside
their home. This short course has run very successfully elsewhere
in the county and helps give people the confidence to take
responsibility for their own safety.

“This session is about helping to reduce fear of crime for women
in our community, as well as giving them the awareness of how to
act or who to contact should they ever feel they are vulnerable. We
want all women to feel like they have a way of keeping safe, and
Liz is in the ideal position to offer advice that can help with

Liz Clark said: “We should all realise that we can do something
positive about our personal safety, whether we have been a victim
of crime or not.

Statistically those that are tuned into their
environment and aware of their surroundings are less likely to
become a victim of crime.

Places must be reserved in advance, with the location of the
course and further details being given to attendees once they have
successfully booked their place.

To book your place, contact PC Tabitha Nolan at Thetford Police
on 101 or email your details to
[email protected]

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