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Here are the responses I received from parliamentary candidates in the Great Yarmouth constituency.

Why is it important for young people aged 18-25 to cast their vote in elections?
Brandon Lewis, Conservative: In a democracy it is vital that everyone votes, not just to make sure that their voice is heard, but to ensure that politicians work to win their vote. Every election, young people see the lowest turnout at the ballot box meaning that their views and priorities can often go unheard in the legislative process. Young people are the ones who will be most affected by changes to taxation, pension age, benefits and the array of other issues that Government controls not to take part in the democratic process is to miss the opportunity to shape policy.

This is that a chance that must not be missed.

What are the main issues facing young people aged 25 and under in the UK today?

Brandon Lewis, Conservative: Things have been improving for young people in Great Yarmouth and across the UK over the last few years. With over 100,000 new apprenticeships available, young people can secure the opportunity to take on new skills and find long term, sustainable employment. Our schools and colleges, under the Academy system, are improving, meaning that school leavers are better placed to find work.

As a result, youth unemployment has fallen by almost 50% but there is still more to do.

If elected, what changes would you make for young people aged 25 and under in your constituency?

Brandon Lewis, Conservative: I want to see the good work that Conservatives in Government have started continue. As the education system improves, as more apprenticeships become available, young people will see more and more opportunities open up in the world of work. Our Help to Buy and Starter Homes policies are a fantastic tool for young people to realise the dream of home ownership I want to see that continue so that more and more young families can enjoy the security of owning their own home.

By providing these opportunities to young people, the door is open for them to fulfil their potential and enjoy everything that adult life has to offer.

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