Jeremy Corbyn at Norwich – August 6th 2015

Jeremy Corbyn At Norwich – August 6th 2015

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The voice you hear first is Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich South, introducing Jeremy Corbyn who then speaks for 28 minutes and answers questions for a further 20 minutes.

Knowing it would be popular and with a 19:00 start I joined the queue at about 17:05 and was about 50 yards back at that point with at a guess 100 -200 people in front of me. We were let in at 18:30 and the event started on time introduced by Clive Lewis MP for Norwich South.

Also present were Richard Murphy, the man who wrote the economic plan for Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Rust, and the man himself Jeremy Corbyn, who owing to the long queue outside who couldn t get into the building, went outside for 10 minutes to address them.

Clive Lewis MP spoke for a while about the Jeremy Corbyn he knew, Richard Murphy said his piece about economics, Jo Rust about womens rights, and at last, at 19:42 Jeremy Corbyn came on to speak, the rest of which is best described in this article from Vice:-

Of which my favourite part is the last paragraph. If Cameron isn t worried now he really ought to be because cheap jokes and personal attacks won t touch Jeremy Corbyn who will cut through them like a knife with his common sense.

Corbyn, on the other hand, may turn out unelectable.

But he will at least spend four and a half years at the despatch box every week, speaking in a calm and measured voice about the common sense he represents why can t we build more houses? Why isn t everyone equally entitled to an education? Or a job that pays?

Or a decent childhood? Cameron will give him answers that reflect the knotty, compromised reality. But all people will hear will be Corbyn s redoundingly simple questions.

It s The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights going head-to-head with a badly-translated MBA handbook.


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