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Meek Mill gets into a fight with Floyd Mayweather over Drake!

Apparently it all started over Floyd requesting Drake s diss track Back to Back at the same club Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill were at.

Meek was apparently not too happy when Floyd requested the song and allegedly swung a bottle at Floyd and it struck him in the head!

Meek needs to lay low and let all this beef subside cause it s not doing much for his career.

via Selective Magazine.1

At around 1 A.M., Mill and Mayweather began to have an argument, and it went only went south from there.
One of the patrons from the club claimed that Mayweather asked the DJ to play Drake s song Back to Back, which is actually a Meek Mill diss record.
Drake and Meek Mill have been in a much-publicized spat after the latter accused the Canadian-born rapper of using ghostwriters. In response, Drake has released two songs dissing Meek Mill, with Back to Back being the most recent diss record, which was released last week (July 29).
Meek Mill didn t take Mayweather s actions too kindly and smacked him on the head with a glass bottle. Security guards from the establishment say Mayweather was treated for head and neck wounds, while a representative from Mayweather s team said that the incident would not be reported to the authorities.
Media Takeout attempted to get ahold of security footage from the strip club, but were asked to drop $100K, which they refused to do.

Meanwhile, TMZ Sports is reportedly going to get the footage.

Stay tuned.

Mayweather is scheduled to fight on September 12th at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where it is likely he will face former welterweight titlist Andre Berto.


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