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  • The exceptional durability of these PENTAGON Kevlar gloves makes them a popular choice with professional security personnel, such as police officers, door supervisors, special services and armed forces worldwide. Conforming to British Standards (BS) EN388, the Defender Kevlar gloves give the wearer greater confidence knowing they have full use of their hands to control a situation without the risk of sustaining injuries from blades or glass.
  • In addition to offering exceptional protection, the Defender Kevlar gloves are made from 100% real leather. This gives them a smart appearance while also being comfortable to wear. Lightweight and fitted with elasticated wristbands, you’ll appreciate the exceptional warmth of the Defender gloves during a long shift on a cold winter’s night.
  • Whatever field you work in, when you’re facing potentially dangerous situations it’s vital your hands are protected at all times. This is why the Kevlar Defender gloves are the smart choice for security services professionals. Made from highly durable materials and offering shield like protection from sharp weapons, they give you the reassurance knowing your hands are safe from injury and you’re equipped to defend yourself from threats.
  • These PENTAGON Kevlar lined Defender gloves will keep your hands protected in any situation. Lined with the same material used in bullet proof vests, these Kevlar gloves provide durable protection against any sharp object, such as glass or blades. Their hard wearing, toughened outer layer comes from the fact that the fibres are double knitted and bonded closer together than in conventional gloves, offering a higher level of resistance and protection. In fact, in tests these gloves achieved a grade five for both slash and cut resistance.
  • Size: Large. Made from 100% genuine leather, These gloves are lined with high grade Kevlar for warmth, comfort and slash protection, from sharp objects like glass or blades. Double knitted, the Kevlar provides excellent slash resistance because the fibres are closer together offering extra resistance compared to other models on the market. The Defender gloves conform to British Standards (BS) EN388 and are incredibly lightweight with elasticated wristband for a close warmer fit, and flexible enough to fold down to fit easily into a pocket. Providing Slash resistance to grade 5 and Cut resistance to grade 5 these gloves are ideal for all types of industries, and very popular in security industry. Used by police, door supervisors, special services and armed forces worldwide, the Defender gloves’ smart appearance offers discreet protection while remaining soft enough to fold and stow in a trouser pocket. The thin lining helps to maintain dexterity while performing tasks.

Pentagon Products specialises in the sourcing and supply of premium quality headsets, earpieces and radios. Our communication equipment is relied upon by professionals in a wide range of challenging occupations and environments. This includes security teams at nightclubs and bars, door staff working in hospitality, personal bodyguards, warehouse staff and covert operatives. Our headsets and earpieces are even used by the UK’s police force and ambulance services, so you can be assured that the equipment we supply provides optimum performance and crystal clear sound quality. All of our headsets, earpieces and radios are sourced from the most reputable and trusted manufacturers, who use high quality components and adopt stringent quality standards. All of our products are also carefully selected and tested to ensure they offer the the best sound quality and reliability in the market. While there are cheaper headsets and earpieces available, they are cheaper for a reason. To keep their production costs down, it’s likely that the manufacturers will have used poorer quality components and lower quality standards. This in turn means the sound quality provided by their earpieces and headsets will be poor, which can lead to miscommunication problems and errors in the field. In addition, a poorly designed earpiece or headset won’t provide the same level of reliability as a communications device designed and manufactured by our globally recognised technology suppliers. When purchasing a headset, earpiece or radio from Pentagon Headsets you get that reassurance. You are buying professional grade communication equipment that has been designed and tested to the highest standards, and will provide crystal clear communication and reliability at all times.

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