Ruddy and Rudd v Rotating Keepers

Last season my cheap (9.0) keeper rotation in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managed a meagre 126 points. This season I can see no combos I like and the lack of any 4.0 defenders could mean saving money on a keeper is a better option

There is the option to choose two keepers from the same club, saving half a million in the process. Norwich appear prime candidates with Ruddy and his deputy Rudd.

Looking back to the last time Norwich were in the Premier League, Ruddy did just fine (well for two seasons anyway).

Ruddy s points when adjusted for playing time

Ruddy And Rudd V Rotating Keepers

The money saved

This is the tricky part.

Choosing Ruddy and Rudd saves half a million over going for any current rotating pair of keepers. But how much is half a million worth?

A brief poll I conducted seems to suggest anything from zero to over 30. It is impossible to quantify.

I have been conservative and added 10 points to the totals (last column) to give some indication of the real scores of a Ruddy-Rudd combo

Many seem to think 0.5 is actually worth considerably more than ten points over a season.

So feel free to raise the total a little if you strongly believe 0.5 is worth more than ten points.

I can t find figures for the totals the average cheap (9.0) combo is likely to achieve over a season, however I suspect it is between 120-150 depending on luck of the draw.

A Ruddy-Rudd combination appears to have a good possibility of at least matching a cheap combo, even without taking into consideration money earned elsewhere from the extra 0.5.

Just to the first Wildcard

Forget about the whole season for a while, let s concentrate on the time to the first Wildcard. I believe this improves the prospects for Ruddy and Rudd even further.

  • Less chance of winter postponement
  • No double Gameweeks messing up fixtures
  • Norwich have good fixtures early on
  • Allows time to find the season s best cheap defensive units
  • Half a million is worth more early in the season

Half a million at the beginning of the season can have quite an impact on defence, opening up far more rotation options. Currently I only have one defender over 4.5, and the rotation looks poor.

Change one of those 4.5 into Williams, Cedric or one of the other 5.0 options, and the situation is much improved

Many are using a 9.0 rotation of Ruddy and Butland. What does that extra 0.5 spent on rotation bring you? Not much, it has to be said, looking at the first six weeks, only twice would you likely choose Butland ahead of Ruddy.

That s if Butland is even first choice by then.

Even then the odds of a clean sheet are odds against. At least with Ruddy-Rudd, the extra half million saved is put to work, while for those difficult fixtures, save points will be racked up.

Last time Ruddy was in the Premier League he was third overall for save points. Now 28, there is every possibility he has improved further since his last spell in the top flight


Worst case scenario, your one-club strategy might only gain around 110 points after financial adjustments.

Best case, you re looking at 150 plus (after financial adjustment) Norwich could be the best placed of the new clubs to make the transition to Premier League football; many of their squad have been there before.

How many times last season were you a few pennies short of being able to afford a player who went and scored a brace?

That 0.5 extra only needs to work its magic once to make it all worthwhile.

Besides, it s much more fun having a bigger budget for outfield players.

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